Monday, May 31, 2010

A day with the Tranquil Sea

I spent a short day with the Tranquil Sea. We had a short family meal and it was off to work. On the way back I did stop by the Museum of the American Indian. I did pay a years membership dues and proceeded to the book store. I am disappointed that they did not have more on the Abenakis and Oneida. Of course there was wall to wall stuff on the Plains folks. I would like to see more on the Northeastern tribes who seem to get lousy PR.

I am glad that Kenneth Roberts has devoted plenty of space to the Abenakis in the early part of Arundel. For those of you keeping score Northwind was mostly French with some Abenaki as well.

Waiting for the facts

I am going to wait a bit before commenting on the lefties getting shot at sea. In general from past
experience with fake Jenin massacres, doctored film of kids being supposedly shot by them Joooos
and stories of Jooooos stealing organs from Haitians lifted out of the blood libel we should wait for the facts to emerge.

These were not peace protesters singing "we shall overcome". These were hardened communist agitators looking to manipulate the media as usual.

Our own Bad Eagle type of hreoes

As Memorial Day arrives the question arises as to who our personal heroes are. Each and every one of us has a relative or a person to whom they look at as heroic. They do not have to be military
people. It could be someone like the family of Junglemom who has dedicated herself to serving a community and spreading the word of Christ. It can be any Veteran including Warren, Justin, Elmer or Big Bubba. Or it can be a devoted wife like AOW who has faced adversity.

In my own family we have our own giants. None looms larger than my maternal grandmother who was the most brilliant person I have ever met. Life had not been kind to her, but she never complained about losing her family in the Holocaust, said a bad word about her first husband (my grandfather) who was a creep or losing a beloved son three decades before she passed away. She was a loving grandparent and a brilliant business woman.

My paternal grandfather was a gentle man who served in the Polish Cavalry. He was a simpler man whose dedication to his craftsmanship and his family were the center of his life. He was not
political but understood Communism was evil and fought with distinction for the Polish Army in the war against the Bolshevik savages. He had no love for Poland and left at the first opportunity
to emigrate to America. He loved this country and was very proud of his citizenship. He despised
war in general and was not very political. He did strongly support the State of Israel and visited
the Kotel shortly after it was liberated. A picture of his visit wearing tephilin and a talis hung on the wall next to his framed citizenship papers.

These are just two of my own relatives I could have chosen. My pen name is an actual tribute to
my younger brother the Beloved Rav Roov whose nick name is "the Beaker". The pen name is an actual inside joke as my brother complained about my shadow. Thus when I created a pen name I placed myself in his shadow. I am happy being known as the relative of "the Beaker".

Each of us likely has our own Bad Eagle type of heroic relative. As odd as it seems many of you will even become inspirational models for the future generations in someone's life.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The shoes of the Beakerkin

My nephew Drummaster has ironically followed my career path. He is much smarter than I am as I blundered into this career entirely by accident. People with my major tended to work on Wall Street but the market tumbled before I graduated and the jobs were gone. I was supposed to go to law school, but romance changed that path.

Drummaster is starting out with a lot of pluses. He is going into the field with a criminal justice degree. Oddly, I think business is an advantage as one will learn law on the job. The one advantage he had that I did not was a role model as I merely drifted with the winds and settled into being an officer.

Drummaster is quite sharp and posses a more clinical mind. He does not posses the large personality or stage presence of Rav Roov or myself. It remains to be seen if he has the ability to improvise on the fly. However, as he tends to be more clinical and methodical he should do fine.

One of his sisters has also followed my path. I do not expect her to remain there as her abilities
and temperament are a poor match. She does not posses the love of the written word or writing
ability. Unfortunately, she has my lightning rod factor. Hopefully, she will find another career path more suited to her skills.

Officer Drummaster has a good sound to it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Candidates For The Beakerkin Office Wall

Every three months or so I add a celebrity picture to the wall in my office. Currently, there is a Telly Savalas picture and one of Dennis Weaver. I will place ten candidates on the list and you can vote who will be the next person on the wall

1) John Wayne. I already have a book with his likeness prominently exhibited.
2) Clint Eastwood
3) Jack Klugman
4) Gary Coleman
5) Lee Marvin
6) Derek Jeter
7) Raquel Welch
8) Charlton Heston
9) Eli Walach
10) Deborah Harry

I am leaning to placing up a picture of John Wayne from the Searchers. If I were to place one of Eastwood it would be Dirty Harry.

I cast my vote for Wayne.

The reality of Gays and the law

The United States does provide some avenue of relief for people in abusive relationships known as the VAWA act. The abuse need not be physical and there is some legitimate discussion about what is and is not non physical abuse. A spouse that flaunts adulterous affairs and is not named Clinton qualifies under the law. It is a law with good intentions, but there are serious questions as to where we draw the line over what qualifies.

The problem is that some gays and lesbians often to not live in families that resemble Ozzie and Harriet or even the dysfunctional and borderline criminal Bundy family. The reality is that by not recognizing the reality of these relationships via Civil Union or Marriage we are forcing some people
to stay in violent relationships needlessly. The problem is also worse than one presumes because many times the gay or lesbian applicants are estranged from their families.

I am also not a fan of laws that encourage otherwise honest people to break the law because there is no legal redress. Thus an officer has to endure Will and Grace fakeries from Gays trying to remain in the USA to be with their real loved ones via fake marriages.

I am still pro civil union. Unlike some of my peers I am ready for the day when a change in the law will remedy this situation. We will judge the elements of the Union as we do for other couples
and the process won't be much different.

Officers work with the laws that are on the books.When the laws or policies change we adapt. I
would remind people that criticize the folks in AZ that the policy of benign neglect has not alleviated the problem of illegal aliens. The legal residents of Arizona have a right to enforce existing laws. Perhaps if the administration hired and deployed enough ICE agents and Immigration Judges who enforce the law the furor would die down.

Remember that all laws have consequences and human faces behind them.

Friday, May 28, 2010

RIP Gary Coleman

I was a huge Gary Coleman fan. He was fun and had parts in other TV shows as well. He was in Good Times and Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century. In later years he was down on his luck and did some appearances on TV. He even appeared on the Simpsons twice, Married with Children and the last episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

He was always making fun of himself. There was a comedy bit with the Gary Coleman grill. He was also in the Surreal life and ran for Governor. He was more qualified than Ariana Huffington.

In later years his life was filled with trouble. It was a sad end for a man who brought joy and happiness to millions. He was everyone's little brother.

Forgotten Allies by Glatthaar and Martin

This is very valuable and informative reading about the history of the Revolutionary War and the historical contributions of the Oneida people. The book describes how the new Nations forgot their allies and the tribe split up. Some of the tribe moved to Wisconsin and Canada.

The book introduces us to many memorable and brave Oneida. The patriot Thomas Sinivais gave his life for the cause. The mighty Warrior Hon Yerry and his wife Two Kettles together and a son fought with distinction at Oriskany which may have been the most brutal of the entire conflict. Blatcop Toneyentagoyon who broke his arm at Oriskany was one of two Oneidas recognized by Lafayette Fifty years later. The other was Henry Cornelius.

The book is not only the story of mighty warriors. It is the story of the devout Good Peter trying to save his tribe from alcohol. It is the story of the wise leader Grasshopper and the ageless and wise Skenadoah who lived to be 110.

I have read several books and many articles about the battle of Oriskany. This book is the first that deals with the Oneida and other Indians who fought with the patriots. Their history should be told as well as the Stockbridge Indians who fought with the patriots in the Revolutionary War.

The book is a very pleasant reading experience and well worth the time and effort to read.

It is the economy stupid

The job of government is to regulate industry, protect its citizens, build and maintain public works projects and limited social safety nets. Over time the expansion of these safety nets and lavish retirement benefits cripple an economy.

The problem is that the political left talks about defense while ignoring entitlements. The question in this age should be "is this the governments job to..". We need to also review the practices and
training of governmental agencies. We need to redirect and refocus our governmental agencies
with a coherent operating model that has increased accountability and efficiency.

We also have to rethink narcotics and violence. It is apparent that the drug trade plays a large role
in terrorism and creating chaos in places like Mexico, Colombia and Jamaica. It may be time to rethink and redirect our policies.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Islamo Communism Weakens

There are certain odious aspects of life in the Saudi Kingdom that do mimic Communist thugery.
The theocracy does maintain a force of religious police and finks that are similar to famed Cuban
block patrols.

Well apparently some of the local women have had it and one apparently beat the crap out of the religious goon. We talk about Saudi Arabia but in reality they did not react in as brutal manner as had this happened in Cuba.

The Duck could swap out his manifesto for a Koran and repeat 90% of his material. In reality communism has more in common with the corrupt Saudi Thugocracy than a secular democracy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who is gay ???

I am kind of perplexed with all of the talk about who is and who is not gay. The truth is that we can not really tell who is gay by vocation or interest.

A friend of mine who sometimes comments here is gay. He served as a proud chaplain in the Army
and has children and lives in Texas. On the other hand I worked in women's fashion in the famed garment center for well over a decade. Unlike my friend Justin I am often found in art museums or in Broadway shows. I prefer Surfer instrumentals, Pink Floyd, British Invasion Music and will listen to a Broadway show tune album on rare occasion. I live in NYC and have lived in Union Square which is very gay and communist. The stereotypes would say I am gay and Justin is not but life isn't stereotypes.

Some of us feel Yeagley may or may not be gay. He says he is some sort of asexual type probably due to a mental defect or two. He did describe a romance in college with a Jewish female that didn't work out. He does have an interest in womens fashion which is unusual. However, I worked with many gay and straight people in the fashion industry. I can probably do Yeagley one better in that I actually designed something that did get sold in Lord and Taylor and that is a real long story.

There is plenty of speculation about the orientation of poultry. This is caused by his constantly outing other people. To be honest I really do not care who is or is not gay. It has less impact on me personally than working next to a vegan. Working next to a vegan who gives me headaches
about my love of KFC and Cuban cuisine is a bummer. Being in a relationship with a vegan is a deal killer for me as I like to bond over a meal. The Tranquil Sea does not eat Beef or Pork but I am able to make do. I explained to the Beloved Sprite that my people do eat Beef and I will eat pork where it is appropriate as in Cuban sandwiches.

Maybe Poultry who uses gay as an epithet is not as evolved as he thinks. I do not see gay as an epithet, it just is not me.

To the clown who thinks I should adopt a tribe and give myself a name. I am a member of an ancient tribe known as the tribe of Judah. I do have a tribal name as well so I am not lacking there. Oddly some communist antisemite claimed that my religious name was an alias. Actually,
it is only used for ceremonies and only my immediate family knows what that name is. Oddly, as I never state what it is I can never be called to perform ceremonies. I use the Spaghetti Western
Technique of the man with no name to avoid ceremonies. When asked I state the name on the birth certificate only. I think only my parents and Rav Roov know what that name is.

TheHayworth flap

What is lost in the discussion of the Hayworth was the context of the discussion. The discussion was about the legality of military action without formal declarations of war. In the case of Hayworth
he is factually wrong but substantively correct. In this case Congress affirmed a state of war after it had been declared by Germany. This is quite different than initiating a declaration of war. The substance of Hayworths point is largely correct. We declared war on Germany only after Hitler declared war on the USA.

I find it odd that the shrill lefties remain silent on yet another Democrat lying about serving in Vietnam. For the record I have never heard of anyone calling service in the reserves a dodge other than lefties talking about Quayle and GW Bush. Serving in the reserves is still honorable and we salute all veterans not named John Kerry.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big Mistake Freeing Lori Berenson

Lori Berenson should not have been freed by the government of Peru. In fact she should face additional charges for aiding and abetting terrorists. From her interview in 2008 she shows zero remorse and has not come to grips with her crimes.

People on the far left think that they can violate US law and conduct their own foreign policy. Berenson had zero business getting involved in another nations civil war. The Castro regime which is peachy with Berenson has executed Americans for far less than her activities.

Berenson will probably write a book, go on the University Bolshevik lecture scene. If she possessed
any degree she would parlay this into a job for no scholarship.

Thanking The Readers

I want to thank the readers of this blog on the day before my birthday. It was an interesting year, but ultimately things worked out in the end. I have never been happier in my life.

I want to specially thank TMW, AOW and Warren for their patience. AOW was a wonderful host
and my trip came at an interesting time. Her poor students likely had to endure some of the books I brought with me. The restaurant we went to was my idea of a fine one excellent food and accommodation, decent price and killer fried zucchini.

The Tranquil Sea and the Beloved Sprite fill my days with love. I will be celebrating my first fathers day this year. I really did not think I was up to the task of serving in a parental role. The role just comes naturally. Sometimes, I amaze myself with the patience and gentleness that does not seem to be me. The Beloved Sprite is a great kid who never knew her biological father who passed away before she was born. She is more of an arts and crafts type than I. It is amazing how different she is from the nieces or nephews. Drummaster and Cheekseter were very similar
to myself and the Beloved Rav Roov and just glide through books. The rest have to work for what they can get.

Oddly, Son of a Beaker is probably headed abroad to study in a Yeshiva as his passions lie with theology. The kid does have a good heart, but being a pulpit clergyman takes real charisma and a large personality like myself of Rav Roov. He does not seem to have been given one. Having a large personality and stage presence is a blessing and a curse. I am always remembered and people always have an opinion. It is a lot easier to go through life as a vanilla faceless type. My career in government probably would have been easier if I had a smaller personality like Son of a Beaker.

For all of the difficulties we sometimes have moments that make everything worth while. I had a case where I was able to help a woman who had been waiting for 38 years for the right officer.
The job is often very magical. I can not describe another job where you walk in the city and people run and hug you and say Thank you Officer Beakerkin. Most of the time I do not remember them.

So I am off to find the missing Surf Rock CDS that annoy the Vegan. I am looking for a copy of Northwest Passage by Roberts in the used book stores. Even on Amazon hard cover is a chunk of change. I will also try and find a book or two on the Donme or crypto Jews of Turkey at some point. There is much discussion of their role in Jihadist and Joooo obsessed type circles.

Life is goooooooood.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

In celebration of life Slobs vs Snobs on Film

In honor of my birthday which I share with John Wayne, James Arness and Sissy Spacek I will do another version of Slobs vs Snobs on film. We will discuss some popular films with our resident film aficionados and the regular readers.

I view film as entertainment. Our resident film experts are into the medium as art. No doubt the
use of Monument Park and others is ancillary to conveying a good story and entertaining the audience. One of our critics is a fan of nudity in film. Our other expert is Poultry who likes every cliche leftist. We are going to put them to the test with some of the favorite films of Beakerkin.
It will be interesting to see the clash of Snobs vs Slobs in interview style.

Expect the unexpected. We do not have the cavalry in this segment. However, we could have Mr. B, Justin, The Editrix and perhaps Mac arriving over the hill.

This is my Birthday Gift to the readers.

1) I am a big fan of the film The Searchers. The opening and closing sequences are classics and the use of Monument Park are memorable. What is memorable is John Wayne arguably at his best. He named one of his children Ethan after the character. This film is hated by Dr. Yeagley for its ugly portrayal of Comanche.

Historically there were raids and abduction of children and women. The most famous of these is the mother of Quanah Parker. I do not know if this film would be made today. The notion of Indians being evil is not PC. Sonia could point out the death of the sister in law and niece would
be more graphically portrayed. Ford manages to get the imagery across without needless disturbing imagery. Folks like Yeagley miss the image of Chief Scar is the mirror image of Wayne. We hear of his family being killed and the analysis is simplified. Wayne takes his niece home and walks away with his life's work finnished.

Would this film even be made today? How would the film be different if it were produced today.

2) I want to talk about a fine actor who seems to be lost in the discussion of time. Robert Shaw
has a nice body of work from playing the crusty Quint in Jaws. I was hoping the shark would eat the hippie bum portrayed by Richard Dreyfus and have a bad LSD trip. He played the villain in
the great movie the Sting. The Duck probably will not forgive him for playing a heroic Israeli who
jumps on a blimp to save Americans from a Palestinian terrorist attack. That is probably another film that would never be made today where Arab terrorists and their communist sympathizers are misunderstood. I also enjoyed one of his last films The Deep. What are your views on the film legacy of Robert Shaw.

3) The film Once Upon a Time in the West is often lost in the discussion of great Westerns. The Musical score is excellent and Henry Fonda does a decent job playing a villain. Claudia Cardinale was breath taking and Charles Bronson does a memorable job as harmonica. The ending of the film is classic Leone and those of you who have seen it are not apt to forget the reason Bronson carries the Harrmonica. Has this film been lost in a discussion of the Great Western Films?

4) Lets talk once again of books vs film. I can say that reading Drums Along the Mohawk was much better than the film. However, QB7 was a much better film than the Dreadful film. Lord of the Rings was excellent in both versions. Name some films that were better than the book and the converse. TMW has stated she feels Ben Hur the book was even better than the excellent film.

5) Lets talk about the Native American in film. The pendulum has swung from the Indian being the blood thirsty Savage to the all wise knowing man in touch with Nature. The Book Drums Along the Mohawk does accurately convey the terror of the colonists created by the Indian raids of Joseph Brandt. The book also portrays the role of the Oneida as friend and ally of the Patriots.
Sadly in the film this is almost invisible. The film does not even portray the Battle of Oriskany which was perhaps the most brutal in the Revolutionary War because a thunderstorm made all the gunpower unusable. It was hand to hand fighting and the book does not mention the heroic efforts of the Oneida heroes. Has the pendulum swung too far in the other direction of making Indians into all wise shamans. At least we have gotten to the era of Native Americans playing themselves. Is reality too complex to be conveyed by Hollywood in this area.

6) Nazis seem to be the only good film villains. Are we ever going to get a film where communists are portrayed as evil. It was certainly fun watching Forrest Gump and John Wayne punch out commies. Why have commies become passe as bad guys in film? Of course we have never had a single film about Che shooting prisoners without trial. There was less truth in the portrayal of films about the criminal Black Panthers than in the notoriously inaccurate Jesse James films. I think films with Muslim terrorists are also passe. The Duck probably has not forgiven Burt Lancaster for portraying Leon Klinghoffer in one of his last films.

7) I was watching some clips of the Marx Brothers on you tube. I do not think that we have seen anything before or after quite like them. The films mixed well defined character based comedy with musical interludes. Then again the Marx Brothers were from Vaudeville and had to do more than just tell jokes to entertain the crowd. What makes the Marx brothers different from all the other comedy films? Will we ever see anything quite like them again.

8) The disaster film is a forgotten genre. I enjoyed the Poseidon Adventure with Ernest Borgnine who was in a few great films that I remember and the Towering Inferno. What was your favorite film in this genre.

9) The Producers is one of my favorite films. The hidden part that gets lost in the later versions was the portrayal of Hitler as a hippie by Dick Shawn. Mel Brooks is a mixed bag as I enjoyed Blazing Saddles but was not a fan of Space Balls. What are your thoughts on the Producers and work of Mel Brooks.

10) The era of the Vietnam films did not quite pan out the way the lefties in Hollywood intended.
My generation saw the Vietnam veteran as screwed by bad governmental policy and by traitorous protesters. Apocalypse Now was not received in quite the manner it was intended. Eventually the Vietnam Vet morphed from the troubled vet in the first Rambo film onto a hero that was larger than life. What are your favorite films from the Vietnam era? Mine are Apocalypse Now ( had nothing to do with Gomer Kerry), Hamburger Hill, Good morning Vietnam and the sidebar in Forrest Gump.

11) Is the epic a lost art form. I was not a fan of the English Patient but did enjoy the Last Emperor. Are they still being produced today and I haven't noticed. My favorite still remains Dr Zhivago.

12) Are there films that you shouldn't like but just do. I enjoyed Born in East LA and surprisingly so did my parents. I was surprised they enjoyed Borat as well. What films that are clearly not classics do you enjoy.

13) Musicals are still around but do not seem to capture the magic of the earlier generation. The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum was good in spite of a reduced number of songs. Were Musicals of the older generation just better?

14) We generally do not spend much time on the era of films set in China. My personal favorite is The Sand Pebbles. The Last Emperor, 55 Days in Peking and Blood Alley getting honorable mentions. What are your views on the above films.

15) Have too many James Bond Films been made? I did enjoy the goofy Clifton James playing the comic Sheriff JW Pepper in two films. That aspect of the clueless local and later goofy sidekick seems lost in the latter films.

16) Which athlettes stand out as great actors? I am going to prepare for a major groan as the Duck is probably going to use this spot to praise Stalinist imbecile Paul Robeson. Merlin Olsen and Rosey Grier didn't do much film work but he could act. Jim Brown is a better actor than OJ and has a classic film role under his belt. Kareem Abdul Jabar and Wilt Chamberlain were in bad films, but I liked Chamberlains performance in the second Conan film. Oddly, I can not recall any baseball players being in a movie.

17) Are there any actors or actresses that are in more film roles in memorable films than one would expect. Michael Caine has literally been everywhere in his career. I can think of at least four or five decent films with Ernest Borgnine. Is there anyone whose body of work is probably better than we would guess.

18) Is there ever a film that you wonder why it was made Moulin Rouge was a bore? I would pay not to see Yentyl or anything with Streisand in it. She is a pain to watch and I will take Celine Dion as a singer.

19) I do not get Van Hefllin? Perhaps I am missing his best films.

20) How many years after the Iraq war will it take for this conflict to make the silver screen?

21) I did enjoy watching Young Abe Lincoln in Illinois as a kid. Would a comedic spoof called Young Bill Clinton in Arkansas make money? I could even see Bill Clinton enjoying a ribbing about trailer parks, smoking pot and dodging the draft.

22) Is Hollywood trying to sneak gay scenes in needlessly? Did we need a gay Sherlock Holmes or James Bond being bisexual. I don't think these scenes added to the film.

23) What film stands out with having the best soundtrack. The films of Sergio Leone stand out. I am convinced that Superfly will remain in history as the only film that has a soundtrack that grosses more than the film.

24) What are your views on the Indiana Jones franchise? My favorite by far was the Third film.
The scene with Adolph Hitler giving an autograph at a book burning was classic. This is the rare film where the sequel was much better than the original.

25) Name three actors and actresses you feel should find alternate vocations.

1) John Travolta painful to watch any of his films other than Grease.
2) Ben Afleck dreadful
3) Richard Dreyfus- about as fun as root canal or when the doctor buts on the white glove.

1) Streisand over rated abomination that is probably a form of torture in some cultures
2) Nicole Kidman Beautiful but a total bore
3) Cher- Why does this woman think she is beautiful? Lousy actress in anything other than Moonstruck.

The NYT report Europe a mess

Our birdbrained impaired Communist Duck has denied that Europe is turning into a economic mess due to entitlements. The European mess has been done without huge defense budgets and foreign wars by a system of socialist graft.

Now most of us agree that the government should provide some goods and services to the needy.However, retirement at 50 for civil servants is not something we can afford. The exception to this rule is in uniformed services like Police, Military and Firemen who need to be in peak condition. The retirement benefits are scandalous and many early retirees merely work a second job.

As for me I intend to go as long as possible. Retirement for me is 65 before I can collect or another 21 years if it has not been raised by then to 70. I am in better shape than most as I will collect a federal pension and some social security. In this lost generation the downturn is hitting some in their prime earning years.

Now the question remains who has turned the governments of Europe into a giant Ponzi scheme.
The answer is it is the legacy of Socialism. Universities would churn out mind impaired zombies
repeating Marxist cliches and handed out benefits while encouraging dependency. Restrictive workplace rules were created that hurt business and confiscatory taxation did the rest.

While Europe's financial crisis was blowing up the far left salonistas yawned and said "Praise Chavez and Cuba, bad Jooooo and America is eeeevil". Once again Beamishomics triumphs over socialism.

Entitlements and an industry aimed at keeping people on the dole has placed Europe in dire financial straits. Will we see euthanasia for the elderly with costly medical issues? Will we see
workfare in Europe? Not likely, but it should be interesting listening to the true believers now that the Bolshevik Times has had to admit the truth.

Bloomberg for President???

I am starting to think this country needs a kick in the pants. It needs someone who is beholden to
no parties and has proven he can govern and run things effectively.

It is true I do not share Bloomburg's green mania or his war on Sodium. Those positions are abominations, but are better than the status quo.

We need an outsider who will look at our current mess and demand results. Bloomburg understands and hires the best. He is forgiving of people who make errors because they are trying too hard, but woe unto thee who is a slacker on the public dole. Our nation needs professionalism and accountability in government and Bloomburg is uniquely able to provide this. He looks to surround himself with the best and brightest administrators.

If he decides to run I may go to work for the campaign. This is not about left or right in my case. It is about a government that is unaccountable, unfocused and needs professional guidance. He has proven he can deal with intransigent unions and get the job done.

The question is what do we get for our tax dollars? What is the plan for growth and getting America back on track? Bloomburg can handle those questions even if his green goofiness and war on sodium are inane.

The Tea Parties Paul Problem

I have been to Tea Party events and no bigotry and I went looking for it. The Paul problem is caused by the Tea Party crew's identification with the kooky Paul family. Rand Paul does not share his fathers mania about Israel. However, his comments and floundering on the Civil Rights Act is disturbing but not shocking.

Rand Paul's repeated appearances on Alex Jones radio show that features Tuther material that is frequently antisemitic is cause for concern. This would not be a problem if Paul were not the son of a crank who has accepted support from KKK types.

Hopefully, Rand Paul will be asked these questions in the coming days. Truthers have no place in any respectable group.

It is obvious who is obsessed with whom

The ancient rabid mongrel has an obsession with this site and CM. We have not commented on Yeagley's site for quite some time. The subject of his idiotic writings does get raised by commenters
such as the Duck.

CM is well liked by the readers and participants here. We do not have any of the nasty types of squables and tiffs those who are familiar with Batty Ann are quite familiar with.

Any attempt to sue anyone from the rabid mongrel will be met with a counter suit.

This site is above the IQ of the rabid mongrel and the gourd dancer.

Before you start bashing CM on her looks you should look in the mirror. Your recent pictures
are nothing to brag about. You look like a Chia Pet on steroids. Unlike Chia Pets that are loved you are loathed. How many ex husbands committed suicide just to get away from you.

Maybe Batty Ann can start a fresh round of Yeagley is gay rumors.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What a wonderful day

I spent the afternoon with the Tranquil Sea and the Beloved Sprite. Once again I ordered from the West Indian Chinese place up the block. I usually order on more dish than we have people. In theory it is easy as The Beloved Sprite Likes poultry, Tranquil Sea likes Shrimp and I will get some type of poultry and on rare occasion lamb with Chinese Vegetables. The Beloved Sprite likes Baby Corn so I gave her mine. I always try to block out three hours of time. Last week I was too exhausted from the Guyana community fundraiser.

I will be finishing the Book on Oneida history. If one is keeping track I started it way back but some other books with many of the same people popped up. If the Kenneth Roberts books arrive I will bump them to the front.

On the music front the Surf Instrumental sound drives the Vegan up the wall. I like the sound and the original fresh quality some of the Instrumental Rock songs have. Sometimes the songs have one or two words like the song Church Key.

I will see if the Guyana community has an independence day event.

Moving on to With Musket and Tomahawk by Louusz

This is an amazing book that reads as well as any Mitchner work. I recommend this for Summer reading or as fare for students of the Revolutionary War. We do not think of New York State in terms of rugged Wilderness. However, even today this region is somewhat wild in many areas. If you have not lived or traveled in the area it is made somewhat easier by roads. The rugged woods that were a part of the Battle remain.

I have driven in and around this region many times. Its rugged beauty persists till the current era.One does not need to go to Maine to see the primeval woods. It is much closer in Adirondak Park.

Onto an amazing part of the book. This area should have been fairly well known to the military in the UK. Many Battles were fought in the Ticonderoga and William Henry area. Armies had to contend with these obstacles in the French and Indian War.

Saratoga marks the last major campaign in the Northern region. There were plenty of raids, but the focus was elsewhere.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Once again we have a Democrat trying to boost their resume by telling stories about their service in Vietnam. At least Gomer Kerry actually served for three months and has stopped slandering the people who served with him for 33 years. Kerry is part of a generation that never grew up and defines itself by Vietnam. Horowitz, by contrast has learned from the serious errors and has evolved beyond cartoon form Marxism.

Long term readers know my birthday is coming up. I share my birthday with John Wayne, James Arness and Sissy Spacek. More interestingly and fittingly it is also the date of independence for my adopted country Guyana. I have been adopted by the local Guyanese community long before my relationship with the Tranquil Sea and the beloved Sprite. I have attended community functions and charity events and am looking forward to a trip to Guyana in the fall. Note where I am going is far from Hugo's crack den terrorist state. Should I encounter any Chavezistas they can not be killed and fed to local wildlife. As many Chavez supporters are huge drug addicts the effect of feeding drug addicts to carnivorous reptiles, fish and mammals is unknown. It would also represent unthinkable cruelty to animals that we do not endorse.

Maybe I can find a clip of John Wayne and James Arness punching out Commies in Big Jim McClain for my birthday.

I may do a special post for my birthday. We used to do an event known as a cyber roast. I will combine it with my tribute to radio host Bob Grant and call it a GAB post ( Get at Beakerkin).
Other than the banned commenters such as Greg, Gertie, John Brown, Uptown Steve, LWB and the satanic and hack writer Socrates you can let all the fur fly so long as you do not repeat yourself and are original.

I will do a smaller post where the readers can interview me below that.

There will be no B Team adventure Last of the Mobeakans or Beakerambo Stars is Hamlet and Eggs over Reds. Over Memorial Day I will see if I can round up Sonia and do another round of Slobs vs Snobs on Film. The focus will be entirely on popular films and the Duck will likely show up if only to skewer the host. In other words it will be those who view film as art vs those who view it as entertainment in that episode.

In Defense of David Horowitz

David Horowitz is a respected author and friend. People like the antisemitic Marxist Duck do not like him because he speaks the truth. Communists are fairly similar to Muslims in that they are obsessive and petty to people who were fellow Commies who reject Marxism.

The charge Horowitz is a bigot must be amusing to a man who marched in the famed Civil Rights Marches of the 60's, worked with the Black Panthers and has Black in laws and grandchildren. Horowitz break with the left started when he was disillusioned with the Black Panthers who were little more than a criminal gang with great PR. Contrary to film stories violence including the murder of a book keeper who Horowitz recommended are quite real. One can read the true story in Pearson's shadow of the Panther.

Many of his critics do not bother to have read his books. I have read most of them except for his earliest writing. His books are all excellent and the only problem he has is that when he has written so many good books at a certain point you compete against yourself.

There are those who point at his publishing of the disturbed Dr Yeagley. Many of us wanted to believe in Yeagley. Sadly, he was just not up to the lofty goals of Bad Eagle. As soon as he found out that Yeagley was preaching idiocy about race he was dropped. FYI One can also see numerous examples of my dealing directly with Yeagley on this issue. One can not see any examples of the Duck taking Commies to task over the most blatant forms of antisemitism including claims that a Jewish Cabal blew up the WTC and he has supported claims of organ theft.

Onto Horowitz and Islam, some of us see a threat to America from the far left and militant Islam.
One can listen to the calls for racist revolution from commie turd Gochez of Larazza. The Duck
pretends that this is something else while in a bird brained stupor about Tea Party types. Similarly, there is a serious problem that exists in the Islamic community in the USA and abroad. Were every Muslim as noble and tolerant as Stephen Schwartz there would be no problems. Unfortunately, a religion that is based upon submission lends itself to all types of political opportunists who seek power via violence and want to replace our civilization with Theocracy. Communists aid and abet these fanatics by openly stoking mostly false history and grievances. One can meet plenty of rational Muslims who just want to live in peace. Unfortunately, commies like the Duck have found stoking populist Joooo hatred a force multiplier. Even far left blogs like Troutsky are openly linked to a Nazi blog that makes fun of the Holocaust and whose posts are printed on Stormfront. Unlike, my vocal criticisms of Yeagley
who has never commented here one can never see a critical comment by Commies against Nazis so long as he echoes the Bad Joooooo, Pseudostinian as the center of the Universe myth.

Onto the dishonest bird brained Duck. Chomsky first lied about supporting Holocaust Denier Faurison claiming his support was free speech. Chomsky when faced with the words in his endorsement of the book has stated Holocaust Denial is not antisemitic. He is also the mentor of the planets most well known and documented antisemite Norman Finkola who just happens to leave the Maoism off his resume. He is also the only Marxist who manages to get fired in higher ed multiple times. The later feat is his true achievement.

The Duck also has echoed the theme of commies that the Jooooos use the Holocaust to shake down money and silence critics of Zionism. As commies welcome people who make Holocaust jokes on their blogs and it takes zero effort to find Holocaust deniers at peace protests this is not surprising. More to the point the Duck would never dream of telling Blacks, Indians and Hispanics who use their history in a way that furthers his Marxist liberation theology agenda that they are using their history to create a scam. The Duck's real problem with Yeagley is he is anticommunist and doesn't buy into Palestinians as center of the Universe. David Duke's articles are printed in pro Palestinian sites in the UK. Only Harry's Place has ever held this group accountable. At various times the Duck has been less than charitable to Thomas Sowwel, Larry Elder, Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas. He feels his bigotry like calling Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah or calling Yeagley Gay is somehow justified.

Sorry, but I have donated to Horowitz and he has been generous with his time in responding to short questions. I am proud of those donations and of the good work he does each and every day.
Maybe, I should make my next donation in honor of the bird brained Duck.

How does anyone take a person who regularly calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah seriously. Perhaps he can see how close his rant about organs is to the classic blood libel. Than again unlike lab rats commies do not learn until they ditch Marx.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving on to With Musket and Tomahawk by Louusz

This is a remarkably well written book that is history, but reads as easily as great historical fiction in the tradition of Mitchner and Roberts. The book is punctuated with the rugged wilderness and the tougher people that lived there. Even today much of this area remains wild. The area is today described as Adirondack National Park. This is not an area one wants to walk through off road. I have been to many of the places described such as Schroon Lake, Fort Anne and Benington.

One part the book describes is the brutal murder and scalping of Jane McRae. What is taught is that patriots used this murder to gather up people sitting on the fence. McRae was engaged to a loyalist named David Jones and living with a large older woman who was a Patriot but a first cousin of British General Fraser named Mrs. McNeal. Jones sent some Indians to pick up his fiance. Along the way they encounter another group of Indians and someone shoots and kills Jane McRae. McRae is then scalped by an Indian Wynadot Panther. The older woman is stripped and beaten, though not raped and brought into Burgoyne's camp.

When the woman arrived in the British camp she cursed the entire planet and raised such a stir the General Burgoyne and Fraser had to interrupt a meeting. Fraser immediately placed a cape on his first cousin who was irate. Jones picked up a tomahawk backed by his loyalist friends and wanted to kill the Indians. Meanwhile Mrs. McNeal was so livid several troops were required to get her into a tent and calmed down.

Burgoyne wanted to kill the Indian responsible for the death of McRae. Fearful of losing his allies he relented, but only allowed Indian Raids to proceed accompanied by a British Officer. Officer David Jones and his brother asked to be discharged and are refused. They desert and head back to Canada. Many Indians do not feel appreciated and desert as well.

Soldiers are killed in upcoming battles with notes left by the patriots referencing revenge for McRae.

The moral of the story should be do not mess with women of the frontier. In several places they are seen defending their homes from loyalist and Indian raiders.

Book Review The Battle of Cowpens by Kenneth Roberts

This book is the last book by the famed author of Northwest Passage. Like Mitchner he is a historian but his writing style is less ornate than. He writes a very short straight forward military
analysis of the battle which lasted about an hour. It is a very pleasant book that can be read in an hour or two.

Those of you familiar with Arnold's march to Canada and the Saratoga campaign will see the final battle of Daniel Morgan. Morgan like Arnold and Stark was denied the rank their actions had merited. We also learn that his hatred of the British was caused by receiving 499 lashes.

Morgan's technique was to aim for the officers and the enlisted men would panic. His men were well known for their accuracy.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Commies and the Islamo Genocide Bit

All of us should oppose any groups that are seeking genocide. David Horowitz had an exchange with a Muslim student activist that illustrates the support for killing civilians and genocide amongst some of the so called student activists.

The far left deans did deem it appropriate to discipline this student in the usual manner. We have seen students suspended and sent to sensitivity training for far less than this. Of course when a Muslim talks of killing civilians or exterminating Jews the Marxist left fosters this for political expediency.

All this being said it is not difficult to find decent Muslims who many of you know from your daily lives. I am convinced that the nexus of Marxist and Anarchist instigation and Petrodollar monarchy dollars has prevented peace for its own reasons. These groups need Israel as a catch all evil for their own reasons.


Mark Winters is a friend of mine. I have different views than he does but he has never
endorsed some of the racial and other lunacy of Yeagley. I am starting to think Yeagley is either insane or doing some form of stand up comedy and hasn't let the rest of us in on it.

The truth is that Bad Eagle was once a great place. It was great because of the people who wrote brilliant pieces. To a certain extent their presence kept Yeagley's demons in check. When a brilliant poster writes a post on a subject it raises the bar and keeps the discussion at adult level.

The reason I left has little to do with the rabid senile smelly mongrel Batty Ann. She is an imbecile and I suspect her degrees are from a rectal thermometer.

More amusing is her claim I want to be an Indian. I am an American and no other term is needed.

I want to point out the real beauty of America. I spent Friday night at a Guyanese community event raising money for an orphanage. I was there with the Tranquil Sea eating West Indian food, dancing to salsa, Indian and American music. I did laugh at the West Indian singer singing country music classics with an unusual accent. I also entertained folks with some borscht belt humor and my speaking in the West Indian patios is considered quite funny. Everyone banded together to raise money for a good cause.

The beauty of America is that we do not have second class citizens. Most of us live and love as our heart and soul dictates. The important part is that we respect these differences. I do enjoy
my time with the Tranquil Sea and being a father to the Sprite. As a matter of respect I do not eat beef or pork in their presence. I tend not to eat pork anyway, but if it is served I do not reject it. The reason is I respect the religion and culture of my adopted community. The subject
of my eating beef was discussed with the beloved Sprite. It is part of my culture that I do on occasion. I do not do it around you or your mother because we share a meal and bond together.
On my own I order poultry most of the time by taste.

What Yeagley misses in his warped paranoid mind is that Blacks and mixed race, multi ethnic people are very much a part of America. His aversion and notions of racial purity would have perplexed and been considered strange by the real Bad Eagle. I am reading the history of Western NY. There are scores of mixed race people who are considered valued community members such as Hon Yerry and the children of Molly Brandt. The heroic Green Mountain Boys
had Black members. There were patriots from every country of Europe including some Jews and Italians.

Of course the founding fathers were fighting for a set of shared ideals and those ideals and their example is lost on the clueless Yeagley.

Monday, May 17, 2010

About Time Israel Bars Chomsky

Israel has had a rare showing of common sense and barred hack Communist Noam Chomsky from entry. No State should ever require entry of a person who supports terrorism against that State from entry. In fact if this were an American supporting armed contras against the narco terrorist
state of Venezuela or the Castro regime the person would be jailed.

In reality freedom of speech should only be limited to citizens. If you are here on a student visa and are arrested at violent demonstration the student visa should be terminated.

So called expert opinions

I returned from a family function and am amazed at the ignorance of some relatives who have not been gainfully employed in two decades. My nephew drummaster is graduating tomorrow with a degree in criminal justice. He wants to follow my path and become a government investigator. This is an admirable goal and I am glad he is following my example. He will be a great officer in whatever agency he chooses. He has a more mild temperament than I do and similar abilities.

I am utterly astonished at the dangerous and idiotic advice imparted by people who have never sat for a security clearance. The sad truth about government is that in an ideal world it follows its own rules and regulations. However, as a union activist this is seldom the case and the best advice one can give is be vanilla. The slightest thing can lead to problems later on. Every trip outside of the country must be accounted for.

The truth is this person unlike many people has actively chosen to be unemployed. This person who is an expert on everyone's career has an accounting degree and could have easily found any number of jobs. How a person who has not worked in two decades while their spouse works three jobs became an expert remains unknown.

Of course when this person gives unsolicited advice I nod and walk away. Sorry, but people who have been out of gainful employment for two decades should impart advice only when asked.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The High and the Mighty and Beakerkin in the Age of Obama

I went to have lunch with an old employer of mine. He was under the impression that I hated him.
The truth was that I was always fond of his family and considered them friends. His younger brother was my boss out of college. I worked my way up very quickly. His brother was smart enough to allow a talented associate the freedom to use his talents while he played golf and took it easy. When there was a huge task we all worked together and it was as fine a crew as I ever worked with. Most of us went our seperate ways, some of us into more interesting lives others into obscurity.

Unlike, the rest of my peers I was in the trade by choice. My degree meant survival in an age where the industry around us collapsed. I moved onto a bigger stage and then vanished for a long time. Few new my actual path when I sought out a new career and left it all behind to travel to Vermont. As I surveyed the wreckage of the industry I left, my choice was correct.

Still I have nostalgia for the old way of life and a forgotten time. Much like a cowboy reminisces about the end of an era a part of me yearns for one last push. I did a weekend with another former employer who learned the hard way about his poor judgment in the people around him.
I did a small job easily and when the envelope was handed to me I returned it back. It was on the house for closure and old times. Judging the people around you correctly must be a lost art as it is a running theme and the wrong choices often have a lasting impact.

My former boss was glad to see a face from the past who looked upon him fondly. I reminded him it is Officer these days but it was said with a smile. I reminded him of the time the first business went out and I treated the partner they blamed for the failure of the company with love. My cousin did not take it well and she shorted me five figures.

My former boss asked if I ever spoke to my cousin. Our paths crossed again and it wasn't pretty, but I had no regrets. I climbed higher in the industry without her help. In fact my relationship to her was a hindrance. My continued success became an irritant to her. She was asked multiple times about her mysterious cousin. I was asked multiple times that I am my own person.

When this new business venture failed this business partner was blamed by my cousin. It was quite predictable and in character for her to do so. Times haven't been too kind to the partner who works for someone else. I told him my version of the story and we both laughed. She offered me the sum I was owed and I informed her it was my price of freedom. From that point I was no longer related. She merely told her partner that I blamed him and told her to keep the money.

My former boss wanted to pick up the check, but I insisted. It is easier for a man like myself to handle adversity than for a man who was a prince. I told him I consider his brother and himself to be long lost members of my family.

I left the business at the right time. I do miss some friends and a different set of challenges and being a man of action at times. Another former boss insisted on talking and offered me a small fortune to work abroad. I declined and stated I am proud of my new job and I will never leave the Tranquil Sea or the Sprite for adventure. The new frontier for my former vocation is abroad
and reputations are earned and worth more than ever. My reputation grew legendary after a mysterious departure.

It was an interesting return to my former friends. I did not return on my hands and knees begging for scraps. The story that insiders say is that nobody ever leaves on their own and they
always return looking for the next job. I guess that I never bothered to read the book or was too busy writing new chapters.

The recession is like an ice storm only some trees thought sturdy snapped this time. I am fortunate to be doing what I love even if it is frustrating at times. I see people who graduated ahead of me and lived the Wall Street Dream crushed. I see the obsolete IT displacement folks who thought the good times would last forever.

I hope to see this former employer again as well as friends from my old line of work. Our lives are like novels that have unpredictable story lines. I never believed the old axiom be careful of how you treat people on the way up as you may see them on the way down again. In the age of Obama this is just sadly very true.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amazing but True

On a certain level Native Americans do need to get their history out there. I did go to a huge book in NYC specifically looking for decent readings on the history of the Oneida, but would have taken books on other tribes. I was amazed at how slim the offerings are in comparison to the shelves of books on African Americans and even more on the subject of Jewish history.

Some of this is a function of the local market. Jewish people read a lot of books and have many authors. There is a large Black community in NYC, but much of it is West Indian and African in origin. However, it is disappointing that a better selection of books was not available at such a fine establishment.

I went looking for the works of Kenneth Roberts and struck out. I am somewhat perplexed by the lack of military history books on the subject of the Oriskany battle. It is a very interesting story that most of us should be more familiar with. The half Oneida Patriot Thomas Spencer gave his life in Battle. Oneida Hon Yerry and his wife Two Kettles Together fought bravely and helped the patriots immeasurably.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Will be out for a while

Tonight I am at a charity fundraiser for the Guyanese community. I usually have a good time and
celebrate with good friends. The food is usually quite good. Interestingly, when I am with the Tranquil Sea I only eat poultry or fish out of respect. The locals eat as their religious whims or tastes dictate. In general Hindus like those who are Kosher or even Halal are not obnoxious as your bombastic vegans are.

Tomorrow, I will be spending some more time with the Tranquil Sea and the beloved Sprite. My time with her is fun even if I am just working in the garden or shopping. I am lucky that her interests in fine art are subjects that I have a passing knowledge in. Of course she likes Renoir better than Chardin as well. The only person who seems to have the other taste is Poultry.

On Sunday I will be at a barbecue with Drummaster and I might even drive my own car. I am looking at an 8 cylinder Impala with a Guyanese community friend. I do not drive much, but an Impala is a pleasure.

I also will be celebrating Guyana independence day in Queens later this month.

One thing I want to impart is that while reading the history of New York State from the 1750 to 1790 era one fails to grasp the terrain. Apparently this was also lost on the Brittish who thought that a trip down the Champlain Valley was a breeze. The area even today has deep forests that are by no means a walk in the Park. Adirondack Park which I regularly crossed is beautiful to look at but not easy to cross on foot. There is ample water and some swamps. It is not exactly easier on the Vermont side either. One can use Champlain and Lake George to go North and South until the Hudson River. The Indians were well aware of what rivers went where and commuted great distances.

The Government Cracks Down

It was fairly obvious that the Times Square Bomber had been receiving money from abroad. The USA needs to crack down on money laundering. In general this is one of the few areas of law enforcement that is cost effective.

The bomber quit his job makes multiple trips abroad and cash purchases. This situation seems fairly obvious, but now the hard part is getting people to talk.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

About Homosexuality and Kagan

I could care less if this person is or is not gay. She is a first rate political hack academic with the usual idiocy. The policy of banning the military from recruiting on campus for its policy on gays
tells us about the real Kagan. Kagan's far left authoritarian ends justified the means approach denied the Army its right to recruit and present opportunities to graduates. Of course if the Army were to refuse to hire students who had attended the university of Bill Ayers Kagan would correctly see this as a violation of liberty.

Kagan is within her right to denounce the policy or any policy she deems worthy. However, she is
not free to deny others the opportunity to listen to career opportunities. This is especially loathsome given the wasted money spent by the government on loans and research grants in higher education. Sorry, but tax payer money should not subsidize the employment of Marxists
in Sociology or Anthropology departments.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


In the news a Grey Whale was spotted off the coast of Israel in the Mediterranean where they have never been previously cited. Perhaps this is the recently unemployed Stalinist Galloway on his way to promote himself with endless photo ops in Gaza. Has anyone seen Curious George and this Grey Whale in the same place.

Another headline proclaims German people asking themselves if they are the Schmucks of Europe for bailing out Greece. The word Schmuck is Yiddish and not likely to be used by Germans. Then again ebonics sometimes crosses over into the larger culture in America. The words dis and homey are understood by many due to their usage in popular culture or the ordinary life experiences of people. Perhaps the Editrix will enlighten us on if that term is used. I am surprised how non-Jewish lawyers not even born in NYC grasp the local jargon that is sprinkled with Yiddish, Spanglish, Ebonics, West Indian, Italian and all types of trade lingo. A person asked me if I went to Oklahoma University because of a pennant in my office. I told her think Borscht Belt and what the letters OU means to Jews in NYC. Everyone laughed including
the lawyer who realized OU stands for Orthodox Union and is a local symbol of that is placed on foods permissible for Jews to eat.

Does a photo of a woman playing softball infer she is a lesbian???? This issue with the Supreme Court nominee is rather strange. The applicant may or may not be a lesbian but playing softball
does not point anywhere. This is the lamest stereotype of them all. I have known many lesbians and some are indeed masculine and others are not. They have varied interests and are unremarkable in many respects holding regular jobs and leading ordinary lives. We know for a fact that some female athletes are gay, but others are not. Perhaps the next story will have her repairing office equipment therefore...... some of us have too much free time.

What is going on in China with all the violence against children being perpetrated by adults?


I am going to attempt to take a side trip to the Native American Museum in lower Manhattan. The period of the Revolutionary War and Indians is interesting and hopefully some books written by non Marxists on the Abenaki, Stockbridge and Oneida will be available.

I am a fan of the introduction to the movies on TNT. Often the introduction is more interesting than the movie. In the case of Drums Along the Mohawk the film really butchered the book by Edmonds. The book focused on the lives of the women and the Battle of Oriskany. The film lacked the substance entirely.

The author, Edmonds, did an excellent job but should have added more emphasis to the Oneida who were among the heroes of the Battle of Oriskany. Where the critic is decidedly wrong is that
the lives of the settlers were decidedly more complex than the cartoon images. Iroquois did invade the lands of other tribes. There were a surprising number of mixed race people including many famous people.

What gets lost in the rhetoric was the real Joeseph Brandt was an opportunist who had extensive family connections to the crown. His legacy is mixed at best as his actions did cause reprisals by the colonists. The abuse of Indians by the British created much ill will. Many of the leaders urged
their followers to stay out of European Wars. He was a skilled fighter, but his actions had dire consequences. He did secure land grants in Canada for his service.

What gets lost in the story is that Native Americans were not passive people. They were every bit as opportunistic as the settlers around them. All sides had heroes, ordinary opportunists, rouges and just ordinary people farming or practicing a craft.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Obama Paradox

As the media is in worship mode the actions of the Obama administration face no scrutiny. In the coming days you will hear much rhetoric about Pakistan. In an ideal world Obama reads Pakistan
the riot act and they act force ably.

However, Obama's incompetence and stupidity has cost us our best ally in this front. Pakistan should be told point blank to get its act together or face the consequences. If it can control its territory and permits terrorist activity from its soil than it is time for action. India should be encouraged to invade and take additional territory. The USA should cross the border as it deems prudent.

However, as the media fails to hold this administration accountable look for some odd policies from local government. We did have wire tapping in the Clintoon administration that only becomes problematic when continued under Bush.

The comments about X Boxes by Obama show how out of touch he is with real America. Had Bush said them he would be lampooned as a country club snob. In Obama's case this is faculty
lounge Marxist dementia.

Beamish in 12

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fire Ron Gochez and the morons that hired him

You Tube is a wonderful tool. It makes Communist lies refutable with a few minutes of viewing.
There is a wonderful video of a mostly insane Communist talking smack about a racial revolution in
solidarity with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Ron Gochez illustrates why Communists should not be employed in any educational facility. They can not be trusted to do their job without spreading their vile pseudo religion to impressionable youths. His actions are a form of child abuse sanctioned by the board of education in LA. The job of a teacher is to educate and it is apparent that this dullard has been indoctrinating students.

In addition this loon is also a surprise rabid antisemite who likes to write about Jewish control of the media. Several letters to the Daily Aztec complain about his racism.

The Governor needs to explain how this lunatic was hired. Those who allowed this moron in front of a classroom need to be held accountable and terminated. If his views are reflective of the staff than the school needs to be closed. There is no place in education for KKK, Nazis or Commies brainwashing kids. Educators have been terminated for far less than the call for criminal activity.

While the media talks about imagined terrorists at Tea Party events, it ignores criminal incitement from paid civil servants.

Fire Gochez yesterday.

Around the Globe

Communist Drug Impaired Fake Rabbi Lerner whines about alleged vandalism of his home. Leave it to a publicity seeking clown with a history of violent activity to cry to the police about stickers.
More comedic is the rather clownish attempt to blame this on Alan Dershowitz. Real Jews ( not commies) have more than ample reason to loathe Lerner. Hillary Clintoon found out how unpopular he is in NYC and dropped him in seconds when she ran for Senate. Perhaps this clown should talk to the Venezuelan Jewish refugees about his master Chavez for an example of real incitement against Jews. Of course Lerner is silent about real Jews being persecuted yet again by Commies.

There is an interesting article in FPM about Communists terrorists and Anarchists being behind the violence in Greece. The police should be encouraged to shoot violent protester. There was an interesting article about an actual dog that does seem to attend most of these anarchist riots in Greece. What was left out of the article was that the dog probably has the highest IQ in any grouping of anarchists.

The Times Square bomber is singing up a storm. We may learn how closely the Pakistani Intelligence Operatives were to the Mumbai attackers. If Pakistan refuses to hand over the criminals India should invade Pakistan and the USA should fully support India. India should take territory and keep it as compensation for Pakistan's support for terror. This should also serve as a wake up call to Chavez over his support for FARC.

Failed English politician Galloway want to make Michael Moore type of films about the Pseudostinians in Gaza. It is ironic given the rants about Zionist media that he would run to Hollywierd that is alleged by commies to be Joooish controlled. As for his films they would likely be on a par with the classic Reefer Madness without the humor.

On this site we have the bird brained Duck worried about Tea Party terrorists when yet another Islamic radical has been caught again. We will let commies know when there is a credible story
that might fit the bill. Where would terrorist motivated from the right target? A faculty lounge in the social sciences at Tufts ???? An Aacorn office ???? The idea is as inane as the Duck himself.

Lastly, Jewish support for Obama has eroded fast. I am wondering how Chuck Schumer is going to deal with this on the campaign. He will be re-elected with ease, but it will be very interesting to watch if he distances himself from the Obama- Hillary Clintoon Israel bashing administration.

America deserves the best in 2012 Vote for Beamish. Communism goes great with tar and feathers. Break out some country music from anyone other than our very own Glenn Camel and apply them on commies near you.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mr. Beamish may be correct

It now appears that the Times Square Bomber was actively blogging on terrorist websites and entered the USA with $80,000 dollars. Both of which would have been picked up under routine scrutiny. In fact according to blogs the investigations were closed and the information was removed from routine law enforcement databases.

Lets start with profiling what is and what is not.

It is okay to ask a person if they are a commie. If a person is identified as a commie than they are exponentially more likely to be prone to criminal activity such as treason and terrorism. Person X is a commie and has purchased explosives. The crime pattern exists and deserves immediate scrutiny. Now asking a commie prolonged questions involving explosives and weapons without evidence that this commie had purchased explosives or firearms would be profiling.

Marxist Moronics No Meat Blame the Butcher

Narcoterrorist Hugo Chavez continues to ruin the economy of his crack den empire. Inflation is now at 30% and there is a shortage of meat. The cocaine communist placed rigid price controls on butchers and in a shocking development ( sarcasm) there is no meat available. Crime is out of control and professionals and businessmen are headed for the exit. This is actually good for America as most of the professionals end up in the United States.

Of course Chavez's American apologists will make more excuses.

There should be an immediate investigation into payments by Chavez to Americans. Those who have received compensation need to register as foreign agents or face denaturalization.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Apologies to Stephen Schwartz for this un PC rant

I am starting to believe that many factors are in combination fueling the growth of antiamerican terrorism by Muslims in the USA. The recent culprits are spoiled brats ala Bill "Little Lord Fauntleroy" Ayers and are in no definition oppressed. Plenty of people are oppressed without committing treasonous acts of gratuitous violence. Most of these new criminals have exposure to elite western educations and have likely been spoon fed victimology by Marxists who want to fuel the fires for their own needs.

Certainly there is also an increase in this in rough financial times when people are struggling to find work and make ends meet. Many of those who act out also have deep psychological problems like the FT Hood shooter who couldn't buy a date. He was off topic in University assignments talking about political stuff unrelated to his class work. His likely left of center professors should have failed him for not completing his assignments. He also did try to resign from the military and was prevented.

It is not PC to state that gainfully employed folks are less apt to criminal acts of terrorism. However, our refusal to deal with the mental health aspects is an American citizen error. It is becoming clearer that many terrorists are unbalanced and turn to violent political opportunists
who abuse mentally unstable people. Perhaps it is not PC to say that folks who ask disturbed people to carry out terrorist acts are preying on the disabled.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Maybe I am a Liberal but the Ends do Not Justify the Means

I am a tad uncomfortable with going after the families of terrorists in order to get them to talk.
Maybe, I belong to another era where law enforcement officers acted with honor. Even the mafia
traditionally left parents alone.

There is a difference between Americans and Commies like the Duck and Blood crazed terrorists.
We are men of law, while the hypocritical Marxist Duck defends show trials and rationalizes wholesale crimes against humanity. To the Duck and the blood crazed Jihadi the ends Justify the means.

I understand that terrorism is asymmetrical warfare and quite different from crime. Yet the government would never have threatened to audit the tax returns of the parents of Bill Ayers and Dorn. That tactic would not have worked in the case of commie criminals anyway.

If the family is involved with the crime by all means do what must be done. However, if there is no evidence of wrong doing than let us behave like people of law and liberty.

The Passion of the Poultry

The Duck deludes himself into thinking he is smarter than the rest of us. However, there are times when he makes my job easy.

On a post discussing whether the USA should denaturalize people who belong to terrorist groups
that seek to kill Americans. The Ducks singles out an ally of the United States and the world's only Jewish state. He singles out Israel and wants to know why the bill doesn't seek to denaturalize US citizens who serve in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Actually, the USA should denaturalize people who take subsidized vacations from the Narco Terrorist State of Venezuela. The fact that Ducky can not differentiate between an ally of the USA and a criminal state run by a crack addicted criminal imbecile is revealing.

Of course when we satirize the Duck as a mindless Antisemite he gets upset. When the mood hits me I will pen episode three of All in the Beakerkin Family. I will pen an episode where Rav Roov visits.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bloomberg is right on this one.

As it is apparent that NYC is the top target Mayor Bloomberg has asked for increased funding for anti-terrorism technology. The NYPD has done a great job, but we have also been very lucky in many cases. Sooner or later the luck runs out. We have to remain vigilant. There are those who blame Obama for the increased acts of terror. This is a reach as terrorists are opportunists who use whatever rationale suits their agenda.

Lieberman to the rescue

Joe Lieberman is a senator whom the Duck refers to as the senator from Tel Aviv. This is typical
Marxist Jooooo hatred claiming Bad Joooooos are guilty of dual loyalty if they support Israel. Of course saying this about other people who support their country of origin are not treated similarly.

A new bill sponsored by Lieberman would remove the citizenship of members of foreign terrorist groups captured abroad. This will make things much easier on the government. So if a US citizen who is a member of Al Queda is captured abroad they go straight to military trials.

Well done

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

All in the Beakerkin Family Episode 2

The Mighty Beakerkin Art Players present another episode of All in the Beakerkin Family

Beakerkin: You don't have to fix up the house it is only my army buddies coming over.
TMW: But they are guest.
Beakerkin: They have been here dozen's of times.
Ducky: Yeah just a bunch of patriotic geezers remembering killing children and committing war crimes. Hey how many kids did you kill in Nam?
Beakerkin: Hmmm I could come out of retirement and.....
TMW: Now Beaky, he's your son in law...
Beakerkin: Are you trying to discourage me?
Ducky: Uh I better run I think I hear the Communist Bookmobile.
TMW: Now Beaky you scared the hell out of Ducky. I have never seen him run so fast
Beakerkin: Except at meal time.
Warren: Hey Beaky you old nut have you been behaving.
Beakerkin: That will be the day.
Justin: Did that lazy son in law get a job.
Beakerkin: That will be the day.
TMW: Beaky he is just needs to finish his studies of whatever it is that he is studying and gives me a headache trying to explain.
Justin: What was he studying anyway?
Beakerkin: How to exploit the working man by changing your major six times. Of course none of the stuff he studies leads to gainful employment.
Oh no
Warren: Who is coming up.
Beakerkin: It is that nut Yeagley next door and the Duck is running for his life
TMW: Dinner is ready oh Ducky is back just in time
Beakerkin: He never misses a meal
Yeagley: That is one amazing bird...
Elmer: She's married.
Yeagley: I am talking about the turkey
Beakerkin: He's married to my daughter.
(Evertone laughs)
TMW: Why don't you join us.
Beakerkin; Can anything else possibly go wrong. Why is it every time I sit down to eat the whole world comes into this house. Look that senile fool is at the door.
TMW: Beaky try to be a good host.
GMS: Beak, I have been asked by your neighbors to approach you about dealing with the new threat to the neighborhood. It appears an Indian has moved next door. We don't want our property values ruined by some curry eating foreigners.
Beakerkin: Listen here you idiot. The person who bought the house next door is not that kind of Indian. The person is a Native American.
GMS: That is worse he is probably a pagan savage drunk who got kicked of the reservation.
Yeagley: Actually, I am an PHD with a degree in divinity and attend church every week. I am a Comanche.
Beakerkin: Listen here you. Don't come into my house and start insulting the guests.
Justin:Beak relax stupidity is not contagious.
GMS: I always knew you were a fake patriot. You are sitting at the table with a communist homo
TMW: BEAKY remember your blood pressure.
Beakerkin: Listen here you idiot. I served my country in Nam killing Commies and then as a federal officer while you were scratching your butt. You don't own America.
Ducky: Bigotry is as American as Apple Pie.
Whole Room: Shut up Duck.
GMS;Look at him he's a foreigner and a homo. The boys are gathering to protest and burn a cross.
Beakerkin: Ah not the KKK crapola again. This man's ancestors were here long before yours. You invaded his land killed his game and sold him cheap alcohol.
GMS: The man said he was a communist.
Beakerkin: Commanche you idiot. It is a tribe in Texas and Oklahoma and has nothing to do with bug eyed idiots.
Ducky: Have you McCartyhite goons ever read Marx or watched the movie Reds.
GMS: Well he is still a member of that gay singing group. The one that sang In The Navy.
Beakerkin: No he was never in the Village People and he is wearing traditional clothes.
Yeagley: I admire you trying to protect your area from Negros and trying to preserve Christian values from assault from Communist homos.
Justin: What do you know about America you or Christ you loon. I served in Vietnam as a Chaplain and as a gay man.
Yeagley: A Sodomite we must defend our civilization. You white people need a reservation to protect your culture from Communist homos. Can you spare a white sheet and pillow cases.
TMW: Sure here you go....
Beakerkin: Oh why did you do that .
TMW: It was those cheap polyester sheets Ducky bought me for mothers day.
Warren: A KKK clown wearing polyester bedsheets is kind of funny.
Ducky: There is nothing funny about the KKK. They killed..
Justin: Far less people than you commies where did Beak go
TMW: Beaky don't do it. You are too old for that and think of your blood pressure.
Beakerkin: I didn't serve my country for KKK clowns to make a mockery of the country I love and burn a cross on my lawn.
Warren: Did you see what that crazy idiot is doing he's getting the KKK to dance with produce and sing "Some Enchanted Evening"
Justin: This is really more comedic than evil. Beaky calm down ...
Beakerkin: The produce he's dancing with came from my yard.
Justin:You can't take on fifty men by yourself.
Beakerkin: I'll take Ducky's jawbone.
Ducky: More zionist propaganda in the Bible that led to Rambo films
Beakerkin: Out of my way.....
TMW: Its horrible
Justin: I have never heard screams like that come from a human
TMW: Oh my goodness. God have mercy
Warren; God would have mercy. But Mr. B and Beakerambo have none. Look at those KKK clowns run.
Beakerkin: I almost feel sorry for them.... Not. Look Mr. B just gave an atomic wedgie to the leader and Beakerambo just broke a 2x4 over the head of another. Now they are running for their lives.
Justin: What is that idiot Duck doing.
TMW: It looks like he's making jiffy pop popcorn off the burning cross.
Mr. B. : Just another days work in the office. Kicked some KKK ass and got a huge appetite. Beakerambo next time bring tar and feather.
Mr B: Break out the Beer and crank up the Back in Black Album.
Beakerkin: Mr B. embodies the best of American values.
Ducky: Like cheap violence, gratuitous use of domestic beer and dreadful taste in music.
Mr B. : One more wedgie Beakerambo...
Ducky: Hey you mindless brute quit grabbing the Fruit of the Loom...Ahhhh
Beakerkin: As stated Mr B embodies the best of America break out the Budweiser and the John Wayne DVD's
Ducky: Can't you brutes watch Bergman.

Tune in Next week to another episode of all in the Beakerkin family with our special guest Rav Roov.

All in the Beakerkin Family

Now we take you to some bad satire the mighty Beakerkin Arts players spoofs a familiar TV show

Ducky: The whole world can not have peace because of them Joooooz
Beakerkin: Hey Duckhead how about making peace in this house and finding a job and stop eating me out of house and home.
Ducky: The economy is a mess because of the Likudnik wars and the noecon...
TMW: Now Beaky, don't be cheap with the food. Ducky is a growing boy.
Beakerkin; Yeah growing fat off of my hard labor and having sex with my daughter in our own house.
Ducky: Socialism works.
Beakerkin: I am the only one working while you are studying Arabian doodling and watching idiotic foreign films.
TMW: Now Beaky Duckhead and our daughter are married.
Ducky: We even got married in a church.
Beakerkin: Don't remind me.
TMW: How do you think we are going to get grandkids...
Beakerkin: Great more mouths to feed and I am the only one working.
Anything else can go wrong
TMW: Be nice our new neighbor has moved in
Ducky: You should be nice to Yeagley after all you stole his land raped his women.
Beakerkin: I did nothing of the sort and the only person who is oversexed, over fed and under worked in this house is you.
Yeagley: What is this crap you placed in my box. I am not going to protest to Free Mummia. He's a hardened criminal.
Ducky: No he is a political activist ...
Yeagley: Shooting cops is not a form of political activity. You white people need to form your own reservations. Develop your own traditions and Ducky smoking pot is not a celebration of Comanche culture.
Beakerkin: Are you still doing that crap.
Ducky: So are you it was in yesterdays salad.
TMW: I thought you said that was organic herbs grown in Chernobyl farms.
Yeagley: Did you experience any visions.
Beakerkin: Yes my vision was that you are going to get an intelligent thought.
Yeagley: Is it my fault that the negro has polluted your blood lines.
Beakerkin: The only person who is polluting my blood lines is the same person who is eating me out of house and home.
Yeagley: So the you support Duckhead and he has sex with your daughter.
Ducky: Beaky just doesn't get how important social justice is. The Jews are running the country on behalf of their colonial state you as an Indian should grasp that.
Yeagley: What do you know about history. The Arabs are colonial invaders and the Jews are the Indians and God's people.
TMW: Look it is our nephew Beakerambo. He is back from Hollywood after shooting another B team movie with Mr. Beamish.
Ducky: The man is exploiting hatred of Muslims and using his image to hawk junk food to make kids obese.
Yeagley: I do not see this family resemblence between you and Beakerambo is he the product of miscegenation.
Beakerkin: What is with everyone in this house talking about sex all day.
TMW: Now Beaky sex is part of life.
Beakerkin: So is passing gas but you don't hear me talking about it.
Ducky: All this passing gas is burning a hole in the Ozone layer.
Beakerkin: Listen here you. The worst culprit is you with that Tofu.
TMW: Now be polite to Beakerambo. Why did you dump that nice Lindsay Lohan girl.
BR: Me mii meeep Skank.
Yeagley: What did he just say?
Ducky: The woman is an alcoholic who sleeps around.
TMW. Oh my.....Well at least he brought lunch
Ducky: Zionist Salami, Pumpernickel bread and chopped liver is a heart attack.
Yeagley: I will take his share.
Beakerkin: Will you look at those two eating. I haven't seen hands move like that since he took me to that awful martial arts film Spank the Monkey Choke the Chicken.
Ducky: That is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon you knave.
Beakerkin: This is just great I didn't even get a slice of bread. I am the only one working in this house and I don't even get a decent meal and this lazy slob is screwing my daughter.
Ducky: Socialism is great.

Tune in next week to All in the Beakerkin Family with our special guest Justin

Now that the arrest has been made

The Duck was sooooo worried that we might be rushing things when we stated that this latest bomber is either a Muslim Radical, Commie or Anarchist. However, these groups make up 90%
of terrorism on the planet. While the left cries about potential terrorism from "Tea Party" types it ignores the actual proven source of terrorism.

Sorry, but suspending common sense and logic is just a bit much.

Since this latest suspect is a naturalized citizen, he should be tried for treason and executed if found guilty. If he co-operates and agrees to be denaturalized life in prison may be an option.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Kudos to Pagan Temple

The Pagan has illustrated that either Dr. Yeagley is insane or doing stand up comedy. What better way to illustrate the inane conspiracy mindset than to make an even more insane conspiracy.
The only thing missing is that Yeagley did not deduce the comment was well written satire.

You can't make this stuff up.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Life's simple pleasure

The standard view is that summer vacation is for the kids. I am looking to spending some quality time with the Sprite at Coney Island and the Bronx Zoo. School is out and I look forward to creating some lasting memories. I really am still not at 100%, but when the Sprite complained that I had been away for a while I was motivated. Of course her crazy Maltese is all over me long before I get into the house.

The local restaurants serve an unusual style of Chinese food not seen elsewhere. It is a West Indian variation of the theme that tastes slightly different and has much more poultry and curry dishes.I still like my Texmati rice better than the Basmati rice but I can not tell the difference when it is in a meal.

A few more weeks I should have my car returned from Drummaster. He is graduating college and is working in the public defenders office. In a former time I would be mortified. Yet in my current job I see the good work that they sometimes do quietly. Oddly a long forgotten case in my office involving legal aid was brought to my attention. I took care of a silly case that had been
going back and forth since 1979. I used a long forgotten precedent and the folks at legal aid thanked me and were happy to get the person out of the system. In general with the exception of the Holocaust Museum shooter senior citizens are not a danger to society.

Drummaster wants to do investigations of some sort. He is following a familiar example of a relative who journeyed through a few careers before settling down.

Off His Rocker and out to Lunch

In a rant that is probably better suited to the comedy market the failed pundit accuses the UK of terrorism due to the oil leak in the Gulf. The notion that Oil Companies make a profit extracting oil and not spilling it all over the place must have eluded the demented pundit. Industrial accidents are part and parcel of our world and the best we can do is learn from them and make corrections.

In continuing his incoherent rant against the UK for its history against Indians. In general the subject is more complicated. Indians, French, English and Americans all acted in self interest. All committed atrocities against each other. The Indians often allied with the Europeans to get back at rival tribes. The tribes often took sides in external conflicts like the wars between France and England and the Colonies. The notion that the tribes were just simply minding their business is not accurate. This does not diminish the nature of the crimes committed against Indians or the need to live up to treaties. However, the notion of Indians acting in their own self interest or sometimes being cruel to fellow Indians gets lost in the narrative.

The UK did commit some serious crimes against Indians. However, there were times that they looked to the UK for protection. The history of this era is just too complex to be reduced into
cartoon form. Missionaries sometimes protected their flock, but there were a few bad ones as well. The history of the era needs more scrutiny than allowed by our Marxist University clowns
and Hollywood movies of the fifties.

Finally some sanity from the Jewish community

There is a move by some Jewish charities to eliminate the funding for so called Jewish groups critical of Israel. Predictably fake Rabbi Michael LSD Lerner is crying. Sorry, but Communists have masqueraded as Jews for a some time. This game does not fool actual Jews who practice the religion. It does fool idiots like Hillary Clintoon who found out how unpopular Rabbi LSD is when she ran for Senate in NYC and dropped him quickly.

Lerner when not doing drugs can be found at every anti semitic so called peace protest and seeking media attention. His most recent foray was to offer his synagogue as a venue for the infamous loon Goldstoned whose popularity in his home congregation was zero. Goldstoned grandchild was having a bar mitzvah and protesters were going to protest his presence. The Rabbi of the congregation in South Africa ( not to be confused with the drug addict fake Lerner),
did work with the protesters to avoid a scene at the bar mitzvah. This did not stop the fake Rabbis and Lerner from crying victim.

The Forward points out that three of the four dead students at Kent State were Jewish. The article is surprisingly balanced and does point out the actual criminal activity of the communist protesters.Unfortunately, those who were killed were not the ones who threw objects at the National Guard. Left unsaid is how unpopular the communist protesters were with the general population of the USA. The "hard hat riots" was a direct response of actual workers fed up with
communist lawlessness. The myth that the nation endorsed the protesters is a sheer fable. It is no accident that children of the 80's and 90's turned the Vietnam Veteran into the hero. Apocalypse Now, Tour of Duty and good old Forrest Gump beating the crap out of Commie protesters are glipses of how the younger generation viewed things.

For Those Who Have Forgotten

In NYC this morning a crude explosive device was found in a car and did not detonate. We are still
subject to attack by idiot who act in the name of Allah. This does not infer that every Muslim is a terrorist. However, to ignore a pattern that happens over and over again is foolish.

Of course there is the possibility that this is not Islamic terrorism. Despite the media cries about disaffected right wingers terrorism is almost always Muslim or Communist in nature. The media drones on about Tea Party hatred while ignoring the most blatant causes of terrorism

Saturday, May 01, 2010

In the NYT

Yet another person is accused of working with Al Queda. The suspect is not a Swedish CPA who traveled to Cancun. The USA needs to start trying these types for treason and using capital punishment. The only person who appears to have gotten capital punishment was McVeigh.
Of course these Al Queda types should point to Commie Bill Ayers and ask for professorships.

The time to deal swiftly with terrorists is 40 years over due.