Sunday, September 28, 2014

Well I Sat this One Out

There was a nasty fight at my team meeting. The boss got yelled at by the rest of the team members.
Of course the first reaction of upper management was did Beakerkin start this fracas. In this case I was at home nowhere near this fight. No doubt had I been there I would have somehow made matters worse.

A great leader inspires their charges. My boss is lazy and ignorant and our numbers reflect her lack of effort. If our procedures require a sign off and our leader is out or doing extraneous work our numbers suffer.

In the real world sometimes we fail. The reasons for failure are varied. However, to fail because of lack of effort, poor planning and putrid training is not acceptable. In our case we are being blamed for
the actions of  a lazy incompetent. I pointed out that I am happier with a manager who is not as well
regarded. I pointed out when she fails it is not for lack of effort or because she didn't seek help.

In the real world people do fail. However, to fail because of poor effort is inexcusable.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NY Times BS

The NY Times failed to report the presence of Communists at an environmental rally. Funny nobody ever bothers Democrats who appear at protests with Communists.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lost a family vote

There was a vote on where to spend the rest of the weekend. It was either the Golden Temple or the Golden Corral. I lost that vote, but sent the girlfriends mother in my place. She takes her religion seriously and they don't have such a facility in Guyana. Let her enjoy a special moment in her life.

Slept 16 hours

I went to work on a Saturday. I barely made it home but I slept 16 hours. Now that is what I call sleep.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Our office sent Batman on a new assignment. It is the culmination of excessive systematic failures.
The office failed to listen to attorneys, interpreters and officers who warned that this person was off his rocker. He was praised as hero by many who never looked at him with any serious scrutiny.

The endless boasting and walking around the area like he owns the joint are over.

Knowledge is only good if it is backed by integrity and sound judgement. There are times when throwing the book at an applicant is 100% warranted. In cases of serious crime and national security a more aggressive approach is warranted. However, when this aggressive approach is used on the general public it is unwarranted.

One also needs to make a genuine attempt to ascertain the facts and deal with them. Not every discrepancy or lie is material to the case. If a person calls himself a technician and he is a mechanic it is more or less verbiage. Name variations are not material to the case if they are translational issues.

The moral of the story is do your job and don't be a jerk.

The NFL and America

The NFL is a reflection of America and visa versa. The media elite screaming about domestic violence is just engaging in piling on.

In reality few employers take action against employees for domestic violence. Does ESPN suspend media personalities for criminal matters? When ESPN subjects its employees to the same standards as the NFL that might be a genuine story.

I do work at a job where I can be suspended for minor arrests  Public servants are in a different type of job and are held to higher standards than poultry.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Finally pushed into an I phone

My daughter pushed me into getting an I phone. My coworkers joked about my Fred Flintstone phone
that is reliable. I text and read ABC news that it is it. Having an I phone will allow me to listen to some obscure radio shows from Montreal. Perhaps there are better oldies stations than CBS FM and our local Classic Rock station the AXE. The latter plays too much Billy Joel and there is a Guyana Music station somewhere. Nobody appears to be doing surf music as a format.

I am not a techie or a hipster who lives on the device.


The media is in overdrive in attacking the NFL. Domestic violence is a nation wide problem. The notion that it is unique to the NFL is a media creation. It is important to mandate treatment by . professionals and not just in the NFL.  If players m andiss treatment then suspend.

We have a Pothead President and Mayor of our largest city. The NFL should not be absurd with its punishment for pot usage. The media elites who hound the players should ask Obama, Di Blassio and Bill Clinton  about drug use. In the case of Obama this was a major part of his life and it should have been a campaign issue. If we don't drug test the President why should anyone else be drug tested.

Steroids and Human growth hormone are serious issues and penalties should remain severe. The penalties for stimulants need to be treated with common sense. Player A has ADD and a medical professional prescribes a substance it is a different matter than recreational usage.

We do need to make the game safer. Better use technology in constructing helmets is needed.
Better medical care for retired players is also needed.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Better to be gay than Frum

There is nothing wrong with having gay relatives. Their lifestyle has zero impact on the lives of other people. Gays earn more than heterosexuals and usually are socially inept.

When you have a family event one has to cater to the religious quirks of the frummies. It has to be a 100% Kosher event. This raises the cost and limits where you can go. Even my Hindu family does not impose their dietary quirks on other people. A gay relative makes no such demands and can usually chip in their share.

Ruining events with religious quirkiness and meticulousness. Go to a funeral with a frummy and they take out a rule book. The dirt has to cover exactly this portion of the wooden box. If you have a Passover Seder every single obscure rule and tradition must be followed. It makes family holidays
painful. Gay relatives actually make social gatherings better with lively banter.

Frummies bizarre lifestyle choices include useless expensive Yeshivas whose students are frequently less prepared for higher education and gainful employment than public schools. The more religious the school the lower the quality of the secular education. The products of the more religious schools are socially inept and understand little outside of their religious circle. Gays are usually more educated than non gays and are not socially backward.

Frummies have a sense of entitlement. They think their quirks are divine providence and that entitles them to mooch, come at idiotic hours and make demands of others. Gays are usually too busy enjoying their lives to bother others.

Next up

Its better to have relatives in jail than frummies. Do people who are incarcerated  mooch off relatives
and find ways to piss people off. Yes, I am jealous of the man across the street. It is far better to have relatives in jail than relatives who are frum. The longer the sentence the less likely they are to do stupid things.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Worse than the Ten Plauges

The Giants are doing fine when life's walking disaster reel walks in the frummies. I have a car for eight years no mishaps. The frimmies guilt my parents into giving the planets worst relatives my car.
All of the sudden it catches fire and becomes an accident magnet. Five accidents in one year.

I was offered a great deal on an Impala and I said no. The frummies will just take this next car and wreck it too.

I am tired of this bullshit that my idiotic sister in law can't work. Actually she can work and uses the sick and depraved frummie lifestyle to mooch off of others.

I sm so sickened by my brother and his obnoxious lazy family, I want to be buried in Guyana away from any frummies.

Remember in films the bad guys wear the black hats. In life when you see a frummie keep running. They make out with the fake sense of piousness but it is all a scam to get out of hard work. I can just envision a film Frum Zombies from Kiryas Joel wait that is too close to reality.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Another 9-11

Yes we hit another anniversary. The facts still remain the same. Idiotic terrorists acting in the name of Islam committed a crime against humanity. Rather than deal honestly with the situation we were fed the mantra Islam is the religion of peace.

While I don't hold all Muslims responsible ignoring the disdain for human life advocated by some is
denying reality. This does not mean you should hate the man up the block. In the case of Stephen Schwartz, he would be the first to point out the problem with many elements of the community.

Muslims are not victims and their history of colonial abuse of non Muslims is part of the historical record.

Muslims like any other large group of people contain a mix of good, evil and banal. There is a major difference between Stephen Schwartz who is an American patriot who cares about his faith and the folks at CAIR.

In the end Muslims like Schwartz and plenty of others have to asses the damage created by pointless terrorism and rampant abuses against non Muslim females by ISIS Boko Haram and others. Making Snuff films and depraved acts does not promote the cause of Islam and creates powerful counter reactions.

The folks at ISIS are Superfly Muslims. They rant about how Islam should be supreme while doing everything in their power to make the religion look uncivilized. ISIS is more akin to criminality using Islam for its own ends than people who are serious about their faith.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ISIS needs Poultry

It seems the arts crowd is upset with the poor production qualities in the snuff films made by ISIS.
We happen to know someone who is an expert on camera angles and who hates Jews more than the folks at ISIS. ISIS needs to hire Ducky, because there is no excuse for poorly shot and edited snuff films.

Sounds like the ISIS crew has been reading too much Pam Geller. Their inspiration for mayhem and extreme violence must be her writings. If she would stop writing and publicizing their greatest hits ISIS would take up origami.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Pothead Logic

One does not like lunatic religious fanatics chopping off heads of Americans in snuff films. However, the USA should lecture Israel about dealing with repeated provocations for decades. Maybe he can head to the UN and have the International community grant an enclave for ISIS on US soil next to IC Irvine.

How much pot does it take before one concludes Obama, Biden, Holder, Hagel and John Kerry are the best and the brightest? Do the Obama policies make more sense if one is smoking Pot?

Monday, September 08, 2014

Relatively Lucky

I have had the good fortune that most of my exes understood my desire for no contact. Women usually initiate the breakup and then play mind games. My response has always been you want a breakup fine, but don't contact me ever. Once or two reminders is usually all it takes.

Unfortunately, one of these exes has no life and lives in a personal mythology of failed romances. We lived together for a while and this behavior should be expected. As I knew who was the conduit, I could keep track of the information in theory. Unfortunately, my mother and sister did a piss poor job at having fun with this. Feeding disinformation like prison terms for selling bootleg videos would have been fun.

As the exes conduit died, I had to expect some type of stunt. In this case, I pointed out that I am a family man with a steady job. I showed some of her relatives who asked family photos. I also asked no questions about my ex so hopefully this fascination will cease. If this person wants to blame anyone she can look in the mirror.  She pursued the romance and also ended it. My response was simple. If I walk don't ever contact me. When she called days later, I told her no contact meant no contact.

I am mortified my ex would behave like this in front of her new boyfriend. Obviously, if I observed this behavior I would be running. As bit was obvious I snubbed her perhaps no harm done .

If this were a man keeping tabs on an ex for a dozen years after a relationship ended we would be in stalker territory. Females tend to take advantage of the unresolved feelings angle even when they initiate the breakup. How one causes the breakup and clings to victimology is a mystery.

Sorry to Spoil the Drama

A rather inane spoiled socialite has kept a watch on me for more than a decade. In my case I have never had a dream or wondered about her. The relationship was a mere detail for me no more memorable than dozens of others. If I wished to contact you, I know your address and your phone number, but I won't call or visit ever.

She usually drafted an Aunt to inquire about my whereabouts. If my mother were truly capable I would tell her to say I was deceased so you would go away. On rare occasions she pesters my mother at an extended family event. I never attend those functions. I didn't attend them before we met either. As a relative I am seldom seen and barely mentioned.

After a dozen years you got your chance as I finally was in the vicinity. Unfortunately, I know you quite well and understand there is something you wish to say.I remember how you prepared for these events and rehearsed everything in your mind weeks before. You always had to look perfect to make that connection with people who could care less about you.

 Sorry, but if you think I am  apt to listen, you never knew me at all. I kept you at least fifty feet away by using the crowd to my advantage. No doubt you can spin this into some type of victimization and get some attention from your siblings for a week or at the next gathering.

My life is complete with a loving step daughter and grand kids who adore me. My life as an officer and family man is much better than the time we shared. You can add me to the lists of lost loves and opportunities you bore people with.

I did not accept my cousins generous invitation because I have better things to do.  It was my daughters first day of school and I surprised her by being home when she walked through the door. You can't buy the look of love I get when I return home to my family. Even the toddler old step granddaughters  scream my name as they walk through the door. One cried as I had to leave for a short while to bring back wings and ice cream
for our small party. I had to sit and tell her I would be back shortly. Has anyone ever seriously cared about you like that.

There will be no dramatic scene, no matter how much you desire it. There are things money can't buy or gloss over. You mistake wealth for class and you come up short on the latter. Your mother came from a distinguished family, but your father never worked one day in his life. He is  an uneducated baboon who has no social graces. You have nothing to offer me as you are ignorant, classless, vain, shallow and above all a bore. I would sooner live my life with a real woman who is interesting than you. Our home is humble, but it is filled with love.

I do understand why you dwell on this failed relationship. My family treated you like an equal and genuinely cared about you. You had an intact family where you finally fit in and were valued instead of being pitied. Those family moments with my family where we doted on you meant everything to you. My aging mother giving you a hug is as close to real love as you will get. Your own family treats you like an afterthought and as they are shallow the best you can get is pity.

You will be able to say what you wish only in dreams. I don't dream about you or care about you. The only time your name crosses my mind is when you pester my family. The other day I bumped into someone we apparently knew. I had to be reminded we lived together because I really don't think about you at all. I barely remembered him and we worked together.

Relationships come and go and you were not even close to the great love of my life. If you wish to apologize for something it is long forgotten like everything else about you. Even if things ended on a good note, I would not be the type to permit this type of contact after the relationship ended. I am not one who looks up old friends or dwells on the past. Moreover, as you know women are vain and would not want you around even
if you had noble intentions.

You have a current relationship. Focus on him and forget all of the past relationships. I know some of us yearn for magical moments of passion and family love. You need to create new memories rather then live in the past. If this person is the right one for you than look for someone new.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Interesting Thoughts

There are those who state that those Americans who have joined ISIS have effectively renounced their citizenship. In this case it will be interesting to see how the Obama administration handles this. As we have a plethora of Marxists in the administration it is doubtful the government would take such an aggressive stance.

Batman vs John Wayne

Batman is departing to a more appropriate task.He enjoys cloak and dagger and heavy criminality cases. I am not opposed to the heavy hand provided it is done to the correct people. If there is no reason to utilize a heavy hand than proceed as planned.

I do get those nasty cases. In my case I go by the book and evaluate the totality. When a heavy hand is called for I do it because the job dictates it. I follow the procedures by the book. If I make a procedural error, I do not defend an error. It did happen that a case was so heinous I acted with haste and supported the appeal. In this case careful search the regulations supported my original decision. Normally, out of procedural equity I will accede to reasonable requests.

My peer shows no such restraint. He seeks the limelight and uses off the wall interpretations of law. Over the course of my time in NYC I have had to rework numerous cases and the less said the better. I asked a former boss why he was giving me this ridiculous case when it has Batman written all over it. You will cover all the bases and get it done right the first time. Also the opposing attorney will have no grounds for any complaints. My reputation for fairness and following procedures is widely known.

Now some of my peers think I had a hand in the move. Batman himself loves the idea and is line for a major raise. My area is cleansed of his toxic and divisive presence. The damage of his presence will be felt for years. Officers without a clue will waste time and some will follow his poor example. If this is a punishment he is loving every moment.

Those who know me grasp I am not the type to be jealous over the good fortune of others. My way is good luck and good riddance don't call.

One trait that drives me up a wall is boasting. Do your job, do it well for its own sake.  Show class and humility and let others sing your praises.

Exes should remain in the past

I am an advocate of no contact after a relationship ends. To be frank, I don't care and I don't really waste my time thinking about such matters. I would appreciate not seeking out members of my family or close friends and just going about your business. I have no idea why exes have this desire. The notion strikes me as bizarre as anyone remotely familiar with me would get this. i might visit an area where I lived or worked  and buy lunch at a familiar place. I don't live in the past.

My sister in law is a disgrace and a joke. Her running over to an ex is the exact reason my daughter will never see these relatives. My parents have met my family and my nephew can drop over. The rest are not people I trust. My sister in laws stupid reaction was another classic excuse. When that didn't work the reflexive boorish fake piety act kicks in. Of course had she not been classically late none of this happens.

In my case when I bumped into relatives of my ex. I never inquired or brought up the subject. Glad to see you. What type of work are you doing. Nice to see you and moved on to another area.

There are those who post their lives on Facebook. I am private and quiet about my life. I am not the type to reconnect and prefer to remain a mystery.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

That was awkward

One thing that is for certain, my sister in law is the stupidest person on the planet. She has the unique propensity to find new ways to piss me off and be totally stupid. Did we remind everyone that if there was a hardcore championship belt for being unemployable and lazy she would win that as well.

My maternal grandmother was a woman of great brilliance and strength. She loved her son who died thirty years before her and was never quite the same. Her wish was that his wife and mother of her grandsons would be interred in the family plot.  It was assumed that she would wish to be buried next to second husband.  Somewhere the plans changed and my cousins had to reach out to my mother to make my grandmothers wish true.

Usually, my sister has to play the role of level headed, but I had to pinch hit.

My cousins were gracious and offered me a car service home. I thanked them and reminded them it was my daughters first day in school.

The touchy situation with the drama queen ex was averted. She stared at me the whole time, but when she wished to speak I moved away. Sadly, she obviously doesn't know me well enough to know that I am not the type to speak to exes or many people. I value my privacy and wish she would respect that.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Sometimes the bosses say what they mean and they mean what they say

Those of  you who are familiar with this blog know I hate braggarts. In general I loathe self described heroes who scream about their imagined expertise. In reality the person was an incompetent baboon who excelled in flinging feces. For seven years I listened to the boasting and the arrogance.

Do I give a crap if the guy gets a promotion? Hell no as long as he is far from my desk and does not foul my presence by visits I am okay. In fact I walk out of any room he visits. He never did actual work and left the rest of us to clean up his mess.

The boss told me the neighborhoods getting better. I may have to shift offices again but who cares. His old boss will likely draft one from my team. The question is if I can talk my boss into cutting me free, not easy.

In general have some class. Let others sing your praises and show some humility. When the top boss asked me to rank my position among my peers I told him top thirty and he told me top five. Dependable people who show up and have a lets kick some $5^&&& are prized more than those who shout from bullhorns and makes disasters.

Never Open A Closed Book

I have to return to the burial grounds for a relative I did not particularly care for. When I walked away from one relationship she served as the eyes and ears of an ex. My mother was not discreet enough to say my whereabouts are unknown.

When a man starts walking with no intention of returning, he owes no explanation. If I had a child, then I would owe support and an explanation to the child. The door is always open and sometimes people leave and keep walking.

In all honesty, I have not spent any thought about this person. The chapter was closed long ago and not meaningful to me. I merely went on doing whatever I chose and lived an ordinary life. Money can buy many objects but it can't buy depth or anything real.

The time was not special to me and I am not the type to look back.

No doubt this person has some sort of drama in store. She always makes big scenes when she meets my parents, but they are bored by her. They will pity and tolerate her for a few moments. I don't do family functions and am considered deceased by those outside my immediate family.

All of us have our regrets and pages we would like to rewrite. In this case the person wants something from me that I will not provide. I have no interest in reminiscing and wish she would leave my family alone. Our time was brief and forgotten and I never revisit it.

I am a father and officer.

My loves are as follows

1) My child, step grandchildren, biological family and Maltese
2) Being an Officer
3) Guyana
4) Junkfood culture
5) Surf Music

This person is not even close to the love of my life. Why she insists on drama and pestering my family is unknown. I don't have answers, because I didn't care enough to think of the question. Obviously her life has been empty and she lives in the past. I went on writing many new chapters, but the best chapters are as loving parent.

Funny, I always thought my finest chapter would be some torrid passion. Yet compared to the dignified love of being a father it is trivial.This person does not have the class to just go away.Pursuing this more than a dozen years is just creepy.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Learned a few things

The ability to speak well publicly is apparently rare. I hate to do this role but apparently I excel in it. If possible it is better for an officer who is closer to the deceased to do the talking. When I addressed the family this was not a canned speech it was something from the heart from someone who knew the deceased. The decision of my boss. to make an appearance but let me talk was correct.

As children we know about our parents, but we know little about work. My daughter knows I am an officer but she knows little about what I do. Filling in the daily routine was important for the children. In the case of the deceased he was modest about his accomplishments at home and at work. He was top notch before illness robbed him of some skills. I did not talk about the decline of skills.

Contrary to the assessment of poultry my ability to prepare a speech on a variety of subjects is considered first rate. I did perform this for a previous boss a few times. The notion of me performing my own material was not considered. On this occasion, I was asked multiple times who wrote that. When one writes legal decisions it makes other types of writing easier. Legal writing is devoid of emotion and comedy, although on rare occasions sometimes subtle  sarcasm will slip through.

As my boss is paranoid, I don't have to worry about assisting in the directors other projects. The current boss clamps down on my contributions because she is insecure and likes to steal credit. She is limited in her intellect to legal thinking and I draw on many and it is difficult for me. She asked for a specific problem to be solved and I used a flowchart to explain why the problem could not be solved in her rigid parameters. It could be solved by changing the parameters of the question. Her boss understood the presentation as thinking outside the box. However, I clearly demonstrated solving the problem with the limitations imposed by the question was mathematically impossible.