Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More to the job than it seems

One of the lesser known facets of work is that sometimes our work will require us to work with other law enforcement agencies. I never thought that my caseload would require this as I do not get involved in cases that would require this. However, one of my cases required this quite to my surprise.

The issues of domestic and child abuse do come up at work. Supervisors will get involved if they see either. Sadly, those that need help are often the least likely to ask for it. If we directly ask and are told no the matter is closed.


Always On Watch said...

Have a look at THIS!

Jungle Mom said...

I just checked that link from AOW! What?????
BTW, things are heating up in Venezuela with talk of FARC negotiating for uranium...I hope people will take this seriously.

beakerkin said...

I can tell you the local office in NYC takes polygamy very seriously.
There may be cases with a minor problem that we give a waiver for. However, one of the issues that is strictly enforced is polygamy.

Always On Watch said...

I hope that all offices are so vigilant.