Monday, March 09, 2009

Very original blame Rush for lack of answers

The Obama camp did not waste time looking for a bogeyman for its lack of real answers. Blaming Rush is easier than dealing with big educational messes caused by ever increasing budgets and lower results. It is easier to scream about socializing health care than to reform the tort laws. It is easier than explaining to unions they have to feel the pinch as well.


Z said...

it's also easier to loudly blame Rush for all our problems and get the media on it...........while things this president wants to do escape under the radar screen while he's doing them. Good smoke screen; 'get the public and the media talking about how obama hates Rush'..
they'll ignore the rest.

But, as Coulter said recently "this smoke screen is a good try, but I THINK people seeing their 401K's shrink to half is something that they NOTICE no matter what."

I'm not so sure.

beamish said...


Rush Limbaugh is a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Why is it his fault?