Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lieberman to the rescue

Joe Lieberman is a senator whom the Duck refers to as the senator from Tel Aviv. This is typical
Marxist Jooooo hatred claiming Bad Joooooos are guilty of dual loyalty if they support Israel. Of course saying this about other people who support their country of origin are not treated similarly.

A new bill sponsored by Lieberman would remove the citizenship of members of foreign terrorist groups captured abroad. This will make things much easier on the government. So if a US citizen who is a member of Al Queda is captured abroad they go straight to military trials.

Well done


Always On Watch said...

If they are captured overseas consorting with terrorist, I have no problem with the stripping of American citizenship.

But if they're nabbed here at home, I question that stripping of citizenship. After all, "terrorist" has been defined in different ways by the left.

Ducky's here said...

To the rescue of what? Just what has Lieberman (I - Tel Aviv) accomplished with this piece of show boating for the right wing bed wetters?
The man is a sad little clown who's upset that he's completely inconsequential. He doesn't even get invited onto the Sunday talk shows with Knuckles McCain.
Bye Jo-jo, don't let the door hit your ass

Ducky's here said...

Gee, forgetting that the bill is probably unconstitutional, Jo-jo the Dog Faced Boy can't even get Schumer to support this piece of crap.

Keep dreaming Beak, bet Lieberman, your little brownshirt, had you creaming yourself with this one. That close to deporting the commies.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with this and hope it becomes the standard policy. I've grown sick to the marrow of my bones having to hear how we should go overboard in "respecting" these vermin.

The term Islamic Fascism is appropriate. Once you strip things down and honestly examine the situation, Islamic fundamentalism is the same as Nazism in many ways. Islam fundamentalism simply wears a different set of clothes and couches it's rhetoric differently, but it is cut from the same cloth as Nazism, make no mistake about it.

Far leftists do not see this because they view Islam as a race rather than a religion. I've met so many liberals that go overboard in excusing violence done in the name of Islam because the perpetrators are "brown skinned." So, everyone needs to see Islam as a religion that seeks worldwide conversion and submission, not as a racial minority thing. Even that's bogus, with 1.5 billion Muslims, I hardly feel that this is a minority religion. I've also had plenty of conversations with Muslims about how they would have exterminated Native peoples as well, with even less tolerance than early Christians. I see through the "we're a minority" b.s. White liberals will not, to their ever lasting shame.


commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I really like your blog!!

Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange??

beakerkin said...


In NYC the folks are getting fed up.Another hit and it will not be Muslims who get the wrath of the populace it will be commie obstructionists.

However, it was a classic fun to see Tibetans evict communists from their home turf in Union Square.

Chuck will changes his tune when he hears the direction it is coming from.

The Pagan Temple said...

I have to confess Beak, I never cared much for Liebermann when I was an uneasy Democrat, and now that I'm a born again Federalist I care for him even less. Take away his national security credentials and he's about as far to the left as Chuckie Schumer, at least.

Ducky's here said...

What's that got to do with that tired old dipstick Lieberman (I- Tel Aviv).

You think this grand standing is going to make you any safer.

Loss of citizenship deters a terror attempt how? The man is a standing joke. Yeah, the right wing freaks and diaper pissers will eat this up but what does it do as a deterrent.

Use your mind once in a while and stop being led by the nose.

beakerkin said...


It is quite easy to send a person who has been denaturalized to GITMO
or classify them as enemy combatants.

As a commie such simple logic is beyond you.


I like Lieberman other than when he ran with Al Gore he is OK

The Pagan Temple said...


Liebermann is in general a leftist, which is why it was always beyond my comprehension why leftists like Ducky hate him so much. I understand the disagreement over Iraq and related issues, but the way they carry on over him, you would think he had a one hundred percent conservative voting record.

Lieberman is one of the main authors and proponents of Cap and Trade, he was solidly behind the Immigration Reform Bill, he most generally is a steady vote for the Democratic caucus. There is rarely a leftist issue he will not support.

And one of the few things in which he is inaccurately considered conservative by some involves censorship, which I personally don't consider conservative.

As far as this particular issue is concerned, I have two words for you-

Janet Napolitano. I realize Lieberman's proposal unless I'm mistaken here involves American citizens captured overseas with involvement with terrorists, but how hard could it be to change that around in committee?

I don't think it's going anywhere anyway, but just bear in mind, in case it does, that to some people's way of thinking, littering or spitting on the sidewalk are acts of terrorism.

If somebody commits treason, simply try him or her for treason, and then execute their asses. I personally favor bringing back live executions, public hangings and the like. It would certainly be a way to liven up C-Span.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, you ant to explain why this little turd exempts Israel from the clause that strips citizenship for joining a foreign army?