Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Night with my beloved

It is not easy dating a single mother who is in school. It is even tougher to be madly in love with a woman in such a situation. I treasure every moment as if it is the last for I never know what the next hour will bring.

Yet it is far better to share the love of one who knows what a relationship is and values her children then to be with a self centered never married type. At least I do not have to deal with the weary mind games. I really can not deal with "well if you don't know why I am pissed off than I won't tell you.

A man needs a place to hand his hat at the end of his day. He needs a soft hair upon his chest and a smile that lights up a room. A man has many titles in life and I thought the best in my life was to be Officer. However, when it is all summed up I would be proudest of beloved husband.

It is also good to go through life with someone who knows you inside out. Sunbeam knows how to read my eyes and I can read her tone even over the phone.

When I hold her it seems like she was always supposed to be there. I do not quite understand it myself as I have fallen in love twice in my life. The first time was like a thunderstorm with the winds and lightning striking in the distance. This time it was a gentle rain that swept over me from the first moment our eyes met after being apart for two decades. She was more beautiful than ever and I was swept away.

She was no longer the girl I remembered. She was still every bit as caring but time and life gave her a vibrancy. She is brilliant and does not even know it. I plod wherever the winds take me experiencing everything. Yet I have never loved another so much.

She is my sunbeam. She warms my heart and nourishes my tired soul. I reflect the radiance of her glow and bask in her beauty.

I thought such feelings were the frivolities of a man in his twenties.

Those who are in love are blessed.

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