Tuesday, May 04, 2010

All in the Beakerkin Family

Now we take you to some bad satire the mighty Beakerkin Arts players spoofs a familiar TV show

Ducky: The whole world can not have peace because of them Joooooz
Beakerkin: Hey Duckhead how about making peace in this house and finding a job and stop eating me out of house and home.
Ducky: The economy is a mess because of the Likudnik wars and the noecon...
TMW: Now Beaky, don't be cheap with the food. Ducky is a growing boy.
Beakerkin; Yeah growing fat off of my hard labor and having sex with my daughter in our own house.
Ducky: Socialism works.
Beakerkin: I am the only one working while you are studying Arabian doodling and watching idiotic foreign films.
TMW: Now Beaky Duckhead and our daughter are married.
Ducky: We even got married in a church.
Beakerkin: Don't remind me.
TMW: How do you think we are going to get grandkids...
Beakerkin: Great more mouths to feed and I am the only one working.
Anything else can go wrong
TMW: Be nice our new neighbor has moved in
Ducky: You should be nice to Yeagley after all you stole his land raped his women.
Beakerkin: I did nothing of the sort and the only person who is oversexed, over fed and under worked in this house is you.
Yeagley: What is this crap you placed in my box. I am not going to protest to Free Mummia. He's a hardened criminal.
Ducky: No he is a political activist ...
Yeagley: Shooting cops is not a form of political activity. You white people need to form your own reservations. Develop your own traditions and Ducky smoking pot is not a celebration of Comanche culture.
Beakerkin: Are you still doing that crap.
Ducky: So are you it was in yesterdays salad.
TMW: I thought you said that was organic herbs grown in Chernobyl farms.
Yeagley: Did you experience any visions.
Beakerkin: Yes my vision was that you are going to get an intelligent thought.
Yeagley: Is it my fault that the negro has polluted your blood lines.
Beakerkin: The only person who is polluting my blood lines is the same person who is eating me out of house and home.
Yeagley: So the you support Duckhead and he has sex with your daughter.
Ducky: Beaky just doesn't get how important social justice is. The Jews are running the country on behalf of their colonial state you as an Indian should grasp that.
Yeagley: What do you know about history. The Arabs are colonial invaders and the Jews are the Indians and God's people.
TMW: Look it is our nephew Beakerambo. He is back from Hollywood after shooting another B team movie with Mr. Beamish.
Ducky: The man is exploiting hatred of Muslims and using his image to hawk junk food to make kids obese.
Yeagley: I do not see this family resemblence between you and Beakerambo is he the product of miscegenation.
Beakerkin: What is with everyone in this house talking about sex all day.
TMW: Now Beaky sex is part of life.
Beakerkin: So is passing gas but you don't hear me talking about it.
Ducky: All this passing gas is burning a hole in the Ozone layer.
Beakerkin: Listen here you. The worst culprit is you with that Tofu.
TMW: Now be polite to Beakerambo. Why did you dump that nice Lindsay Lohan girl.
BR: Me mii meeep Skank.
Yeagley: What did he just say?
Ducky: The woman is an alcoholic who sleeps around.
TMW. Oh my.....Well at least he brought lunch
Ducky: Zionist Salami, Pumpernickel bread and chopped liver is a heart attack.
Yeagley: I will take his share.
Beakerkin: Will you look at those two eating. I haven't seen hands move like that since he took me to that awful martial arts film Spank the Monkey Choke the Chicken.
Ducky: That is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon you knave.
Beakerkin: This is just great I didn't even get a slice of bread. I am the only one working in this house and I don't even get a decent meal and this lazy slob is screwing my daughter.
Ducky: Socialism is great.

Tune in next week to All in the Beakerkin Family with our special guest Justin


Ducky's here said...

I hate martial arts films. They have absorbed most of the Chinese 5th wave film makers and serious Taiwanese directors.

Kapital kills the arts.

Ducky's here said...

You know, what I find most demented is the projection of these idiotic ideas that I think the Jews are running the country etc. etc.

I don't understand why you are such a moron. Now it's true that you can't reason with a right winger but you are really worse than most.

Don't watch it you'll turn into a low functional like Beamish.

Brooke said...

Heh. :)

The Pagan Temple said...

I actually agree with Ducky on most martial arts films. The sad thing is, that is a genre that has a lot of potential, but most of the time they just go for the cheap and obvious thrills. There is a wealth of philosophy and spirituality behind marital arts that are almost never incorporated, and when they are, they are fantasized to a ridiculous extent.

Ducky's here said...

Well, it wasn't always such, Pagan. Try King Hu's "Touch of Zen".

Doesn't g crazy with the action and develops some character and story line.

The Pagan Temple said...


Sounds good, I'll look it up, hopefully I'll get a chance to see it. I'm all for action, of course, but that shouldn't be the only thing, or even the main thing. Most modern movies seem to imply that a really good martial artist should be able to walk and run up walls like spider man and glide doing somersaults for several hundred yards in a matter of seconds. I'd rather see martial arts movies that expound somewhat on the philosophy and mysticism in a realistic but compelling way, with moderate doses of exciting albeit believable action and romance thrown in for good measure.

beamish said...

You know, what I find most demented is the projection of these idiotic ideas that I think the Jews are running the country etc. etc.

It's not a projection when you forward the left's engrained anti-Semitism full blast every time you post about Israel, and single out Jewish-authored blogs for your vehemence. You quack like an anti-Semite, therefore your leftist credentials can't be questioned.

Sometimes I think you post the imbecilic things you do as a parody of leftism, but then you get all bent out of shape when we're not convinced that you're an idiot.