Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Still going strong

The family is gathered for the new year.  We have four generations gathered. My beloved Maltese is next to me. I went for a short trip to the store to buy some fun products. I bought a few types of Turkey meat and some lamb for a Guyanese traditional dish called pepper pot. The granddaughter asked for watermelon. Oddly the beloved Maltese went crazy. Theoretically he should not recognize the turkey Bologna as I usually use a different brand. Apparently, he figured out what it is and I gave him a few slices.
Hopefully, I will be in the new office in February. The boss stopped by to discuss production numbers.

Another year of blogging in the same format. I did speak to Mr AOW and tried to call Warren. Many bloggers are no longer with us.

The clock is running out on the Obama debacle. I wonder what the media will reveal about this administration after the clock runs out. I am fairly certain there will be plenty of stuff about the IRS and the nature of some relationships with some shady characters will be far deeper than anyone realized.

I am enjoying some quality time with the family and the Guyanese community.

Next year may the Frummies be in Jerusalem or anyplace that I am not.

Out with the trash

It is natural that the GOP is held to different standards than the Democrats. The GOP should not excuse a politician who has extensive ties with David Duke. If it were the case of attending a single meeting that would be an error. Unfortunately, at the moment it appears to be more serious than a chance meeting.

The problem is that the media ignores racists who are non white. It also ignores criminal left wing groups a free pass. Every sort of criminality is associated with the Obama approved OWS. The Deblassio approved anti cop marches are led by hipster communists.

The media is very guilty of negligence in the case of Obama. He was a member of a Church led by a racist crackpot for twenty years. Pretending that media coverage only highlighted his most idiotic statements is intellectually dishonest. No real discussion of what Black Liberation Theology is ever took place. This is a racist left wing mockery of Christian ideals.

We also have extensive ties by Obama with a whole range of loathsome people starting with Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, Al Sharpton and Soros. Scalise  should be accountable but so should Democrats. Scalise should resign yesterday.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Answer for a dumbass

The term law enforcement officers describe a wide variety of people. The term does not preclude one from being an official of the government. Communist like to play word games and those of us familiar with antics can site a litany of word games.

The only confusion is in the head of communist dullards.

Turning Their Backs on Mayor Pothead

The outrageous behavior of Mayor Pothead have become such an issue that the NYPD turned their backs when he spoke at a funeral. In most instances, I favor respecting the office. However, his rhetoric crossed the line long ago. The protesters are hipster political freaks and are nothing more than spoiled brats.

Police work and that of recidivist criminals are risky vocations. There is no evidence of intentional malice in the Garnare case. His death was caused by many poor lifestyle choices. How does one charge the cop and not charge the supervisor on the scene who was Black and female, There are plenty of policies to address, but resisting arrest is stupid and dangerous.

Mayor Pothead wants to be leading the protests. He is free to do so once he resigns from office. He could have easily condemned the inexcusable rhetoric from his allies. Instead, he blames the media for highlighting the bombastic exhortations to violence.

The truth is the Mayor does not respect nor understand the job. We concentrated on Anthony Weiners silly problems. At no time did Weiner the politician ever demonstrate such idiocy. Then there were attacks from the far left on another candidate because as a lesbian she must be politically deranged as an obligation. Pretty much the Pothead ran on his family, specifically his sons retro hairdo.

Now the Pothead is complaining about the media coverage of his job. Lefties assume that no matter how stupid their behaviors are the media will rationalize these actions. There comes a time when excuses just don't matter.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Anti Cop Asshats

The leaders of the anti cop chorus are quite fond of actual police states in Cuba, Venezuela and other leftist hell holes. The protesters are hard core communist and anarchist loser types. There are very few actual residents who fit the profile of someone who would be profiled. Hipsters playing revolutionary is not novel.

We have a series of lefties here stating falsehoods. Anyone familiar with the Kiko Garcia riots knows the witness testimony was falsified. In fact it was well reported the key witness could not have seen the events in question because it was physically impossible to see the area in question.

It doesn't matter to a lefty that the facts aren't even close. The narrative is too attack Capitalism with falsehood and slander. Thus we don't see residents of lower class areas. We see hipsters, spoiled brat revolutionaries and aging stoned out hippies.

The Pothead Mayor asked his allies to tone it down. There is no surprise such a verminous lot of imbeciles is impervious to reason even from a well meaning ally.

Learning From The Pros

I have an appreciation for the hard work done by my peers in Law Enforcement each and every day. It is very rare but sometimes dangerous criminals have to be apprehended. The problem is they do such an amazing job it seems easier than it is in reality.

The first rule that I didn't really grasp until the Garner tragedy is just how dangerous the job is. I am somewhat of a legal perfectionist. I don't like to send items to the judge before all the possible angles are closed. According to my peers my standards are higher than those in court. There have been times where I prepared a case an on review my peers decided to make the arrest. This was done after an independent review of the evidence.

On the rare occasion a dangerous type is in the office the manpower needed to do the job is always present. The situations never escalate because of the preparation and controlled setting. In the beginning I questioned the amount of officers. I am confident in my ability to keep things under control. Yet they are right and that there is no need to gamble especially with dangerous criminals.

I used to be annoyed that my counterparts would rerun checks. In those rare cases I am very thorough because my safety depends on it. There have never been discrepancies but a second set of eyes never hurts. Usually my counterparts run additional checks, but it is done for sufficient cause.

The sad part is if an officer gets mildly injured in the line of duty you don't hear about it. Maybe they do their jobs so well the rest of us take it for granted.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Now where did the kid learn that.

I am somewhat responsible for the grandkids learning to knock back the chips and Mountain Dew. I have no idea where the kid looked at me and said rum. I do not ever drink in front of the kids. Not do I allow adults to drink in front of the kids.

Obviously, the kids father is drinking stuff stronger than Mountain Dew.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Once again the circumstances lead me to celebrate the holidays in an unusual place. Poor families hurt by the Obama policies banding together to celebrate Christmas. It isn't Norman Rockwell, but it has a special feel. Perhaps when things come too easy we don't relish a feast or a gift. The greatest gift of all is being a father and grandfather.  I relax on the couch with my beloved Maltese and wonder. A Duck and lasagna are being prepared and perhaps a Barbecued chicken. The kids will make chocolate covered strawberries.

Oddly there is something genuine about this holiday in my home. Bringing families together as opposed to draconian religious minutiae are the purpose of holidays. In essence Christ is the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. Yet at the core of the ethos is bringing families together. Imposing a rule book and being a general slob is something familiar to my family. My brothers religious zombie bit and the obnoxious religious condescension while having their hand out has made holidays a chore for me.  We may not have much but it is a warm loving home where people work hard when they can find a job. I will take that over fake and font Frummies any day of the week.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The whining left

The left is in panic mode over the execution of two NYPD cops. The rhetoric is part of the Obama version of bread and circuses. Obama destroyed the lives of ordinary lower income people by foisting
a healthcare bill that led directly to layoffs and underemployment of millions of citizens. Now he seeks to give people who knowingly broke the law employment authorization cards for jobs that are as real as Bigfoot. Have an Obamaphone while you look for work at a fast food joint part time at minimum wage.

This idiocy got him stomped at the polls. Obama depends on his surrogates at OWS and big media to keep the Black community in a state of paranoia. Odds are all of us are far more apt to die from criminals and the actions of illegal aliens  than at the hands of cops or George Zimmerman types. A recent exchange with a lefty over my being profiled by Vermont police because I have Nee York plates. This is okay because drugs come from NYC but don't profile people because of their race. Just what type of people in NYC are most apt to be drug dealers. I didn't like being profiled but I was respectful and did what I was told to do. Why are you at KFC? JPs doesn't open for two hours. This demonstrates local knowledge. It also allowed the cops to ask the staff at the restaurant if they were familiar later. Humor is even okay if it isn't making fun of the cops. One cop made a smart remark about Captain Crunch and I told him I am not quite old enough for Grape Nuts. Cooperate be pleasant
and if you get arrested argue in front of a judge. Even at the judge be respectful and state your case in a professional tone.

Our own Ducky has grown unhinged. He is blaming Rudy for comments made by others. Oddly will the person who makes racist remarks about Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas explain how those comments never made by the Mayor are worse than his own rants.

Lefties rant about alleged racial epithets at TEA party events and sing another tune when their buddies at OWS are linked to Crime and terrorism. Mayor pothead needs to decide whether he wants to govern or rule a mob. He can't have it both ways

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Return of the Frummies

One of the side benefits of switching to another office is fewer Frummies. They get on your nerves at times and are an embarrassment. It is the sense of entitlement and a culture of sloth that makes this group an embarrassment. There was a time when Yeshivas turned out well rounded students. Now they churn out religious zombies. These religious mendicants are culturally illiterate.

Two Dead Cops

Lefties now have the bodies of two dead cops executed in cold blood on their hands. The Rhetoric of the Pothead President and Mayor and their Bolshevik Amen chorus is directly to blame. Funny the media will never hold lefties accountable for their words or actions.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Final Countdown

As Obama prepares to leave he looks for ways to inflame his opponents. He does so knowingly and at
Great risk to his party.

The Cuba move is largely irrelevant except to people who wouldn't vote for him with a gun at their head anyway. It is a move negotiated in poor faith and Cuba should have been required to hand over cop killers and take their criminals back.

The working poor just got tossed under the bus by Obama. Of course political garbage pollutes immigration and not all of it is Obama. Granting work authorization for jobs that don't exist is a stupid idea. The sole exception should be for military personnel and their families. A similar program honoring first responders after five years of service could also be considered.

Even hard core immigration reform advocates are perplexed by the utter disdain for dealing with criminals by this administration and by President Potheads mini me in NYC. It isn't a question of where do we set the bar as a reluctance to set the bar at all.

The problem is Obama was not qualified to be President. He hid behind a media orgy of self glorification. He gets a Nobel Peace prize for doing what?

The question for Democrats is how do your distance yourself from a tone deaf clueless oaf who thinks the American people are quaint. The racial arson is not from authentic people who live in crime ridden enclaves. Nor are these spontaneous uprisings against the police. The vermin who were arrested for the bridge altercation include a hipster English professor and an organized labor goon. Anyone familiar with OWS has encountered both. These are the Obama shock troops. However, even Mayor Pothead senses there are limits to cop bashing. President Pothead is finished and could care less about America.

It is natural to care about legacies. What makes Obama utterly unique is that he never has shown growth. He courts our enemies and bashes our allies. He calls his political opponents terrorists while playing word games with actual terrorists. He doesn't know about negotiation or compromise but demands Israel grant concessions and Arabs do whatever. This is until some Einsteins make snuff films and chop off American heads and he does a full circle,

Messer ship and vision are not In the Obama toolbox. He could easily get up and say Cops have a difficult job. If you feel you are wronged wait for court. Resisting arrest is dangerous for everyone.
It is important to respect the position even if you are on the short side of the process.

Similarly it is just as easy to craft a bill that compromises on Immigration. Give opponents quick deportations and loss of green card status for criminal behaviors. Eliminate TPS after three years unless there is a war. Increase the burden of proof in Asylum cases and eliminate all travel while the process continues. Real penalties for those who commit serial immigration fraud. I am not talking about Aunt Whatever helping Old Man Clod from the same village in Annoyingberg. I am talking about scam artists who accept cash  for fake marriages, facilitators and fake educational scams. Colleges need to be held responsible for students who never appear or take a handful of classes and disappear. There is give and take, but in example after example Obama fails this.

There are some who admittedly have a problem with the Presidents race. There are far more who make excuses for failed policies and abuses of power that would not be accepted of anyone else. Even Bill Clinton was not this inept and clueless.

Like most Americans, I have zero tolerance for racists. I also don't pretend that criminals are martyrs and the Police have nothing better to do that abuse all Blacks including Steve Urkels types. Funny like Obama people frequently ask if I work in places I don't like restaurants and stores. This is a fairly
Common experience that has nothing to do with race unless you attribute everything to race. When someone asked me for a cup of coffee at the diner I took no offense. I have been given keys at  hotels and pointed out I am a fellow guest. Oddly at least the people didn't think I was a car thief.  These are common experiences, but to the University Elite they are causes of angst.

The truth is Beverly Hills 90210 Obama knows nothing about the real world. He was educated in Prep Schools and elite universities. He never lived in a Black enclave. His university job teaching law
Appears to be a political appointment. He doesn't know about back breaking work at a thankless job.
He doesn't grasp substandard public schools. He doesn't understand paycheck to paycheck. If he thinks Bill Ayers is an educator from the neighborhood than he is not reality based. For the record the lines about Ayers and Pastor Wright are spin only for those who want to believe.

I question those who want to believe. What in Obamas history was Presidential? When did he show leadership or vision. Who did he negotiate with?

Obama is a joke of a President and the joke is on the American people.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Redneck fare

I hate to admit this but the fish head was excellent. It is served with curried green mangoes, limes over rice. It was actually better than restaurant fare. If you didn't know what it was you would eat seconds. Of course all of the couch surfers showed up because amongst my people the head of the sea catfish is the most prized item. The head is massive roughly eight pounds. I knew granny didn't make it as I looked at the girlfriend and knew who made it. Granny made sure she ate the stuff quickly.

Suddenly eating fish heads isn't so bad. Add this to the oddities of Guyanese life that never quite have an explanation.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Too absurd

Political correctness runs one way. It only runs in the approved direction of the left. Pretty much any boorish behavior from the left is ignored or rationalized.

A coworker who is from the Middle East points to the allegedly pious Satmar freaks as proof that anti Zionists are religiously sanctioned. I point out this is an insular cult that might find itself under RICO type of actions if not for block voting. Then he goes off on a rant about child molestation being endemic in the Jewish community.

This would be amusing if this clod would look at the very people he declared religiously authentic. If he knew anything beyond Huffington he would grasp this is a loathed minority in the Jewish community. The tension between those who work and the Frummy freeloaders is a real issue in many families. I personally am so disgusted by it, I changed my burial arrangements.

It does not take much effort to find Muslim abuse of children, women and so forth. Funny but the media in the UK does not describe Chabad Chapter rape gangs. There have been incidents of individual criminality but nothing near the pervasive gang culture.

Now I don't want to go near  honor killings and terrorism but for Muslims to point their fingers at child abuse in communities they praise is a bit bizarre. I don't connect the average Muslim with terrorism, but had I responded no doubt I would have a nice EEO lawsuit on my hands.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Even Prisoners Don't eat this stuff

In a case of senior citizens behaving badly we now have my aunt from Guyana with us. Three husbands killed themselves to get away from her but she swears it was heart attacks. She was living with her granddaughter around the corner. She got into a fight with her granddaughter's husband over food.

Now she is staying here and she is serving fish heads. I pointed out that we do not serve such fare to prisoners here. The daughter and granddaughters won't eat it. I don't care if it is a local delicacy. We don't eat that stuff here. Even poor Vermonters shun fish heads for road kill.

I told her just go to my fridge when she is hungry and eat with us but don't cook fish heads here. Of course she does and now the entire younger generation is eating my emergency rations rather than fish heads. They did figure out which package was home fries. My daughter made those fast but at least she did not figure out the more complex stuff yet.

Guyanese people eat odd things in country. The daughter was complaining when she got back. I avoided that by bringing my own food and buying what I wanted. Of course the locals did not say much because if I went to the market. I always brought enough for them and eat quite well.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Making a mockery of Rape

The Barry One fiasco was dodged with a legalistic trick of claiming the false charges were some type of pseudonym. There is little doubt of the authors intention when she dropped hints that her rapist was a Conservative. This detail was placed in purely to juice book sales. Making this claim about an encounter with a student activist in La Razza would have drawn all types of media fire. Similarly Rolling Stone is just now discovering the author  of its bizarre rape account made up a fake boyfriend and is apparently a flake.

In the case of Dunham the writing was so poor as to be comedic. I have never seen a man gay or straight wear purple cowboy boots. I am not certain such a product was ever manufactured for the male market. If this detail were correct you might be looking at a little guy who cross dresses. Leaving that last part out, I don't ever recall conservatives wearing such bizarre clothing. They tend to emulate Alex P Keaton. Then again Obama has created such disdain for the left there may even be Goths who are conservative.

I am at a loss as to what a flamboyant mustache is or isn't. Is it a Dali type of mess, a handlebar mess or a Hulk Hogan mess. I had the latter and it grew in redish blonde. It was gone as a Freshman after much humor and complaints. Maybe it is a reference to the stereotype porn mustaches that were referred to in a Seinfeld episode or when Duckys students try to make retro porn.

Add in the booming deep voice and you get a cartoon non person. This many details off leads me to suspect buyers remorse rather than rape. In the UVA case it may be the case of a wallflower leading a dark fantasy life.

Rape is a serious matter that should be treated accordingly. When political garbage is attached the charges become suspect. In the case of Dunham the writing is so poor that her editor should be fired.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Brand preferences

I am starting to wonder if advertising means as much as exposure in the household. I use specific brands on almost everything. Some of these brands get transmitted to the younger generation. The readers of the blog know I love my diet Mountain Dew, Hawaiian Punch, Popeyes Chicken and so forth.

It was football day and I woke up too late to cook. I got a couple of Chinese dishes. The family loves chicken lo mein and shrimp dishes. I typically would have General Tso or chicken and broccoli. The daughter eats both. I buy barrel pickles when available and the rest of the house eats them. I prefer Pringles because small kids don't eat a whole bag. The granddaughters know what Pringles are and they are less than three. The daughter picked up my love for jello.

Oddly my preferences on soap and cleaning products is the norm. We are largely a Proctor and Gamble house with the exception of Colgate and Clorox in a few rare categories.

Perhaps the importance of building brand loyalty is a forgotten art. Maybe the aspect of breaking into daily routines is forgotten. I remember my friends introducting me to Sam Adams beer. Golds condiments were passed on to me from my grandparents homes. Philadelphia cream cheese, Helmans mayonnaise and Skippy Peanut butter came from my parents home. Somewhere along the way I developed the taste for Miracle Whip and Stubs Bbq sauce. My father liked any Mustard not named Frenches. I liked Guldens but the quality of other offerings are good. Nathan's mustard which is made by Golds is exceptional when you can find it.

The trick for companies is to get into the home and become part of the story. I remember my grandfather giving me a Hershey bar and Wrigleys Doublemint gum. I remember being on a family trip upstate and tasting my first Mointain Dew. Perhaps soft drink vendors need to focus more on stadiums, zoos and theme parks. 

I still would love to see a can of five alive again someday.

Even the stupid get it

My girlfriend decided the Maltese needed company and got a Pomeranian. I do not like the Pomeranian as he can be viscous and unstable.

The Maltese bonded with me from when he was a young puppy. I take him with me on long walks at crazy hours. When I eat I plan my menu thinking can I share this with my buddy. He sleeps next to me on the bed.

We have had several other dogs and the only one that was viscous was the Pomeranian. We had a pit bull that could be viscous. He was gentle with me because I had the food. He would play all day with the Maltese. We had to get rid of him when the daughter in law gave birth. The daugher in law had a Maltese also that followed me everywhere. He would sleep next to me with the other Maltese, He died in a car accident. We had a mixed breed small black dog that I liked but the Maltese hated. He was good natured and we gave him to a family that loves him.

Enter the viscous Pomeranian. He attacked my feet and had to be rescued before I kicked him in defense. When he growls I Toss  blankets over him and make him look absurd. After months of war he gave up and follows me wherever I go looking for food. He sees me reach for the treat bag for the Maltese he waits his turn. He follows me everywhere. He carries the rawhide bone I gave him wherever he goes. When he is eating he can be difficult. Feeding the Maltese by hand was natural. The Pomeranian is not natural in those interactions.

The Maltese is still my favorite and he is like a little comedian in the house. He is calm around food unless it is the chicken treats or chopped liver. If I lived in the country he wouldn't need a leash. He enjoys the doggy park so much he doesn't want to go home.

Even the stupid Pomeranian learns to go where the food is. He shadows me at all hours of the night.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Mugged by an Obama Supporters

The other day I was mugged by a thief who had an Obama button on his jacket. He claimed to be an IRS worker furloughed by Ted Cruz. His name was Sheldon and he was wearing a glow in the dark hoodie with the words Chernobyl Farms.

Of course this is absurd and BS. It is no less preposterous than some of these fake rape stories published. Rape is a serious matter and the political views of criminals is something we really should not take too seriously. If a person commits a crime do we seriously ask who did you vote for.

No doubt the writers will claim these were composites. It would have been better to just address the subject without such deception. Being raped by a Peace Studies major wearing a messenger bag wouldn't sell books. Writers do write about painful subjects and add color. However, recent
Experiences with far left parties in the UK have shown lefties are adept at rape and covering up
the crimes with meetings. The notion the crimes should be reported eluded the Marxist morons.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

How to turn a car into garbage?

A relative has to go in for surgery and is having the Frummies drive them to and from the hospital. As
mr hear abominations are so accident prone their driving is far more dangerous than the operation.

Unfortunately the Frummies have a propensity to crash other people's cars. There is always the never ending excuses for the accidents.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Barter in the age of Obama

I am unused to being without as my needs are simple. I am amazed at the informal system of bartering and even just sometimes sharing meager resources. I went to the store for some Advil and purchased a large container. The girlfriend gave two neighbors including an old lady around twenty pills each. This likely would explain how certain resources disappear and how things appear out of thin air.

Every now and then what items are recognized surprise me. I use trace amounts of powdered turmeric   with my drinking water. The girlfriend noticed it in seconds whic is odd because there was no pictute or writing. Items that are used in the community are bartered and those that are unfamiliar remain. It is as simple as bartering four laundry pods for a bag of potatoes.

I don't think poverty alone explains this as I pretty much cover most things. However the neighbor might want to trade an item for a luxury good. Right now we have a type of fish in abundance about ten pounds. The neighbor might want a small amount and trade yams or something else.

This is different then my mother borrowing eggs or sugar.

Certain items never get traded. I  am safe with egg noodles and kielbasa that is until someone else develops a taste for it. Chicken franks and barrel pickles were safe years back, but my daughter has developed a taste for them. What is going on with the containers of chicken livers that the girlfriend
took from the home made dog food project is unknown. I suspect that is being bartered or passed to the less fortunate.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Frummies Suck

In the never ending saga of how to piss of relatives. The Frummies borrow my parents car smash it up and do cheap repairs. The result is a busted radiator and cracked engine block. When it was my car    
It was funny. Now my parents are not laughing at a huge bill. My sister gave them two cars but they had to junk mine first. Then they act perplexed as to why you hate them. There is always money for stupid yeshivas but squeeze every other relative while you act pious.

Of course the Frummies could have been honest and just told my parents the truth. As usual their sophomoric behavior cost their relatives. Of course if the wife who has a four year accounting degree just gets a job none of this happens. Of course they must send their daughter to prohibitively expensive yeshiva abroad so she too can become an religious abomination.

Now the Frummies do read this blog and are quite upset with their portrayal as lazy c

Friday, November 28, 2014

Not listening to the Beak

In general it is a good idea to listen to the Beak. The girlfriend decided to pool resources with several families and it was an amazing feast. In my travels I picked up odd items that found their way into the menu. The huge Guyana yams went into one dish. My pies ended up as dessert. The rack of lamb mixed with smaller yams into an amazing spread. My daughter was there and my Maltese never left

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The best gift for the holidays

I got a call from Warren. We are both getting older and hanging in with the lousy Obama economy. Funny how the economy impacts everyone. Obamacare has not made my life better. It certainly hasn't made Warren's or AOW's better. There was a time even lefties championed the working poor and the middle class. The mess is in the homes of many. How many of you have family looking for work for months and making choices with bills or food.

I wish the economy was booming and the lives of regular folk weren't as hard. While Obama gives people who knowingly broke the law a hand up, he gives regular folks the middle finger. While I wonder if family members will ever work, Obama ponders the price of arugula at Whole Foods.

Speaking to old friends is the best holiday gift a man can get.

If I don't make it, it was because the girlfriend swears she can mimic my holiday fare. I am relegated to the couch. The daughter is difficult in that she wants things now but won't help me carry them back. The Maltese is snuggled next to her in bed.

We are going to have the annual whose relatives are the most messed up. I think the Frummies should help me win this year.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stupid Lefties Try To Promote Unrest.

On my way home I passed Union Square. Predictably Commies were chanting "revolution" while protected by the police. I would love to see these spoiled hipster clowns start something and get smacked by the people they claim to speak for.

There was no case. Even if you had a cause looting and burning stores in your locale does not help. I am all in favor of civil protest. This is merely criminal behavior with a political rationale.

Leave it to lefties to pour gas on a fire and then rant about the Tea Party

Monday, November 24, 2014

Comedy in the age of Obama

Obama and his minions are fast to cry racism even when the case is not exactly clear. As a person identified with fried chicken there are plenty of chains. I remember telling Vermonters about bullet proof fried chicken outlets in NYC. There are plenty of them and they are usually called Kennedy
Fried Chicken. Now we can speculate which Kennedy. There was an old story about a supporter naming his store Obama Fried Chicken. Perhaps in Denver there could be real Hash in the hash browns. I am guilty of annoying Bernie Sanders in VT with Fried Chicken jokes. Your biscuits are better than the Chicken. Did you invent extra crispy? The ever clueless Bernie Sanders does not appreciate being confused with Col. Saunders who is more beloved than Bernie will ever be. The beloved Col. is still the face of the franchise years after he died. Who remembers Bernie? There are days the incoherent Sanders probably doesn't remember himself.

There was a whole range of Weiner humor. No doubt Little Anthony Weiner is used to it by now. At least he didn't change his name to Savage. This is why Mark Levin jokes about the Weiner nation and sings the Oscar Meyer theme. It was hysterical listening to him call some clown politician with the name Angus Meathead.

Until further notice Obama can still be portrayed as clueless. Unless he has a spandex suit and cape it goes with having a Y chromosome. A former boss who is gay stated that gays are just as clueless as the rest of us.

I understand the history of racist humor. However, the job of the President comes with some satiric liberties.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Wrong Policy on Ebola

I am critical of TPS as a program that has turned into a scam. Countries are placed on the list and the U.S. Government refuses to end the protection. We have people here for two decades after hurricane Mitch. We still have people here after the earthquake in Haiti.

The problem with TPS is that people have the right to return. In the case of this policy keeping people out of the Ebola zone is an excellent idea. Allowing people to travel to and from these zones to NYC is a dangerous idea. The policy will increase the odds of spreading a dangerous disease.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


The opponents of the Obama policies fail to grasp that the agencies in question are fee based and not part of the congressional budget. Congress might be able to halt the plethora of fee waivers or adjust the fees to absurd levels. Considering that smugglers charge 40K and up a 5k fee may not be unfair. This would be met with disbelief from the usual suspects. Moreover, despite what the papers write people who have problems in immigration fall into two categories criminals and imbeciles who refuse to hire a lawyer. The latter waste resources and spend their times whining to media morons. A famous case in the papers ommited the fact that the couple in question did not have an attorney. Given the fact these were low functioning adults this was a key omission. The officer can only rely on the information conveyed by the parties. Of course the big media types never get around to asking why did you appear without an attorney. The media never goes near the shoddy and illegal work of forms preparers. The media also avoids any discussion of scams  by immigrants commiting fraud. I am in the USA on TPS for ten years but go home annually.asylum fraud only gets discussed in terrorism cases. The notion that people who participate in fraud are victims of shady lawyers is a farce. A person should know she does not work in a Church that doesn't exist.

In the simple media world of immigration, immigrants are always angelic victims of the system. The government is so unreasonable because I didn't get a green card is par for the tone. Nobody asks the angel " do you expect a miracle. Do you cut your own hair with a soup bowl?  Do you fix your own brakes. Did you hire an attorney to prepare your case." T is not the governments job to grant you a benefit.

I also want to talk about criminality. Many of these immigrants are criminal and deserve to be deported. I am referring to multiple DWI and drug arrests. Sorry but you aren't supposed to be here and getting caught with pot is sufficient grounds for a trip home. Why the media portrays pot heads as victims is unknown.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Killing stupidly

There are those on the left who rationalize Arab crimes against those who simply seek to worship in peace. Religious Jews are the least likely to serve in the IDF. No doubt there are some lefties who lose their morals when Jews are involved. They still talk about the KKK bombing Black Churches but ignore crimes like this.

Behead an American and Obama gets outraged. Kill Jews merely praying and Obama spins about Arabs wanting peace.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Complaint Department

My frummie former relatives are upset with the way they are portrayed on these pages. I portray them as hypocritical and obnoxious. The ratings are quite low and the reaction is quite silly.

Our traditions require material sacrifice to sever a relationship. A car is a small price to pay to terminate this relationship. I don't want or need the money as I have plenty of my own. I want to close the book on obnoxious toxic boors.

Our traditions do not allow for conversion. If I did the Pastafarians seem like a good choice. Unfortunately, my belief in the Flying Spaghetti monster doesn't get me freedom from these obnoxious boors.

There was a time not so long ago that the relationship was not toxic. As my former brother became more frum he became an embarrassment. I keep my daughter and that family far away from the frummies as I am ashamed to be related to such boors.

If heaven is filled with frummies, book me a ticket to hell. Their obnoxious pious hypocrisy is nauseating. I would sooner pass eternity with anything other than frummies. Actually, enduring their presence, sloth and cultural stupidity is a bit much.

On Vacation

My vacation comes at a good time. There have been nasty changes at work. We promoted a lazy amoral imbecile way above her abilities. I have asked for a transfer to another unit. I am on a regularly scheduled rotation and do not wish to return. I will accept a move to another office just to be away from that backstabbing boor.

RIP Barron 1979- 2014

This is a nice life for a turtle. He had been ill for the last year or so.Bear in mind that turtles even in the best of conditions can live 70 years or more. I will not be getting another as it is safe to assume that I will not be around  at that time.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just Keep On Walking

There comes a point and time when fighting and words are a waste of time. You want to walk and keep on going. A trivial incident was blown out of proportion by an amoral manager. There are many legitimate criticisms of me but being a snitch especially over trivial stuff.

I live by a code of honor and respect. If I have a problem with you, I state it. If you cross a line then I don't talk or acknowledge you. The treatment may last years and usually does not ever break. In rare
instances, I might say a couple of sentences.

I am used to getting yelled at for stuff I did. This time there is not even a hint of anything wrong. I stated this and the boss used the occasion to ramble. I asked for an immediate transfer as is my right under the labor contract. I pointed out that it is in her own interest to accommodate my request.  If the request is not accommodated I will have to address her boss and go up the chain. At that point she asked if that is a threat. I pointed out she has enough enemies who play dirty. My goal is merely to depart and never speak again. 

The problem is this boss is so despised that there is a conga line of similar requests. 


Thursday, November 13, 2014

No greater love than between a man and his Maltese

I returned from the store with odd snacks. One manufacturer makes a chicken jerky for dogs. Normally, my dog has to be fed by hand. This appeals to some for an odd reason. There is something about the chicken jerky that drives the dog wild. I broke him off half a piece while I was changing a light bulb. He jumped onto the counter from a nearby table and got the other.

The Maltese sleeps next to me usually resting on a shoulder. The Pomeranian sleeps under the bed wherever I rest. The Maltese learned that children will leave him alone when I rest. In turn he keeps the Pomeranian under control. I don't like the Pomeranian and hope it escapes for good.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Usual Excuses

I want to point out the Obama is not just any liberal. He is an extreme far left incompetent who thinks he is the savior. He does not surround himself with competence. His cabinet and staff is comprised of yes men who lack competence.

Of course this is what happens when the media paints a picture and a mediocrity walks into a portrait.  I sat perplexed at the reaction of Black coworkers were elected the first time. There were accusations hurled at me that I was a racist because I didn't vote for Obama, In fact I didn't vote and in an agency where unhinged types look for imagined bigots under every rock it is no laughing matter.

The euphoria masked an absurd reality. Obama was raised in a White radical family. He went to exclusive Prep Schools and prestigious Universities. He never lived in a Black household until he got married. He never lived in a Black enclave or worked at a real job. He has more in common with Al Gore than your average Black American.

I did not join the celebrations at work. I cautioned those celebrating "wait till you see the bill before you celebrate". In many cases the bill was worse than I imagined. The sheer incompetence and out of control government is staggering. The energy sector has prevented a total economic meltdown, though we are in very bad shape. His massive oversized ego makes comparisons to Bill Clinton seem trite. Clinton had a giant ego, but he was not stupid or incompetent.

If you went to college you met plenty of Bill Clinton's and Obama's in your class. Clinton was the teachers pet who pretty much repeated every cliche presented by the professor. He has never had an original thought in his life. He is reality based and understands how to work with people. Obama is the University Faux radical and is a cartoon of an angry Black man. Many of us have reason to be angry, but anger should be genuine. In the case of Obama who went to elite schools and lived in Upper Middle class areas this is absurd. We had a version of Obama in my college. Like Obama he was potted out and frequently incoherent. He slept with anything that moved and repeated cliches that were absurd. In his case his mother was Jewish and his father was Black and some type of governmental official at the UN. Outside of class he would joke about his persona in class between bong hits. My friend was pretty much a reality based hustler. Obama merely internalized this absurd
role. What was he upset about "no valet parking for the Choom Gang at the Prep School", too much red meat in the faculty lounge.

Obama is set to throw up a middle finger at Americans. People who knowingly broke our laws are expecting work authorizations at a time where jobs are non existent. They drain our social safety nets and are frequently criminal. The administration has made a mockery of the deportation process, Actual deportations are very time consuming and take years. Even those who generally are favorable towards reform want criminals returned home.

 Most of us respect and like the illegals that we know. Most of us also know those who are out of work or underemployed due to Obamacare. My sympathy extends to my fellow citizens and LPR's who played by the rules rather than those who knowingly violated US law.

The election was about Obama and his arrogance. He could have done this massive work authorization plan before the election. He waited until after to spare Democrats in close races.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Act Two

When Democrats get trounced Obama still doesn't get the message. He could have announced his plan to give work authorization cards to millions in a time of no jobs. He would have likely made matters worse for his party.

If you are unemployed or underemployed Obama is about to give you the finger by handing out work authorization cards to illegal aliens. The jobless and under employed  just got thrown under the bus by Obama.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Silence of the Obamunist Cadre

The alleged "American" correspondent at Harry's Place turned a venerable site into the mostly Euro version of the Obamunist fan club. This is odd considering Obama is the most anti Israel President ever and this administration is openly hostile to the elected President of Israel. The site does an excellent job dealing with leftist antisemitism in Europe while similar stories in the USA are ignored by the alleged "American" correspondent.

Now that the American people have spoken, the alleged "American"correspondent has taken the code of Omerta. This is priceless as the arrogant cocktail party bon vivant has no clue how actual people live or think.

A look at the idiocy of Obama's most fervent supporters shows that they have hostile opinions of the USA and a condescending view of the American people. There is one brain impaired dolt that allegedly is employed as a washing machine whisperer, but almost every single fervent Obama supporter at Harry's Place has a deep disdain for the USA, its people and its traditions. The exception to this is  Michael Ezra who respects America and its people while differing philosophically from the left. Michael Ezra is an intellectual giant who just has a very unique intellectual perspective. It is even quite amusing, at times, when he throws thunderbolts from Mount Olympus. He certainly does convey his points with flair and is always interesting.

There is a old Canadian who is an expert on everything American based upon a few visits to SF and reading Huffington. He gets to the use the computer at the nursing home as long as he stops regaling the staff about his glory days in the 30's.

Now some of you might have noticed the use of quotation marks in describing a certain lazy blogger.
This person is a dual national who  has a Euro leftist disdain for the American people and its traditions. You will never see an objection on the part of this individual when Americans are portrayed as oafs prone to violence .

Round Two is on the way

Obama is tone deaf to the message sent by the American People. The American People spoke loudly at the polls.

Obama is not nor has ever been Presidential material. Nothing in his bio suggests he is anything other than a product of nepotism. Obama was President of the Law Review. This is an elected position and had zero to do with his ability. Obama was not a law Professor. He was not on the tenure track and never published a single sentence.

While it is true there is some criticism of Obama that is race based. It is also true that Obama has used and abused race to get elected. Obama was elected with almost messianic fervor as a symbol as a potential healer. However, he stoked racial tensions in several high profile cases. 

Obama is not liberal, nor should his mangled Presidency be seen as anything other than the failure of the University and Media elite comedic attempt to differentiate fact from fiction. Leadership and ability matter and at no point has Obama ever demonstrated leadership.

Liberals need to grasp the difference between a genuine liberal with skill like Michael Bloomberg and a circus clown like Barak Obama or his demented NYC Mayoral epigone Warren Wilhem. Obama is all packaging and zero substance surrounded  by a cadre of flunkies and incompetents. On what planet does anyone take John "Gomer" Kerry, Chuck Hagel and Joe Biden as our best and brightest.

There is talk of an executive action on work authorization papers for illegal aliens. This will be very unpopular at a time when jobs are scarce. It may also be the time when some key supporters jump off the Obama bandwagon.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Life as a Circle

I am on a dreaded three or so month clerical rotation. It is a bizarre practice abandoned by every other office as a huge waste of money and morale killer. This is a job historically done by junior officers who earn the right to do more advanced work in this area. 

This is also the place where officers who cant cut it end up. My whole team is here on a rotation and when I arrived I found two peers I tried to save from this pit. When an officer is under fire many of us run from them but I tried to help out. Now I am sitting with my peers and they are overjoyed at my arrival. They will be helping me for the first few days and I should hold my own thereafter.

I am quite depressed at work. Normally, I can rationalize even the worst promotion with some sort of 
logic. However, lazy, stupid and incompetent people usually don't get promoted. My former boss asked me to congratulate her. I told her to hold her breath and wait for fond wishes. Well you got your wish in that you got rid of me. Unfortunately, it was not far enough away for my tastes.

At one point I had a better relationship with my boss. In fact I was the only employee she considered a friend. The friendship was ruined over her blatant disregard for my health. My condition had badly deteriorated to the point where my peers were concerned. Instead of allowing me a reasonable accommodation championed by other members of management she stamped her feet and placed a gag restriction on me. My condition grew more dire and we had a verbal exchange that would have ended her career if I were litigious. The top boss asked why I did not alert him to my condition and I explained about the gag order. The situation was remedied and life went on. 

I lost respect because my boss put her career aspirations ahead of my health. Allowing me to depart due to unique circumstances had no impact on her. Despite her claims other supervisors have managed the condition with ease. One who was familiar with me noticed in two seconds I was very off and assigned me work that forced me to snap out of it. 

Workplace bullying is no laughing matter. The abuse lasted for years and prolonged contact with my abusers caused me to experience PTSD. Unlike a tv sitcom one does not live happily ever. 

The boss asked me why I object to her. I told her I object to ambition without diligence and  a moral center. Her abrasive manner inspires no confidence and the only things she excels at is kissing the rear ends of top managers. 

I developed a program to train new officers how to accomplish objectives. I named it after a previous supervisor and endorsed this former supervisor in the dedication. This current boss asked why I name all my previous inventions after former bosses. I pointed out that my sentimental appreciation for a former boss should not threaten her. Perhaps someday I will discover a biological parasite that causes diarrhea and name it after that boss. Actually, the short dedication was two sentences and would have been missed if it weren't for her temper tantrum. 

It is unknown where I will go after this detail ends. I did caution this boss that it is far easier to let me out of her jurisdiction than to keep me in her chain of command. Moreover, other teams have made it known that they welcome my addition. I am not likely to escape as a top manager wants me around to mentor the new officers. 

It is odd that as we pass through life we meet the same people in different points of our career. I am hoping the boss will allow me to leave after this project. Despite her higher aspirations, I will not allow her to take credit for my innovations. 

The Fall of Obama

The GOP is fairly fortunate that Obama is vain and bone stupid. Obama care is crushing the economy. Workers cant find jobs and those who usually are stuck with 29 hours. Obama had an opportunity to pass the buck during the shutdown. Rather than negotiate and modify the failed plan Obama called his political opponents terrorists. This is quite amazing from an administration that calls the Benghazi attack a spontaneous protest and the Fort Hood Massacre work place violence.

Obama is so poisonous that political candidates avoid mentioning supporting him. He doesn't grasp the notion of compromise. He wades into every racial quagmire and further polarizes the nation with his media henchmen. He might be the first President to ever have a government that is imperial and inept at the same time.

 Obama was the most unqualified person to ever be elected President. Nothing in his past showed any real leadership. After he leaves the White House we will get scores of information about the real man that will surprise many. No man could ever live up to the absurd media hype that surrounded the Presidency. Some were describing him as the messiah. Barely, in office he gets a nobel Peace Prize.

It appears that the midterm election will be a strong rebuke to Obama and his media approved far left
followers. No doubt you will hear the BS about a tantrum like the previous time the nation sent Bill Clinton a similar message. Unlike Obama, Bill Clinton was not stupid and learned.

Obama is planning an amnesty that will effectively destroy the democratic party as we know it.  In a time of high unemployment Obama has given unemployed Americans a pair of cement shoes. Even those who favor immigration reform want criminal aliens deported. The deportation process is long and time consuming. The American people deserve a say in who stays here. Violent criminals, serial drunk drivers and drug dealers need to be tossed out.

Obama could have done this prior to the election. However, he grasps the price that would be paid by his party. He is gambling that many of you will forget his perfidy and vote Democratic in 2016. He has been wrong about everything else.

Friday, October 31, 2014


This kills me to say, but it is the single greatest problem in government. Nepotism and cronyism are so out of control that it isn't even funny. People are not selected because they can get stuff done, but sheerly on schmozing.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Painful Lesson

In many ways I am not a good father. As I am gentle by nature, I let my daughter get away with diva antics. I reminded my daughter that true friends are rare and you take care of those first. Things have not been going well with the economy. As times get rough people you thought you could count on barely know you. Many are not in a position to help others are fair weather friends.

It is a bitter lesson most of us learn sooner or later. As a kid you think your friends are always there for you. You live for their approval, but in reality they are but passing memories who drift into and out of your life.

Test of Charachter

There are those who talk in grandiose terms about their character. The truth is you don't know until you have been tested. Talk in training is fairly cheap. The topic is if you are asked to do something illegal would you do it. There is a subtext if you don't you run the risk of being fired for insubordination.

My trials were quite famous and I paid a price for my beliefs. In the end I prevailed, but it has made me an expert on suspensions and rights.The topic came up in several ways this week. In many ways I am more a symbol than a person. A coworker claimed she was sick when cases were dumped on her.
She refused to take the cases and now faces insubordination charges.

Sadly, the reputation of the worker is an issue. The bosses know I do as told with minor complaining. I think the worst of it was when a case that was fully prepared was switched with a peer who never prepares. It was a mild, but I invested so much time and I am getting an inferior case. In this case the boss looked at me and said. You are right, but we don't have any other options. The boss saw the preparation and said bear with me.

In the situation where an officer bails, I am usually annoyed at the peer if it is chronic. One of the cases is now a comedy classic. The case was abnormally big and a rookie bailed. The attorney got hit by a car and it had to be rescheduled. We did a mock SVU episode and I was Dt Constantly Munching. Everyone had a good laugh as some of the office played SVU cast jokingly questioning the rookie about where he was at the time of the car crash.

I explained that I would have negotiated downwards. It doesn't work in my case. My boss usually says if you run into trouble call. I never get into trouble and know how to manage a docket with social skills. Lawyers are funny as well. In the case of a switch, I caution that I have to do prep work.
The attorneys grasp this and are usually fine.

It was hard for me to talk to this peer. I explained that the system has checks and balances and if she sticks with the union line  any suspension will be reduced. The more difficult conversation was the next part, especially because I like this peer. Never mistake my example for that of a badass. I always did my job and whatever was ordered if it were legal. My refusal was an illegal order and I stated upfront the order was illegal. The supervisor in question exceeded his authority and illegally directed
me to a certain outcome. It was tough to tell a peer I mentored that she could have handled it better.

A new boss looking at the file shook his head. He asked about the situation and I explained numbers are only meaningful if they are accurate. Making a person fit a numerical goal is unethical. The boss agreed and noted how dysfunctional we were.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Here we go again with more Communist Crapola

The death of an American senior citizen in a wheel chair on a cruise ship has nothing to do with Israel except in the minds of racist Marxists and religious thugs. The entire premise was a bigoted lynching of a senior citizen in a wheelchair. The subject is as preposterous as making an opera about Emmet Till and portraying his killers in a positive light, To create such an opera would be an insult
to the intelligence of the audience.

My  parents would donate and go to the opera. There will be no donations and no attendance this year
or any other. Certainly, others will quietly follow suit. Let George Soros start writing checks to make up for those who have turned their back on this organization.

Loser Bill Wilhelm as usual sees only the point on his head. He has been getting booed in public appearances. Even lefties who voted for him have conceded he is going off the deep end. Those who object to something have every right to peacefully protest. Moron Wilhelm apparently thinks those who are offended by typical leftist antisemitic art have less rights than Al Sharpton.

After the election Barak Obama is going to enact sweeping executive action and grant semi legal status to illegal aliens. The response should be swift lawsuits and congressional action. Also the next president will have the biometrics and addresses for deportation purposes. Obama in typical marxist fashion thinks he is above the law.

He is going to discredit the left for gennerations.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Taking my daughter to the Met

One of my criticisms of art museums is they don't spend enough time on the bios of the painters. The back stories add to the art itself. The relationship of the painters to each other is often quite interesting as well.

Reading the biography of Modigliani is quite interesting. Also his work is quite unique in its look in both sculpture and painting. I would like to place a print of his in my office, but at the moment I am
looking for more paintings and prints of Guyana.

Guyana is a shining example of a wonderful people governed by inept Marxist thieves. Rather than develop parties with competing ideas it developed two ethnic parties with the same lousy idea. They took a paradise with plenty of resources and made it into a place where people pretty much have to emigrate to have a decent life.

For the moment I enjoy unknown painters of places I have been or could have been. I don't like well
known landmarks as they are cliches. What I prefer is a landscape with a few structures. When I am in country I will purchase a few for my office.

For a young daughter Modigliani is unique enough to study. She prefers to do rather than observe at this point. However, when I make a trip to a museum she finds a pretext to tag along.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sorry Duck

I am still learning how to use the I phone and accidentally deleted a comment. I have spent the last three months doing work from areas outside NYC. My perspective on the immigration story has changed. Lost in the story about immigration is criminality. Even immigration advocates need to consider tightening this aspect. Removal of green card status for felony level arrests should be mandatory. Pretending that immigrants are largely law abiding is ignoring reality. Three drunk driving arrests should be automatic deportation. Selling drugs should also be deportable. Alien smuggling of any kind should be deportable. These hearing need to be expedited as well. Ultimately, the tax payer pays for this benign neglect of public safety.

Immigration is predicated on good behavior and is not a sacrament.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola follies

I do have sympathy for the dedicated nurses who caught the disease while doing their job. Any attempt to blame them for their illness is wrong. 

Thomas Duncan knew he was sick when he arrived. Most of the misteps were due to inexperience with the disease. Any claim of racism is slander against dedicated professionals including those who are ill from treating Duncan.

Contrary to the claim of his family, there is sufficient reason to believe Duncan knew he was exposed when he arrived in the USA. Unlike the US citizen medical professionals who caught the disease while trying to save lives Duncan had no reason to seek treatment here. Moreover, in the case of the US citizens every step was managed carefully. Duncan is part of a larger problem of illegals and visitors using government services making health care, education and prison care costs soar.

Ebola is an infectious disease and is a public emergency. However Joe Crapola from parts unknown is doing 30 years for misbehavior on the taxpayers dime.

Maybe part of the immigration debate should focus on who pays what.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NY Times still making excuses for treason

In the NYT obituary of David Greenglass the NYT trots out current leftist cliches. The Rosenbergs are portrayed as idealists. In truth they were bug eyed Stalinist lunatics who orphaned their children for the sake of a death cult. The second rationale is the material provided by the Rosenberg spy ring was worthless. That would not excuse treason.

The Rosenbergs chose death for the cause of evil. They were brain impaired death cultist losers who deserved the death penalty.

Marriage rate at all time low

Unless one is going for an immigration benefit fewer people are getting married. The blame is not entirely on the Obama economy, as there are other factors.

My own case is an excellent example of this. I have been dating and supporting a family for almost six years. I have not considered marriage because the financial risks would be prohibitive. Moreover
having experienced what divorce attorneys do first hand I am not going back for round two. Malicious accusations of sexual abuse of children is common ( not my case) and the impact that it has is never discussed. This has happened to at least two coworkers. Actual abuse of children are far more apt with the subsequent romantic interest than the biological father.

Much of the marriage decline belongs squarely on lefties. Liberal divorce laws and vile anti male legal tactics have made marriage prohibitive. Add in absurd Obamacare costs and tax incentives for not marrying and you get the picture.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I love my Maltese dog. He can wake me up multiple times at night and I adore him. Recently i bought some chicken livers from the halal mart. I sauteed them in margarine garlic and placed them on the table while I helped my daughter with her homework. Unfortunately the Maltese ate all of it.
No doubt dogs love liver and luckily it was a small amount. One of these days I will have to find a dog food made with chicken liver.

There is a surf music radio app.

One of these days I will have to get a better grasp on this exotic produce. I have no idea what 3/4 of the stuff I buy is. However, I do like the bora and fake spinach. Much of this produce has narrow growing seasons. Then again, I only learned to eat mulberries when I had a bush. I don't even recall those in jams but I like the taste.

Valid criticism from the Duck

My links are largely expired. I really don't promote this site as blogging is really past its golden age.
The blog reads more like a diary. I do some political commentary at Mikes America. Blogging started to decline about the time Twitter kicked in.

I am not about to join the Exodus to twitter.

Instead we function in old school mode.

As details warrant, I will comment or write about politics. Obama is a bigger failure than his worst critics predicted. I would be happier if I were wrong about Obama and the economy was booming.
Hope and change will happen when he leaves office. He promised hope and change, but delivered

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Daughters Eleventh

Despite hard times, we took the time to celebrate my daughters birthday. The Maltese was at my feet
guarding me as I returned with items for the party. Over time the Pomeranian has become less evil.
He has ceased attempting to bite me,  An encounter with steel toed shoes made it a bad idea. Also the Maltese quickly sprung to my defense each time. Now the Pomeranian is merely bratty wanting some quality time when I return.

The Maltese is quite smart as he knows the small kids do not go where I sleep. Thus my presence allows the Maltese protection. He also knows I walk around at strange hours and take him with me. He also can sense things way ahead of me with his excellent hearing.

The party went well, but I left long before the dreaded slumber party. I went to the basement with the Maltese and a big container of roast lamb. The Pomeranian had to fend for himself under the bed upstairs. Although he is more athletic than the Maltese he is not able to handle a major staircase.

My daughter invited her bratty cousin Deanna. I kind of like that kid who can be annoying at times and has a unique propensity to find all of the food caches. I tended to use metal canisters as they can store quite a bit.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Stupidity In Government

Immigration is not a right. It is a privilege predicated on following a set of rules determined by the American people. After the election President Obama plans amnesty. He wont do it before the election because, he is well aware of the consequences for his party.

Thomas Eric Duncan apparently was an immigrant here on  a fiance visa. He knowingly came to the USA with Ebola and risked spreading the disease here. It is unknown who he transmitted this to.  Nor should we be shocked immigrants would lie about this.

There are those who point to the fact that the USA has a special obligation to Liberia due to its history. This argument would hold for the Philippines as well. While this may account for extra foreign aid and visa slots ebola is not in the mix.

Lefties treat immigration as a sacrament. The imbecile speaker of the NYC council want to end turning over those with arrests for violent crimes to immigration. This is a dangerous move and she should be greeted with all types of verbal abuse for her blatant disregard for public safety and tax payer resources.

Our Poithead Mayor hid behind his Rudy era police commissioner. The commissioner has shown why Rudy wanted him out of office. Let me repeat this, if you are arrested by NYPD do not fight. You can complain later, but the wrongful death belongs squarely upon the fat slob carrying on like a lunatic. He had been arrested multiple times for the same charge and should be well aware he might pay a small fine. His demise was caused by his own actions.

In general Police Officers deserve our full support. The rants that Police Officers are racist are BS rants from rabble rouser jerks like Al Sharpton. Violent crime tends to hit minorities and low income people hardest. The increase in crime immediately after we exchanged an actual leader for a Pothead Progressive is noticeable. Glad the media loves the Pothead's Mayor's sons hairdo, but he can't govern and needs to go. Even little Anthony Weiner could not possibly be this incompetent between
idiotic gaffes on the internet. Has anyone done a serious interview and asked the Poithead Mayor when he stopped lighting up.

Our current messes are examples of why electing Pothead Progressives is a lousy idea.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Curse of the Frummies

The Giants were playing lousy. Bizarre plays like fumbled kickoffs and interception returns happened. As soon as the frummies leave the Giants score 20 unanswered points. We need to keep the frummies away from the football games. Its true that there is no such thing as a curse, but these coincidences just happen everytime they show up.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Yom Kippur

I am relaxing and getting over a nasty cold. I pushed myself into work because we were on inventory.
I did leave my office in a pretty good spot. 

I will do the best I can with the fast. As I am getting over the cold I will have to lightly hydrate. The food part is no big deal and I am not even close to hungry. 

This time of year it is traditional to think of those who have departed. I think of my coworker who died way too soon. I also think of others no longer with us.

In this year, I finally left my office for a dump. My boss is a scheming dunce. Yet, I am thankful for my lot as many have it worse.

If I feel sleepy I will rest.

Hopefully, the next year will be as good.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Sick Bay

I have been in bed for two days with a cold. I should have noticed it when the day before I felt the symptoms earlier in the week.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Odd Couple

On April 15 Felix Poultry was asked to leave. That request came from his wife. With nowhere else to go he appeared at the door of hiss childhood friend Oscar Beakerkin. Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy.

Poultry: Look who I bumped into. Remember, my friend Warren.
Oscar: Yes the pot smoking Maoist clown. What are you up to 10 to 15 in Rikers.
Bill: No I am the Mayor.
Oscar: Of Bellevue.....
Bill: Of NYC.
Oscar: That would explain why things are so messed up. Elect a marijuana Marxist and get anarchy
Poultry: We call ourselves Progressives
Oscar: After enough pot you will call yourself anything. What could be worse than this?
Weiner: Hey Oscar Huma sent me over to see if you get Wayne Gretzky daughters number.
Oscar: God that was a rhetorical question!!! Lil Anthony why don't you go to the mens room at the nightclub downstairs. You will find her number on the wall.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Well I Sat this One Out

There was a nasty fight at my team meeting. The boss got yelled at by the rest of the team members.
Of course the first reaction of upper management was did Beakerkin start this fracas. In this case I was at home nowhere near this fight. No doubt had I been there I would have somehow made matters worse.

A great leader inspires their charges. My boss is lazy and ignorant and our numbers reflect her lack of effort. If our procedures require a sign off and our leader is out or doing extraneous work our numbers suffer.

In the real world sometimes we fail. The reasons for failure are varied. However, to fail because of lack of effort, poor planning and putrid training is not acceptable. In our case we are being blamed for
the actions of  a lazy incompetent. I pointed out that I am happier with a manager who is not as well
regarded. I pointed out when she fails it is not for lack of effort or because she didn't seek help.

In the real world people do fail. However, to fail because of poor effort is inexcusable.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NY Times BS

The NY Times failed to report the presence of Communists at an environmental rally. Funny nobody ever bothers Democrats who appear at protests with Communists.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lost a family vote

There was a vote on where to spend the rest of the weekend. It was either the Golden Temple or the Golden Corral. I lost that vote, but sent the girlfriends mother in my place. She takes her religion seriously and they don't have such a facility in Guyana. Let her enjoy a special moment in her life.

Slept 16 hours

I went to work on a Saturday. I barely made it home but I slept 16 hours. Now that is what I call sleep.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Our office sent Batman on a new assignment. It is the culmination of excessive systematic failures.
The office failed to listen to attorneys, interpreters and officers who warned that this person was off his rocker. He was praised as hero by many who never looked at him with any serious scrutiny.

The endless boasting and walking around the area like he owns the joint are over.

Knowledge is only good if it is backed by integrity and sound judgement. There are times when throwing the book at an applicant is 100% warranted. In cases of serious crime and national security a more aggressive approach is warranted. However, when this aggressive approach is used on the general public it is unwarranted.

One also needs to make a genuine attempt to ascertain the facts and deal with them. Not every discrepancy or lie is material to the case. If a person calls himself a technician and he is a mechanic it is more or less verbiage. Name variations are not material to the case if they are translational issues.

The moral of the story is do your job and don't be a jerk.

The NFL and America

The NFL is a reflection of America and visa versa. The media elite screaming about domestic violence is just engaging in piling on.

In reality few employers take action against employees for domestic violence. Does ESPN suspend media personalities for criminal matters? When ESPN subjects its employees to the same standards as the NFL that might be a genuine story.

I do work at a job where I can be suspended for minor arrests  Public servants are in a different type of job and are held to higher standards than poultry.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Finally pushed into an I phone

My daughter pushed me into getting an I phone. My coworkers joked about my Fred Flintstone phone
that is reliable. I text and read ABC news that it is it. Having an I phone will allow me to listen to some obscure radio shows from Montreal. Perhaps there are better oldies stations than CBS FM and our local Classic Rock station the AXE. The latter plays too much Billy Joel and there is a Guyana Music station somewhere. Nobody appears to be doing surf music as a format.

I am not a techie or a hipster who lives on the device.


The media is in overdrive in attacking the NFL. Domestic violence is a nation wide problem. The notion that it is unique to the NFL is a media creation. It is important to mandate treatment by . professionals and not just in the NFL.  If players m andiss treatment then suspend.

We have a Pothead President and Mayor of our largest city. The NFL should not be absurd with its punishment for pot usage. The media elites who hound the players should ask Obama, Di Blassio and Bill Clinton  about drug use. In the case of Obama this was a major part of his life and it should have been a campaign issue. If we don't drug test the President why should anyone else be drug tested.

Steroids and Human growth hormone are serious issues and penalties should remain severe. The penalties for stimulants need to be treated with common sense. Player A has ADD and a medical professional prescribes a substance it is a different matter than recreational usage.

We do need to make the game safer. Better use technology in constructing helmets is needed.
Better medical care for retired players is also needed.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Better to be gay than Frum

There is nothing wrong with having gay relatives. Their lifestyle has zero impact on the lives of other people. Gays earn more than heterosexuals and usually are socially inept.

When you have a family event one has to cater to the religious quirks of the frummies. It has to be a 100% Kosher event. This raises the cost and limits where you can go. Even my Hindu family does not impose their dietary quirks on other people. A gay relative makes no such demands and can usually chip in their share.

Ruining events with religious quirkiness and meticulousness. Go to a funeral with a frummy and they take out a rule book. The dirt has to cover exactly this portion of the wooden box. If you have a Passover Seder every single obscure rule and tradition must be followed. It makes family holidays
painful. Gay relatives actually make social gatherings better with lively banter.

Frummies bizarre lifestyle choices include useless expensive Yeshivas whose students are frequently less prepared for higher education and gainful employment than public schools. The more religious the school the lower the quality of the secular education. The products of the more religious schools are socially inept and understand little outside of their religious circle. Gays are usually more educated than non gays and are not socially backward.

Frummies have a sense of entitlement. They think their quirks are divine providence and that entitles them to mooch, come at idiotic hours and make demands of others. Gays are usually too busy enjoying their lives to bother others.

Next up

Its better to have relatives in jail than frummies. Do people who are incarcerated  mooch off relatives
and find ways to piss people off. Yes, I am jealous of the man across the street. It is far better to have relatives in jail than relatives who are frum. The longer the sentence the less likely they are to do stupid things.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Worse than the Ten Plauges

The Giants are doing fine when life's walking disaster reel walks in the frummies. I have a car for eight years no mishaps. The frimmies guilt my parents into giving the planets worst relatives my car.
All of the sudden it catches fire and becomes an accident magnet. Five accidents in one year.

I was offered a great deal on an Impala and I said no. The frummies will just take this next car and wreck it too.

I am tired of this bullshit that my idiotic sister in law can't work. Actually she can work and uses the sick and depraved frummie lifestyle to mooch off of others.

I sm so sickened by my brother and his obnoxious lazy family, I want to be buried in Guyana away from any frummies.

Remember in films the bad guys wear the black hats. In life when you see a frummie keep running. They make out with the fake sense of piousness but it is all a scam to get out of hard work. I can just envision a film Frum Zombies from Kiryas Joel wait that is too close to reality.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Another 9-11

Yes we hit another anniversary. The facts still remain the same. Idiotic terrorists acting in the name of Islam committed a crime against humanity. Rather than deal honestly with the situation we were fed the mantra Islam is the religion of peace.

While I don't hold all Muslims responsible ignoring the disdain for human life advocated by some is
denying reality. This does not mean you should hate the man up the block. In the case of Stephen Schwartz, he would be the first to point out the problem with many elements of the community.

Muslims are not victims and their history of colonial abuse of non Muslims is part of the historical record.

Muslims like any other large group of people contain a mix of good, evil and banal. There is a major difference between Stephen Schwartz who is an American patriot who cares about his faith and the folks at CAIR.

In the end Muslims like Schwartz and plenty of others have to asses the damage created by pointless terrorism and rampant abuses against non Muslim females by ISIS Boko Haram and others. Making Snuff films and depraved acts does not promote the cause of Islam and creates powerful counter reactions.

The folks at ISIS are Superfly Muslims. They rant about how Islam should be supreme while doing everything in their power to make the religion look uncivilized. ISIS is more akin to criminality using Islam for its own ends than people who are serious about their faith.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ISIS needs Poultry

It seems the arts crowd is upset with the poor production qualities in the snuff films made by ISIS.
We happen to know someone who is an expert on camera angles and who hates Jews more than the folks at ISIS. ISIS needs to hire Ducky, because there is no excuse for poorly shot and edited snuff films.

Sounds like the ISIS crew has been reading too much Pam Geller. Their inspiration for mayhem and extreme violence must be her writings. If she would stop writing and publicizing their greatest hits ISIS would take up origami.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Pothead Logic

One does not like lunatic religious fanatics chopping off heads of Americans in snuff films. However, the USA should lecture Israel about dealing with repeated provocations for decades. Maybe he can head to the UN and have the International community grant an enclave for ISIS on US soil next to IC Irvine.

How much pot does it take before one concludes Obama, Biden, Holder, Hagel and John Kerry are the best and the brightest? Do the Obama policies make more sense if one is smoking Pot?

Monday, September 08, 2014

Relatively Lucky

I have had the good fortune that most of my exes understood my desire for no contact. Women usually initiate the breakup and then play mind games. My response has always been you want a breakup fine, but don't contact me ever. Once or two reminders is usually all it takes.

Unfortunately, one of these exes has no life and lives in a personal mythology of failed romances. We lived together for a while and this behavior should be expected. As I knew who was the conduit, I could keep track of the information in theory. Unfortunately, my mother and sister did a piss poor job at having fun with this. Feeding disinformation like prison terms for selling bootleg videos would have been fun.

As the exes conduit died, I had to expect some type of stunt. In this case, I pointed out that I am a family man with a steady job. I showed some of her relatives who asked family photos. I also asked no questions about my ex so hopefully this fascination will cease. If this person wants to blame anyone she can look in the mirror.  She pursued the romance and also ended it. My response was simple. If I walk don't ever contact me. When she called days later, I told her no contact meant no contact.

I am mortified my ex would behave like this in front of her new boyfriend. Obviously, if I observed this behavior I would be running. As bit was obvious I snubbed her perhaps no harm done .

If this were a man keeping tabs on an ex for a dozen years after a relationship ended we would be in stalker territory. Females tend to take advantage of the unresolved feelings angle even when they initiate the breakup. How one causes the breakup and clings to victimology is a mystery.

Sorry to Spoil the Drama

A rather inane spoiled socialite has kept a watch on me for more than a decade. In my case I have never had a dream or wondered about her. The relationship was a mere detail for me no more memorable than dozens of others. If I wished to contact you, I know your address and your phone number, but I won't call or visit ever.

She usually drafted an Aunt to inquire about my whereabouts. If my mother were truly capable I would tell her to say I was deceased so you would go away. On rare occasions she pesters my mother at an extended family event. I never attend those functions. I didn't attend them before we met either. As a relative I am seldom seen and barely mentioned.

After a dozen years you got your chance as I finally was in the vicinity. Unfortunately, I know you quite well and understand there is something you wish to say.I remember how you prepared for these events and rehearsed everything in your mind weeks before. You always had to look perfect to make that connection with people who could care less about you.

 Sorry, but if you think I am  apt to listen, you never knew me at all. I kept you at least fifty feet away by using the crowd to my advantage. No doubt you can spin this into some type of victimization and get some attention from your siblings for a week or at the next gathering.

My life is complete with a loving step daughter and grand kids who adore me. My life as an officer and family man is much better than the time we shared. You can add me to the lists of lost loves and opportunities you bore people with.

I did not accept my cousins generous invitation because I have better things to do.  It was my daughters first day of school and I surprised her by being home when she walked through the door. You can't buy the look of love I get when I return home to my family. Even the toddler old step granddaughters  scream my name as they walk through the door. One cried as I had to leave for a short while to bring back wings and ice cream
for our small party. I had to sit and tell her I would be back shortly. Has anyone ever seriously cared about you like that.

There will be no dramatic scene, no matter how much you desire it. There are things money can't buy or gloss over. You mistake wealth for class and you come up short on the latter. Your mother came from a distinguished family, but your father never worked one day in his life. He is  an uneducated baboon who has no social graces. You have nothing to offer me as you are ignorant, classless, vain, shallow and above all a bore. I would sooner live my life with a real woman who is interesting than you. Our home is humble, but it is filled with love.

I do understand why you dwell on this failed relationship. My family treated you like an equal and genuinely cared about you. You had an intact family where you finally fit in and were valued instead of being pitied. Those family moments with my family where we doted on you meant everything to you. My aging mother giving you a hug is as close to real love as you will get. Your own family treats you like an afterthought and as they are shallow the best you can get is pity.

You will be able to say what you wish only in dreams. I don't dream about you or care about you. The only time your name crosses my mind is when you pester my family. The other day I bumped into someone we apparently knew. I had to be reminded we lived together because I really don't think about you at all. I barely remembered him and we worked together.

Relationships come and go and you were not even close to the great love of my life. If you wish to apologize for something it is long forgotten like everything else about you. Even if things ended on a good note, I would not be the type to permit this type of contact after the relationship ended. I am not one who looks up old friends or dwells on the past. Moreover, as you know women are vain and would not want you around even
if you had noble intentions.

You have a current relationship. Focus on him and forget all of the past relationships. I know some of us yearn for magical moments of passion and family love. You need to create new memories rather then live in the past. If this person is the right one for you than look for someone new.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Interesting Thoughts

There are those who state that those Americans who have joined ISIS have effectively renounced their citizenship. In this case it will be interesting to see how the Obama administration handles this. As we have a plethora of Marxists in the administration it is doubtful the government would take such an aggressive stance.

Batman vs John Wayne

Batman is departing to a more appropriate task.He enjoys cloak and dagger and heavy criminality cases. I am not opposed to the heavy hand provided it is done to the correct people. If there is no reason to utilize a heavy hand than proceed as planned.

I do get those nasty cases. In my case I go by the book and evaluate the totality. When a heavy hand is called for I do it because the job dictates it. I follow the procedures by the book. If I make a procedural error, I do not defend an error. It did happen that a case was so heinous I acted with haste and supported the appeal. In this case careful search the regulations supported my original decision. Normally, out of procedural equity I will accede to reasonable requests.

My peer shows no such restraint. He seeks the limelight and uses off the wall interpretations of law. Over the course of my time in NYC I have had to rework numerous cases and the less said the better. I asked a former boss why he was giving me this ridiculous case when it has Batman written all over it. You will cover all the bases and get it done right the first time. Also the opposing attorney will have no grounds for any complaints. My reputation for fairness and following procedures is widely known.

Now some of my peers think I had a hand in the move. Batman himself loves the idea and is line for a major raise. My area is cleansed of his toxic and divisive presence. The damage of his presence will be felt for years. Officers without a clue will waste time and some will follow his poor example. If this is a punishment he is loving every moment.

Those who know me grasp I am not the type to be jealous over the good fortune of others. My way is good luck and good riddance don't call.

One trait that drives me up a wall is boasting. Do your job, do it well for its own sake.  Show class and humility and let others sing your praises.

Exes should remain in the past

I am an advocate of no contact after a relationship ends. To be frank, I don't care and I don't really waste my time thinking about such matters. I would appreciate not seeking out members of my family or close friends and just going about your business. I have no idea why exes have this desire. The notion strikes me as bizarre as anyone remotely familiar with me would get this. i might visit an area where I lived or worked  and buy lunch at a familiar place. I don't live in the past.

My sister in law is a disgrace and a joke. Her running over to an ex is the exact reason my daughter will never see these relatives. My parents have met my family and my nephew can drop over. The rest are not people I trust. My sister in laws stupid reaction was another classic excuse. When that didn't work the reflexive boorish fake piety act kicks in. Of course had she not been classically late none of this happens.

In my case when I bumped into relatives of my ex. I never inquired or brought up the subject. Glad to see you. What type of work are you doing. Nice to see you and moved on to another area.

There are those who post their lives on Facebook. I am private and quiet about my life. I am not the type to reconnect and prefer to remain a mystery.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

That was awkward

One thing that is for certain, my sister in law is the stupidest person on the planet. She has the unique propensity to find new ways to piss me off and be totally stupid. Did we remind everyone that if there was a hardcore championship belt for being unemployable and lazy she would win that as well.

My maternal grandmother was a woman of great brilliance and strength. She loved her son who died thirty years before her and was never quite the same. Her wish was that his wife and mother of her grandsons would be interred in the family plot.  It was assumed that she would wish to be buried next to second husband.  Somewhere the plans changed and my cousins had to reach out to my mother to make my grandmothers wish true.

Usually, my sister has to play the role of level headed, but I had to pinch hit.

My cousins were gracious and offered me a car service home. I thanked them and reminded them it was my daughters first day in school.

The touchy situation with the drama queen ex was averted. She stared at me the whole time, but when she wished to speak I moved away. Sadly, she obviously doesn't know me well enough to know that I am not the type to speak to exes or many people. I value my privacy and wish she would respect that.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Sometimes the bosses say what they mean and they mean what they say

Those of  you who are familiar with this blog know I hate braggarts. In general I loathe self described heroes who scream about their imagined expertise. In reality the person was an incompetent baboon who excelled in flinging feces. For seven years I listened to the boasting and the arrogance.

Do I give a crap if the guy gets a promotion? Hell no as long as he is far from my desk and does not foul my presence by visits I am okay. In fact I walk out of any room he visits. He never did actual work and left the rest of us to clean up his mess.

The boss told me the neighborhoods getting better. I may have to shift offices again but who cares. His old boss will likely draft one from my team. The question is if I can talk my boss into cutting me free, not easy.

In general have some class. Let others sing your praises and show some humility. When the top boss asked me to rank my position among my peers I told him top thirty and he told me top five. Dependable people who show up and have a lets kick some $5^&&& are prized more than those who shout from bullhorns and makes disasters.

Never Open A Closed Book

I have to return to the burial grounds for a relative I did not particularly care for. When I walked away from one relationship she served as the eyes and ears of an ex. My mother was not discreet enough to say my whereabouts are unknown.

When a man starts walking with no intention of returning, he owes no explanation. If I had a child, then I would owe support and an explanation to the child. The door is always open and sometimes people leave and keep walking.

In all honesty, I have not spent any thought about this person. The chapter was closed long ago and not meaningful to me. I merely went on doing whatever I chose and lived an ordinary life. Money can buy many objects but it can't buy depth or anything real.

The time was not special to me and I am not the type to look back.

No doubt this person has some sort of drama in store. She always makes big scenes when she meets my parents, but they are bored by her. They will pity and tolerate her for a few moments. I don't do family functions and am considered deceased by those outside my immediate family.

All of us have our regrets and pages we would like to rewrite. In this case the person wants something from me that I will not provide. I have no interest in reminiscing and wish she would leave my family alone. Our time was brief and forgotten and I never revisit it.

I am a father and officer.

My loves are as follows

1) My child, step grandchildren, biological family and Maltese
2) Being an Officer
3) Guyana
4) Junkfood culture
5) Surf Music

This person is not even close to the love of my life. Why she insists on drama and pestering my family is unknown. I don't have answers, because I didn't care enough to think of the question. Obviously her life has been empty and she lives in the past. I went on writing many new chapters, but the best chapters are as loving parent.

Funny, I always thought my finest chapter would be some torrid passion. Yet compared to the dignified love of being a father it is trivial.This person does not have the class to just go away.Pursuing this more than a dozen years is just creepy.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Learned a few things

The ability to speak well publicly is apparently rare. I hate to do this role but apparently I excel in it. If possible it is better for an officer who is closer to the deceased to do the talking. When I addressed the family this was not a canned speech it was something from the heart from someone who knew the deceased. The decision of my boss. to make an appearance but let me talk was correct.

As children we know about our parents, but we know little about work. My daughter knows I am an officer but she knows little about what I do. Filling in the daily routine was important for the children. In the case of the deceased he was modest about his accomplishments at home and at work. He was top notch before illness robbed him of some skills. I did not talk about the decline of skills.

Contrary to the assessment of poultry my ability to prepare a speech on a variety of subjects is considered first rate. I did perform this for a previous boss a few times. The notion of me performing my own material was not considered. On this occasion, I was asked multiple times who wrote that. When one writes legal decisions it makes other types of writing easier. Legal writing is devoid of emotion and comedy, although on rare occasions sometimes subtle  sarcasm will slip through.

As my boss is paranoid, I don't have to worry about assisting in the directors other projects. The current boss clamps down on my contributions because she is insecure and likes to steal credit. She is limited in her intellect to legal thinking and I draw on many and it is difficult for me. She asked for a specific problem to be solved and I used a flowchart to explain why the problem could not be solved in her rigid parameters. It could be solved by changing the parameters of the question. Her boss understood the presentation as thinking outside the box. However, I clearly demonstrated solving the problem with the limitations imposed by the question was mathematically impossible.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Shadow of the End

A relative is near the end in the maternal line. I may opt out of that funeral as matters I left behind are there.
There comes a time a man walks and keeps going. The person is not my mother but a relative on her side. I will have to shelve a longstanding issue and remain silent.

I walked out on that group twenty years ago and kept going. Years later whatever was owed to me was offered. I told the relatives to keep it and never foul my presence with contact.

I likely will no show. I have kept my daughter away from this family and they are unaware of my life as Officer and father of the Sprite.

It is better to be your own man than to be a vassal.