Friday, November 11, 2011

Growth of Man

I was looking at an old video of the Jackie Mason Show. I was seeing the anger from Carmel Cato it is interesting to see where he is today and where he has come from. Al Sharpton is younger and still obnoxious. Barry Slotnick, Noach Dear and Dov Hikind are also on the tape.

The original case resonates in NYC with Jews in a similar way to the South. A Jew is lynched by a mob chanting Kill the Jew. Al Sharpton is charged with whipping the crowd into a frenzy with remarks about Diamond Merchants. There was also a second death of an Italian Man with a beard who was mistaken for a Jew, Anthony Grazioso that is largely forgotten. There was the classic case of jury nullification, similar to the Old South. There were charges that members of the jury celebrated with the defendant.

What is amazing is the growth of Carmel Cato who has grown over time and has embraced the Rosenbaum family. There is no comparison of a tragic traffic accident and a lynching. However,
unlike some of us who are consumed by tragedy Carmel Cato appears to have grown wise and
understands the divisions that made NYC toxic in the Dinkins years.

If you watch the tape you can see elements and discussion of events that are largely forgotten today Howard Beach, Bensonhurst and the Korean Boycott Fiasco. Today these events are almost forgotten by anyone not in NYC at the time. Today Korean grocers are increasingly rare.

I wonder what ever happened to the brave Black teacher that led a class through the boycott.
There is a younger Curtis Sliwa speaking in Sliwonics that is not easily understood by anyone who live outside NY. Curtis went onto a career in media and is entertaining. It is also good to see Sidney Zion again

You hear the racially charged atmosphere of of Dinkins era NY. Bad economy crime rising racial
tensions through the roof. David Dinkins,unlike Obama, was a decentman who was just overwhelmed by a job above his ability. Their was an irony to the career of Dinkins. He was swept into an office on the heels of the Bensonhurst murder. Jessie Jackson was quite open about using the tragedy to elect a Black Mayor.

Dinkins like Obama was elected promising to unite us. Both really were unqualified for the jobs they were elected to and the constituents suffered. They were symbols ushered into office by media henchmen. Obama was trailing in the polls and then the banks started to fail. McCain never responded and the media never treated any candidate with the kid gloves deference given to Obama. They allowed an endless crowd of associations that would have killed any other political figure. Twenty years in a racist anti semitic Church is more personal than the dating policy at an obscure college. Close associations with a Communist mentor, a deranged terrorist and person with close ties to the PLO in an age of terrorism is unfounded. You will not see Obama's grades and he appears to be a faculty lacky rather than a star.

In the end the racial anger of the failed Dinkins administration led to his ouster. The city was more divided than ever. Korean stores were boycotted by Black mobs. A pogrom took place in NYC where a crowd of Blacks lynched a Jew. The irony is the same racial hatred that swept Dinkins into office. Will the tides of a lousy economy that swept the worst President in my lifetime into office sweep Obama out. Jimmy Carter was a lousy President, but at least he was qualified to be President. He was a Governor and served in the military. Obama was a very undistinguished Senator who was aided in his election by media henchmen releasing divorce records that were supposed to be sealed.

I am convinced that Obama will win a second term and the American people will be worse off than before. What types of craziness a lame duck Obama administration is capable of is unknown.

I can only hope that the American people grow from the Obama debacle as well as NYC rebounded from the Dinkins mess. Will we grow as a people ala Carmel Cato or will we drift into decline.

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