Friday, September 12, 2014

Another 9-11

Yes we hit another anniversary. The facts still remain the same. Idiotic terrorists acting in the name of Islam committed a crime against humanity. Rather than deal honestly with the situation we were fed the mantra Islam is the religion of peace.

While I don't hold all Muslims responsible ignoring the disdain for human life advocated by some is
denying reality. This does not mean you should hate the man up the block. In the case of Stephen Schwartz, he would be the first to point out the problem with many elements of the community.

Muslims are not victims and their history of colonial abuse of non Muslims is part of the historical record.

Muslims like any other large group of people contain a mix of good, evil and banal. There is a major difference between Stephen Schwartz who is an American patriot who cares about his faith and the folks at CAIR.

In the end Muslims like Schwartz and plenty of others have to asses the damage created by pointless terrorism and rampant abuses against non Muslim females by ISIS Boko Haram and others. Making Snuff films and depraved acts does not promote the cause of Islam and creates powerful counter reactions.

The folks at ISIS are Superfly Muslims. They rant about how Islam should be supreme while doing everything in their power to make the religion look uncivilized. ISIS is more akin to criminality using Islam for its own ends than people who are serious about their faith.


Duckys here said...

I suppose I can understand the fascination with Schwartz even though he has been a nonentity for many years.

He is critical of Wahhabism which is sensible but ineffective. He wants to push towards war with Saudi Arabia which is insane.

He supports Likud which is a requirement for Beak to consider anyone a patriotic American.

He has a very unsophisticated world view that has no influence so I can see why he would appeal to you.

beakerkin said...

I can see why you remain bitter towards
Schwartz. He was a leftist like you, but after seeing the idiocy in action
he grew up.

Communists like yourself need Muslims to be victims. Schwartz has respect for the rights of non Muslims. He is serious about his faith and his patriotism.

He has never advocated violence against the Saudis and envisioned a type of non violent transition. His version of the faith has open doors
and welcomes all as opposed to the gunpoint.

As a commie you need to exploit people for your sick agenda.

When are you going to join ISIS. They
need a film editor as their snuff films are poorly produced.