Monday, March 16, 2009

Social Maladies

One way of distinguishing the Bolshevik anti semite from the more blatant crass generic Jooo hater is the insistance of identifying dem Joos in an obsessive light. A prime example of this dementia is the Trotskyite clown approved blog of Liberal White Boy. There are the standard rants about Madoff whose political leanings have zero to do
with his crime. Then again when the over the top Jooo hatred was pointed out by a far left Jooish loon named Eric the usual suspects ran for the hills.

Ponzi scams are not new and are run by many ethnicities. It should come as little surprise that a rabid Joooo hater should focus on the religious affiliation of a criminal in the news. Nor should it be shocking that a cartoon bigot should post several items on the Rubashkin scandal. Would the usual self righteous clowns link a blog that targeted gays or blacks in a similar manner? Joooo hatred is central to the cause of revolution and forming common fronts.

At work a West Indian man complained about Chasidic Jews on welfare. This does happen but a similar outburst about West Indians had been said by a Jewish man suspensions would have followed. Do some Chasidic Jews go on welfare? Of course, but so do others.

In any large subgroup there will be some social maladies. Domestic violence and sexual abuse are not limited to Orthodox Jews. However, media feeding frenzies would make one think otherwise. One can find plenty of stories of public school teachers molesting children but the media does not highlight that aspect.

In any large group there will be some social maladies. Of course there will be criminals in every group. However, communists are unique as their whole history reads like a rap sheet, albeit a collective rap sheet.

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