Monday, November 07, 2011

OWS in Portland Gets an Outbreak of Lice

Those who call the Occupy Movement the Fleabaggers can say so with accuracy. In Portland they now are dealing with a lice infestation.

The Duck reveals his roots when he calls Cops Pigs and suggests the protesters should use mob style justice. If the protesters get violent it will be the police that protect them from a public that is getting annoyed.

The Occupy movement is an Obama campaign surrogate. We have a renamed Acorn and Soros cash present.Bill Ayers is in Chicago and Van Jones has been involved. The protests are going to doom Obama unless he can distance himself.


Always On Watch said...

Head lice or skin lice? Or both?

beakerkin said...

According to OWS it is both. You can't make this stuff up. In Portland this is a serious health risk.