Sunday, May 23, 2010

The NYT report Europe a mess

Our birdbrained impaired Communist Duck has denied that Europe is turning into a economic mess due to entitlements. The European mess has been done without huge defense budgets and foreign wars by a system of socialist graft.

Now most of us agree that the government should provide some goods and services to the needy.However, retirement at 50 for civil servants is not something we can afford. The exception to this rule is in uniformed services like Police, Military and Firemen who need to be in peak condition. The retirement benefits are scandalous and many early retirees merely work a second job.

As for me I intend to go as long as possible. Retirement for me is 65 before I can collect or another 21 years if it has not been raised by then to 70. I am in better shape than most as I will collect a federal pension and some social security. In this lost generation the downturn is hitting some in their prime earning years.

Now the question remains who has turned the governments of Europe into a giant Ponzi scheme.
The answer is it is the legacy of Socialism. Universities would churn out mind impaired zombies
repeating Marxist cliches and handed out benefits while encouraging dependency. Restrictive workplace rules were created that hurt business and confiscatory taxation did the rest.

While Europe's financial crisis was blowing up the far left salonistas yawned and said "Praise Chavez and Cuba, bad Jooooo and America is eeeevil". Once again Beamishomics triumphs over socialism.

Entitlements and an industry aimed at keeping people on the dole has placed Europe in dire financial straits. Will we see euthanasia for the elderly with costly medical issues? Will we see
workfare in Europe? Not likely, but it should be interesting listening to the true believers now that the Bolshevik Times has had to admit the truth.


Justin said...

OH NO Beak :/ tell me it aint so. Tell me your just yanking my chain. You mean to tell me Ducky's Utopia doesn't really exist? Oh the horror, Oh the humanity. Well that just sucks, I was so looking to recieving my monthly check from Sec. of the Treasury "Ducky" while I was relaxing on the beaches of South France.

Damnit Ducky you promised and now all this "Hope" and "Change you can belive in" that your side offered gone just like that.

I knew I should have listened to Beamish at least he didnt sugar coat what was going on. And Ducky well he did promise they would at least kiss you when they were done. I guess the kisses are gone too huh Beak.

Well this just sucks, Sucks Im tellin ya :(

beakerkin said...


The Duck is basically a Europhile. He fails to grasp that the large safety nets were built upon the US taxpayer and nuclear shield.

While this was going on the far left stoke hatred of America and expanded benefits and discouraged growth. Europe is a mess and the EU may be headed to a divorce in a hurry.

Beamishomics growth first and foremost.

Jason_Pappas said...

I tend to think we should pull-out of NATO to allow Europe to grow-up. Dependency just encourages sloth.

Of course, I was against the bailouts of Wall Street, too. Self-responsibility is a phrase that's not even mentioned these days. We should revive it.

In any case, it is good to see that you're still blogging. Perhaps not as hard-hitting as before but still excellent commentary.