Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Truth about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The presence of a charge or a settlement in any harassment charge needs to be viewed with a grain of salt. I have allready written of some of the hijinks used by unscrupulous employees used to sabotouge peers up for the same job.

Men talking about sports and car parts at work was claimed by one miliant to be part of a hostile attmosphere. The reading of a James Michner book was claimed to be offensive because the name of the hyena sounds like a Yiddish racial slur. An attorney complained about a book on the shelf that he though was religious, in fact it was Moby Dick

Almost all complaints are settled in negotiation that are expensive.

This is likely far less serious than Bill Clinton's pathological behavior or the serious matter of Daniel Ortega's molestation of his step daughter that the commie Duck remains silent about.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, where do you find this stuff?

Would you please submit some proof that these pinheads actually had their case heard?

Since you are the acknowledged expert on everything you owe your readers much more thorough postings.

beakerkin said...


The episodes described happened at my job. Michener was actually a liberal and the person making the fuss was responsible for 1/3 of all complaints in a 400 person office.

It nevcer occurred to management to tell her to lighten up. The simple statement " I find women's sports boring" is an opinion. The same loon turned it into a rather idiotic sexism charge. Sorry, but I don't watch women's basketball. I also don't care for badmiten, tiddly winks, yachting and horse shoes.

I actually had to write a memo about a discussion about the apprpriateness of hanging a picture of Abe Lincoln in the office. Despite the fact he is dead for 150 years we can't place a picture of Lincoln in the office, but you can place a photo o Gumby on your desk.

Ducky's here said...

But Beak, were these just verbal complaints to co-workers or did they actually go to some formal process?

Don't tell me that someone spotting a copy of Moby Dick actually put that "complaint" through channels.

Call me Ishmael.

Ducky's here said...

Whoa Beak, the longshoreman had a work slowdown in sympathy with #OccupyOakland today.

Unions are joining and there may be a general strike.

I want to see the pigs charge a picket line on the Oakland docks.

Looks like this has legs.

beamish said...

Nobody pays $35,000 for nothing. Herman Cain's joke... is over.

Maybe next time, the Tea Party will try to find a conservative candidate to back.

beakerkin said...

Moby Dick was a complaint from am attorney visiting, It was mistaken for a Bible as my copy is oversized. It was a humorous exchange and the book was placed in a file cabinet until after the interview.

The complaints were dealt with by the Union and discussions of Michner were halted. Then the issue was I refused to talk with the person making these idiotic complaints and even altered my work hours so we were not in the building together for more than a few hours.

The avoidance became an issue as the person complained about this issue. I asked to have my desk moved and was denied. Several female coworkers held a public lunch with myself and the other workers in my predicament.

The person was also reminded about
her own errors and her husband apologized. I never spoke to this person again and worked Saturdays to avoid her. When she came to work on a Saturday I clocked out.

The Pagan Temple said...

This kind of shit is exactly why I cry no tears when I hear about the fascist leftist cocksuckers being gunned down. In fact, I find it occasion for frivolity.

It's telling that anytime you hear about a liberal bitch surviving getting shot in the head, or a leftist civil right "hero" recovering from getting his head bashed in, before long you can't tell anything ever happened to the motherfucker. One good thing about being a liberal is its impossible to suffer brain damage.

The next time the subject of Lincoln comes up, Beak, here's what you do. Remind people that Lincoln was a liberal Republican and that there is a theory he might have been gay. Before long dickwad idiots in your office will decide like this one stinking bitch will decide his stove-pipe hat was the nineteenth century equivalent of a Gay Pride costume, the South started the Civil War over us electing a faggot president, Lincoln and Grant were secret gay lovers, and John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln because he was a jilted lover and/or a homophobe.

Then they'll demand everybody have a picture of Lincoln on their desk and one on the wall and the issue will move on to another ignorant level.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

I heard these homosexual allegations about Lincoln only recently.

beakerkin said...


The odd part was it was not about the Gay Lincoln as what the image of Lincoln means to many in the Black Community. I see Lincoln as a great leader who kept our nation together and fought a really nasty war he didn't want. Once the war was a fact he fought to win.

Lincoln is hated by Ron Paul supporters Lew Rockwell.

There is some irony in that I can not place a picture of Lincoln or Alexander Hamilton on my desk but Wally Gator or Al Bundy are fine.

Ducky's here said...

Let me get this straight, you claim you make decisions that are critical to our nations security and you have to bitch about getting your desk moved because some hack is complaining about a book by Michener?

The government doesn't seem to share your narcissistic opinion of yourself.

beakerkin said...

Glad you mentioned the hack. Just another Ivy PHD with a useless degree and lack of ethics from your neck of the woods.

The person objected to men talking about car parts and sports. We don't watch womens soccer or basketball. She claimed these conversations were part of an atmosphere that made her feel uncomfortable.

A few people were reading the Covenant and she took it upon herself to stop people from reading a book she objected to.
Her objections were part of a pattern that trivialized sexual harassment and many female coworkers said as much.

As a solution, I and several others asked for our desks to be moved rather than endure this stupidity. I found my cube with militant feminist tracts taped to my desk which I shredded.

I changed my work hours so that I would not have to deal with this nut. I left the office so in a way so that I never went near her cube.

Unfortunately, the rules don't state grow up to people who are abusing the system. Moving my desk
would have been a real solution that would have alleviated the situation. I was not the only person to make this request.

In an amusing twist HR wanted me to press charges against a coworker for calling me gay in vivid terms. I told them that an enlightened NYC type does not consider that to be an insult. It is actually gross stupidity and nothing more.