Monday, September 08, 2014

Relatively Lucky

I have had the good fortune that most of my exes understood my desire for no contact. Women usually initiate the breakup and then play mind games. My response has always been you want a breakup fine, but don't contact me ever. Once or two reminders is usually all it takes.

Unfortunately, one of these exes has no life and lives in a personal mythology of failed romances. We lived together for a while and this behavior should be expected. As I knew who was the conduit, I could keep track of the information in theory. Unfortunately, my mother and sister did a piss poor job at having fun with this. Feeding disinformation like prison terms for selling bootleg videos would have been fun.

As the exes conduit died, I had to expect some type of stunt. In this case, I pointed out that I am a family man with a steady job. I showed some of her relatives who asked family photos. I also asked no questions about my ex so hopefully this fascination will cease. If this person wants to blame anyone she can look in the mirror.  She pursued the romance and also ended it. My response was simple. If I walk don't ever contact me. When she called days later, I told her no contact meant no contact.

I am mortified my ex would behave like this in front of her new boyfriend. Obviously, if I observed this behavior I would be running. As bit was obvious I snubbed her perhaps no harm done .

If this were a man keeping tabs on an ex for a dozen years after a relationship ended we would be in stalker territory. Females tend to take advantage of the unresolved feelings angle even when they initiate the breakup. How one causes the breakup and clings to victimology is a mystery.


Duckys here said...

I hope you get over her soon. You clearly have some emotional baggage.

beakerkin said...

So obsessed I have never called and avoided this person for twelve years.
Funny, I merely spend my days with my family while she wastes away.

Excuse me, I would sooner spend time with the daughter and step grand daughters than waste time on socialite airheads. Who has kept tabs on whom for a dozen years? If I wanted contact I would have done so years earlier.

It is obvious who hasn't gotten over whom. I have no interest in any contact. My closure was on the day I left and I never look back. My desire
for privacy should be respected.