Friday, December 12, 2014

Even Prisoners Don't eat this stuff

In a case of senior citizens behaving badly we now have my aunt from Guyana with us. Three husbands killed themselves to get away from her but she swears it was heart attacks. She was living with her granddaughter around the corner. She got into a fight with her granddaughter's husband over food.

Now she is staying here and she is serving fish heads. I pointed out that we do not serve such fare to prisoners here. The daughter and granddaughters won't eat it. I don't care if it is a local delicacy. We don't eat that stuff here. Even poor Vermonters shun fish heads for road kill.

I told her just go to my fridge when she is hungry and eat with us but don't cook fish heads here. Of course she does and now the entire younger generation is eating my emergency rations rather than fish heads. They did figure out which package was home fries. My daughter made those fast but at least she did not figure out the more complex stuff yet.

Guyanese people eat odd things in country. The daughter was complaining when she got back. I avoided that by bringing my own food and buying what I wanted. Of course the locals did not say much because if I went to the market. I always brought enough for them and eat quite well.


Ducky's here said...

Move in with the Frummies.

At least you'll get a nice brisket.

Always On Watch said...

Fish heads!


Give me bread and water over fish heads.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yum-yum! NOT!!!!!
Did I, spell it right?
Hi, Beaker!


beakerkin said...

Good hearing from you. Chanukah is typically spelled with a Ch as Semitic languages have a hard ch sound that is a cross with an h and a k together. A friend Ahmed and I joke about this at work.

The daughter hates Curry and fish. Oddly I like the bizarre fake Indian spinach that you might see in your neighbors yard. It tastes harder than the real stuff. We get unusual produce here can't identify most of it.

Still doing the officer stuff. Became Guyanese since you were here last. It is a running gag at work.