Friday, May 14, 2010

Will be out for a while

Tonight I am at a charity fundraiser for the Guyanese community. I usually have a good time and
celebrate with good friends. The food is usually quite good. Interestingly, when I am with the Tranquil Sea I only eat poultry or fish out of respect. The locals eat as their religious whims or tastes dictate. In general Hindus like those who are Kosher or even Halal are not obnoxious as your bombastic vegans are.

Tomorrow, I will be spending some more time with the Tranquil Sea and the beloved Sprite. My time with her is fun even if I am just working in the garden or shopping. I am lucky that her interests in fine art are subjects that I have a passing knowledge in. Of course she likes Renoir better than Chardin as well. The only person who seems to have the other taste is Poultry.

On Sunday I will be at a barbecue with Drummaster and I might even drive my own car. I am looking at an 8 cylinder Impala with a Guyanese community friend. I do not drive much, but an Impala is a pleasure.

I also will be celebrating Guyana independence day in Queens later this month.

One thing I want to impart is that while reading the history of New York State from the 1750 to 1790 era one fails to grasp the terrain. Apparently this was also lost on the Brittish who thought that a trip down the Champlain Valley was a breeze. The area even today has deep forests that are by no means a walk in the Park. Adirondack Park which I regularly crossed is beautiful to look at but not easy to cross on foot. There is ample water and some swamps. It is not exactly easier on the Vermont side either. One can use Champlain and Lake George to go North and South until the Hudson River. The Indians were well aware of what rivers went where and commuted great distances.


Ducky's here said...

8 cylinders? Why?

JINGOIST said...

Beak there's GREAT historical accounts of that area from the French and Indian Wars and the Revolutionary War. Thanks for the reminder!

Brooke said...

Have a good go of it, Beak! :)

Ducky's here said...

Dear Beak,

I know you can help me since you seem to understand the sad state of affairs in higher education today.
I just bought an iPod touch and I was browsing iTunesU. This seems like a good idea, short college level lectures, usually free.

I was shocked to find a course on Islamic banking. Well, let me tell you I was tempted to download it to see if there was terrorist material but I'm sure that would have alerted homeland security.

Should I assume it's just trapping would be terrorists or should the authorities be notified of this latest bit of dhimmitude?


Always On Watch said...

On Sunday I will be at a barbecue with Drummaster and I might even drive my own car.

About time! About driving your own car, I mean.

Sometimes you are too generous for your own good, Beak. Not a bad character trait, you understand.

Come pay us a visit! We won't eat beef in the presence of Tranquil Sea.

beakerkin said...


It is very funny to see that my caution is not shared by other Guyanese. Many of the people were Christians and eat everything. Yet amongst the Tranquil Sea I eat only poultry or fish out of respect to my family. You and Dave can eat beef but I have to for sake of unity keep the diet when we go out.

I got back at 5am. I had to walk 3 miles up hill. Yet I had a slurpee to keep me awake. The Tranquil Sea
was exausted. She wants me to sleep in and father daughter time
will wait.

Ducky's here said...

By the way Beak, anyone who is a moron enough to say still life is just pictures of objects" really shouldn't comment on Chardin.

You aren't quite at the level of your revered jerk Beamish who think a string quartet plays under a baton but you seem to be working on it.

The culture is in a deep enough pit without you "where are the impressionist" "art critics" digging a deeper hole.

beakerkin said...


As a mental defective who is in cahoots with a death cult your perspective is warped. Like the Coyote in the Road Runner the best you can do is dream of catching Mr. B who runs circles around you.

Commies and Nazis are similar political criminals. A look at the art work of Hitler shows reverence for buildings and minute humans. A well balanced person grasps a bowl of a fruit is indeed a mere object devoid of substance. It is the conveyance of vitality within humans that is the true sign of excellence in art.

A person that wastes time going to study demented doodlings as an art
form is no expert. That form is one stage removed from graffiti and card tricks.

Ducky's here said...

Man you are obtuse. Imagine Dutch vanitas and Cezanne are devoid of substance.

Keep trying Beak, you might say something sensible at some point.

Why does art scare you right wing reactionaries so much? Gotta stay nice and safe with a sentimental hack (after 1878) like Renoir because you feel threatened?

The Pagan Temple said...

Art is boring and artists are pretentious twats. That's one thing they all have in common, regardless of style.

Let's see, I think I'm going to go to a museum and stand in front of some piece of shit that a fucking elephant or Cheetah the Chimp could have painted. I'm going to stand there for about ten minutes, rub my chin and give it my seriously thoughtful look, and hopefully somebody will come along and ask me for my opinion, and I can say something as pretentious as the work, such as, "well, even though this was painted prior to his post-accessory period, one should note that the presence within these darker shades of hints of surrealization of melancholia points to this being something of a bridge between the latter period and his earlier, post-traumatic stresspressionist style with perhaps even a throwback to his first pubescenlightenment period.

I know this makes no sense, but it might get me a piece of ass. Just nod, frown, rub the chin, and every once in a while say "magnificent" in a stage whisper while throwing back the head with a delighted demeanor.

Ducky's here said...

Gee Pagan, see that's the kind of consciousness I expect from Libertarians. Clueless.

Utterly clueless and pretty much incapable of higher thought.

I was standing in front of Ruisdael's "River Scene with Boat and Cattle Barge". Really highlights that gray palette of his that hints at an underside to the Dutch prosperity. But as I say, art scares you. When the world becomes larger than "the market" you are completely lost. Utterly adrift.

beakerkin said...

Ah the bird brain lectures others about higher thought. As an apologist for a system that smashes individualism at every opportunity this is classic comedy. A lemming should consider this before addressing humans. Actually as commies frequently steal objects with platitudes and treat humans as domestic animals ripe for slaughter the lack of artistic taste is not a shock.

Then again this is the same mindless type that considers doodling an art form. Sorry but it is a waste of museum space and a step above the cliche moron Banksy.

Ducky's here said...

Tie a can on it, Beak. When they start with "Piss Christ" or crap stained canvases you've got one of two thing:

1. Someone wants to be provocative.

2. Someone is an ignoramus.

Either way you play around with them.

Have you seen "Exit Through the Giftshop"? Give it a try.

The Pagan Temple said...

Ducky, I was just purposely messing with you, but now I've got a serious question for you. Have you ever heard of a work called Platoon by an artist named Walter Sickert.

Before you start on me, yes, I know he wasn't really Jack The Ripper. Well, more than likely. I'm just morbidly curious about the work, and wondered whether you knew if it was available for public viewing, hopefully online.

I loved his Ennui. Note how the old dude's shadow seems to reflect an inner turmoil, or maybe frustration. The shadow of the brandy on the mantle puts me in mind of a bat.

Really, Ducky? Still life?

beamish said...

Artistic illiterates like Ducky will rave ecstatically over a photograph of a jar of piss or the subtleties of someone taking a shit on stage and smearing themselves with it.

Seriously, Ducky, go back to the bathhouse. You forgot to wash the fag off of yourself.

Ducky's here said...

Ah, heavy metal baton boy chimes in. No doubt to put in a few words for the rhythmic sophistication and melodic complexity of "Black Sabbath".

Like Pagan's little stunt of bringing up feces stained canvases Beamish starts with his petty homosexual gossip.That's all you've got Beamish because you're an illiterate.

Ducky's here said...

I'm surprised none of you mention Duchamp's "Fountain". More indication of your lack of any sense of history.

beamish said...

What petty homosexual gossip? I don't care about how gay you are, Ducky. At least not as much as you care about flaunting it. You're all whine and sodomy, like a limp-wristed Godard film that won't go quietly into the dustbin of obscurity as long as fags like you coo at mediocrity.

Ducky's here said...

Holo homo, Batman, is that why Anna Karina divorced him?