Saturday, March 08, 2008

Aethism as a malady

I am not a religious person. However, I am starting to get annoyed with atheists needing to remind everyone every two seconds. They walk around with a delusion they are smarter and more moral
than those who believe in God.

Those who are deluded about the superiority of the unbelievers need to look at the evils of Communism, Nazism and the guilotine.


Z said...

i have always admired your attitude towards religion, particularly Christianity, or at least the friends you have here who're Christians, Beak.

Ya, the atheists mock believers and condemn Christianity because of one abortion doctor blown away by extremists, yet they have no problem with the millions killed by atheistic ideologies. go figure.

Always On Watch said...

Never expect consistency from those with an attitude of intellectual superiority.

The Pagan Temple said...

Atheism is as much a religion as any other that believes in deities. I think I understand their mindset. They can't resist pointing out the fallacy in stated assumptions as to the reality of God. They usually do so in a challenging way.

However, they are like a lot of women who say they want to talk to you, but the reality is, they don't want to have a meaningful discussion, they just want to do all the talking, and everyone else to listen. Then, you either should agree with them or shut up.

Removing all mention of God from public life would be just as unfair on the face of it as it would be to quote scripture on public currency or on public buildings as a government sanctioned statement of faith.

It would be particularly unfair inasmuch as atheists make up little more than twenty percent of the population at best. Whenever they are forced to say a rosary or genuflect to an icon, then I would say they have a case, otherwise they do not.

The irony is they win few converts through their tactics.

QunQat said...

the pagan temple:

"The irony is they win few converts through their tactics."

Unfortunately a lot of those converts apparently wear Black Dresses at work or plead before those wearing the Black Dresses!!


The Pagan Temple said...

Yes, Qunqat, and unfortunately a good many of those black dresses are due for a promotion after the next election, regardless of who wins it, it seems.

QunQat said...

Pagan Temple,

especially since McSwain and his "Gang of 14" traded a couple of BIG ok's for FREEZING EVERYTHING ELSE!! We literally have hundreds of open seats because of this IDIOT which may be filled by a Dimmicrat!!!

He better figure out a way to WIN so he can keep nominating people the Dimmicrats won't OK!!


PS: I STILL ain't voting for a SOCIALIST and he hasn't even STARTED to prove he ISN'T!!!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Ask them to prove they are atheist and not just irreligious or irreverent.

Why should we believe they are atheists? Can they prove they are atheists?

Anonymous said...

Even sincere atheists tend to have a chip on their shoulder at first, because they feel suckered by religion. Half of it is anger at themselves for falling for it. But over time, this feeling dissipates.

But many atheists are not real atheists. They are espousing atheism for attention or to be politically correct in their neck of the woods. In other words, they are as phony as many believers are. They are the ones who feature themselves smarter. They are just as big a hypocrite as any religious hypocrite is.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I will never believe someone who claims they are an atheist unless they can prove that they are an atheist.

Why should I take their word for it?