Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The media is in overdrive in attacking the NFL. Domestic violence is a nation wide problem. The notion that it is unique to the NFL is a media creation. It is important to mandate treatment by . professionals and not just in the NFL.  If players m andiss treatment then suspend.

We have a Pothead President and Mayor of our largest city. The NFL should not be absurd with its punishment for pot usage. The media elites who hound the players should ask Obama, Di Blassio and Bill Clinton  about drug use. In the case of Obama this was a major part of his life and it should have been a campaign issue. If we don't drug test the President why should anyone else be drug tested.

Steroids and Human growth hormone are serious issues and penalties should remain severe. The penalties for stimulants need to be treated with common sense. Player A has ADD and a medical professional prescribes a substance it is a different matter than recreational usage.

We do need to make the game safer. Better use technology in constructing helmets is needed.
Better medical care for retired players is also needed.

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Duckys here said...

The notion that it is unique to the NFL is a media creation.

No, it is a creation of the Beak's imagination.
No sane individual believes the abuse is limited to the NFL. Many do believe the NFL often looked the other way.