Friday, May 28, 2010

Forgotten Allies by Glatthaar and Martin

This is very valuable and informative reading about the history of the Revolutionary War and the historical contributions of the Oneida people. The book describes how the new Nations forgot their allies and the tribe split up. Some of the tribe moved to Wisconsin and Canada.

The book introduces us to many memorable and brave Oneida. The patriot Thomas Sinivais gave his life for the cause. The mighty Warrior Hon Yerry and his wife Two Kettles together and a son fought with distinction at Oriskany which may have been the most brutal of the entire conflict. Blatcop Toneyentagoyon who broke his arm at Oriskany was one of two Oneidas recognized by Lafayette Fifty years later. The other was Henry Cornelius.

The book is not only the story of mighty warriors. It is the story of the devout Good Peter trying to save his tribe from alcohol. It is the story of the wise leader Grasshopper and the ageless and wise Skenadoah who lived to be 110.

I have read several books and many articles about the battle of Oriskany. This book is the first that deals with the Oneida and other Indians who fought with the patriots. Their history should be told as well as the Stockbridge Indians who fought with the patriots in the Revolutionary War.

The book is a very pleasant reading experience and well worth the time and effort to read.

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Ducky's here said...

I'm sorry to be off topic, Bea, but I think it is important to point out that this month's Cineaste has an excellent review of a new documentary on Norman Finklestein.

It's pretty critical of Dershowitz and other shoa pimps so I am sure you'll want to catch it at a theater.

"American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finklestein", watch for it. I'm sure it will play in NYC.