Monday, May 10, 2010

Fire Ron Gochez and the morons that hired him

You Tube is a wonderful tool. It makes Communist lies refutable with a few minutes of viewing.
There is a wonderful video of a mostly insane Communist talking smack about a racial revolution in
solidarity with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Ron Gochez illustrates why Communists should not be employed in any educational facility. They can not be trusted to do their job without spreading their vile pseudo religion to impressionable youths. His actions are a form of child abuse sanctioned by the board of education in LA. The job of a teacher is to educate and it is apparent that this dullard has been indoctrinating students.

In addition this loon is also a surprise rabid antisemite who likes to write about Jewish control of the media. Several letters to the Daily Aztec complain about his racism.

The Governor needs to explain how this lunatic was hired. Those who allowed this moron in front of a classroom need to be held accountable and terminated. If his views are reflective of the staff than the school needs to be closed. There is no place in education for KKK, Nazis or Commies brainwashing kids. Educators have been terminated for far less than the call for criminal activity.

While the media talks about imagined terrorists at Tea Party events, it ignores criminal incitement from paid civil servants.

Fire Gochez yesterday.

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Always On Watch said...

I'm sick and tired of this coddling of Communist teachers, particularly those in our elementary and high schools.