Sunday, September 14, 2014

Worse than the Ten Plauges

The Giants are doing fine when life's walking disaster reel walks in the frummies. I have a car for eight years no mishaps. The frimmies guilt my parents into giving the planets worst relatives my car.
All of the sudden it catches fire and becomes an accident magnet. Five accidents in one year.

I was offered a great deal on an Impala and I said no. The frummies will just take this next car and wreck it too.

I am tired of this bullshit that my idiotic sister in law can't work. Actually she can work and uses the sick and depraved frummie lifestyle to mooch off of others.

I sm so sickened by my brother and his obnoxious lazy family, I want to be buried in Guyana away from any frummies.

Remember in films the bad guys wear the black hats. In life when you see a frummie keep running. They make out with the fake sense of piousness but it is all a scam to get out of hard work. I can just envision a film Frum Zombies from Kiryas Joel wait that is too close to reality.


Duckys here said...

The frimmies guilt my parents into giving the planets worst relatives my car.
How can your parents give them YOUR car?

Get a pair, man.

beakerkin said...

Quite easy, I store the car away from the Queens apt. Parking and insurance cost 300 a month.

The frum lifestyle is very expensive and has come out of my inheritance. The expensive private schools and a wife that refuses to work means poverty. Add in prohibitively expensive food and a host of absurdly expensive celebrations.

My parents ran a guilt trip about how
dire my brothers financial situation is. They ran down a list of favors and guilted me into it.

Of course the notion of his useless wife ever getting and holding a job
never gets discussed. Now this woman's sloth has hit my wallet.

My sister in law has the unique ability to piss me off by screwing up
routine situations. Encounter one of my exes she talks for hours. Chew her
out about it she goes into the pious

Frummies think the entire world owes them because they are religious. I get offered great deals on cars all the time. The daughter in laws father
owns a garage, but I won't go through this again.

Duckys here said...

The inheritance?

You mean, the kapital from the sweat shops?

It's much clearer, now.

beakerkin said...

excuse me. When my brother sends his kids to expensive private schools with my inheritance it crosses the line.
The money for those dreadful schools came from my inheritance last check I am short 30K.

My father had nothing to do with sweatshops. He was an Accountant.