Monday, November 28, 2011

Harry's Place vs the Truth

Many of us are curious about web spats and wonder where they start. The truth is Harry's Place is not a Dhimmi Blog as described by Pam Geller. They do write plenty of posts that are worthwhile reading, notably the Michael Ezra material.

The problem with Harry's Place is that its so called American correspondent simply belongs to the Obama cult and does not do much more than cut and paste things from Huffington. HP wrote a series of scathing attacks on the Tea Party movement that were not reality based and wrote a series of posts pointing out nasty associations of the EDL. However, when the Occupy Movement engaged in wholesale Jew bashing and went on a crime spree they lifted up their glasses of gin and yawned.

The attacks on Pam Geller were little more than cut and paste smear jobs from people who merely repeat whatever memes that Huffington no matter how inaccurate. An example of this were some bizarre claims that Glenn Beck is antisemitic for quoting George Soros and describing his bio accurately. The claims were comedic in that Soros is so reviled in the actual Jewish Community he had to create a fake front group that lied about his ties and was discredited. The charged also came from people on the Soros payroll.

American readers have regularly pointed out the nasty anti semitic elements at any gathering of lefties in the USA. The so called American correspondent has denied they are noticeable and when directed to the blog of Urban Infidel feigned ignorance. The basic HP mantra is that any group right of Fidel Castro is illegitimate if a single kook utters a racial epithet. However, a leftist movement that has had rapes, deaths, drug abuse and venal expressions of anti semitism gets
ignored and a free pass.

Sorry, but HP is only as good as the clique of intellectually dishonest people that run the place.
In the case of the ego maniacal Michael Ezra he will call items across the board. In the case of the
well intentioned but sometimes naive Sarah, she too tries to be fair. The rest of the crew of authors do little more than cut and paste from Huffington and feign expertise in matters they have zero clue about.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pissing Off New Yorkers

Unlike the folks at Harry's Place I do boots on the ground work. I watch the rallies up front and yesterday led a few choruses of Go Home NERDS in Foley Square.

What the media doesn't report is the anger that those of us who live and work here have towards the protesters. It was quite evident in any conversation that NYC residents who live and work here want the Nerds to go home.

The MSM has done a lousy job showing us exactly who is running the show. Lets get pictures and stories about the National Lawyers guild into mass circulation. We also need more stories about spoiled kids being sold worthless degrees by well paid lazy Bolshevik professors.

These mass arrests accomplish nothing. NYPD is a well prepared group, but there are plenty of anarchists seeking Haymarket redux. They attempt to provoke cops and what you see is staged footage. The famous screaming soldier bit did not show what the loser freaks did to provoke the cops. Next time you see footage watch how what provoked the cops is left out.

I have been swayed to join the Newtonians by Mr. B and Sonia. While I like Cain, and do not believe the loons claiming sexual harassment he is not ready for prime time. Newt is more articulate and will demolish Obama in a debate.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ghost Town

I did visit the Park last night. I thought there were about 50 people in the pouring rain. The Park was clear and I could see the nice little space that I occasionally visit for lunch. In the summer after work I might grab a Dew and sit and read a paper there or at nearby City Hall Park.

There are massive protests scheduled for today in Foley Square. Perhaps some of the Freaks were sleeping in the Churches. I urge members of the Churches that permit these freaks and pariahs to foul their building protest and with hold donations.

Among the threats heard were plans to disrupt Wall Street, rush the Federal Court with a human wave. The ominous threat of a visit from the infamous Black Block is hanging in the air. NYPD is up to the challenge and will ultimately deal with whatever these losers come up with.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A visit to Zuccoti Park

I did visit the Park on my way home yesterday. While the protesters were more energized it was clear NYPD controlled the Park. They evicted anyone who stepped out of line. Previously NYPD
stayed across the street, but now they Occupied all the visible high points. NYPD controlled the Park and allowed free speech

The Park belongs to people who live and work in the area. Most of these protesters are not from this area and should be told to leave town after multiple arrest.

Some of the ring leaders are foreign students who should have their visas revoked. Your visa is for studying at a university and criminal activity of any sort should be grounds for deportation. Of course judges are aware of this and give protesters lenient sentences to avoid this. Pressure should be placed upon judges to do their jobs and let the system rid the country of people who foul our country with their continued presence.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Proud of NYPD

NYPD did an excellent job and was remarkably restrained with the protesters. The protesters have stayed too long and had this continued until winter deaths would have been real. Additionally, the public was getting annoyed and the risk of vigilantes taking matters into their own hands was very real and Hard Hat Riots 2 was not out of the question.

The morons decided to move to Foley Square which is swarming with every sort of law enforcement officer on the planet. They may as well decide to protest in front of One Police Plaza
to save energy when they are carted off to jail.

Enough is enough. Tents and making public health hazards are no related to the First Amendment.

A Beakerkin Thanksgiving Prayer

In the Obama economy when many of us are hurting and times are tough let all of us be thankful for what we have. We need not look far to find people with larger problems than our own. I am not jealous of those who are better off as I seek to improve my own lot in life.

I am thankful to my friends and family. I am thankful for a job that is difficult but never boring. I am thankful to live in a country that is accepting of difference and respects private property.

Times are rough and given the direction and man at the helm it appears that things are going to get much worse for a while. Yet even in the gloomiest of times we must cling to the wisdom of our founding fathers and reclaim our country from those who want to be like the EU

Whose Park

The Occupy Movement is amazingly successful in annoying people of all walks of life. Many of these
imbeciles and airheads are not NYC or tristate residents. A frequent claim is that they have ownership of the park. As we speak Bloomberg has acted following the leads of other Mayors in clearing the park.

In America we respect the right of free speech. This does not include stealing parks and annoying local residents. The notion that these Occupations would stir up dissent ala Arab Spring was a leftist delusion. The Arab Spring movements did have goals and reached out to others. Whether the new Egypt, Tunisia and Libya will be a more humane place will be written in the five years to come.

In contrast the American Movement was initially run by commies and then hijacked by anarchists.The incoherence and aimless message was apparent to anyone who did boots on the ground time and did not rely on MSM rose colored depictions of obnoxious poorly behaved ignorant people.

The NY Post ran a picture of an ex NYPD officer dragging an Occupy Protester out of a Public Assembly by the shirt collar. The picture summed up how NYC feels about these obnoxious protesters who have taxed the patience of the most liberal enclave in NYC.

It is time for a post mortem on the Occupy Movement

1) Incoherence What exactly was the point of all the 99% rhetoric
2) Annoying Locals: Rather than being a good member of the community these protests annoyed
everyone from small peddlers, ordinary office workers and residents.
3) No leadership no direction proof anarchism is a bad idea. Drug overdoses, theft, deaths and a rape or two remain facts.
4) Lack of a coherent media strategy.

The truth is Mayor Bloomburg had no choice. The Occupy Camps were a serious health hazard
and spreading crime. The residents and locals were getting fed up and a serious riot of locals taking matters into their own hands ala Hard Hat Riots was probably a week or two away.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hope this sickness is finnished

According to Reuters there appears to be a series of immigrant executions in Germany. No doubt as the victims are Turkish the usual lefties will blame Pam Geller. The usual suspects fail to note that the authors they cite precisely object to the violence that lefties rationalize when committed
by Muslims.

German authorities will deal with this and I hope the sentence is severe.

One does not rationalize venal criminality. However, the problem is that the left does this each and every time a Muslim or leftist goes haywire. Crazed Marxist terrorists just end up teaching in American Univerities or practicing law in Spain. Its time the left stops defining deviancy downwards.

Of course the left will be more bombastic than ever and define any discussion of immigration policy as racist.

Lets hope the GOP Candidates listen to Rick Scott

It is nice to read about a Gov. talking about the excesses in higher education. It is time to end the days of wine and roses for Bolshevik political hacks at public expense. The reform initiative should be named after the poster child of useless political hacks, Bill Ayers.

1) Tenure needs to be abolished going forward at any University accepting government sponsored loans.

2) All hiring decisions should be made in human resources. The days of Marxist star chambers
in departments should end.

3) Department heads should be appointed by the University President.

4) Elimination of sabaticals

5) Removal of publishing and research for all non hard science classes. The rest of the professors will have their teaching hours increased.

6) Reform of the liberal arts base and replacement of political classes like anthropology and sociology with accounting and marketing.

Newsflash to the Occupy Crowd don't blame your hard working banker for your student debt.
Do blame your overpaid political hack professors.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Death and disease at Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Movement now has six deaths on its ledger. The threat of disease is a major threat to the adjacent communities. Lice have been spotted at one camp, TB in another and now a mystery virus in NYC. Even if it is just a minor flu combined with cold weather and rampant drug use deaths are inevitable.

The pointless aimless protests are doing nothing more than annoying the residents and business owners of the communities they protest in. Companies are laying off workers as business dries up. Small food venders and peddlers are being robbed and extorted. Those people are just collateral damage in a war on Capitalism.

These are the children of Obama's class war rhetoric. These commies and anarchists are Obama's natural constituency. The believe his class warfare rhetoric and most are flunkies of the far left University indoctrination programs. They are lazy, drug impaired and want to be handed things they did not work for. However, they don't want to share their bounty with the actual homeless and recent releases from prison. They have no appreciable job skills but can recite anarchist and communist talking points. They graduate with useless degrees and mountains of debt and blame the bankers. Their professors are paid six figure salaries for work weeks that average 20 hours, but blaming them would be common sense the protesters lack.

I will no longer make in person close visits to these protests. The health risks are very real and these camps should be shut down now. Sorry, but your rights do not include endangering the health of the communities you hold these freakstocks in.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Growth of Man

I was looking at an old video of the Jackie Mason Show. I was seeing the anger from Carmel Cato it is interesting to see where he is today and where he has come from. Al Sharpton is younger and still obnoxious. Barry Slotnick, Noach Dear and Dov Hikind are also on the tape.

The original case resonates in NYC with Jews in a similar way to the South. A Jew is lynched by a mob chanting Kill the Jew. Al Sharpton is charged with whipping the crowd into a frenzy with remarks about Diamond Merchants. There was also a second death of an Italian Man with a beard who was mistaken for a Jew, Anthony Grazioso that is largely forgotten. There was the classic case of jury nullification, similar to the Old South. There were charges that members of the jury celebrated with the defendant.

What is amazing is the growth of Carmel Cato who has grown over time and has embraced the Rosenbaum family. There is no comparison of a tragic traffic accident and a lynching. However,
unlike some of us who are consumed by tragedy Carmel Cato appears to have grown wise and
understands the divisions that made NYC toxic in the Dinkins years.

If you watch the tape you can see elements and discussion of events that are largely forgotten today Howard Beach, Bensonhurst and the Korean Boycott Fiasco. Today these events are almost forgotten by anyone not in NYC at the time. Today Korean grocers are increasingly rare.

I wonder what ever happened to the brave Black teacher that led a class through the boycott.
There is a younger Curtis Sliwa speaking in Sliwonics that is not easily understood by anyone who live outside NY. Curtis went onto a career in media and is entertaining. It is also good to see Sidney Zion again

You hear the racially charged atmosphere of of Dinkins era NY. Bad economy crime rising racial
tensions through the roof. David Dinkins,unlike Obama, was a decentman who was just overwhelmed by a job above his ability. Their was an irony to the career of Dinkins. He was swept into an office on the heels of the Bensonhurst murder. Jessie Jackson was quite open about using the tragedy to elect a Black Mayor.

Dinkins like Obama was elected promising to unite us. Both really were unqualified for the jobs they were elected to and the constituents suffered. They were symbols ushered into office by media henchmen. Obama was trailing in the polls and then the banks started to fail. McCain never responded and the media never treated any candidate with the kid gloves deference given to Obama. They allowed an endless crowd of associations that would have killed any other political figure. Twenty years in a racist anti semitic Church is more personal than the dating policy at an obscure college. Close associations with a Communist mentor, a deranged terrorist and person with close ties to the PLO in an age of terrorism is unfounded. You will not see Obama's grades and he appears to be a faculty lacky rather than a star.

In the end the racial anger of the failed Dinkins administration led to his ouster. The city was more divided than ever. Korean stores were boycotted by Black mobs. A pogrom took place in NYC where a crowd of Blacks lynched a Jew. The irony is the same racial hatred that swept Dinkins into office. Will the tides of a lousy economy that swept the worst President in my lifetime into office sweep Obama out. Jimmy Carter was a lousy President, but at least he was qualified to be President. He was a Governor and served in the military. Obama was a very undistinguished Senator who was aided in his election by media henchmen releasing divorce records that were supposed to be sealed.

I am convinced that Obama will win a second term and the American people will be worse off than before. What types of craziness a lame duck Obama administration is capable of is unknown.

I can only hope that the American people grow from the Obama debacle as well as NYC rebounded from the Dinkins mess. Will we grow as a people ala Carmel Cato or will we drift into decline.

OWS Protester In Vermont Out Does Plaxico

A protester in Occupy Vermont who apparently was an ex military veteran accidentally shot and killed himself. As Plaxico has shown loaded weapons should not be treated like accessories. They should never be handled in situations where people are drinking excessively. We do salute this former veterans service even if he decided to hang out with morons when he returned home.

There have been recent drug overdoses as well at Occupy events.

Rapes,Jew hatred, Drug sales, Overdoses, Bad hygiene, rats, fleas, theft vandalism and now a TB outbreak.

How does the Tea Party get compared to freak stock aka the Obama Glee Club?

Lightning Bolts All Over

In much of the heated discussion and horror about the antics at Penn State there is once again the gay angle.

Child molestation is a crime regardless of the orientation of the perpetrator. All of us should be outraged by these cases where adults abuse kids. There has been some talk about reforming the laws to a more practical approach. An 18 year old having intercourse with a 16 year old is a different animal than a thirty year old having a relationship with 16 year old. The conduct of Sandusky with ten year old boys was clearly criminal and apparently not isolated. Sadly, the priorities seemed more concerned with protecting a great but flawed football program than minors.Paterno made an inexcusable mistake and he has stated so.

The real tragedy is that Joe Paterno is in most ways an exemplary human. His program had high graduation rates and he played by the rules and personified dignity. He was mentor to many of his athletes. Along the way he made an inexcusable error. Why he did not take action is known only to the Coach himself.

Coach Paterno wrestled with a demon most of us face daily in our lives albeit in a much smaller scale. How many of us have honestly seen serious wrongdoing at work and have failed to step forward? How many of us have remained silent when coworkers were bullied or harassed by abusive bosses? How many of you have seen members of management act like they were Bill Clinton? If you are in government how many of you stepped up when coworkers took ethical shortcuts for whatever reasons. The reality is that as herd animals most of us do not like to make waves. We are afraid of the consequences to our careers if we speak up.

Paterno was an otherwise great human who failed albeit on a much larger scale, in a way that many of us fail each and every day.

Now the usual suspects who rationalized Clintonian predatory sexual behavior and ignore sex crimes at Occupy events are pointing a finger at Herman Cain. I want to point out the similarity
of the left's lynching of Justice Thomas and character assassination of Robert Bork. The charges against Clarence Thomas were laughable and had zero credibility. Nobody in their right mind follows a person who sexually harasses them to another job and goes out of their way to seek out their advice multiple times. Anita Hill was conveniently rewarded by the leftist academic mafia with a cushy job in academia which requires about twenty hours of work a week.

One Hermain Cain accuser lives in the same building with David Axlerod, has a litany of financial
problems, has a spotty employment record and is described by those that know her as a gold digger. The second accuser appears to have filled a second dubious complaint to advance her career.

The whole mess reminds us of the realities of daily life and our human failings.

Point Illustrated

Communists do not have the right to exist. Ideally, they should emulate Jim Jones and practice class genocide on themselves. Barring this they should be placed in collectives based upon their actions prisons or mental health facilities.

This was a classic illustration of the mentality Israel faces each and every day. The genocidal Arab opponents of Israel are quite open about their aims. Commies talk about Israel and apartheid while extolling the virtues of additional judenfrei real estate.

There is no case for Palestine. History does not begin in 1948 because communists deem it expedient for stoking populist antisemitism. A separate state was provided in 1920 and Arabs lost wars they started. The Soviets provoked the Six Day War by promising aid that never arrived. Then the motto changed from Jews into the Sea to a imaginary ethnicity.

Lefties are fond of the Jesus was Palestinian bit. This is quite amusing considering he was likely called Rabbi by his followers. Jesus is mentioned in passing by Josephus who makes zero references to Palestinians but talks about Jews at length. The New Testament talks about Jews but doesn't mention Palestinians. Obviously reading comprehension and being on the left are mutually exclusive.

Given the actual history of the region any claim that Muslims are persecuted by Jews is absurd.
Claiming that Jews oppress Muslims is as absurd as claiming Native Americans and Black Slaves oppressed American Settlers or that Blacks oppressed whites in the Jim Crow South.

The actual question should not be about Israel's right to exist. The question should be is there something in Islam that inherently requires ethnically cleansed real estate. This is something that a post leftist Muslim like Stephen Schwartz could answer excellently.

The problem with Islam is the most unreasonable voices are being promoted by the media and academic elite to further their own cause. in essence the media has given air to Muslim versions of David Duke while ignoring more mainstream voices like Schwartz.

There is a structural problem with anyone's implementation of religious law on the general populace. The aims of most Christians and Jews is for law to respect religious traditions, not place citizenry under theological law.

There is no logical reason why certain aspects of Shariah such as those laws that apply only to Muslims such as religious divorces or what is or isn't Halal shouldn't be left to the community.
Property divisions and child custody should be handled in a Civil Court unless all parties accept a religious court in the role of mediator.

The far left and radical Islam are maladies that enable each other. It is time that we cease being genteel with apologists for utopian totalitarian failed ideas

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Listen Up Obama

I am bewildered at your comments about the Democratically elected leader of Israel. He is the leader of his people and represents their interests and is not your puppet. Should he fail to represent the interests of his people as badly as you have represented the American people he will be replaced.

You were elected by placing a smiley face on vague failed ideas that have made a shambles of European economies. Standing on a podium mumbling incoherently about hope and change and keeping your class warfare under wraps behind a Pepsi knockoff logo was an act that fooled many once.

Your media toadies can dredge up stories like the Cain fiascoes. Funny, they were quite happy with this type of behavior in the Clinton years. The truth about who you are is apparent to anyone who cares to look. You have skated through life on the Old Leftist Boys club via your mothers family sent to exclusive private schools aided by your fathers race and policies aimed at making amends to the descendants of slavery in America. Your sole connection to slavery in America is that your mothers family owned them. The reason your grades are under greater secrecy than the formula for Coca Cola is that you are not quite as clever as advertised.

Most of us easily grasp racism, Jew hatred, anti Americanism quite easily. You sat in a Church for two decades where this crack pot behavior was common place. Your claim to have not heard the hatred of Pastor Wright is proof that you are either a liar or are very slow and those two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

Most of us grasp that hanging out with communist domestic terrorists, Marxists academics and a card carrying Communist mentors are not good ideas. Why anyone familiar with the rhetoric of Pastor Wright, Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi's rhetoric on Israel should be shocked by your subsequent policies are beyond belief.

There is a term you can google it is called Obama fatigue. I am tired of you and your arrogance.
I am tired of your filthy unemployed storm troopers in the Occupy movement. I am tired of your MSM henchmen carrying out hatchet jobs on your opponents and dismissing all of these inconvenient truths about you and the people around you. Herman Cain has been under a microscope, while you have skated through life aided by the Old Leftists Boys Club. I am tired of you appointing kooks like Van Jones into governmental positions. I am tired of your big goverment policies and dancing to the music played by your allies in Big Education and big labor.
I am tired of you ignoring the American people screaming jobs at the top of their lungs while you do everything in your power to make certain that we go down the same drain as Greece.

I do not speak for the American people but I am fed up with you and your disrespect for our American traditions. The next election should be Wall Mart parking lot vs faculty lounge and big media cocktail party.

Are you worse off than you were four years ago? Send Obama a pink slip and vote for anyone not named Ron Paul. Only Ron Paul would be worse than you and that is a true achievement.

Monday, November 07, 2011

OWS in Portland Gets an Outbreak of Lice

Those who call the Occupy Movement the Fleabaggers can say so with accuracy. In Portland they now are dealing with a lice infestation.

The Duck reveals his roots when he calls Cops Pigs and suggests the protesters should use mob style justice. If the protesters get violent it will be the police that protect them from a public that is getting annoyed.

The Occupy movement is an Obama campaign surrogate. We have a renamed Acorn and Soros cash present.Bill Ayers is in Chicago and Van Jones has been involved. The protests are going to doom Obama unless he can distance himself.

Giants shock the Patriots

A very banged up Giants team that may not win again beat the Patriots at home. The truth is on Defense other than Mayo and Wilfork the team is ordinary. On Offense only the young Tight Ends are keys to the future. Brady has two more years of top flight play and if you can pressure Brady and play zone you can beat them.

I still think they can beat the Jets unless Sanchez gets real chemistry with Plaxico.

As for Green Bay Rodgers is having a good year and Detroit should them

The Giants should fade and go on to win a game or two more against a brutal schedule.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

OWS criminality

I would like to point to the wonderful site OWS Exposed for some excellent footage of Occupy Protesters harming children, abusing middle age women and menacing the public.

There is an excellent video from DC that shows the criminality of this group in action. At one point a woman is screaming incoherently and is enraged. Her husband drags her away by the coat. Apparently, the Occupy Crowd pushed her kids and the woman went into a rage. In the same video a woman is being assisted by the public and security guards after being trampled.

A second video shows a woman using her toddlers as human shields and placing them in danger while blocking a door. An angered bystander points out the danger and the idiotic mother is vulgar and states "they are my children".

I want you to remember this when there are staged videos of alleged police brutality. You don't see what the protesters did to provoke the treatment. You can see several where police officers tell protesters multiple times "Sidewalk" and the protesters do not listen.

There is a video of Bill " Little Lord Fauntleroy" Ayers giving pointers to the Occupy protesters.

In a shocking development (sarcasm) the Occupy arsonist turns out to be a Ron Paul supporter. When Mark Levin, Medved and the writers of the American Spectator write about Ron Paul and his freak show supporters most of us should listen. The YAF booted Ron Paul off its advisory board. The GOP needs to boot Ron Paul and his kooky followers out of the GOP.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

RIP Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney entertained us for years on 60 Minutes. I watched his last piece with many other Americans. We were lucky that there was a final episode before the curtain came down on a long and distinguished career.

Somewhere in the beyond he is likely doing satire for new audiences.

Deranged Occupy Wall Street Protester Looks Familiar

There are those who think that the unhinged lunatic in a crowd of lunatics at Occupy Wall Street is former Giant Jeremy Shockey. Although the picture in yesterdays Post bears a strong resemblance
to Shockey it not Shockey. The real Shockey should come up to NYC and donate his unfortunate look a like a tent and a case of beer.

Friday, November 04, 2011

The bird brained Duck

Tea Party events are well planned lawful examples of free speech. There are no arrests because people support the police. The only stupidity on display are usually from the Ron Paul types who are subdued at Tea Party events but are vocal at OWS events.

The multiple crimes of OWS are well reported facts. The rapes have been reported and the accused in NYC was not an inmate leaving Rikers.

The Jewish banker bit was alluded to by David Graeber who wishes it would stop. Were it not an actual problem he would have stated it.

The moment has passed and the locals are getting pissed off at the protesters.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Yet more anti semitism and stupidity from Occupy Wall Street

There is a wonderful site for those who wish to see the genuine evil of Occupy Wall Street. Normally I would allow Free Republic to do the work for me. However OWS exposed has plenty of stellar material.

A loon ( Not to be confused with the Duck) goes on a rant that he isn't anti Semitic he is pro goyim and repeats themes out of the protocols.

There is a comedic classic of head hunters with job applications at the Occupy Wall Street. You can't make this stuff up. They won't work for Disney and this job won't feed a family. Obviously sitting around in a mindless protest will feed your family.

There is the hysterical Colbert Occupies Wall Street as Che Guevara. This gets even funnier when he goes into the hand motions.

Elsewhere the South Park spoof was entertaining.

Former Soviet Confronts Socialists at Occupy Wall Street on you tube is a comedy classic. The protester calls the immigrant a rich exile. The protesters remain silent when the protester points
out he lives in NYC.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Truth about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The presence of a charge or a settlement in any harassment charge needs to be viewed with a grain of salt. I have allready written of some of the hijinks used by unscrupulous employees used to sabotouge peers up for the same job.

Men talking about sports and car parts at work was claimed by one miliant to be part of a hostile attmosphere. The reading of a James Michner book was claimed to be offensive because the name of the hyena sounds like a Yiddish racial slur. An attorney complained about a book on the shelf that he though was religious, in fact it was Moby Dick

Almost all complaints are settled in negotiation that are expensive.

This is likely far less serious than Bill Clinton's pathological behavior or the serious matter of Daniel Ortega's molestation of his step daughter that the commie Duck remains silent about.