Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Reality of Co-ed workplaces

I am somewhat amused at the latest bit from the boss man. Our office does have a strict non fraterniztion policy that is selectively enforced. Oddly those who would hold up the rule book at others were the most frequent rule breakers.

I find the fascination with my personal life to be odd. I may be the only person accused of violating the non-fraternization rule. This is amusing in that I do not ever associate with coworkers after hours and will never sit down with coworkers for lunch. In my eleven week training it took alot of coaxing for me to break these habits. However, my friends from VT, CA and midwest man helped me break this phobia.

I have learned to accept that wherever I go rules will be strictly enforced on me and ignored on everyone else. I do not understand why this is, but it goes with being me. I also have to work twice as hard as the next man just to remain employed.

Thus I was quite amused when the big boss man hinted that he was aware of my relationship with the vegan. This news comes as a shock to me, because we are merely friends and have never even had lunch, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. In fact management gets on to me for forgetting to take lunch breaks.

Welcome to the wonderful world of PC hell. This is exactly what happens when Black robed freaks bring totalitarianism to the workplace. You can be sent to HR for using the phrase "use your cocanut"or if two guys talk about car parts.

Oddly those that complain the loudest are most often marginal employees and the worst rule breakers.


QunQat said...


didn't you point out that you are Orally oriented and therefor there COULD NOT BE A RELATIONSHIP???


beakerkin said...

Qun Qat

The edicts of the Black Robed freaks make normal behavior in the workplace
impossible. When I was a manager in the private sector I had lunch with everyone. Now the slightest visual clues can get one into serious trouble.

There is a valid reason for the non fraternization policies. However, two workers having a lunch or going to the store is not a cause for concern.

The Merry Widow said...

I still think that little miss vegan forgetful and late has her cap set for you AND is making up stuff in the hopes that you will succumb to her persistence!
In my experience, that turns a real man off fast!
My surrogate son has the same problem, he shows up and just breathes and gets written up or put on detention!
He's 15 and 6'4" which does not help! Poor guy, he just is too easy a target!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Farmer John said...

I shudder to imagine what will happen when your boss hears about your relationship with your GPS travelling companion...

Elmer's Brother said...

welcome to government employment...fellow union member.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I am so fortunate that we have no Muslims at the workplace. I hear they bitch about everything. I'd be waiting at the door to slap them around each night when it was time to go home. I could never tolerate working with Muslims, never.