Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Final Countdown

As Obama prepares to leave he looks for ways to inflame his opponents. He does so knowingly and at
Great risk to his party.

The Cuba move is largely irrelevant except to people who wouldn't vote for him with a gun at their head anyway. It is a move negotiated in poor faith and Cuba should have been required to hand over cop killers and take their criminals back.

The working poor just got tossed under the bus by Obama. Of course political garbage pollutes immigration and not all of it is Obama. Granting work authorization for jobs that don't exist is a stupid idea. The sole exception should be for military personnel and their families. A similar program honoring first responders after five years of service could also be considered.

Even hard core immigration reform advocates are perplexed by the utter disdain for dealing with criminals by this administration and by President Potheads mini me in NYC. It isn't a question of where do we set the bar as a reluctance to set the bar at all.

The problem is Obama was not qualified to be President. He hid behind a media orgy of self glorification. He gets a Nobel Peace prize for doing what?

The question for Democrats is how do your distance yourself from a tone deaf clueless oaf who thinks the American people are quaint. The racial arson is not from authentic people who live in crime ridden enclaves. Nor are these spontaneous uprisings against the police. The vermin who were arrested for the bridge altercation include a hipster English professor and an organized labor goon. Anyone familiar with OWS has encountered both. These are the Obama shock troops. However, even Mayor Pothead senses there are limits to cop bashing. President Pothead is finished and could care less about America.

It is natural to care about legacies. What makes Obama utterly unique is that he never has shown growth. He courts our enemies and bashes our allies. He calls his political opponents terrorists while playing word games with actual terrorists. He doesn't know about negotiation or compromise but demands Israel grant concessions and Arabs do whatever. This is until some Einsteins make snuff films and chop off American heads and he does a full circle,

Messer ship and vision are not In the Obama toolbox. He could easily get up and say Cops have a difficult job. If you feel you are wronged wait for court. Resisting arrest is dangerous for everyone.
It is important to respect the position even if you are on the short side of the process.

Similarly it is just as easy to craft a bill that compromises on Immigration. Give opponents quick deportations and loss of green card status for criminal behaviors. Eliminate TPS after three years unless there is a war. Increase the burden of proof in Asylum cases and eliminate all travel while the process continues. Real penalties for those who commit serial immigration fraud. I am not talking about Aunt Whatever helping Old Man Clod from the same village in Annoyingberg. I am talking about scam artists who accept cash  for fake marriages, facilitators and fake educational scams. Colleges need to be held responsible for students who never appear or take a handful of classes and disappear. There is give and take, but in example after example Obama fails this.

There are some who admittedly have a problem with the Presidents race. There are far more who make excuses for failed policies and abuses of power that would not be accepted of anyone else. Even Bill Clinton was not this inept and clueless.

Like most Americans, I have zero tolerance for racists. I also don't pretend that criminals are martyrs and the Police have nothing better to do that abuse all Blacks including Steve Urkels types. Funny like Obama people frequently ask if I work in places I don't like restaurants and stores. This is a fairly
Common experience that has nothing to do with race unless you attribute everything to race. When someone asked me for a cup of coffee at the diner I took no offense. I have been given keys at  hotels and pointed out I am a fellow guest. Oddly at least the people didn't think I was a car thief.  These are common experiences, but to the University Elite they are causes of angst.

The truth is Beverly Hills 90210 Obama knows nothing about the real world. He was educated in Prep Schools and elite universities. He never lived in a Black enclave. His university job teaching law
Appears to be a political appointment. He doesn't know about back breaking work at a thankless job.
He doesn't grasp substandard public schools. He doesn't understand paycheck to paycheck. If he thinks Bill Ayers is an educator from the neighborhood than he is not reality based. For the record the lines about Ayers and Pastor Wright are spin only for those who want to believe.

I question those who want to believe. What in Obamas history was Presidential? When did he show leadership or vision. Who did he negotiate with?

Obama is a joke of a President and the joke is on the American people.

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