Saturday, November 12, 2011

Death and disease at Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Movement now has six deaths on its ledger. The threat of disease is a major threat to the adjacent communities. Lice have been spotted at one camp, TB in another and now a mystery virus in NYC. Even if it is just a minor flu combined with cold weather and rampant drug use deaths are inevitable.

The pointless aimless protests are doing nothing more than annoying the residents and business owners of the communities they protest in. Companies are laying off workers as business dries up. Small food venders and peddlers are being robbed and extorted. Those people are just collateral damage in a war on Capitalism.

These are the children of Obama's class war rhetoric. These commies and anarchists are Obama's natural constituency. The believe his class warfare rhetoric and most are flunkies of the far left University indoctrination programs. They are lazy, drug impaired and want to be handed things they did not work for. However, they don't want to share their bounty with the actual homeless and recent releases from prison. They have no appreciable job skills but can recite anarchist and communist talking points. They graduate with useless degrees and mountains of debt and blame the bankers. Their professors are paid six figure salaries for work weeks that average 20 hours, but blaming them would be common sense the protesters lack.

I will no longer make in person close visits to these protests. The health risks are very real and these camps should be shut down now. Sorry, but your rights do not include endangering the health of the communities you hold these freakstocks in.


sonia said...

These commies and anarchists are Obama's natural constituency.

I don't think that the OWS protesters are Obama's supporters. They all know that Obama got way more money from Wall Street than McCain in 2008. They are mad about Gunantanamo still being open, the war in Afghanistan and many other issues.

True, Obama tried to praise the OWS protesters, but it was unrequited love.

OWS protesters are bolshevist, left-wing revolutionary avant-garde. They hate Republicans and Democrats equally, just like in the 60's, when LBJ was hated just as much as Nixon.

beakerkin said...

Actually polls have shown that as much as 40% of these vermin would support Obama in an election.

Many have expressed a desire to pull Obama to the left.

sonia said...

polls have shown that as much as 40% of these vermin would support Obama

That's far less than US population at large...

And besides, how can anyone accurately poll the OWS crowd ? They don't exactly carry ID cards. Any result would be skewed by the presence of homeless bums, junkies and other apolitical people just hanging around Zuccotti square..

Assuming that apolitical bums represent 50% of the crowd and they probably support Obama 100%, that would mean that less than 20% of hardcore OWS bolshevists would vote for Obama....

beakerkin said...


Acorn, Soros and Van Jones are all part and parcel of the Occupy movement. This is Obama's class warfare embodied.