Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Still going strong

The family is gathered for the new year.  We have four generations gathered. My beloved Maltese is next to me. I went for a short trip to the store to buy some fun products. I bought a few types of Turkey meat and some lamb for a Guyanese traditional dish called pepper pot. The granddaughter asked for watermelon. Oddly the beloved Maltese went crazy. Theoretically he should not recognize the turkey Bologna as I usually use a different brand. Apparently, he figured out what it is and I gave him a few slices.
Hopefully, I will be in the new office in February. The boss stopped by to discuss production numbers.

Another year of blogging in the same format. I did speak to Mr AOW and tried to call Warren. Many bloggers are no longer with us.

The clock is running out on the Obama debacle. I wonder what the media will reveal about this administration after the clock runs out. I am fairly certain there will be plenty of stuff about the IRS and the nature of some relationships with some shady characters will be far deeper than anyone realized.

I am enjoying some quality time with the family and the Guyanese community.

Next year may the Frummies be in Jerusalem or anyplace that I am not.

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Michael said...

Hey, Cumwad:

"Production numbers?" What job that like that of a D.A. has production numbers? I'm still waiting with bated breath for you to let me in on what you do for a living.