Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beakerkin on Adoption

In general I despise foreign adoptions. I understand the mother who is unable to have a child. I also understand the Aunt who adopts her niece from a dysfunctional brother.

However, I do not understand the need to adopt multiple children. The antics of Mia Farrow and Madonna point at the problem. They already have large families and in the case of Madonna it seems to be a warped political statement. If you have three children you should not be allowed to adopt more unless their is some sort of family connection.

I also despise people who abuse immigration by making dubious adoptions of relatives. This should be permitted only in cases of extreme hardship. The fees should start at 5000 dollars and include documentation of exactly what the hardship is. Stating that the US relative is infertile would not suffice unless backed by medical corroboration. In this case the person should be limited to two.

Adoption is a wonderful thing and it should not be done as a publicity stunt, political statement or as a way to circumvent immigration law.

That Feeling

When I hold Sunbeam I get a timeless feeling. It is as old as man and woman itself. I do not fully
understand it as it is just so different. Touch and nonverbal communication are very important. Yet
when I hold her it just seems like she was always meant to be there. She reads me on every level
touch, tone of voice and the movement of my eyes.

Sunbeam is not a mere girlfriend, she truly is my soul mate. I hold her for hours and am blessed for every second. She understands that there is no place I would rather be than with her. Even small gestures like making her coffee or placing a blanket on her as she studies come naturally.

It has been the best four months of my life. Just when I think she can not make me happier she does.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Trotskyite Duplicity

For the record this blog supports the State of Israel. We support the Democratic values and the right of a normal people to govern their own affairs without my input or that of Communist agitators. People seem to forget Israel is an independent country.

FYI Peace could have been achieved long ago if this fake Communist construct of Palestinianism
had been ditched. Those in Gaza have been and remain Egyptians and those on the West Bank remain Jordanians. A deal with both governments would have ended this farce long ago. However, Commies need victims and hence this absurd ethnicity with zero basis in reality is perpetuated.

On Freedom Now's site he says a comment off hand that should let all of you know where he stands. He says with glee that Iran is pressuring Israel to make concessions. Israel has made concessions long ago to be met with terror. Rather than saying to Arabs "get your act together and have responsible governance". He looks to tyrannical theocrats and terrorist goons as victims. No doubt he will prattle on about imaginary third forces as his kind spun tales of fancy about Vietnam after American withdrawal. What communist Death cultists seek is the destruction of the State of Israel. They are well aware of the genocidal rhetoric of Hamas and Hezbollah, but dead Jooos are needed to unite Commies, Nazis, Jihadis and Anarchist clowns.

How many ethnically cleansed colonial Arab states do commies need. Jews are the indigenous people of the land of Israel. I will remind Commies who invoke Indians while comparing Jews to settlers. The correct comparison is with the Middle East is asking Indians to give up yet more reservation land to White settlers with a brutal colonial history. FYI Commies deify and ignore Marxist butchery of Indians by the Sandinazis. Have the folks in Spain set up a trial for Daniel Ortega? Has Gnome Chimpanzee or BJ Honneycutt or Ed ASSner ever had to explain the mistreatment of Indians in the 80's by a government they glorified. Has Renegade Spleen ever been asked to defend persecution of the Indians by his messiah Hugo Crackpipe Chavez. He ignores and rationalizes the persecution of Joooos, Gays and professionals claiming they all tell identical lies.

The ultimate in commie hypocisy was said by Ren's good friend Marijuana Marxist Graeme Striecher the Shaggy Cartoon Commie. The imbecile lectured Junglemom who lived with Venezuelan Indians about their sanitary practices.

" I hate missionaries because they tell people how to think."

This is utterly amazing comming from a person who rationalizes herding Indians onto "collectives". This sounds quite like the Reservation policy commies usually condemn in American history. The collectives are also more intrusive than American reservations and aim to destroy a way of life. Junglemom brings education, medical care and supplies with the word of God and mostly respects local traditions. The exceptions are when the local traditions endanger lives.

Sorry but genuine Indians, Blacks and Latinos tend to be more religious in their Christianity than their Marxist elitist goons think. I never heard many Indians say bad things about Christianity
and many were devout Christians. I know many Christian Blacks and Latinos and a comparative few Latinos. When one looks at a collection of Commies it looks like an old time country club which has gone to allowing Ex jews and became pot infested slobs.

Commies are death cultists who will knowingly lie and form alliances with equally unsavorable sorts to further their goals. All of you are mere cattle to be milked and led to the slaughter for their power mad dreams.

Make America a better place send Commies to North Korea one way.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boycott Spain

The United States should impose immediate tariffs on all Spanish products. The demented far left radical wackos in their judiciary have gone way too far. The far left lunatics have decided to pursue cases of torture against US officials for actions in Gitmo.

Do note that Spain court seems to ignore Cuban despots and thugish Arab dictators and terrorists.
Furthermore, the internees in GITMO are not POW's. They are unlawful combatants and have zero protection under International treaties unlike a certain Israeli soldier who was kidnapped and has not seen the Red Cross. Have the folks in Spain raised a peep about genuine POW's?

The folks on the far left need to be slapped in the finances. Let unemployed workers in companies that export goods to the USA deal with the radical foolishness.

A Night with my beloved

It is not easy dating a single mother who is in school. It is even tougher to be madly in love with a woman in such a situation. I treasure every moment as if it is the last for I never know what the next hour will bring.

Yet it is far better to share the love of one who knows what a relationship is and values her children then to be with a self centered never married type. At least I do not have to deal with the weary mind games. I really can not deal with "well if you don't know why I am pissed off than I won't tell you.

A man needs a place to hand his hat at the end of his day. He needs a soft hair upon his chest and a smile that lights up a room. A man has many titles in life and I thought the best in my life was to be Officer. However, when it is all summed up I would be proudest of beloved husband.

It is also good to go through life with someone who knows you inside out. Sunbeam knows how to read my eyes and I can read her tone even over the phone.

When I hold her it seems like she was always supposed to be there. I do not quite understand it myself as I have fallen in love twice in my life. The first time was like a thunderstorm with the winds and lightning striking in the distance. This time it was a gentle rain that swept over me from the first moment our eyes met after being apart for two decades. She was more beautiful than ever and I was swept away.

She was no longer the girl I remembered. She was still every bit as caring but time and life gave her a vibrancy. She is brilliant and does not even know it. I plod wherever the winds take me experiencing everything. Yet I have never loved another so much.

She is my sunbeam. She warms my heart and nourishes my tired soul. I reflect the radiance of her glow and bask in her beauty.

I thought such feelings were the frivolities of a man in his twenties.

Those who are in love are blessed.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not Ready For Prime Time

I get the impression that the post electoral honeymoon of Obama is over. He seems to have not realized the enormity of the job. Despite what the talking heads claim he looked lost in his last press outing. His popularity will continue to erode and his sole hope remains the business cycle.

Dudes grab a helmet

The death of Natasha Richardson points once again to the dangers of skiing. Helmets really should be mandatory. They do not need to be as thick as that of motorcycles but offer some minimal protection. Brain injuries are costly and are no laughing matter.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Death of a Newsman

The NYC papers have been running the story of the death of former NYC radio personality and newsman George Weber. Weber was a regular part of the Curtis and Kuby show that got better NYC ratings than the Imus show. Sadly as it was NYC focused it had no appeal outside NYC.

Weber apparently contacted the killer via Craigs list. The internet is a dangerous place and all types of lunatics are out there. It is true that Weber may have been attempting to pay the younger
man for rough sex, but he didn't deserve to die.

In NYC this is around the third episode of internet dates ending up deadly. Perhaps people should think about trying to meet people through friends.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Description of American Campuses from Khalid Tomeh

A recent observation of an Israeli Arab journalist describes a point I have made for years. He describes the irrationality of non Muslim "activists" in American Universities.

The truth is that what he is describing are Communists. Communists need Israel to form entryist alliances with Muslims. Left to themselves Arabs and Jews would likely have found peace long ago.
Palestinianism is a Soviet creation and prevents peace in the region. Israel could have easily made deals with Jordan and Egypt including population transfers and have solved the problem long ago.
Syria will never accept peace because its Marxist/Nazi Alawite clique needs the other to justify its oppression.

Tomeh says what we have been saying for a long time. Commies do not care about Palestinians.

It is all about stoking populist Joooooo hatred.

Commies, Nazis, Jihadis and Anarchist freaks unite!!!! You have nothing to lose other than reality.

Make America a better place send commies to North Korea.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here We Go Again

A communist agitator violating US law against individuals gets hurt. The press focuses on the grief of the parents, but ignores the reality.

Tristan Anderson violated US law prohibiting private citizens from conducting their own foreign policy. He was not elected to conduct foreign policy, nor appointed to a governmental authority.
His injuries were the product of his stupidity.

The use of the word "activist" in the case of a globe trotting law violating nut does not tell the story. Who is paying for these trips to Iraq, Israel and elsewhere? How does this fool support himself?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Time for the DOJ to do its job

The DOJ needs to investigate if Americans are being paid by Chavez. Communists have a lengthy
history of deception on this subject spanning decades. The groups such as Hands Off Venezuela should also be investigated for contact with foreign intelligence.

The United States government has allowed Commies to violate laws about US citizens interfering in foreign policy. It is time the folks over the ISM and other lunatic leftist groups get prosecuted. Nobody elected them to carry out foreign policy. They were also not hired by a governmental agency to work in this area.

Free speech ends at the borders of the USA. Acting as a human shield or propagandist for a hostile foreign government or getting involved in civil wars are not protected.

How much money if any do the folks at Hands off Venezuela get from Chavez? Is foreign travel subsidized by a hostile foreign regime? How much contact do members of this group have with foreign intelligence or military.

These questions need to be answered and if need be the guilty punished to the maximum extent of the law.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

TPS Haitians and you

TPS is an immigration acronym that stands for temporary protective status. It was designed as a temporary status for people whose country was undergoing natural disasters or political turmoil. The idea was to grant people in the USA a semi legal
status renewed annually and eventually they would return home or more likely marry an
American. It was never designed to be a permanent arrangement.

Over time this has evolved into a political entitlement. The revenue sent home has become very important for several countries, notably El Salvador.

It is important that we return to the spirit of the official program and remember this is not and was never designed as an entitlement. We need to save these spots for countries whose situation warrants it.

Haitians are the beneficiaries of one type of program HARIA. We should consider giving them another. However, we need to create a similar program for Venezuelans fleeing Hugo's hell hole.
Venezuelans should be granted TpS and should be eligible for permanent status based upon Hugo's misrule.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Special Kind of Magic

When two people in love meet there is a type of magic. My dimpled smile lights up for her no matter how tired I am. We bond across a candle lit meal and share a glass of wine. Our eyes speak volumes even as our lips say none.

You can not add, subtract or divide love and it is not logical. A feeling from the heart is what it is. It is a special warmth that nourishes the soul.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Lunacy Eating Soy Makes You Gay

Just when one thinks there is no end to craziness there is this idiocy from the web.
Sorry, I can't stand soy but this is absurd. There is no word about if tossing hamburgers and poultry to gays will turn them into wild heterosexual swingers. I can just imagine all the homophobes passing endless supplies of brisket in the latest obsession to cure gays. At some point eating beef 24/7 would probably result in some sort of health maladies.

Some people have way too much free time on their hands.

Hey you get away from me with that Soy milk........

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stupid Leftist Hurt In Israel

Here we go again with yet another far left idiot violating US law and engaging in foreign policy. Tristan Anderson was not appointed or elected to conduct foreign policy. He placed himself in danger and was hurt.

The far left has been doing this crap for too long with impunity from the familiar idiots Rachel Corrie to the even more insane Lori Berenson. These actions are illegal under US law and the US government should walk away from law breakers. If these knuckleheads want to violate US and foreign law they should pay the consequences.

The Israeli government should not waste it resources treating foreign communist agitators. Anderson's sponsor should be sued for his medical and legal expenses. Anderson's family should be billed for damaging the tear gas canister.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Social Maladies

One way of distinguishing the Bolshevik anti semite from the more blatant crass generic Jooo hater is the insistance of identifying dem Joos in an obsessive light. A prime example of this dementia is the Trotskyite clown approved blog of Liberal White Boy. There are the standard rants about Madoff whose political leanings have zero to do
with his crime. Then again when the over the top Jooo hatred was pointed out by a far left Jooish loon named Eric the usual suspects ran for the hills.

Ponzi scams are not new and are run by many ethnicities. It should come as little surprise that a rabid Joooo hater should focus on the religious affiliation of a criminal in the news. Nor should it be shocking that a cartoon bigot should post several items on the Rubashkin scandal. Would the usual self righteous clowns link a blog that targeted gays or blacks in a similar manner? Joooo hatred is central to the cause of revolution and forming common fronts.

At work a West Indian man complained about Chasidic Jews on welfare. This does happen but a similar outburst about West Indians had been said by a Jewish man suspensions would have followed. Do some Chasidic Jews go on welfare? Of course, but so do others.

In any large subgroup there will be some social maladies. Domestic violence and sexual abuse are not limited to Orthodox Jews. However, media feeding frenzies would make one think otherwise. One can find plenty of stories of public school teachers molesting children but the media does not highlight that aspect.

In any large group there will be some social maladies. Of course there will be criminals in every group. However, communists are unique as their whole history reads like a rap sheet, albeit a collective rap sheet.

The Fool

I have realized that my thoughts of love and passion are a bit weary to some. I thought that at 40 I was beyond such frivolities. The truth is that all of us need a healthy type of love. I thought I traded wisdom for the passions of youth. If you could make such a trade it would require the mind of a fool.

I am blessed that Sunbeam loves me with all her heart. I was a fool to have been frightened of hurting her or disappointing her with what I am not. She is like a ray of light that warms my heart and the gentle rain that nourishes my soul.

If any of you out there think that you are beyond love or it does not make a difference, guess again. Reach beyond yourself and tell that person how you feel. Look them in the eyes and say you mean everything to me and I love you. If it doesn't happen then try again, my office is full of stories of nice guys who were persistent.

When she smiles at me, I feel warm all over. When she holds me, I feel it was the most natural thing in the world. It is almost as if I have stopped wandering and found my home in her heart. It is almost akin to being purified of spirit and becoming something greater. I love her totally and she is all I need or ever will need.

In these tough times love is more important than ever. Hold your lover tight and let them know they have a place in your heart. Tell your children you believe in them and the future will improve no matter what lunacy Obama clown impose. If you parents are alive do an activity with them. If none of the above is available volunteer in a social setting or be an asset to your community like Junglemom.

Politics come and go but love is eternal and outlasts us. Someday when my life is reviewed it will be by my great loves and the people I helped that I am judged. I want more than anything to have my life summed up as beloved husband, officer and Uncle in that order. All my work would be meaningless if it were not shared with her.

Sunbeam is who I always loved even from my earliest days. Some of you might think that a woman can not compete with a dream. However, the reality is far better than any dream. When she called me out of the blue it was as if someone above was looking out for me. It did not take long for me to answer that call. In dreams everything comes easy. In reality there are obstacles and challenges to overcome and it makes the journey much sweeter. In real life she retains the sweetness of the archetype dream, but adds a fiery passion, quick wit and gentle manner.

We are but the sum of our loves, deeds and our character. Our wisdom comes from defining and nurturing our loves and good deeds. Those who live without love merely exist.

I thrive and my days are filled with the warmth of her love. The fool is gone and the man remains.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Beloved Rav Roov

This blog is named after the Beloved Rav Roov. My younger brother used to complain that he didn't want to go through life known as my brother. As an inside joke I used
a variation of his nick name Beaker as my pen name.

My younger brother turned 40 last week. He is much beloved by his congregation, friends and family.

Now some of you get the wrong idea about how religious people think based upon the rather insane writings of Khanist fools. The fact remains that these fools speak for a loud but insignificant percentage of the Orthodox. They do not speak for Rav Roov, Sunbeam or anyone I know in my lifetime of dealings with the frum community.

These Kahanists are egotistical frauds who pretend to be supporters of Israel while consorting with our enemies. Sorry, but this supporter of Israel is well aware that all of the enemies do not look like bug eyed versions of Jack Elam shouting Jihad. In fact one can find Muslims who are decent people with no difficulty. However, Communists by definition are evil and are enemies of the Jewish people.

Now some of you out there allow commies to rebrand themselves with fantasies of Trotsky the messiah or reinventing a deadly failed Marxist mess. Communism is evil and its followers should be treated in mental health facilities or deported depending on if criminality is evident.

Rav Roov nor Sunbeam willingly spend their time socializing with Trotskyite goons whose blog comment section reads like Der Sturmer or Mein Kamf. As an American Communists are anathema to my way of life and beholden to a hostile foreign ideology
as evil as Al Queda.

It would seem that those who scream about a Torah state are almost as insane as their traitorous antisemitic pals. If Israel ever became a theocracy, I would not support it. The people of Israel are more than capable of deciding their own future.

AIG Bonuses are an outrage

The economy is in recession and the taxpayer is bailing out yet another company. Recessions happen, but the culture of excess needs to stop right now. Sorry, but there is a time for bonuses and when your company is being bailed out and laying off people it is not now. The executives are already over compensated and need to tighten their belts just like the rest of us.

The excuse that the company needs to retain talent is BS. Most of these corporate clowns got to where they are by the old buddy system and are replaced quite easily.

I would sooner save a secretarial or mail room job than pay these outlandish bonuses to people who are already overpaid.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interesting Reading

I have to admit the reading selection in Sunbeam's cultural diversity class was very
interesting. One of the articles was from a writer who was critical of progressives (commies)discrimination against Christians.

The truth is that the far left really doesn't give a rats ass about anything other than power. When in power commies are quite brutal towards gays and every other segment of society. Yet the punk commie agitators will do things such as try to exclude people from social work based upon private religious convictions. Lets see a follower of Christ being prevented from serving the community by an acolyte of a death cult responsible for 100 million deaths is a poor joke.

The truth is that many gays are not hostile to religious Christians. However, it is the political scams of communist agitators that are inflaming the situation for their own designs. The average gay person makes more money than the average heterosexual and pretty much wants to be left alone.

The profession of social work has been too politicized and needs to get back to its purpose of serving the community. The profession needs to get rid of the political goons. People who are beholden to Marx should weeded out of all professions except hamburger flipping.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Person Next Door

In these hard economic times it is important to remember the person next door. Oddly, this is the first economic slump that I seem to have missed. It is important to know that the business cycle is still very real. The only way to break that cycle is to install communism and then you have a straight plunge into hell on earth.

In these turbulent times populists will make all types of promises. It is of little consolation if you have lost your job or are struggling. Do know that believe it or not things will get better. The economy always recovers the question is how long.

It is important to reach out to those who are down on their luck with a phone call, buying lunches and listening.

The business cycle will resolve itself despite whatever games Obama tries. Sadly, this opportunity to address the excesses of big education will be missed. It is time for the government to put an end to the pork in higher ed. Treating higher ed as a jobs program for lazy Bolsheviks has produced high prices and poor quality. How many advanced classes do we need in victims studies and anthropology. More accounting less Marx should be our motto.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Very original blame Rush for lack of answers

The Obama camp did not waste time looking for a bogeyman for its lack of real answers. Blaming Rush is easier than dealing with big educational messes caused by ever increasing budgets and lower results. It is easier to scream about socializing health care than to reform the tort laws. It is easier than explaining to unions they have to feel the pinch as well.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Love is not mathematical

I spent some time with Sunbeam and was reminded why I have always loved her. She has a very giving and loving nature. She can read my slightest gesture and tone of voice with ease.

It isn't easy dating a single mother. It is even harder dating one who is going to school, but Sunbeam is special. I can not explain it but when I hold her it seems like the most natural thing in the world. It almost seems like she should have been there decades ago.

We fall in love with the people we are with for a reason, but love is not math. Sunbeam is my soul mate and my best friend and whatever time we have is special. Sometimes, the time demands have me feeling like an adulterous lover trying to steal a ray from the sun. However, I would not love her if she wasn't dedicated to her children. Someday, when the nest is empty that dedication will be directed at me.

The school semester is around half way done and I long for its end. These reports are
a drain.

Friday, March 06, 2009

A discussion of profiling vs solid legal practice

There is a misconception over what is and is not profiling. Profiling is person x comes from country Y and with no other indicators is subjected to intense scrutiny based on his country of origin.

The term has been over used to prevent proper law enforcement. Person X comes from country Y and there is an established crime pattern Z with immigrants from Y. Evidence
indicates that person x has been involved with crime z. This is now a legitimate query as the person may or may not fit an established crime pattern. It is the officers duty to investigate the linkage.

When there is evidence of an actual violation of the law or links to an established crime pattern the term has no meaning.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The path of the Beak follow your heart and experience it all

I seldom talk about my life and where I came from. My parents became religious much later in life. My identity and friends were formed when I was plucked from them and placed into the world of the modern orthodox Jewish community. I remembered my friends missed them and the freedoms of the larger world. For six years I would dwell in that world where I never felt at home. I would journey to a private school that was non religious and feel equally lost there. My journey would take me back to a Yeshiva HS for one semester and then finally back to public school where I felt at home at last.I continued down this path and went to a non religious College and felt very much at home. I was blessed with very good looks and dated women from all faiths.

My journey took me to many jobs. I met many wonderful people and a few that were simply vile. The owner's wife of one of the companies was a vicious woman who made me long to be back with the criminals in the halfway house. I worked mainly in the fashion industry and am now a government officer.

I lived a life of freedom within my own moral codes. I experienced many things from different cultures. I willingly took what was freely offered, but never took what belonged to someone else knowingly. I never lied to get what I wanted and I was always faithful to whomever I was seeing.

I tried to be kind to others professionally and personally. I am a public servant with a dedication to the law and treating people as humanely as possible.

My soulmate is from a world I walked away from. Oddly, the things she loves the most about me came from those wanderings. I learned about romance from my father, but also
from the wider world. I am at ease beyond our community because I walk beyond it. I can walk anywhere and feel at home in NYC and likely beyond.

I lived my life following the calling of my heart and inner convictions. For me to sit respectfully in a Church has no conflict. For me to share a Christmas meal with Northwind's poor family was a pleasure until they started talking about marriage. Life is something to be experienced hopefully with a soul mate to share those adventures.

I am fortunate to have found my soul mate. There is no better feeling than journeying through life with a loved one at your side.

RIP Paul Harvey

I remember Paul Harvey's distinctive voice from the tube radio in my youth in the early 70's. He had a pleasant sound and those vocalic pauses were memorable even to a young child. As I grew older his voice was like that of a soothing relative.When I was in bad times between jobs talk radio helped me stay focused.

My journey took me to Vermont where I could hear some of my favorites at night. Paul Harvey and Rush are literally everywhere so for me it was a taste of home away.

I loved those 15 minutes of light radio fare with a voice that was trusted with a perpetual smile.

I am certain many of you will miss Harvey as well.