Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Tibetians Need to Hijack Some Planes

Commies ignore genuine indigenous people like the Tibetians while venerating worshiping Psuedostinians. The Tibetians need to make a claim that the Han Chinese are Jewish so the usual crowd can form an alliance with Nazis, Anarchist, Greens and assorted other low lifes and rally to their cause.

Unfortunately for the Tibetians their occupation was manifesto sanctioned. They are one of many genuine ethnicities trampled on by Marxist thugs.

The Tibetians need to start blowing up public transportation, toss a few American senior citizens in wheel chairs off cruise liners and pizzerias. Tibetians like most groups, excluding Commies and Jihadis, do not kill people gratuitously. This needs to change so that Commies like Norman Finkelstein can make a career out of rabid bigotry marketed as pseudo scholarship. Oooops Finky is a Maoist and condones the abuse of tibetians in the name of Mao.

Commies are ignorant and todays example of idiocy comes from Graeme on Sonia's site.

"The notion that Shiites and Sunnis do not get along is a media invention".

Yes the Bolshevik media has made up hundreds of years of strife and warfare at the behests of Corporate/Zionists/ Neocon cabal. This gem is amazing even by his usual low standards.


Ducky's here said...

I see, if we link Tibet with Israel then the movement gets credibility.

After all, Israel is the touchstone for all human knowledge and experience and we can't have an event in world affairs that isn't mirrored in Israel.

Play it again, Beak.

Justin said...

Beak, did you read the latest news where the Monks who participated in the movement will all be sent to ahemm (clears throat)now let me see if I can say this with out slapping my monitor off the desk.


Is this just another name for Gulag or concentration camp? Most who attend these re-education classes do not survive the curricula as I hear it. Now that is hear say tho. I am sure they sit around the class room sipping tea and eating crumpets and discussing the glories of patriotism. :)

Have a nice day off to the Doc's.

Rob said...

"The notion that Shiites and Sunnis do not get along is a media invention".

Only a ignorant fool believes that, one only needs to look at the history of the region.

Beamish said...

When does China's 250,000 troops get to come home from Tibet?