Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here We Go Again

A communist agitator violating US law against individuals gets hurt. The press focuses on the grief of the parents, but ignores the reality.

Tristan Anderson violated US law prohibiting private citizens from conducting their own foreign policy. He was not elected to conduct foreign policy, nor appointed to a governmental authority.
His injuries were the product of his stupidity.

The use of the word "activist" in the case of a globe trotting law violating nut does not tell the story. Who is paying for these trips to Iraq, Israel and elsewhere? How does this fool support himself?


Ducky's here said...

The Kahanist Defense Force shooting unarmed demonstrators.

You must be so proud.

Brooke said...

How indeed?

I'd like to see Anderson's finances run down...

The Pagan Temple said...

Anderson is supposedly a pagan and, I think, a member of something called Reclaiming. He went as part of a group, I think the same one that the well-known pagan author Starhawk is a member of. She is affiliated with Code Pink or the IWW, or some far leftist group like that. If there were any funding involved, it would probably have come through such a group, or one like it, probably not to Anderson directly, as I have no doubt in my mind he's just another pawn. Despite all the crocodile tears a lot of these groups are crying over him now, with all their faux outrage, the ultimate truth is he and all others like him are just expendable pawns, and this event has them salivating all together in one big circle jerk. The reality is, they couldn't be happier this happened. Maybe if they're really lucky he will succumb to his wounds and thus become a martyr. Don't think for one minute they're not hoping for just that.

The majority of these idealist types that get manipulated into joining such causes by fat ass cretins like Starhawk aren't so much purposely traitorous as just stupid, when you get right down to it.