Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bloomburg to Run for Gov of NY

The newspapers in NYC have mentioned that Myor Bloomburg could run for the NY Gov. The Democrats lack a front line candidate for office and the Republican Party of NY is even in worse shape. Bloomburg could run as a Democrat this time.


The Merry Widow said...

It would be more honest if he did.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Anonymous said...

Run as a Democrat? You're right, tmw.

roman said...

Bloomburg would make a great governor. Keeps a low profile and takes care of business. The fact that he's from Somerville, MA, and was practically my neighbor only helps.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Nothing good ever comes out of Massachusetts.

Boston Tea Pasty? Yay! Let's celebrate dumping shit into Boston Harbor?

Aerosmith? Think of all the rock star airplane crash deaths you'd trade Aerosmith for to have back.

Okay stop, we don't have time for your list.

Bee Gees?

Matt Damon?

The Kennedys...

Barney Frank?

John Kerry?

New Kids on the Block?

The state of Massachussetts is basically a huge gay bar with a highway running through it.

The Merry Widow said...

BTW-I'm still writing you in in November...
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!