Friday, May 07, 2010

The Passion of the Poultry

The Duck deludes himself into thinking he is smarter than the rest of us. However, there are times when he makes my job easy.

On a post discussing whether the USA should denaturalize people who belong to terrorist groups
that seek to kill Americans. The Ducks singles out an ally of the United States and the world's only Jewish state. He singles out Israel and wants to know why the bill doesn't seek to denaturalize US citizens who serve in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Actually, the USA should denaturalize people who take subsidized vacations from the Narco Terrorist State of Venezuela. The fact that Ducky can not differentiate between an ally of the USA and a criminal state run by a crack addicted criminal imbecile is revealing.

Of course when we satirize the Duck as a mindless Antisemite he gets upset. When the mood hits me I will pen episode three of All in the Beakerkin Family. I will pen an episode where Rav Roov visits.


Ducky's here said...

If an American joins a foreign army why should an exception be made because it is a Jewish state.

Lieberman showed where his allegiance is by putting that exception in the bill and he should be expelled from the Senate for not having the interest o the United States as his primary objective.

Again, why does it matter that it is a Jewish state.

Canada is an ally. If someone joins the Canadian army why not make an exception or isn't Canada special?

beakerkin said...

Not quite Duncy, you have amply exhibited your typical Marxist bigotry towards Jews. There is no issue with Canada, Italy or any other ally.

People who accept subsidized travel from Hugo Chavez or engage illegal
activity like the CPT or the ISM should be denaturalized. Let Commies
live with Hugo.

The Pagan Temple said...

There were Americans who joined the British Army during World War I, before America entered the war. It was never an issue. It just depends on what the relationship of the country to question to America. If somebody joined the Dutch Navy, you would just assume he must be gay, or just stupid, and leave it at that. If somebody joined the Iranian Army, it wouldn't necessarily be jumping to conclusions to think you were possibly dealing with a traitor.

beakerkin said...

And it is likely that a person who questions the loyalty of Jews who
support Israel repeatedly is a rabid

The Pagan Temple said...

People have a natural tendency to identify with their nation of heritage. It's understandable for example that a person of Polish descent would feel strong bonds with the nation of Poland, and would have supported measures to free them from the grip of the Soviets. Or take Ireland, probably the largest Caucasian ethnic group in the US. Irish Americans to a great degree feel like Ireland is their spiritual home, and this does not raise many eyebrows. If an American of Irish descent takes a trip to Ireland, most reasonable people don't jump to the conclusion that they must be giving money to the IRA.

That is basically because Ireland, like Poland, is not seen as an enemy nation. When people criticize Jews for supporting Israel, that's a pretty good sign that they are seeing the nation of Israel at least to some extent as a sworn enemy. The question then becomes, sworn enemy to who, or to what?