Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Never Open A Closed Book

I have to return to the burial grounds for a relative I did not particularly care for. When I walked away from one relationship she served as the eyes and ears of an ex. My mother was not discreet enough to say my whereabouts are unknown.

When a man starts walking with no intention of returning, he owes no explanation. If I had a child, then I would owe support and an explanation to the child. The door is always open and sometimes people leave and keep walking.

In all honesty, I have not spent any thought about this person. The chapter was closed long ago and not meaningful to me. I merely went on doing whatever I chose and lived an ordinary life. Money can buy many objects but it can't buy depth or anything real.

The time was not special to me and I am not the type to look back.

No doubt this person has some sort of drama in store. She always makes big scenes when she meets my parents, but they are bored by her. They will pity and tolerate her for a few moments. I don't do family functions and am considered deceased by those outside my immediate family.

All of us have our regrets and pages we would like to rewrite. In this case the person wants something from me that I will not provide. I have no interest in reminiscing and wish she would leave my family alone. Our time was brief and forgotten and I never revisit it.

I am a father and officer.

My loves are as follows

1) My child, step grandchildren, biological family and Maltese
2) Being an Officer
3) Guyana
4) Junkfood culture
5) Surf Music

This person is not even close to the love of my life. Why she insists on drama and pestering my family is unknown. I don't have answers, because I didn't care enough to think of the question. Obviously her life has been empty and she lives in the past. I went on writing many new chapters, but the best chapters are as loving parent.

Funny, I always thought my finest chapter would be some torrid passion. Yet compared to the dignified love of being a father it is trivial.This person does not have the class to just go away.Pursuing this more than a dozen years is just creepy.

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