Friday, March 21, 2008

In today's FPM Communist Traitor Hayden lectures the Vietnamese about Communism

The ever wise Sonia often states that the quickest way to cure a communist is for them to live under Communism. Thus the article in todays FPM about the self important Tom Hayden's trip to Vietnam comes as no surprise. The only people still nostalgic for Marxist mayhem were two moronic American Commies whose treasonous life's work was the creation of hell for the Vietnamese people.

American Communists are quite fond of the chicken hawk routine. However, there is a chicken collectivist corollary. Anyone who advocates communism should be required to live under it as a citizen for a decade. If America and Capatalism are so evil how about renouncing your citizenship to feed and join Hugo's mania and drug dealing subversion. Any takers..... Hugo extends this offer to Poultry in MA...... Still any takers....

Of course the American Communist imbeciles are dismayed to find that their iconic Vietnamese people have rejected Marx. Sorry Comwads but your idiocies are rejected by those who live under it.


Z said...

Too bad he didn't take his ex with him...she probably hasn't ridden a good cannon for a while.


Farmer John said...

...not that Fonda was ever known for her ability to discriminate a good one from a bad one... ;-)

Ducky's here said...

Fastest growing economy in the world.

Not much desire to drive out the communist government.
Money trumps freedom EVERY time.

Z said...

ducky, it'll taper off; the money will be there, then the communism will take from those who are amassing it now, and bammo "GET US OUT OF HERE ...NOW! HELP!" wait for it.

QunQat said...


when the water Buffalo took a shit yesterday their loan collateral doubled. Yup, that is a FAST GROWING ECONOMY!!!!

With Communist China next door it would make an intelligent person wonder why it was so important that they have normalised relations with the US!!


nanc said...

i thought i heard quacking!

why don't we just balkanize and give them north dakota? oh, and nevada!

Z said...

nanc, well at least you didn't offer California! Funny, I felt some relief there! (Smile)

Beamish said...


Wake me up when China can afford to run the US government.

Evil Style Queen said...

"The ever wise Sonia often states that the quickest way to cure a communist is for them to live under Communism."

I am living in the former GDR since September 2006 now. I am quite happy here for several reasons, but what seriously gets on my nerves is the GDR-nostalgia. If I have to listen to one more eulogy of this brutal, criminal state, I will vomit on the eulogist's shoes.

So no, living under Communism does NOT always cure a Communist. I wish it would.