Monday, May 17, 2010

So called expert opinions

I returned from a family function and am amazed at the ignorance of some relatives who have not been gainfully employed in two decades. My nephew drummaster is graduating tomorrow with a degree in criminal justice. He wants to follow my path and become a government investigator. This is an admirable goal and I am glad he is following my example. He will be a great officer in whatever agency he chooses. He has a more mild temperament than I do and similar abilities.

I am utterly astonished at the dangerous and idiotic advice imparted by people who have never sat for a security clearance. The sad truth about government is that in an ideal world it follows its own rules and regulations. However, as a union activist this is seldom the case and the best advice one can give is be vanilla. The slightest thing can lead to problems later on. Every trip outside of the country must be accounted for.

The truth is this person unlike many people has actively chosen to be unemployed. This person who is an expert on everyone's career has an accounting degree and could have easily found any number of jobs. How a person who has not worked in two decades while their spouse works three jobs became an expert remains unknown.

Of course when this person gives unsolicited advice I nod and walk away. Sorry, but people who have been out of gainful employment for two decades should impart advice only when asked.

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Ducky's here said...

A very petty, sour and bitter story.

Whatever happened you don't seem to have put it behind you.