Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Listen Up Obama

I am bewildered at your comments about the Democratically elected leader of Israel. He is the leader of his people and represents their interests and is not your puppet. Should he fail to represent the interests of his people as badly as you have represented the American people he will be replaced.

You were elected by placing a smiley face on vague failed ideas that have made a shambles of European economies. Standing on a podium mumbling incoherently about hope and change and keeping your class warfare under wraps behind a Pepsi knockoff logo was an act that fooled many once.

Your media toadies can dredge up stories like the Cain fiascoes. Funny, they were quite happy with this type of behavior in the Clinton years. The truth about who you are is apparent to anyone who cares to look. You have skated through life on the Old Leftist Boys club via your mothers family sent to exclusive private schools aided by your fathers race and policies aimed at making amends to the descendants of slavery in America. Your sole connection to slavery in America is that your mothers family owned them. The reason your grades are under greater secrecy than the formula for Coca Cola is that you are not quite as clever as advertised.

Most of us easily grasp racism, Jew hatred, anti Americanism quite easily. You sat in a Church for two decades where this crack pot behavior was common place. Your claim to have not heard the hatred of Pastor Wright is proof that you are either a liar or are very slow and those two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

Most of us grasp that hanging out with communist domestic terrorists, Marxists academics and a card carrying Communist mentors are not good ideas. Why anyone familiar with the rhetoric of Pastor Wright, Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi's rhetoric on Israel should be shocked by your subsequent policies are beyond belief.

There is a term you can google it is called Obama fatigue. I am tired of you and your arrogance.
I am tired of your filthy unemployed storm troopers in the Occupy movement. I am tired of your MSM henchmen carrying out hatchet jobs on your opponents and dismissing all of these inconvenient truths about you and the people around you. Herman Cain has been under a microscope, while you have skated through life aided by the Old Leftists Boys Club. I am tired of you appointing kooks like Van Jones into governmental positions. I am tired of your big goverment policies and dancing to the music played by your allies in Big Education and big labor.
I am tired of you ignoring the American people screaming jobs at the top of their lungs while you do everything in your power to make certain that we go down the same drain as Greece.

I do not speak for the American people but I am fed up with you and your disrespect for our American traditions. The next election should be Wall Mart parking lot vs faculty lounge and big media cocktail party.

Are you worse off than you were four years ago? Send Obama a pink slip and vote for anyone not named Ron Paul. Only Ron Paul would be worse than you and that is a true achievement.


Always On Watch said...


Great essay, Beak!

Alligator said...

"Your claim to have not heard the hatred of Pastor Wright is proof that you are either a liar or are very slow and those two possibilities are not mutually exclusive."

That was succinct Beak. May I use it?

Ducky's here said...

Did someone say something naughty about that Likud clown?

I believe it was Sarkozy who called Nuttyahoo a liar, not Obama.

You think that moron is really going to try to whack Iran's facility? You'll see a real Arab Spring then.

Beak, you still behind the 9-9-9. Remember, Beak, you're a government hack and we are really tired of you.

beakerkin said...

Thanks AOW.

I am suffering Obama fatigue. Obama claims to have problems dealing with Israel daily. Quite frankly I am fatigued with his daily reminders of his unsuitability for office.


Go right ahead.


I stand behind Cain. His charges do not rise anywhere near Clintonian levels. Funny I do not recall Alred representing Juanita Broderick or Paula Jones. Victim four lives in the same building as an Obama adviser, just one of those amazing coincidences.

Israel will do what it feels appropriate. Unlike the USA it is governed by a responsible adult.
Arabs have tried before and Israel remains here as a fact.

Communists do not have a right to exist. All communists are criminal loons who should practice class genocide on themselves. Failing that opponents of communism should practice class genocide on communists.

This is a satire of the mindset commies expect Israel to make peace with. One does not make peace with genocidal loons.

The Pagan Temple said...

Victim four doesn't live in a building with just any Obama adviser, she lives in the same building as DAVID FUCKING AXELROD! And one of the other victims is a federal employee. Fuck these lying cunts.

Always On Watch said...

I am suffering Obama fatigue.

As are Mr. AOW and I.

I've gotten so that I can barely watch the news!

beamish said...

I can't muster any sympathy for a minister from a Rainbow PUSH coalition-affiliated left-wing activist church like Herman Cain. Something Cain has in common with Obama... his pastor loves the hate whitey antics of Malcolm X too.

I'm beginning to believe the Tea Party is backing Herman Cain because they couldn't get Che Guevara's name on the ballot.

Ducky's here said...

Did he listen?

The Pagan Temple said...

That's silly Beamish, Che is dead, what really pissed us off was when we found out Hugo wasn't qualified to run here.