Sunday, May 23, 2010

It is obvious who is obsessed with whom

The ancient rabid mongrel has an obsession with this site and CM. We have not commented on Yeagley's site for quite some time. The subject of his idiotic writings does get raised by commenters
such as the Duck.

CM is well liked by the readers and participants here. We do not have any of the nasty types of squables and tiffs those who are familiar with Batty Ann are quite familiar with.

Any attempt to sue anyone from the rabid mongrel will be met with a counter suit.

This site is above the IQ of the rabid mongrel and the gourd dancer.

Before you start bashing CM on her looks you should look in the mirror. Your recent pictures
are nothing to brag about. You look like a Chia Pet on steroids. Unlike Chia Pets that are loved you are loathed. How many ex husbands committed suicide just to get away from you.

Maybe Batty Ann can start a fresh round of Yeagley is gay rumors.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, stand by your man love for Yeagley. Remember, "Doctor Yeagley is a friend".

You hang with idiotic bigots and you get dirty. You exposed your true nature now live with it. "Doctor Yeagley is a friend."

beakerkin said...

Lets see the fact that Yeagley was a friend means nothing. Quite frankly his views are less odious than those of Troutsky and Renegade Spleen who advocate support for a death cult with a history of treason.

Yeagley is mentally disturbed, but still preferable to commies on every count.

CM said...

Thanks Beak,
But you know she will never leave me alone, she must have done some long research to find me. I am not ashamed of myself, I go to Comanche meetings because I am concerned for our Nation. I make comments or ask questions. yeagly made her the ways she is, he caused the jealousy, by saying one time I was beautiful. In all my postings on the net, I never claimed to be beautiful. I don't think he was talking about my "looks", he just naturally liked me because I was Comanche, nothing else. Then I had to correct him a time or two on his knowledge of Comanches History, he took offense. She took it all to a different level and won't let it be. He feeds her anger....I know this. "Q" and I discussed this issue of attacks by bag, he assured me he spoke to yeagley........His concern was for his new Media Project and getting the word out to the Comanche People, she abuses this Comanche Media for her own hate!

I am 125lb of healthy 5'4" Comanche, no lice, no pock marks don't care to dye my hair, so its grey makes my life easier not to dye. I tried it once, and it would not take, that was my sign! I'm like an old lady that lives in a shoe, I have so many Grandkids(on the week-ends)I don't know what to do, but I could not live without them. Right now seven year old Grandaughter(who spent the nite with my daughter who lives next door) wants the computor again to play pac man or some such game they love. So I'll let her at it.

Your kind, hey and sooooo young(44)....maybe its time to let yeagley and bag go into oblivion. Summer is getting so busy. We were so lucky the Comanche Nation worded with FEMA and hired people to carry away the fallen trees and branches from our property, which during the snow storm looked like a war zone, now the grass and trimmed trees are all aglow with life again. Looking out the window seeing the branches moving in the wind reminded me of new regrowth, kids bursting in my door reminded me of my own life. Upcoming Memorial at our "Old Comanche Cemetary" program needs attention, my papers are scrattered hither, they need attention.

With all the negativeness, there is the bright future, if we work on keeping it healthy!

I have a "gut" feeling yeagley bit a little too much on this REHAB Gentleman.

beakerkin said...


Batty Ann is a loser. Does she have a site of her own. Who reads her words and cares if she lives or dies.She is a nobody without a single friend other than GMS who has abandoned her or is pushing up daisies.

I have plenty of friends on and off the blog. Like you one reads glimpses of an ordinary life in NYC.

My work is vital and changes lives each and every day. Unlike the Bag
or Yeagley one can point to my achievements. I will never forget the trip to Chinatown and being hugged by an ancient woman with tears in her eyes "thank you officer Beakerkin". I wouldn't trade a moment like that for anything.

What type of degree does Batty Ann have other than those found on rectal thermometers.

beakerkin said...

The Rabid Dog is doing the Xanax the watsted warrior woman bit. Sorry, but nobody wants to play with the rabid mongrel. You can amuse yourself
in Yeagleys ghost town and wait for Ajibik or Tall Soldier to make fun of you.

Yeagley is finnished.

beakerkin said...

Batty Ann

Unless you can prove I am Black, Apache, Gay, worked for NYPD and have been terminated by DHS you are in for a nice loss. Your comments are very amusing to AOW, TMW who have met me in person.

The event was recorded and photographed. I encourage you to look on the web for that photo, just do not hold your breath.

You will have a lot of explaining
to judges why you use Black as an epithet. Of course your threats to invade my privacy are on record.

Your attempts to draw me back to Bad Eagle if only to fight you so that your hero could try to repair
the damage has failed. Even though
my departure has nothing to do with
you he likely blames you for the damage he is getting.

Keep up your good work the board is almost empty. Yeagley is finnished and he is not insightful
enough to look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Beverly, you have nothing to be ashamed of by being included in a video with your own tribe. You're an elder and are nice looking and have zero to fear from the person in question.

I've been forced to deal with people like this particular one before; through much angst and stress, I've learned that the best strategy is to go no contact. I'm recommending you react as though (note that I am not making a diagnosis but expressing my gut instinct) this person suffers from a personality disorder (possibly borderline: Google the traits). Either way, you nor anyone is going to change them and the way they treat other people, particularly online.

By operating off this assumption, this means, aside from death threats or something beyond the pale, you cease to respond or recognize this person's existence in any shape or form. I'd wager this person is so used to a life of unadulterated chaos and carnage that the only environment they can function in is one of pure chaos. Hence, things can be going smoothly and pleasantly, which unnerves them. They follow with purposely creating chaos (attacking new posters out of instinct).

Without the fighting and subsequent acknowledgment she so desperately craves, she will likely wither up and fade away. Or, she'll move on to another person that feeds them by playing their exhausting, sick game. Trust me, you'll fee better when you see them move on from you once you ignore them. This also should included the owner of that site. Take care.


Anonymous said...

And my advice is for Beak as well. By ignoring this person, no matter what, is the best medicine to use in this case. These sorts do not respond to logic, reason, or compassion (lack empathy).

They are masters of projecting their chaotic, screwed ups selves onto others. By engaging them, you are the one that walks away feeling crazy; they simply go on and find a new toy to project their issues on, hoping that the new source feeds them the attention and drama they need to continue living. For my part, I will not respond here to anything more about the two unmentionables.


CM said...


Thanks Ray, and I also thank Nora. I apologize to Mr. Beakerkin who has been a gracious Host, I knew it was wrong to even comment/respond.

My life is too full and so removed from that kind of World.

Anonymous said...

WOW the duo of lunacy, well again simple MO from simple folks. 1. Yoogles aint done a damn thing, even have sex with whoeer and no experience, but runs his mouth using a phd as what authority to make azzhole remarks, which crackers jackboot and breed bogiots go along with, hey no problem even hitler begun with a smal group of homo, nuagers and other mongrel breeds and IT was about hate and threw the world into HELL. Yoogles aint no hitler but the runt of his littler persay, thus why not the shock jock antics to get attention LOL smells like dog shyt, so I think he is full of caca, playing his CON-injun MO and trying to be a expert heh. The other one real simple was banned off a real indian site for doing what, well hey IT's past posts and words do follow IT to show IT looks like dog shyt, no matter HUMOR and SATIRE only in amercia so the duo of lunacy IT will think It self right though anyone with a fifth grade ed can see right thru the bullshyt, hey the prez is a product of chicago stlye politics or MO as was Bush and his texazz good ole boyz. Again IT is reall funny to hear such lunacy and then have to see that even pizzants and azzclowns need attention and EGO stroke, or anyone can be their own worst ENEMY, ta ta the Jewish shadow Laa'de'ste

CM said...

Hello Naiche,

Past is past, and I needed that "slap" on the cheek by Nora and Ray, and I deserve it, I accept it.

Every day is a Blessing, my seven month old Grandson is so cute and sweet and smart, course I told him, your Aunt Carman(my Eldest daughter) started walking at seven months, he can get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth, never takes off though. Then I remember...I just get my house the way I want it then...."Tah Ahpuh"(Father in Heaven) plans it that way, the little keep us Elders young! Its just a natural cycle, loving them little ones so much.

Cateran said...

"Maybe Batty Ann can start a fresh round of Yeagley is gay rumors."

Rumours, what rumours? Hell, every red-blooded, testosterone driven guy I know who owns a forum includes "Interior Design" and "Fashion" amongst the topics they want to discuss.

Well, maybe not the first one, but I'm sure they like to talk fashion. Yes, indeed, definitely fashion, like Victoria's Secret sort of fashion.

Not sure about the other type of fashion though. It's always seemed a little gay to me.

CM said...

You should see him walk!

You have to see him in person!

You have to see him giggle!

For someone that claims is fashion savvy, he dresses like he just came from church services in the 40's.

I'm surprised he loves the Persians, they look just like beautiful Mexican women to me, and the ones he posted are NOT blond...surprise!

I've noticed, he allows every class of People to grow outside their Tradition, yet he wants the Indian to keep to themselves always taking time to reprimand their ways. The mascot being the true image(he claims) is all he can come up with as being anything close to a compliment, yet 99.5 American Indians do not like this use.