Monday, May 31, 2010

Waiting for the facts

I am going to wait a bit before commenting on the lefties getting shot at sea. In general from past
experience with fake Jenin massacres, doctored film of kids being supposedly shot by them Joooos
and stories of Jooooos stealing organs from Haitians lifted out of the blood libel we should wait for the facts to emerge.

These were not peace protesters singing "we shall overcome". These were hardened communist agitators looking to manipulate the media as usual.


Ducky's here said...

That's right, Beak, it was those "outside agitators".

You sound like your hero Yeagley commenting on the civil rights movement.

Fact is that the brave IDF killed unarmed people who were simply trying to bring relief aid to Gaza. Of course the IDF always distinguishes itself when attacking the unarmed.

The Pagan Temple said...

Why wait? They attacked the Israeli Navy. Even some of their supporters admit that. The only divergence of opinion is as to what they attacked them with. Lefties say they attacked them with sticks, as though that makes it all right.

As for singing Kumbaya, not exactly, what they actually sung was an old song about the time Mohamed massacred a bunch of Jews at Medina and stole their money and property because they refused to convert to Islam.

And I was right, this was all sponsored by the International Solidarity Movement, a far left radical Palestinian front group. Though I think there are other groups involved as well.

I'm not losing any sleep over it. I'm just glad none of the Israelis were killed or seriously wounded. Just two minor injuries and two more moderate ones among the Israeli Navy, versus maybe sixteen dead asshats. It don't get much better than that.

Always On Watch said...

These were not peace protesters singing "we shall overcome".


I won't be sorry that leftist agitators got bumped off.

henry said...

Hardened Communists? Oh, you are a dry wit, aren't you?

beakerkin said...

Actually Ducky as usual you do not know what you are talking about. Given the level of provocation the Israelis were very restrained. Sadly,
most of the dead are Turks and not commies.

The video speaks for itself and the death toll should have been far greater. More commies spreading lies and falsehoods.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, they were Turkish commies.

They attacked the Israeli navy. Libertarian lunatic post of the week.

beakerkin said...


Thanks for cheering me up. The casualty quote was 20 now it is ten.
The Israelis should send a bill to the countries of the communist mercenaries for their health care.

The Pagan Temple said...

If the Israelis had not intercepted the ship and boarded it for inspection, it would have been a gross dereliction of duty on their part. How were they supposed to know what was really on those ships? These people knew the Israelis were going to intercept them, and they planned on putting up a fight.

The lead ship was named Rachel Cory. That right there was a pretty good sign of what they had on their minds. The whole thing was meant to provoke the Israelis so they would respond and then they could make an accusation against them. Same old shit, different day.

The Israelis should have intercepted them with a fleet of naval ships led by the INS Caterpillar.

beamish said...

I thought the Israelis were remarkably restrained when they didn't send a cleaning bill to Rachel Corrie's family to cover the cost of washing her blood off of one of their bulldozers. I would have.

And so, we have the IDF stopping blockade runners. Here's hoping it ends with supply ships sinking. And people crying on YouTube. That's the best part.

The_Editrix said...

Beak these were not hardened communist agitators, but hardened jihadist agitators.

The radical Islamic IHH, the chief supporter of the "solidarity" action, pretends to be a humanitarian relief organisation (Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation), but supports Hamas and several other jihadist organisations worldwide, for example in Eurasia (Chechnya, Bosnia), the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan) and North Africa (Algeria, Libya), to name only a few countries. According to the Danish Institute for international Studies, IHH has ties to Al Qaeda. B├╝lent Yildirim, the president of IHH, is a follower of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, as does the Hamas, and is a supporter of and collaborator with Hamas.

Believe me, they did NOT learn to do evil from your dreaded "commies", they know how to do that all by themselves.

You will be pissing and moaning about the evil commies all the way to one of those cute cranes which they use to string up people. And don't tell me it ain't so because you haven't even a fornicating clue about what you are talking.

Better do a Google search for those videos that show how those peace- and helpful hunanitarian relief-providers attacked the Israeli soldiers first.

The Pagan Temple said...


The point is they have support from communist and far left organizations, like World Can't Wait, Code Pink, and others.

Rachel Corrie was recruited while a student at Evergreen College, a far left college in Washington the state. Her advisers and other school officials promised her extra credit if she would go to Gaza as a protester under the tutelage of the International Solidarity Movement.

They weren't jihadist, however, they were and doubtless still are far left agitators. They might not be communists, technically speaking, but they are close enough its probably a distinction without a real difference.

Most far left universities that have a Muslim student union are supported by far left professors and university organizations that are only slightly to the left of Josef Stalin.

The_Editrix said...

TPT, jihadists will get support from any self-hating, totalitarian group and person of any hue in the West. Not to speak of every Jew-hater, who has that with the Muslims in common. They (the jihadists) would act as well on their own accord, although it would take a bit more trouble and time. To reduce the problem of Islam to "commies" is not just fatuous, but dangerously delusional.