Monday, November 28, 2011

Harry's Place vs the Truth

Many of us are curious about web spats and wonder where they start. The truth is Harry's Place is not a Dhimmi Blog as described by Pam Geller. They do write plenty of posts that are worthwhile reading, notably the Michael Ezra material.

The problem with Harry's Place is that its so called American correspondent simply belongs to the Obama cult and does not do much more than cut and paste things from Huffington. HP wrote a series of scathing attacks on the Tea Party movement that were not reality based and wrote a series of posts pointing out nasty associations of the EDL. However, when the Occupy Movement engaged in wholesale Jew bashing and went on a crime spree they lifted up their glasses of gin and yawned.

The attacks on Pam Geller were little more than cut and paste smear jobs from people who merely repeat whatever memes that Huffington no matter how inaccurate. An example of this were some bizarre claims that Glenn Beck is antisemitic for quoting George Soros and describing his bio accurately. The claims were comedic in that Soros is so reviled in the actual Jewish Community he had to create a fake front group that lied about his ties and was discredited. The charged also came from people on the Soros payroll.

American readers have regularly pointed out the nasty anti semitic elements at any gathering of lefties in the USA. The so called American correspondent has denied they are noticeable and when directed to the blog of Urban Infidel feigned ignorance. The basic HP mantra is that any group right of Fidel Castro is illegitimate if a single kook utters a racial epithet. However, a leftist movement that has had rapes, deaths, drug abuse and venal expressions of anti semitism gets
ignored and a free pass.

Sorry, but HP is only as good as the clique of intellectually dishonest people that run the place.
In the case of the ego maniacal Michael Ezra he will call items across the board. In the case of the
well intentioned but sometimes naive Sarah, she too tries to be fair. The rest of the crew of authors do little more than cut and paste from Huffington and feign expertise in matters they have zero clue about.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, do you post at HP? They have a number of pro-Palestinian articles up so I figured you'd be right there doing the Likud shuffle. No sign.

I don't see any mention of Pig Geller the Queen of Hate. You're not blowing smoke out of your butt again, are you?

Seems like you're still upset that Geller or Andrew Breitbart or one of you favorite Brown Shirts couldn't support your ridiculous antisemite charges about OWS.

You need a vacation. Why not go to Norway and shoot some innocent teenagers.

Beak, what did you think of Geller's claim that Thanksgiving is being Islamized by halal turkeys? I bet she makes the fruitbar crowd feel proud.

Ducky's here said...

"I have my own army in the NYPD, which is the seventh biggest army in the world. I have my own State Department, much to Foggy Bottom's annoyance..." Mayor Bloomberg said.

You must be beside yourself with joy, Beak.

Your own army. Now you can watch Bloomberg play Likud and Palestinians over at occupy. Your kind of fun.