Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beakerkin on Adoption

In general I despise foreign adoptions. I understand the mother who is unable to have a child. I also understand the Aunt who adopts her niece from a dysfunctional brother.

However, I do not understand the need to adopt multiple children. The antics of Mia Farrow and Madonna point at the problem. They already have large families and in the case of Madonna it seems to be a warped political statement. If you have three children you should not be allowed to adopt more unless their is some sort of family connection.

I also despise people who abuse immigration by making dubious adoptions of relatives. This should be permitted only in cases of extreme hardship. The fees should start at 5000 dollars and include documentation of exactly what the hardship is. Stating that the US relative is infertile would not suffice unless backed by medical corroboration. In this case the person should be limited to two.

Adoption is a wonderful thing and it should not be done as a publicity stunt, political statement or as a way to circumvent immigration law.

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jams o donnell said...

I get the feeling that Madonna is just a collector or simply feeding her vanity.Err that should be AND simply....