Sunday, March 30, 2008

The other illegal immigration

The mythology about illegal immigration is that people sneak across the border. The reality is that
we need to control our airports as well. The B-2 visa for a six month visit is way too long. The visa should be reduced to three months. There should be one three month extension and none should be granted beyond that.

We also need to reduce the system of appeals and motions that go on for decades. One appeal is more than enough. Right now there are cases that have gone on for decades.

We also need fee structures that reflect the work done. For example it takes far more work to process a foreign adoption. The fee for a foreign adoption should reflect the extra work and people who file fake adoption claims should be prosecuted. We should also require blood tests for countries with bad documentation.

Amazing Reading

If one wants fresh information about Zimbabwe click on the link to Dictators of the World. There is an amazing blog called this is Zimbabwe. The series of posts on that blog is amazing. Despite commie thug Mugabe's attempt to steal the election sanity may have prevailed.

The game commies play is that when the despotism becomes too blatant they pretend killer thugs like Mugabe are something other than commies. Mugabe should be facing a Nuremberg style trial, but do not hold your breath. The Old Bolshevik network will see that he never spends a second in court.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tibetians in NYC take back Union Square

I had a rather pleasant surprise on my way to a late meal. Peaceful Tibetians held a solemn protests in Union Square. The usual commie rabble was silent and left the area. The only flags were
American and those of Tibet.

The demonstration was orderly and peaceful unlike commie hatefests.

Friday, March 28, 2008

More Stupidity From Commies

Graeme, the low IQ exponent of class genocide, has pondered if John McCain has apologized for his actions in Vietnam?

This is typical stupidity from a commie who still continues to propose a way of life that has allreadykilled 100,000,000. Perhaps Graeme should ask the POW's to appologize for being tortured. Perhaps they should also apologize for the boat people, re-education camps, Hue and spitting on people who were their betters, ooooops wrong conversation.

Perhaps all Chavez supporters should apologize to the American people for the drugs Hugo and
the parasites at FARC send to our inner cities. While we are at it how about an apology from Muslims for invading and subjecting Jews, Christians,Hindus,Zoroastrians and others to Jim Crow Shariah.

Speaking of stupidity, Communists provoked the Six Day War and got the Arabs ass kicked yet again. Maybe the Pseudostinians should seek redress from commies who sought to use them as human hockey pucks to foster populist anti-semitism.

FYI Mugniyeh just so happened to get bumped off after a recent visit by pariah Communist Norman Finkelstein. The two events have no connection. However, with endemic Commie and Jihadi paranoid delusions this mere joke may result in social justice for the Maoist low life. Commies and jihadis are not reality based.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Tibetians Need to Hijack Some Planes

Commies ignore genuine indigenous people like the Tibetians while venerating worshiping Psuedostinians. The Tibetians need to make a claim that the Han Chinese are Jewish so the usual crowd can form an alliance with Nazis, Anarchist, Greens and assorted other low lifes and rally to their cause.

Unfortunately for the Tibetians their occupation was manifesto sanctioned. They are one of many genuine ethnicities trampled on by Marxist thugs.

The Tibetians need to start blowing up public transportation, toss a few American senior citizens in wheel chairs off cruise liners and pizzerias. Tibetians like most groups, excluding Commies and Jihadis, do not kill people gratuitously. This needs to change so that Commies like Norman Finkelstein can make a career out of rabid bigotry marketed as pseudo scholarship. Oooops Finky is a Maoist and condones the abuse of tibetians in the name of Mao.

Commies are ignorant and todays example of idiocy comes from Graeme on Sonia's site.

"The notion that Shiites and Sunnis do not get along is a media invention".

Yes the Bolshevik media has made up hundreds of years of strife and warfare at the behests of Corporate/Zionists/ Neocon cabal. This gem is amazing even by his usual low standards.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The NY Gov and myths about men

One of the standard myths about men is that we are visually stimulated. Well our Gov antics are interesting as he is legally blind. Obviously his needs may be based in either the challenge or his vision may be better than expected.

I am starting to notice that not all persons are made for power. This is certainly the case with my peers who abuse our badge for sexual exploitation or monetary gain. The recent scandals with Gov
in NY and NJ as well as the Mayor of Detroit also point to this abuse of power.

Each and every day I am entrusted with the authority to act on behalf of the American people. It is a power I take seriously. However, it is a balance between those who are too zealous, being too lenient and corruption. I have learned alot about myself and human nature from this job.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nasty Types Out There

I want to stress to all readers Rob Bayn is always my friend no matter where he is. I have been reading some of his critics blogs and they are filled with self righteous hate. Oddly, these gay types talk of the hate within our ranks.

Unlike the rest I am not particularly religious. I do not care who sleeps with whom so long as all participants are consenting adults and I am left off the guest list. I have lived with gay people down the hall and it did not change my life. I have worked with gay professionals who were great friends and helped me learn my craft.

Unlike the high pitched self righteous Snagglepuss in the UK I never considered being gay an epithet. We would have fairly regular commentary from the Weazel calling me gay. I have had that label tossed at me at work with no complaints. In reality I could care less what stupid people think and their labels mean nothing. The dumbest one was Communist Renegade Eye who speculates that I have killed.

Rob and Justin are always my friends wherever they go. We can disagree on the nature of man or if Simon of American Idol deserves a wedgie, but friends do that. I still never quite understood the jumping on the Cowboy bandwagon. Tony Romo should stick to making ribs and keep his girlfriend from wearing a pink jersey. Then again I am a Giant fan and such matters fall into bad taste.

I have nothing but the highest respect for Justin. We may disagree on philosophy but how he gets to any point is interesting.

I feel for a friend caught in between two worlds. All of us struggle with the issues of identity. Long ago I walked away from the religious community for personal reasons. I am not hostile to those who are religious. I am very proud of my brother's work as a clergyman. My identity was more or less independent. I never denied who and what I am. For me it was just simply I am an American and pragmatic. There are those for whom religion is a calling, sadly I am not one.

I am saddened that some of us make way too big of a deal over this on both sides. Rob's gay critics have shown zero class. I want to point out when we found out anti-semite 167 had AIDS we wished him well in spite of his vile hatreds of Jews and America. A real human takes no pleasure out of the suffering of others.

Rob and Justin are always welcome wherever I hang my hat. They are above all people I proudly call my friends.

Power, Duty and Beakers

I am dismayed that some of my fellow officers have been by the power we are entrusted with. We undergo a lengthy security checks that go back years. However, we can not measure a soul or the potential to abuse authority.

Working with the public is an honor and a duty. However, just once I would like to see crooked immigration attorneys face a fraction of the scrutiny we do. Attorneys complain about officers on the flimsiest of grounds. The process is weighted way too heavily in favor of the attorneys.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Whoa Bad Officers

I am somewhat bothered by the absurd coverage given to immigration officers who misbehave.
This job is a public trust and not for everyone. The job is done best by people who balance the law
and can avoid cowboyism.

Like any other profession we do have rouges. However, there is also the genuine prospect of spurious charges by shady attorneys and applicants. I would like to see just a fraction of the scrutiny in the media reserved for attorneys who are crooked. However, this higher standard is just part of the job.

Beamish in 08.

Bring back the Gasmask

Friday, March 21, 2008

In today's FPM Communist Traitor Hayden lectures the Vietnamese about Communism

The ever wise Sonia often states that the quickest way to cure a communist is for them to live under Communism. Thus the article in todays FPM about the self important Tom Hayden's trip to Vietnam comes as no surprise. The only people still nostalgic for Marxist mayhem were two moronic American Commies whose treasonous life's work was the creation of hell for the Vietnamese people.

American Communists are quite fond of the chicken hawk routine. However, there is a chicken collectivist corollary. Anyone who advocates communism should be required to live under it as a citizen for a decade. If America and Capatalism are so evil how about renouncing your citizenship to feed and join Hugo's mania and drug dealing subversion. Any takers..... Hugo extends this offer to Poultry in MA...... Still any takers....

Of course the American Communist imbeciles are dismayed to find that their iconic Vietnamese people have rejected Marx. Sorry Comwads but your idiocies are rejected by those who live under it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Obama Pepsi Logo

Apparently I am not the only one that the similarity between the Pepsi logo and the Obama logo.
Maybe Hillary should find her own logo but what product would be appropriate?

I am seriously starting to think Obama is all package with zero substance. Hope, Change yada blah,
Change, Unite, Hope.

Beakerambo will now imitate Obama.

Beakerambo: Mi Meep Hope. Mi Mi meeep Meep Change me me Hope mi mi meep Change.

I am starting to wonder just how much of Obama is Black ethnic pride, I am not Hillary and Madison Avenue.

Barak Obama the more you know..................

I will admit that Barak Obama has decent social skills. He does not seem smarmy and bogus even when placing hope, unite, change and giberish in his speeches.

Is the real Obama the man that talks warmly about America and its future or the man who chose to go to an anti American Church with a bigoted moonbat as pastor. The comments of Obama's wife
reflect a mindset not too far off from the dimwit pastor. One could say with fairness Obama is choosing that Church to keep peace in his home. He would not be the first man or woman to make such a concession.

Then one has to look at knowingly meeting with Communist terrorist Bill Ayers in his home. Obama certainly knew about the crimes of Ayers and that he was unapologetic for his actions. A pattern is starting to emerge from this mess.

Are we being sold a politician whose logo looks similar to a Pepsi label?

Two words for those who seek change for the sake of change Jimmy Carter.

Beamish in 08

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Black Liberation Theology

The comments of Pastor Wright are described as Black Liberation Theology. Like all the other "Liberation Theology" it is an abomination created by attempting to fuse Marx with Christ and in this case racism.

We have a double standard in that the slightest inane utterances of a Pat Robertson make national headlines, but those of Pastor Wright get a free pass. The comments about 9-11 and rabid anti-American loathing got no scrutiny in the media. No doubt Wright's defenders will point to a Zionist/Jewish/Neocon conspiracy to defame him for his support of Farakhan. The conspiracy mindset will also have this as a Zionist attempt to undermine Obama as he goes down to defeat.

The reality that Pastor Wright's anti-American, anti-semitic, conspiratioral and goofy comments just never sinks in on the true believers. We get a glimpse of this idiocy blog from the rare visits of Uptown Steve. Uptown Steve will wax on about alleged Jewish dominance of the slave trade.
He gets his material from Black Commentator and gets quite upset when one points out that his idiocy is the pop up book version of Frankfurt School Cryptocommunist BS.

There used to be a time when decent people understood hate and loathing when they understood it. Why a person would want to join a Church that is hostile and rabidly anti- American remains a mystery? No doubt there are plenty of alternatives and denominations that
preach fusions of Marx with Christ are losing respect and memberships to those who stick to Christ.

Obama was stuck with an impossible situation. He tried to defend his Pastor as a nutty relative
whom he loves but disagrees with. However, his claim to have just found out about these quotes
now is not credible. Obama had the choice of defending rabid anti-Americanism or tossing his pastor under the bus. Obama tossed his pastor under the bus. One can not win a national election preaching an anti-American hate filled message.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Forced Marriages and Reality

The question of forced marriages is a very real topic in the UK. However, in the USA we do have the violence against women act as a starting point. The VAWA act pretty much was a good idea whose original intent was to keep women from remaining in bad marriages for immigration benefits. However, the incremental definitions over what constitutes abuse has made the act way too generous. In theory a person could claim almost anything with no substantiation and qualify. Thus if a person were in the USA and were unhappy with this arrangement they could get residence on their own. They would require the same housing issues that normal battered women
get on a community level. However, the situation lends itself to potential abuse as do all immigration programs.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Commie Brain Impairment

I always have a good time laughing at Commies who look desperately at any bad news in America as proof their warped faith is correct. Lets look at the glee that Troutsky, a certified dolt, proclaims in the demise of Bear Sterns. Troutsky then proclaims with glee the unemployment of gamblers.

As a communist Troutsky does not understand capital formation. Nor does he understand that the human level and types of jobs at a Brokerage firm. Then again how much of an IQ does it take to be a trout guide and carry fishing equipment. Troutsky does not have the sligtest clue about the scores of secretaries and back office workers. Nor does he understand the impact on the local area felt from Street vendors to auto repair shops.

Troutsky also does not understand that the unemployed will find new jobs in time. There will be some belt tightening and rough times. However, none of the unemployed will think of fresh meat and produce as UFO types of objects like the residents of Cuba and now Hugos mess. The ability
of residents to purchase produce, housing, meat are all part of the quality of life. Moreover, the only people who flee to Cuba are criminals.

The larger question for Commies is why they do not leave and live full time in these Utopias they advocate for others. Someone should seriously start a commie emigration fund. The fund should be contingent on commies surrendering citizenship and the right to visit the USA.

I am still waiting for the New Abraham Lincoln Brigade to fight for Hugo's right to deal drugs, arm terrorists and subvert other countries. It appears that the collectivists have a backbone deficiency to go with their low IQ's.

Beamish in 08

Travels of a New Yorker

There are relatives that I do not like to spend time with. I always schedule an event so that I do not have to deal with them. These events range from the creation of imaginary relatives on the other side of the family, notably cousin Wilbur from North Carolina.

I had one of those dreaded family functions and I was looking for anyway out. Sadly a co-workers son died and off I went to a funeral. It was in a part of the city I seldom go to. That part of the city has my favorite hobby shop. You can get all types of models and I will see if they have some prepainted planes from WW2 next time. Nearby is the Olympic dinner for some Greek food and a great little pet store.

I have never been to a Hindu wake but it is very different. There were prayers with Indian music and it was a learning experience. People in Europe talk about multi culturalism but NYC residents live it. I had lunch at an Afghan kebab stand, dinner in a Greek resturant, I sat with a Haitian co-worker at a Guyanese Hindu funeral.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Maybe it would have been better if Obama was a Muslim

The obnoxious comments of Pastor Wright are clear and self evident. They do represent a racist
negative view of America that is held by a small but loud element in the Black community. The pastors support of Louis "Spaceship" Farakhan, trips to Lybia and comments about 9-11 are insane and it is not credible that Obama just found out. Obama's comment about a nutty Uncle are not credible either. Mel Gibson can not change his father, but Obama selected Pastor Wrights Church.Moreover, the comments from Obama's wife about not being proud of America until now are reflective of this mindset.

Would any of us tolerate this kind of racism in a candidate who went to a KKK church. There were some of us who would not even consider Romney whose Mormonism looks wholesome in any comparison to the wacky pastor.

As far as Islam goes I would have no problem pointing to sane Muslims. Steven Schwartz and the CIP show that one can be a patriot and a Muslim. Schwartz has always maintained that the
Nation of Islam has nothing to do with Islam and his religion is not racist. I would have zero problem voting for a Muslim candidate provided they did not equivocate on terrorism and were

Friday, March 14, 2008

Understanding Trotskyite Criminals

Most of us are rational people and we do not allow Nazis and racial power freaks to cheapen our names by association with us. There are many of us who are well meaning but allow advocates of genocide to play a fantasy of Brand X communism free of the crimes of Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot. The amazing thing is the crimes of Trotsky speak for themselves. Even the insane anarchist (redundant) Enema Lazurus noted the crimes of Trotsky to which the evil one shrugged his shoulders and rationalized.

Some of you do not understand why the Trotskyite allows for open boards and encourages the most rabid of anti semitic of comments. Trotskyites attempt to form common fronts to inflate their meaningless ranks this is called entryism. Populist antisemitism is the one thing they share with Jihadists, Nazis and Racial power freaks. Thus they will couch their rhetoric play word games with Jew/Zionism and have a mania about Israel equal to the folks at Hezbollah.

Trotskyites are mental health defectives. We hear fantasies about mythical third ways and conspiracies to control the media in the USA. This talk is from a person who advocates and rationalizes state subsidized media and excuses Chavez's actions.

The correct way to look at a Trotskyite is as an imbecile and a hypocrite. Gov Spitzer paid a hooker alot of cash and resigned. Ren who sees a war criminal as a messiah would like to opine
about Spitzer. I do not like Spitzer, but people who venerate war criminals should not point fingers. Moreover, lefty tourists to Cuba are well known for exploiting Cuban prostitutes. Maybe Che Bob would have to do a 180 if Spitzer commited the same crime in Havanna like his fellow traitors.

We cheapen ourselves by allowing Trotskyites their fantasy of entryism into forming grand alliances. It is a good practice to remind all commies including those who are poultry that they are criminals and hypocrites.

Beamish in 08.

Now a Commercial

Mr B: Beakerambo you need suplemental insurance for all those explosions and gun shot wounds
that you get on the job.
Ducky: Progressive
Beakerambo: Me mi meep mi reflex mi meep
Mr B: Maybe the guys at AFLAC will pay for this ad.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Beloved Rav Roov

I want to wish a happy birthday to the person for who this blog is named after my younger brother
the beloved Rav Roov. Rav Roov is beloved by all those who are lucky to know him as relative, spiritual leader, friend and community leader.

The Beloved Rav Roov embodies the noblest traditions of our people in a humble manner. He does follow the teachings of the Torah in his own personal life. Seldom does he ever throw thunder bolts at the congregation or family. He gets his points across in a gentle way without hatred or arrogance.He embodies the seriousness of a good clergyman but with the social skills of a mensch.

I am quite different from my brother in religious outlook and personality. However, I respect and honor his choice to follow his calling even if my own is different.

Political Blood Sports

Gov Spitzer is and will always be remembered as a jerk. His over the top selective prosecutions like those before him were built upon the careers of people who were largely abused to keep his name in the headlines. In reality his crimes were nowhere near as serious as the crimes of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton or Barney Frank. However, Spitzer did not enjoy nearly the amount of worship in the mainstream press as those previously mentioned. Moreover, Spitzer would probably have prosecuted any large name for the exact crime he committed himself. Spitzer is the spoiled son of a self made real estate tycoon and has done nothing on his own and lacks class and social skills.

Onto Geraldine Feraro, her comments spoke a larger truth. She was an ordinary congress woman selected soley because of her gender to be vice president. However, Hillary Clinton's was also elected almost entirely because of her gender, her relationship to her husband and the overwhelming support of the Black Community. The Clinton's have always benefited from perceptions that they are godsends to the Black Community and to a lesser extent the Jewish Community. The far left campaign of fear also has some that think the fate of the planet depends upon Bill Clintons ability to keep abortion legal. Bill Clinton's behavior would make keeping abortion legal a form of self preservation. Without the absurd levels of support in the Black community and to a lesser extent the Jewish community the Clintons lose every election outside
of Arkansas.

Is there a larger truth to the comments? When we talk about Obama much of his support is from the I am not Hillary camp. Hillary is unlikeable and her codling by the media is absurd. How can we expect her to deal with Bin Laden if she will not even sit for an interview with Shawn Hannity. The only interviewer that does not coddle Hillary is Tim Russert. Oddly, the Clinton's
are complaining with some validity that Obama has been coddled in the same manner they were

I am amazed that at work people assume that I am a Democrat based upon my ethnicity and social positions. I do not have time to discuss larger politics and race is a factor at work along with gender. A simple situation like breast feeding in a legal hearing is a potential land mine. The
proceedings are a serious matter and such matters as wearing a hat, chewing gum or slouching are considered disrespectful. Hats may be worn for religious reasons with no exceptions. What does one say if anything about breast feeding in such a situation. In my case I said nothing as there is no guidelines. Moreover, saying anything might have ended my career and it did not bother me personally. Oddly, some of the female officers were bothered by the situation and would have said something had time permitted.

The reality is that most of those at work are on the far left. There are some notable exceptions and a few have deduced my real leanings by my reading lists. However, I am largely against Cowboyism and this has served almost like a stealth suit. I will take adverse action only when it is seriously warranted by a criminal or clearly out of bounds fraud situation.

Obama in my view has not done much other than say Hope and Change endlessly and say I am not Hillary. He seems to be a product packaged,even his campaign logo looks somewhat like the Pepsi logo. Perhaps we should be thankful his handlers did not select the Grapenuts or Peptobismol icons.

Much of Obama's core support is from some of those who see ethnic pride. However, I do remember a Muslim Coworkers shock that I was not voting for Gore based upon Joe Lieberman
being on the ticket. Maybe my voting based upon ideas is just not the norm.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bloomburg to Run for Gov of NY

The newspapers in NYC have mentioned that Myor Bloomburg could run for the NY Gov. The Democrats lack a front line candidate for office and the Republican Party of NY is even in worse shape. Bloomburg could run as a Democrat this time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time for Govenor Spitzer to Move to MA

Gov Spitzer needs to move to MA where abhorrent behavior is expected of politicians. He could look up to Ted Kennedy's lifetime of misdeeds including manslaughter as an example. Spitzer could also look at Gomer Kerry's record of treason and this would not raise an eyebrow. Spitzer could point to Barney Frank and run the brothel out of his townhouse and the NYT would proclaim his brilliance in every sentence. Or he could take a teen to Europe like Studds for a sexual affair.

Spitzer needs to move to MA.

Spitzer should be remembered as the person who kept Hillary out of the White House. Hillary's drop coincided with her gaffe about Spitzer's policy of offering Drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wrong Impression

I do not understand why people who know me in my personal life get the wrong impression about
the type of officer I am. Those who know me outside of work would expect a tougher more agressive persona. This was certainly the case when I played sports or worked in private industry.

Most who know me would be shocked to learn that I am known for being gentle. If the couple in front of me warrants charming I am glad to turn the dial up. However, when something is wrong I react to what I see. I will try to let people with criminal records tell as much as possible. Many of the situations are a series of bad choices. Many times people who need help refuse to meet us half way for cultural reasons or pride.

Even when something goes wrong I never display anger. About the worst thing I may say is this testimony does not make sense, I am getting very concerned or your testimony conflicts with previous accounts or the record. For me this is a part of my job and not the highlight of the job. The rules and procedures are in place to protect us from Cowboyism.

The hardest part of the job is learning to pick and choose the right fights. Just because you can do something does not mean you should. My boss demonstrated this a few times on waiver cases. The point was my arguments were true but likely to get tossed in court. I have no ego and have no problem learning from experience. Moreover, if I was a judge I would likely have tossed that case as well. However, we will fight other more serious matters such as fake divorces
and criminality seriously. This is doubly true when sex crimes or crimes that involve children are
involved. Fortunately those cases go to a special officer who is very good at that.

People read this blog and they mistake the fire and loathing of communists as agression. This is
an incorrect reading as I love my country and loathe its enemies foreign and domestic. My love of human nobility is the reason I despise Utopians and all those who cheapen life for power mad schemes. The lust for power endangers all of us. I loathe commies, jihadis, Nazis, racial power nuts and criminals. They are mankinds enemies and are pariahs in the community of man.

I have a special place for Anarchists who are the stand up comedians in life. Anarchists are fools who are too stupid to be evil. They are like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football with predictable futility. They form alliances with Commies and always get taken out like Old Yeller at some point. Even Enema Lazurus pointed out the Trotsky rope a dope game long ago. Anarchists unlike octupuses, lab rats and dogs never learn. Then again one has to be the vilage idiot to be an anarchist in the first place.

Part of being a NYer is understanding the person down the hall comes from another place but has alot in common with you. We may not agree on specifics but we have the same goal. I see many of the good cases as just the latest batch of NYers.

Finding a Purpose

I want to tell all those who think government work is easy that you are way off. Working in the government is frustrating and insane. Everything we do is triple scrutinized and I am still learning the subtle parts of the job. My bosses tell me I will be learning those subtle parts for the rest of my career.

I chose not to do criminal work because I do not have the personality type. In the office I am known to be gentle until otherwise prudent. I believe that even the bad cases must be treated with respect. Our top manager agrees with this approach. However, we sometimes deal with delicate subject matters and even the most gentle questioning will draw tears. I am quite clinical when the situation calls for it.

The other day I saw the real reason I love my job. I have had many careers all of them are meaningless in the greater scheeme. I saw a forty something couple very much in love in a way that was obvious. It is moments like this I treasure, not the apprehsion of a menace.

This career change has had hard moments, but the rewards are worth it.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Aethism as a malady

I am not a religious person. However, I am starting to get annoyed with atheists needing to remind everyone every two seconds. They walk around with a delusion they are smarter and more moral
than those who believe in God.

Those who are deluded about the superiority of the unbelievers need to look at the evils of Communism, Nazism and the guilotine.

Friday, March 07, 2008

It is sick out there

The title is a tribute to Talk radio pioneer Bob Grant

The wonderful forces of jihad are now engaged in social equality. Apparently, they are now killing men who have romances with Muslim women. This vile behavior is probably viewed as a cultural
variant by the far left.

The wonderful forces of jihad also shot up a seminary. The usual suspects will point to Gaza and not be able to differentiate between colateral damage provoked by Hamas so that mindless anti-semites like the Duck can wax in amoral relitivism. Then again when one is a Commie all behavior including drug dealing, terrorism and genocide are swept under the rug as long as they are sanctioned by manifesto.

If Chavez invades Columbia the USA should invade Venezuela. Moreover, Chavez should be told if he does not end his support for FARC he will face airstrikes. The strikes should be at military targets only.

The Times Square Bombing is most likely a Communist motivated crime. Swarms of bicycle riding vermin do commit crimes at left wing protests. The Commies seem to think that wearing Masks like the KKK and riding around harassing residents is free speech. The first amendment does not permit criminal acts. The problem is that far left judges do not throw the book at these
mutant criminals when they are caught by NYPD.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Reality of Co-ed workplaces

I am somewhat amused at the latest bit from the boss man. Our office does have a strict non fraterniztion policy that is selectively enforced. Oddly those who would hold up the rule book at others were the most frequent rule breakers.

I find the fascination with my personal life to be odd. I may be the only person accused of violating the non-fraternization rule. This is amusing in that I do not ever associate with coworkers after hours and will never sit down with coworkers for lunch. In my eleven week training it took alot of coaxing for me to break these habits. However, my friends from VT, CA and midwest man helped me break this phobia.

I have learned to accept that wherever I go rules will be strictly enforced on me and ignored on everyone else. I do not understand why this is, but it goes with being me. I also have to work twice as hard as the next man just to remain employed.

Thus I was quite amused when the big boss man hinted that he was aware of my relationship with the vegan. This news comes as a shock to me, because we are merely friends and have never even had lunch, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. In fact management gets on to me for forgetting to take lunch breaks.

Welcome to the wonderful world of PC hell. This is exactly what happens when Black robed freaks bring totalitarianism to the workplace. You can be sent to HR for using the phrase "use your cocanut"or if two guys talk about car parts.

Oddly those that complain the loudest are most often marginal employees and the worst rule breakers.

No Thank You

Once again the subject of my private life has come up at work. I am not looking and enjoy my freedom. This may come as a shock but there are people who enjoy quiet time. Those that are in loving relationships are blessed. However, there are some of us who are ill suited for this arrangement.
I am amused at the speculation about my private life at work. Some of it is quite amusing including
an allegation that I spend my time in topless clubs. There is also the gay speculation. However, the truth is far simpler and much too easy. Sometimes after a divorce and a slew of bad relationships some of us guys decided it just isn't worth it. I enjoyed Northwind, but I do not miss her. I seldom
think of Northwind and her issues.

The usual speculation is what I will do with my time and resources. My time, belongs to me and I will do as I please with the resources.

Black Robed Freaks

The Duck seems to think that Rav Roov has nothing to fear from Communist subversion of the law.Rav Roov has been concerned that laws mandating clergymen perform gay marriages will be passed. This is not far fetched either.

There are allready odd laws in the UK about what constitues hate speech. These same goofy laws
have found their way into Universities and the workplace. A student was brought before Universiy comissars for calling a loud group of Black females water buffaloes. The phrase " use your cocanut"got me sent to HR. Two men talking about car parts was considered creating a hostile work attmosphere, because a person claimed she was being excluded. Sexual harassment is a serious issue, but abuses like the examples above are typical of fiats of Freaks in Black robes.

Rav Roov wants to conduct his services without Black robed freaks dictating what he can preach from the pulpit and how he should conduct his job.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I will mention my schedule in a short fom. I leave for work at 5AM and return at 830 PM. I hear live cases with intricate testimony four days a week. The fifth day is used for review and writting correspondence.

My job involves evaluating documents, testimony and very complex legal applications. Most of the people are good, but..........

There has been some complaints that I do not update frequently. I am generally in hearings and try to do so when I return home. This is my job for better or worse. I also make a point of treating applicants with respect even if I have bad news.

There has been claims I censor posts. This is not true. The only persons banned are John Brown/LWB, Copral Eitan Klinger from section 8, Gert who swears he is not Gay but sounds like an antisemitic version of Dr Smith, Uptown Steve and Socrates the bore.

These days we do not seek a wider audience. I do not have the time to generate the high traffic
fare that typified this blog. Basically this blog serves in its current form as part of a network of friends such as Warren, AOW, Nanc, TMW, Farmer John, Z and the Great Gasmasked Patriot. I did not write all the other names as it would be too much.

I want to straighten out a continued misunderstanding from Communists morons. MZ was never
banned from this site. I asked for him to sever the links and to leave. Not one of his comments has ever been deleted. He is not and has never been a friend of mine in any description. I have never been an advocate of a Jewish theocracy. Moreover, how an avowed secular type becomes
an advocate for theocracy remains a mystery. If Israel ever adopted the insane policies of MZ
and his intolerant brand of hair brained theocracy I would no longer support it.

Many of you who are unfamiliar with the Jewish community think MZ is representative of the thoughts of the Orthodox community. MZ himself became religious later in life and as such often
is overzealous and does not understand the spirit of our community. Moreover, if I want an example of our people I look no further than than the beloved Rav Roov for whom this site is named after. The beloved Rav Roov does not advocate theocracy, but would like to conduct his congregation free of the fiats of Black robed freaks.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More to the job than it seems

One of the lesser known facets of work is that sometimes our work will require us to work with other law enforcement agencies. I never thought that my caseload would require this as I do not get involved in cases that would require this. However, one of my cases required this quite to my surprise.

The issues of domestic and child abuse do come up at work. Supervisors will get involved if they see either. Sadly, those that need help are often the least likely to ask for it. If we directly ask and are told no the matter is closed.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Fleeing Taxation

The demented Duck must be oblivious to the Europeans and Canadians who emigrate to the USA.
The profile was the same, young talented with advanced degrees making a good living. Many stated that their opinions of the USA were changed by living in it. The Swedes and Canadians cited
the tax system.

It would seem that excessive taxation does cause immigration of the young an talented.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Will the real Jews please stand up

Comunists live by fables and have a MAD magazine understanding of actual history. Fake indigenous people are the worlds greatest victims. The people that they colonized and abused are the oppressors. The logic of claiming Jews oppress Muslims is as warped as saying Native Americans and Black slaves oppressed European settlers in America. In fact given the length of time it is more obscene.

Communists are not Jews, Americans, Indians, Irish or English. They are members of a goofy cult of stupidity. Any comparison between the wacky clowns of Scientology is an insult to the Scientologists. The Scientologists may be annoying and quirky, but they do not kill people by the score and are less corrupt than commies.

Jews generally have no need to proclaim their identity. The exception is with commies who find it very lucrative to cater to populist Anti-semitism. Chomsky, Finkelstein, Kovel and Schrecker have made careers out of mediocrity based upon this behavior. The pseudoreligous angles of comunism have been long explored by scholars. While Commies rail about Christians like Junglemom or TMW who consider serving the poor a divine mission. Commies exacerbate the plight of the poor and commit the planets worst human rights abuses.

You know you are dealing with an anti semite if you hear the following

1 You hear the claims that Jews are Khazars.
2 Any quotes of Fikelstein
3 Claims of a Jewish conspiracy on 9-11
4 Frequent word games with Jooo, Zionist and Neocon
5 Any claims linking Iraq to Israel
6 Denying Israel the right to defend itself.
7 Jesus was a Palestinian, there was no Jewish temple, and claims of Palestinian ethinicty.
8 Jew control the media or education
9 AIPAC controls the country
10 Questioning the loyalty of Jews to America

Nations have a duty to defend themselves

All nations have the duty to defend their citizens against attacks. Given the daily provocations the Israelis are restrained. For a lesson on how this is dealt with look at Grozny. The Egyptians living in Gaza need to stop provoking Israel. Hammas has this to a science lob a few rockets and get your poeople killed in retaliation. Then commies,jihadis and anti semites will keep you in the press.

FYI Gazans see more meat and fresh produce than Cubans.

Beamish in 08