Friday, March 06, 2009

A discussion of profiling vs solid legal practice

There is a misconception over what is and is not profiling. Profiling is person x comes from country Y and with no other indicators is subjected to intense scrutiny based on his country of origin.

The term has been over used to prevent proper law enforcement. Person X comes from country Y and there is an established crime pattern Z with immigrants from Y. Evidence
indicates that person x has been involved with crime z. This is now a legitimate query as the person may or may not fit an established crime pattern. It is the officers duty to investigate the linkage.

When there is evidence of an actual violation of the law or links to an established crime pattern the term has no meaning.


Ducky's here said...

I'm sorry if this is off topic, Beak but you aren't getting any traffic and maybe I can stir things up.

This film schedule at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts is extremely troubling. I've tried getting in touch with Homeland Security to have the museum shut down and those responsible for these outrages put in camps. No luck, any suggestions?

Human Rights Watch International Film Festival Jan 14-18 2009
African Film Festival Feb 6-15 2009
Boston Turkish Film Festival, Mar 27-Apr 5 2009
Armenian Film Festival, May 1-3 2009
Boston Gay & Lesbian Film/Video Festival, May 6-17 2009
Boston French Film Festival, Jul 2009
Boston Palestine Film Festival, Oct 2009.

Always On Watch said...

Some years ago, I read that we shouldn't speak of "racial profiling" but rather "suspect profiling." Works for me.

Have you ever read John McWhorter on the topic of profiling?

beakerkin said...


No but I will have to look at it. The subject of profiling is more gray than black and white.

Communists like Ducky and Renegade Spleen are exponentially more prone to be terrorists, traitors and criminals than the general public. Responsible law enforcement would be to scrutinize the finances of these nuts and prosecute violations. Communists also have a long record about lying
about treason.

Communists belong in communal institutions such as prisons or asylums. In the case of North Korea
they have a bit of both.


Any legal action taken against commies is warranted. I would love to re open Gitmo and place the members of Code Pinko there.