Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Too absurd

Political correctness runs one way. It only runs in the approved direction of the left. Pretty much any boorish behavior from the left is ignored or rationalized.

A coworker who is from the Middle East points to the allegedly pious Satmar freaks as proof that anti Zionists are religiously sanctioned. I point out this is an insular cult that might find itself under RICO type of actions if not for block voting. Then he goes off on a rant about child molestation being endemic in the Jewish community.

This would be amusing if this clod would look at the very people he declared religiously authentic. If he knew anything beyond Huffington he would grasp this is a loathed minority in the Jewish community. The tension between those who work and the Frummy freeloaders is a real issue in many families. I personally am so disgusted by it, I changed my burial arrangements.

It does not take much effort to find Muslim abuse of children, women and so forth. Funny but the media in the UK does not describe Chabad Chapter rape gangs. There have been incidents of individual criminality but nothing near the pervasive gang culture.

Now I don't want to go near  honor killings and terrorism but for Muslims to point their fingers at child abuse in communities they praise is a bit bizarre. I don't connect the average Muslim with terrorism, but had I responded no doubt I would have a nice EEO lawsuit on my hands.


Ducky's here said...

So there is no child abuse in Borough Park?

Come on, the place is loaded with short eyes.

beakerkin said...

There are scandals in every denomination. The most flagrant is the Satmar community hailed by lefties and loathed by Jews who practice the faith.

Then again we could go onto crimes against humanity and Commies and Jihadis go to the head of the class. Mowing down school kids is classic.