Saturday, May 22, 2010

What a wonderful day

I spent the afternoon with the Tranquil Sea and the Beloved Sprite. Once again I ordered from the West Indian Chinese place up the block. I usually order on more dish than we have people. In theory it is easy as The Beloved Sprite Likes poultry, Tranquil Sea likes Shrimp and I will get some type of poultry and on rare occasion lamb with Chinese Vegetables. The Beloved Sprite likes Baby Corn so I gave her mine. I always try to block out three hours of time. Last week I was too exhausted from the Guyana community fundraiser.

I will be finishing the Book on Oneida history. If one is keeping track I started it way back but some other books with many of the same people popped up. If the Kenneth Roberts books arrive I will bump them to the front.

On the music front the Surf Instrumental sound drives the Vegan up the wall. I like the sound and the original fresh quality some of the Instrumental Rock songs have. Sometimes the songs have one or two words like the song Church Key.

I will see if the Guyana community has an independence day event.


CM said...


You make the Guyana community sound so interesting.

You will be a great ambassadore on your trip."Good Neighbor" policy by one of our own finest Officers, can't get any better than that. Equality and mutual trust and assistance seems to lead you.

beakerkin said...

My life and career have been intertwined with the Guyanese community before the Tranquil Sea.
I can speak in the local patios quite fluently.

I do not think the Beloved Sprite will be with up. I am going to try and get in some rain forest adventure. Now I am known as a NYC type, but I have been in some rough country in Adirondack Park. The animals and the fauna are more challenging, but I will have local

I will try to familiarize myself with the Berbice river. Supposedly the area I am going may only be reached by river. Although being in places where bugs devour you will be familiar from Vermont. I will have to see what type of repellent is available.

Hinduism is very easy on me. Oddly, the Guyanese Christians are unburdened by my respect. When I eat as a family in a restaurant I eat things only suitable to the diet of the Tranquil Sea and the Beloved Sprite which is almost always poultry. Sometimes lamb or goat is available.

Americans tend to freak out at eating goat meat, but Mediterranean types have been doing so for a long time. A NYC type is usually quite versatile and can adapt naturally. When I was in LA the folks were amazed that I was well versed in Korean, Tai and Cuban cuisine. Explaining Polish, Russian and Indian was not difficult.

For whatever reason I get adopted by local communities easily. Had I remained out West I would have ended up in the Philippino community. I blend in better than most presume.

I guess it is the love of life and respect.