Monday, January 22, 2007

Straight ahead

I will be setting up my interview with Batya of Shiloh Musings tommorow. Batya is a well spoken genuine Israeli patriot. The focus of the interview will be on everyday Israeli life.

I also want to point out that despite my dust up with MZ I do not consider him to be my enemy in any description. My support for Israel and my positions remain unchanged
and unlike many I do not say things I do not mean. MZ and I see things differntly, although I contend his heart is in the right place. Many of you have never understood
that my support of MZ was in spite of our major differences. Sometimes we come to a fork in the road and decide to move on.

Many of you read this blog without a clear notion of who or what I am. I am not a Conservative or a zionist nor do I call myself by either term. I am a pro-American Jewish patriot, but I strongly defend Israel. Most of my posts or commentary on Israel are in response to far left bigots like Ducky who insist on comming here with their bigoted bag of Communist fecal matter.

Sorry to say but MZ and Kahane loyalist are exceedingly naive at who are the enemies of the Jewish people. It is easy to point out a blood crazed Jihadist, but they do not always look like dark skinned versions of Jack Elam mumbling Allah Ahkbar and carrying a vest full of explosives. Some of these enemies are well spoken and dress like the person next door. This is not to say that all Muslims have the desire to smack planes into office buildings. Islam itself is unlike any other religion as it seeks global domination and seeks to impose a barbaric theology on non-beleivers.
Viewing Islam through the prism of your own religion is a major mistake in that there is no demarcation between the realm of theology and politics. Islam is also a Utopian religion that seeks paradise in this world. Utopians that believe paradise is acheivable in this world will do horrible things to achieve their goals.

Our enemies also include Communist vermin who are Joooo obsessed. MZ and KL cling to halacha and as they are religious this is appropriate. Halacha was written long before the age of deadly internationalist phenomena like Marx was concieved. Thus a person like MZ or KL does not understand what Michael Lerner is. Michael Lerner is a fake Rabbi and a genuine cancer. He masquerades as a Jew while seeking to impose his communistic utopia on us. Commies like Norman Finkelstein, Chomsky and Koevel have no loyalty to Jews or America. Their loyalty is to the death cult they willingly serve. A communist is not a Jew or an American and treason for them is as natural as breathing. Yes many of our enemies have Jewish heritage, but just as a doctor severs a tumor from the body Americans and especially Jews must sever our tumors like Finkelstein. Comparing Finkelstein to a tumor is probably an insult to tumors everywhere. Sometimes our enemies wear pony-tails and tie die shirts or watch idiotic obsure movies. Many of you do not take the enemy within seriously. Some of you attempt to reason and rationlize, but as Breindel points out wrong questions lead to wrong solutions. Trying to talk facts and logic with commies is a waste of time and is absurd as trying to make sense of a KKK nuts fulminations or that of a Neonazi who are closer to Communists than generally assumed.

Most of us understand what a cartoon bigot is. They come by in white sheets and robes
or with shaved heads and Nazi regalia. Yet the new bigot is apt to be spouting oddities such as Melanin theory or ranting incoherently about Zionist. Similar to Islam they divide the world into haves and have nots. There is a heirarchy of victims that amazingly has Muslims on the top as the most oppressed people on the planet. How a civilization with a continual record of 1400 years of almost constant colonialism and constant disregard for hman rights is the official victim of the world remains unknown. The Duck is typical of this communist dementia. None of us would argue that the perspectives of Native Americans and blacks are invalid when studying American history, they are a part of American history. Yet we sometimes go overboard as Jeffersons relationship or lack of with Sally Hemmings really is a tangent. I will add the Gay Abe Licoln theories as irrelevant tangents. The Duck argues that Jewish and Christian perspectives under Islamic rule are invalid. He also dismisses that Bat Yeor was ethnically cleansed and justifies the expulsion of Jews from Egypt based on terrorism. He rails about MZ but justifies the same action perpetrated on Jews.

Communists from their earliest days have always been obsessed with Jews. In order to justify their utopian idiocy they must create a level playing field and that comes at the expense of the Jew and others that sucseed. Stalin directed intensive spying efforts aimed at the Jooish community. Moreover the Soviet Union banned one language, and we all know what language that is.

However, Commies have become more inclusive in their bigotry. Now religious Christians and oddly Hindus are considered fair game. I have chaffed at the descriptions of religious Christians as stupid. If one were to apply the same terms on blacks as commies do on religious Christians one would toss a white robe over them. There has been a level of anti-India and China anger that is eminating from the left. India is sometimes called the new zionist entity by nuts on the left. No doubt as the tech jobs disappear because our colleges failed to adapt anti China rhetoric will quickly follow.

The enemies of the American people as well as the enemies of the Jewish people are the same. Most of us have litle problem identifing the Jihadi, but ultimately our most deadly enemies are the communists. Communists work through deception and deceit
and we need to take them far more seriously.

However, there is good news on the horizon. The cost and poor product turned out by our institutes of higher learning has made changes in the near horizon inevitable. Gone are the days where Prof Leonard Jeffries could make a career out of fraudulent scholarship in the guise of political activism. Within ten years the University as we know it will either adapt to a competitive market place or die. Technology is making the prospect of American students learning from high quality Indian professors affordable. Professors would have to compette in the market place and there will be little or no demand for Chomsky clones

The choices in media meen that we are no longer locked into a cabal of alphabet channel spoonfed liberalism. The last gasp of the left is to impose the fairness doctrine on radio. If the democrats do this it will kill the talk radio business, and send many of us out to by Satelite radio. The government will have less say in what goes on there because people subscribe. Any attempt to muzzle the blogosphere will be mission Improbable.

Beamish in 08


Always On Watch Two said...

Islam itself is unlike any other religion as it seeks global domination and seeks to impose a barbaric theology on non-beleivers.

Convert or die went out with the Spanish Inquistion and the conquistadors, as far as Christianity goes--except for certain cults which call themselves "Christian."

Islam is stuck in the 7th Century!

The Merry Widow said...

And because of the writtings, beliefs, traditions and supplimentary volumes, i.e. the haditha, et al. they cannot be brought into modern society!
The Torah and the Bible were inspired by an Eternal, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Being, and HIS Words have balance and wisdom because they do not tell you how to drive a car or use a computer, it deals with the heart of man! So technology or the lack of it is irrelevant, the heart of man is!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I am not a Conservative or a zionist nor do I call myself by either term.

Nobody's perfect.

Brooke said...

Perhaps a little OT, but...The fairness doctrine on radio is in my opinion, the left showing their hand, and it's a fantastically weak one!

Air America has been bankrupt so many times now that I've lost track, and in true socialist fashion, the Dems want to use government to prop up an unsustainable waste of time and money.

Damn that free speech stuff, huh?

Mr. Ducky said...

For class discussion:

Beaks constant use of the term Joooooos indicates:

1. He can't spell

2. A neurotic sense of inferiority.


3. A neurotic sense of self importance bordering on narcissism.

beakerkin said...


My use of Jooooo is a trademark of the blog. For some reason it upsets your kind so.

Mr. Ducky said...

For class discussion:

B'at Shit's primary thesis is that Europe is caving to muslims and promoting anti-Semitism in order to ensure Arab oil.
Yet Europe is far less dependant on oil than the U.S. and is becoming progressively more so.
The question for the class is this: Is B'at Shit a complete poseur or has she possibly missed the desire of Europe to secure Arab states as an export destination.

beakerkin said...


Lets see that is a commie on crack synopsis of Eurabia. Now try her other books, I have read every one of them.

Mr. Ducky said...

Thanks for responding to the question, Beak. You never fail to prove inadequate to level headed discussion.

Question for the class: Beak is a well known detractor of Rigoberta Menchu and in fact Menchu has not stood up completely to criticism. Why does Beak dismiss criticism of B'at Shit and consider her infallible.

beakerkin said...


Excellent question except that Menchu's book was debunked in the MSM. The relevant facts of Menchus book are not in dispute Dead brothers who are alive, the illiterate had a formal private scholl education.

You are arguing with Yeor's hypothesis. This is not to say that there is fraud in the book.

Menchu's book is a fiction that is portrayed as the difinitive story of indigenous people. You allready know this Duck.

Mr. Ducky said...

Now let's see Beak, just what are the serious controversies about Menchu's biography.

1. That she claims witnessing her brother being burned by Guatemalan security forces. Well it's believed he was shot and not burned by (Ronald Reagan supported) Guatemalan security forces.

2. Menchu claims that her father would not permit her to attend school but she did attend through the sixth grade.

3. At the time her father is claimed to be organizing he was working with peace Corps representatives. I'm not sure this means he could not have been organized.

That isn't much for a person whose background was given intense scrutiny and even the people who investigated say that her story is not a hoax. Exaggerations, yes but she lost her parents, two brothers, a sister in law and three nieces and nephews to the Guatemalan death squads which were trained in the School of the Americas and supported by us to our everlasting disgrace.

Who did B'at Shit lose?

Mr. Ducky said...

"Communists from their earliest days have always been obsessed with Jews. In order to justify their utopian idiocy they must create a level playing field and that comes at the expense of the Jew and others that sucseed."

Then why don't communists go after the Irish? They've been more succesful than the Jews.

Muslim immigrants are quite succesful ... my dentist is an iranian women. Should I institute a pogram against her like?

"Moreover the Soviet Union banned one language, and we all know what language that is."

Yeah, Ukrainian. Or was more than one language banned. Maybe Beak will come to understand that Jewish persecution is not unique and that it is dishonest to say as much.


"The enemies of the American people as well as the enemies of the Jewish people are the same."

Fascinating. So the Pledge of Allegiance is a loyalty oath to Israel? Help us out here Beak, you seem to be close to admitting your true position.


beakerkin said...

Sorry there Duck but learning Ukranian was even permitted in the gulag.

The whopers of Menchu are not exagerations they are a clear case of fraud. You can read any of the articles. Two brothers with the same name.

No Ducky it just so happens to be that Communists are most serious issues facing both countries. My loyalty as an American citizen is unquestionable and you would be the first to cry if any of us played dual loyalty games with Muslims.

You have no such issues as a traitor beholden to a death cult.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You're absolutely right. Persecution of Jews isn't unique.

But it is ubiquitous.

American Crusader said...

"Sorry to say but MZ and Kahane loyalist are exceedingly naive at who are the enemies of the Jewish people."

I don't agree. Maybe you disagree that they sanctioned the murder of Yitzhak Rabin but isn't it true that every Jew has the duty to kill even another Jew if he imperils the life and property of other Jews?

Kahanist don't hide behind the political correctness that has paralyzed US policy. For Israel to succeed, I believe all Palestinians and Arabs need to have their citizenship revoked. Only Jews should have the full right of citizenship.

You might think this strange from a Roman Catholic but it's time to throw multiculturalism/diversity and all the rest of the bullish it entitles into the trash heap.

Mr. Ducky said...

American Crusader .... so you do support an apartheid state. I'm a little surprised.

I don't see how it benefits Israelis to follow a model that guarantees failure.

beakerkin said...


MZ and KL are extreemly naive about who the enemies of Israel are. When Israel falls it will not be the works of Arabs. It will be an incremental death pushed by far leftists.

MZ is exceedingly naive about the real dangers caused by a subversive element in Israel and America. He suffers from a delusion that Hashem will grant wisdom even to those who conspire with our enemies like Noam Chomsky.
These far leftists align themselves with our enemies each and every time.

I wish MZ and KL's optimism had a basis in sanity, but it doesn't. A Commie will slit his family members throat if the order is given. The naivette that Jewish Communists will see the light of halacha is a dream.

Unlike MZ or KL I do not live in dreams. The probability of a Torah state surviving without my kind is zero. Israel dies the second it makes itself a theocracy.

That being said Israelis can handle their problems without my advice.

beakerkin said...


What do you know about sucsessful states like the Soviet Union, North korea or Cuba?

The countries adjacent to Israel are the apartheid states. The demographics speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Hello Beaker,how are you? Hey folks have you heard about the Wisconsin based,Muslim owned rug company that refused a request from soldiers in Iraq for sleeping mats? When some Marines contacted this company "'',some Muslim e-mailed them back saying that they would never ship anything to Iraq and said that if the troops had anysense they'd leave Iraq. I've sent them a nasty e-mail,you can to if you want,the addy Johnnymac.

American Crusader said...

ducky...I believe that whatever is necessary to secure Israel's future should be done.
This may not be the way I prefer but nothing else seems to be working.

kuhnkat said...

Duckshit claimed:

"B'at Shit's primary thesis is that Europe is caving to muslims and promoting anti-Semitism in order to ensure Arab oil."

Now why are you bringing your mother into this?? We have triiiied to keep this relatively civilised!!


kuhnkat said...


Duckshit, like all well skull washed LEFTARDS, is still pissed that the ONLY ONE McCarthy named WAS a COMMIE and committed suicide!!!


A relative Duckshit???

kuhnkat said...

Duckshit thinks it is APARTHEID to send all the invaders and their families back to their home countries???

Isn't that what he wants done with the IslamoNazis in GITMO????


The_Editrix said...

"I don't see how it benefits Israelis to follow a model that guarantees failure [i.e. apartheid]."

Well, Mr. Retarded Poultry, apartheid would have worked perfectly well and South Africa would STILL be a blooming country instead of the garbage dump it is now, if you and the other disorientated fowl hadn't brought down a perfectly good system just because you didn't like it and because you are generally obnoxious, self-hating and destructive.

As to Israel, would they practise apartheid, they would be infinitely better off than they are now.

The_Editrix said...


Has this guy stopped taking his medication or what?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Kuhnkat finds humor in demonstrating the stupidity of leftists, hence all the laughter.

I love all the laughs, it's his trademark.

I imagine he'd laugh less if he found humor in doing something harder than demonstrating the stupidity of leftists, like demonstrating that the sky is blue.