Sunday, April 22, 2012

A break in the action

My hours at work are now very taxing. Unfortunately with all the retirements I am getting the nastiest cases and serving as a mentor to junior peers.

My priority with what little free time is my family, including the little dog.

Regular service will resume when I have more energy.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

The True Face of the Left

Kieth Olbermann in his pompous and arrogant displays of bufoonery has shown America the true face of the left. Leftists like to talk about working class people but many have zero contact with them other than the cleaning person they regularly exploit and demean. Olbermann's antics of outrage because a limo driver had the nerve to talk to him are familiar behaviors to those who have walked in that world. He complained that another driver smelled and went through multiple companies.

Olbermann could have done himself a favor and driven himself to work. He would have to endure his own ego and would have spared the working class driver abuse. Modern celebrities like J Lo and moron extraordinaire Tom Cruise ban eye contact by the hired help. Barbra Streisand made hotel employees walk backwards in her presence. I contrast this with the love of the fans and working people shown by John Wayne who was modest enough to shake the hand of his waiter on many occaisions.

Olbermann should do a segment on himself as the worst person in America.

Friday, April 06, 2012

RIP Lou Goldstein

Earlier this week a comedic giant of the Catskills Mr. Lou Goldstein passed away. Lou Goldstein was the ultimate master of the comedic form of Simon Sez. His act worked on speed, misdirection and some of the best timing in comedy. His other routine was less well known whose the boss and what room are you the boss in. Goldstein was the entertainment director in Grossingers until it closed in the mid 80's.

Early in my career I had to learn how to interview. I incorporated much of my style from watching my fellow officers adding NLP with a touch of Goldstein's charm. In a tight spot his misdirection and speed have yielded positive responses. Goldsteins brand of ceberal wit and classic timing fit naturally into my own style.

 There is a short snippet of Lou Goldstein doing his act on the Dick Clark show. This is a smidgeon of a brilliant act that was best viewed live and in person. Long before people were doing improv, Goldstein honed his act based upon witty reaction to the people he was working with. The key to Goldstein was he used you as a comedic prop and you loved being a part of the act.

Rest in Peace to a comedic giant who was loved by all who saw him perform.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Long Journey Home

The voyage home took three months. There were many of us who did not yearn to return to regular jobs. I was the exception spitting vinegar and hostile to the end. Yes I made new friends and my time away proved my critics wrong again. The question of if I could excell at this new task was a foregone conclusion to all those who knew my work.

I returned to my desk on Monday. Some of the lawyers were new, but I prefer familiar foils who know my quirks and mannerisms. Some of the interpreters were new but very good. There are a few who are so used to me that I do not have to even remind them I am changing tone. With the newest interpreters I do a two minute gameplan. My style depends on split second timing and misdirection and Monday I was off. It took two days but I am in top form.

This may sound odd but the other assignment is said to play to my strengths. However, I am happier in my large office with fewer people winning the ballgame rather than placing things back on track.

It is good to be home.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Life is not like TV

There are some who may be surprised that no weapon or motive has been established for the Oakland shooting rampage. As humans we place too much emphasis on motives. Most of us are wronged daily but go about an ordinary lives.

As stated in many other cases let investigators do their jobs.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Office Raided

On my last day of the detail I allowed the older workers to open my file cabinets. I have vintage CDS in the cabinet. When I go my my father to the old car shows I look for vintage cds and retro food. The workers were treated to Peter and Gordon, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Neil Diamond and countless compilations I never bothered to open

A day in town

I want to leave final judgement on the Museum of the American Indian to Native Americans. If you are looking for heavy history you are in the wrong place. The Museum excells at showing the adaptability and artistic brilliance of Native Americans. Rather than be shown as victims we are given a look into the communities today. They do not gloss over poverty either. The star of the Museum is the brilliant use of architecture and landscaping. The grounds are better than any Museum I have visited. The wetlands park is so well crafted that you can see birds clearly that you are apt to see at greater distances.
We saw a red wing Blackbird a mere 4 feet from us.

The museum has the best food I have ever had in a tourist facility. The venison and turkey and deserts were outstanding. Americans really need to spend more time eating this cuisine and it is indeded our loss that it isn't more common.

The next time I visit AOW I need to bring exotic produce. NYC has many unique stores so for this trip I went to the movie memrobilia shop and grabbed a movie still from the movie Harvey and a reproduction of the movie poster, I also purchased two Bernie Schwartz photos and an original photo with Don Rickles and Buddy Hacket.

This time Johny Rockets was good. I would have gone to the cajiun place but the lines were too long.
My next rail trip will likely be Baltimore to the huge aquarium.