Friday, August 31, 2007

The Final Journey Home

Over Two Years ago I left my home to go to VT. Oddly the last person I spoke to was my first friend. When I arrived in St Albans my first friend was who runs the local gas station. We joked and he wished me well.

As I departed town a gentle rain picked up. The beginings of a thunderstorm started. It was almost as if VT didn't want to let me go. My thoughts were of many friends I will never see again Earl the cat and Northwind. I manuvered my car through the swampy backroads hoping to catch a glimpse of a great blue heron and wondering about Northwind. I was still feeling bad about Northwind entering Alburgh when a border collie came out of nowhere and ran into the back of a passing truck. It didn't seem like there was great contact. The dogs lie prone as the driver before me stopped transfixed. A grieved woman ran out with a young child but it was obvious how this story would end. I was thinking about the symbolism of Northwind and as much as I could that story too has the same ultimate ending. Sooner or later I had to return home and even if I could make a home there her fate was as sealed as that in front of me. Many of us delude ourselves with what love can overcome, but her problems are beyond what I or likely any other person can handle.

I was thinking of the irony of a thunderstorm obsuring the rugged beauty of the Northway. I pulled into the first rest stop to gather my thoughts and read about the Yankees. The French music oldies station I listened to was no longer in range. I sat thinking of the many fine friends and of that always hungry cat. I never knew how many people's lives I touched. I thought of the odd joke from my office party "If I knew I was leaving I might throw my self a party. Scratch another flatlander from VT.

Just as a smile crossed my lips out of nowhere the sun broke. I would be able to at least enjoy the stunning scenery of the Northway. I turned on the radio and "Dirty Deeds" was playing on the radio. It was time to get down to business. I prepared for the drive to the High Peaks rest area. Overhead falcons hovered amidst the stunning backdrops. There were great flocks of small birds migrating in the same direction. I also saw a huge Red Fox whose fate was sealed on the Southbound passing lane. I never encountered a fox as roadkill before. The coat was a brilliant redish orange hue.

I always try to stop at the High Peaks Rest area at mile 100. I gaze at the exhibits of wildlife pictures and the cliffs in the distance. I feel weak and tired so I get a snack and ponder the beauty around me. I will not see this type of landscape soon and even in winter it is still picturesque.Perhaps when I go to Brunswick my trip will give me a reminder. Twenty miles out of high peaks I can no longer get my local VT radio. I now have two choices NPR or a Christian station. Unexpectedly the signal from Albany picks up the local talk radio station. I listen for the next twenty miles. Apparently some local teacher made a plea deal after being caught having an affair with a student. The talk show host and the local DA bantered over the sentence.

I approach New Baltimore starved and I have never seen it so crowded. There are Chasidic Jews, Caribeans, Tourists from Europe. I call my parents who were concerned. The heat and humidity were brutal. I stop for gas amazingly it is always at the same pump on every trip.
When I depart New Baltimore I hear the familiar WABC jingle. It is as if a long lost relative has joined my trip. I can pick up the Yankee game from my home station. I stop in at the Walden Rest area to read Nanc and TMW wonderful comments. The landscape is less rugged and tamed. I tave the Thruway for the Garden State. On the Jersey Turnpike the lanscape is now all steel and Iron. I cross the Goethals and am now on Staten Island. I expected the traffic would be worse. I pull in exausted and ask my mother to repark the car.

I am home my voyage is complette but I am too exausted to even make it upstairs and fall asleep on the floor of the living room.

The Vermont chapter is closed and I will always cherish the memories and friends. I get a call from a coworker in VT. He packed his family up and went across country to avoid the term drama. He went across the country to get a permanent job in MO. He returned after passing the writing test. He took the day off and went to his old cube where I saved all of his things and reassembled them waiting for his return. I left my clunky box fan in his cube. I even left a calendar and a Mountain Dew and Cheetos in the desk. Beaks I'll save the box fan for your return and he thanked me for arranging his cube to its former state. "You'll be back Beak".
I remind him that while VT was very good to me it was never my home.

I always would look to the South and wonder how things were in NYC. Perhaps if it was night I could get WABC for a spell. Vermont was a fine place but it was never home. NYC is my home and I yearn for the energy and subtle wonders like Street Food.

I think of Northwind and know the final chapter is on the way. One can not live long as she does.
Perhaps now she is cursing me for leaving her behind. She doesn't belong in NYC and without her lifetime friends and disfunctional family her few days would be reduced further.

There will be new chapters and adventures ahead in my book. I have new tasks to learn and a series of new coworkers to figure out. We all fear the unknown, but sometimes a leap of faith is required to move ahead.

Beamish in 08.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bittersweet night

I enjoyed the final celebration in the Italian restrant. Many friends turned out to wish me well.
It is very hard to close the book as I am sentimental. Life changes were not meant to be easy.

I packed the car in the blazing heat even at 11pm it was dreadful. I went to my favorite gas station just before midnight. I got out of the car and I ran into Northwind. I haven't seen Northwind for a while and things have not gone well for her. The normally aloof Northwind cried and asked me if I was abandoning her. I showed her my orders as she assumed this was a vacation and it dawned on her I will not be returning.

The conversation did not make me feel too good. Northwind stated her love and it was hard for me to see her like this.

I drove back feeling pretty bad and parked my car. Out of nowhere came Earl the cat. I reached into the glove compartment for a can of sardines and Earl jumped in the car. I fed Earl and we sat for a bit. Then Earl looked at me and jumped out the window and vanished into the night.
This was the first time he has ever jumped out of the car window.

I guess these life moves were never meant to be easy. The look of Earl the Cat stings at my soul
as I depart into my appartment for one last night of sleep and for what promises to be a difficult night of sleep.

A awake at dawn and prepare my last VT post. The air is bearable and the birds are singing . I notice a sight that would ordinarilly elude my perception a V shaped formation of the dreaded Canada Goose honks in the distance heading South. They are two months early.

Vermont wishes Beakerkin well

Today was my last day at work and I am unemployed until next week. I am considered in transit to NYC and not really out of work.

I was feeling miserable because I thought my leaving would be quiet. A couple of nasty sorts with big mouths claiming to talk for the whole building made me feel hated for a long time. Always remember that people ultimately speak for themselves.

I brought in 72 cans of soda and chips to say thanks to all of the many people who enriched my life in my two year stay. I would also like to thank my blog family for making my exile pleasant.

I left what I though was an uplifting message.

"When one door closes find another. Ultimately, our fate in the long run is determined by the person in the mirror. Be thankful for what you have as there are many who have it far worse than you.

I thanked all my coworkers for the patience and friendship that made my stay a pleasant memory.

The staff had a surprise party for me. I did my best to acknowledge everyone and work a crowd like a good guest of honor. There was much laughter, and I will miss many fine people. All the supervisors showed up to honor me as did a top manager. I am very proud of my unit and to serve under my particular manager. He was quite amused at my protests to return to my home unit. It was very important to me to depart as a member of this particular unit. I am on loan to another unit for four months. Had I remained this other unit would have been my home. That unit works under tight time pressures and only the elite members of our team are selected. One would think superior performance with a key unit would be a key factor in hiring but.....

The resturant where I eat luch every day had a smaller party and there was an even smaller celebration in the other building. Many menbers who worked with me now reside in the larger facility. It is also the headquarters I am loaned out to four months of the year. Sadly, my picture of Beakerambo's capture has become a mascot at the other unit. How Beakerambo will react to this news is unknown.

Tonight I will have my last meal with some close friends. I am close with the owners of a local Italian resturant. The owner makes me Moroccan food and it has generated extra interest in his business. Serveral people have inquired about the odd food and ordered it. Up here Moroccan food is a serious novelty.

I am somewhat sad to leave such wonderful friends behind. Hopefully, I will make new ones at the NYC office and I am somewhat nervous.

It will be a long drive and I will go at day break. I will be making this drive for the final time. There is almost a cliche like point of my going South when the first leaves fall. The reality is that people never get detailed from NYC except for training as it is a hot spot. I will have to see if I can meet some of you when I am sent on assignment in December. I am not volunteering to go but training is part of the job.

I think there is a subtle humor that many people will miss. A child asked me how I ended up in my present job and I told him a building fell on me. The perplexed kid had no idea why the adults were laughing.

My Vermont adventure ends tommorow. I will miss the friends, but NYC is my home and I look forward to spending the holidays at home. Maybe I might even sit in my seat.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last Day at Work

Tommorow is my last day at the VT office. I will be leaving many friends that have enriched my life. My desk was packed up and I did my final cases. I will be giving around ten away.

My time in VT is bittersweet in that it allowed me the foundation of experience to further my career in NYC. The process for permanent hire in the Federal government leaves much to be desired. It was not easy to get into the system. The most frustrating part is the selection process varies on criteria and I just missed three times in VT. Oddly, I had job offers in other cities but NYC is home. Part of me is upset because I earned the right to choose. However, due to some arbitratry whims I was excluded from consideration yet again.

However, unlike most I learned an important lesson. When the door closes on you look for another door. Look after your own interests and never believe a word until it is in writting. Ultimately, the person who controls our destiny is the familiar one in the mirror. I feel for my friends who did not get selected. All of them are dedicated professionals worthy of hire.

In a way I am lucky because NYC has a large office and is not a popular destination. It has far more openings than anyother office. However, one still has to pass the writting test to be eligible. The real annoying part is the policy that restricts us to one office on the national hire list. Ultimately I would have been willing to go to NJ but they had one third of the openings that NYC. A friend of mine who lives in a smaller community had to compette for one opening.

My lot is bad but many of my friends have been passed over thee times. My journey has ended and Thursday I return home to NYC. Maybe some of the boys at Urban Elephants will bring me up to date on events in NYC. I no longer know the local issues and the NYC buzz.

My journey started on 9-11 not far from where I will be hanging my hat. I will be a ten minute walk from Ground Zero.

Funny but I always tought religious folk were more or less immune from the demons that plauged me. However, I was somewhat surprised to hear religious coworkers who understood my experience after 9-11. After 9-11 I took inventory of my life and decided being a fashion executive was not enough. My life was rewarding on a daily level, leading a crew into action against impossible deadlines is great fun. Yet my existence was a mere number on a ledger sheet in some accounting office . I began to wonder what my life amounted to and despite many intersting moments I was still nothing more than a number on a series of ledger pads. I didn't change lives or do anything that had long term consequences. I joined my curent employer where I change lives each and every day and serve the country I love.

I was somewhat surprised to find that deeply religious people wrestle with the issues of purpose
similar to my own moments. However, those moments where we reflect on our lives and purpose may just be a human experience all of us go through.

This is a rare reflective post and maybe I will be in better form tommorow or when I get to NYC. Ultimately, I leave theology and philosophy to those more suited to the task at hand.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Joys of NYC continued

I want to thank the annonymous commenter who alerted me to the return of my favorite section of the departed John Batchelor show. Loftus shamed the US government into acting against terrorist Professor Sammy Al Arian. Loftus is a premier intelligence analyst and I wish I could locate his cross examination of Joe Wilson on the John Batchelor show. Wilson was revealed to be an incometant fool over his head by Loftus and Alexander.

I also want to talk about street food. In NYC ethnic food is fairly common. One may even find ethnic food on the sidewalk sold by street vendors. Few of you likely know what Falafel, Shwarma and Gyros are. However, they can be found on the local streets.

Half price copies of best sellers can also be found on the streets downtown. The international news stands bring magazines and papers from all over the world. One may find obscure titles like Military History Quarterly and Practical Fishkeeping magazine from the UK on the stands.

The best part about NYC is the non stop energy and vitality of its residents. Sadly we are plauged with an abundance of Moonbats who belong in Cuba. There is no shortage of anti-semitic moonbats in NYC. Word of advice to John Brown. Commies have been known to rat each other out for a 20 or a block of Velveta. As most of the lice ridden Commies and anarchists are unemployable they are often in need of consumer products and cash. It seems that there are laws against knowingly falsely calling people pedophiles. Moreover, you were stupid enough to send comments admitting malice.

I look foward to visiting the Bronx Zoo when the long awaited Madagascar exhibit ends. I look foward to Chinatown, Jamaica and Arthur Avenue for some ethnic flavor. I look foward to the adventure around every corner. I also look forward to visiting the beloved Rav Roov for whom this blog is named.

There seems to be an irony of my return at the close of the summer tourist season. Ducks still migrate but in NYC the dreaded Canda Goose stays 24/7. The leaves are starting to turn into fall foliage colors. However, I will be at home on concrette canyons and tunels.

I await my next adventure in Bruswick GA, Lees Summit and either Houston or San Diego. I will take a few days to visit Lurray Caverns and drive through Tenesse . My seven week stay in Brunswick includes a 100 mile restriction that I find annoying. I would like to have visited Sea World or Atlanta that are beyond the limits.

Maybe on my way from GA to KS I can stop in Oklahoma City and visit with Dr Yeagley and see
the memorial at the former Federal Building. I have always wanted to see Oklahoma and Texas.
I am hoping the final stop is Houston and not San Diego. I will be driving back to NYC from either destination. If I am in San Diego I will make a detour to the Grand Canyon.

I have been on all of the states on the Eastern seabord and briefly in Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois. However, I have not visited wide swaths of the country.

Now onto sad news Rav Roovs daughter will likely have a small celebration in Israel. Due to the stringent restrictions I will not accompany the rest of my family. Travel to Israel could create problems at my job so I have to remain at home. I will restrict my travel to the USA to avoid issues that are potentially serious at work.

Beamish in 08

And now a clip from the new film the return of the Lone Ranger.

Victim 1; Oh no it is bug eyed Commies and blood crazed comies run amok. They are preparing to burn copies of the Constitution and the American Flag.
Person 2: There are two odd figures approaching. One on a white horse and the other on a mule.

Commie: You cheap consumer pitchmen will not foil our plans to desecrate sacred symbols.
Mr B: Beakerambo you know what to do.
Beakeramo: Meme Meep oops
Mr B: Beakerambo you took out the wrong items. A disco ball and whipped cream.
Jihadi: Oh no it is a gay pride parade coming to ruin our anti American hate fest. They are breaking out into Village People songs it is haram.
Mr B: It is time to open a can of whoop ass.
Jihadis: We are trapped between a relentless Capitalist American hero and an army of homosexuals. We must run and fight again another day.

Person One: Look at those heroes kick commie butt.
Mr B: The symbols of Americana are safe from Commie desecration and the Jihadis have fled. Beakerambo stop singing YMCA. Another victory for the forces of good.

Person One: Who was that Gas Masked man.
Person Two: It was the new Modern Lone Army Ranger with his steroid abusing incoherent side kick Beakerambo....
Person One: And we didn't even thank them.
Beakerambo: Me meee meep buy the lunch boxes meeee meep.

Coming this Christmas to a theatre near you.

Free Sppech and the Radio

Those of you who are regular readers know that I do listen to talk radio. My personal favorite is Bob Grant whose historical insights and acerbic wit have entertained me for 25 years. Those of you who are in range of the Mark Levin show can appreciate much of the style of Grant without his interviewing skills. Levin and Hannity both credit Grants influence.

I was somewhat ammused by the firing of Don Imus. Imus was originally a very funny and creative fellow with brilliant comedic skits such as Moby Worm, Beavis and Bob Dole and the never ending phone calls looking for Pappa Idi Dada. His comments were illadvised and just not funny, but clearly a failed attempt at humor. His show had gotten worn over the years and the only funny part was the skits with a Mayor Negin immitator. The real cause of the furor was the constant lampooning of Negin who is a national joke.

Now comes an uproar over Michael Savage's comments. I want to point out in NYC I would never listen to Savage because Levin has a superior show. His comments about illegal immigrants were unfortunate. However, we do not see liberals ever come under fire for outlandish comments. Has anyone ever been disciplined at LIB for their off the wall remarks?
Was Rosie O'Donnel suspended for her remarks about 9-11 or mocking Chinese people?

Savage's words were certainly not points I approve of. However, they do represent a frustration
many of us have with an often incoherent immigration policy. Why should I have to pay to educate and medicate people who do not belong here in the first place? Maybe if the services were denied we would not have so many illegal aliens here. This is not to say we should kick people out of emergency rooms.

The sanctuary laws are more complex than presented. We do not want to deport crime victims.
However, this protection should not apply to criminals. The real tragedy is that a person charged with a sexual offense against a minor was on the streets. They should have been incarcerated and placed in a jail. Countries that refuse to take back criminals should have servere tarrifs placed on their exports. People who are convicted of felony offenses should face deportation.

Savage like the rest of us is frustrated with a mindless policy that never seems to get fixed. His comments in my view are the product of frustration that many of us feel.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Odd but true Eating with Beakerkin

My father and I love lamb which my mother never cooks. My friends at the local resturant prepared special food for my mother an eggplant chicken peppers and olives and Moroccan Lamb.

Oddly other tables started ordering the lamb at 18.00 a plate, Apparently lamb is very popular and almost nobody cooks it in these parts. One can find your cut and paste lamb chops or leg of lamb, but that is about it. The resturant served six other tables with the same dish and has a dozen orders for next week.

My parents got to meet most of my friends except Earl the Cat. I saw Earl at 7AM and I fed him a few sardines. He spends more time with another friend who has given him a home. He does not get liverwurst at 3AM or lobster tails but he will be safe for the winter.

Did the Trotskyite Purge John Brown as an Embarassment

It would seem that Renegade Eye has found the antics of John Brown a bit embarassing. In the reality challenged insane world of communists it appears that John Brown has become an embarassment. The link to Savage Justice has been removed and John Brown has become a non person in classic Communist style. Perhaps Ren has been having icepick nightmares.

The real problem is with blogger that has allowed the criminal antics of John Brown to go on for years. His record of cyber stalking and harassment are well known. Threatening people's children with molestation should have landed him in jail long ago. Knowingly falsely accusing people of pedophelia should have also landed him in jail.

Meanwhile his creation parody of this blog is so obscene that it comes with a content warning.

The problem lies with his fellow leftist who believed in his scandalous stories of persecution. Person after person reported similar behavior and Ren arrogantly dismissed several accounts of the same exact story.

No doubt Brown has many aliases and is merely opperating under another name.

Shame on Ren for waiting so long and shame on blogger for allowing a cyber criminal to abuse its service.

Michael Vick and the Larger Picture

Bloodsports are a cultural tradition with an ancient history. Dogs for the most part are beloved companions but in reality Pitbulls were created as a breed for the activities Michael Vick used them for. The reality is that they are often kept by drug dealers and other hoodlums and are part of the gang culture. I would rather NYC force owners to have extensive insurance on pitbulls.

I am not bothered by a couple of yahoos watching a pair of roosters fight to the death. This is not my idea of entertainment.I want the loser and winner on a bun with Barbeque sauce, hold the angel dust. Many pets are carnivores and are natural hunters. Earl the Cat is well fed and has killed Squirels, birds of all type and has fought with racoons, possums over kills. My turtle is an expert hunter and will eat 50 goldfish in a day. He has attacked waterbugs, snails, worms and anything he can fit in his mouth. Basic care of a pond turtle requires whole fish.

I would would rather have a new type of blood sport. Commies and Anarchists thrown in a gladiator style ring with wild animals. I could envision this with a play by play type raings driven format.

Welcome to Beakerkin's House of Pain Where We Subject Commies and Anarchists to Social Justice.

Beakerkin: In our next match we have Cmmunist Moronicus Insaniticus commonly known as John Brown vs Reggie the Gator. Listen to the chants of REGGIE,REGGIE from the crowd
Farmer: This should be an ineresting match as Reggie is obviously a fan favorite.

Lets listen to the match

John Brown: You zionist meia types have resorted to appealing to Commercialism. Death to Vanilla Sam and Apartheid Israel. All of you will be in head coffins soon......
Beakerkin Speaking of head coffins Reggie has just dragged Brown into the water. Brown is being swallowed feet first.

John Brown: Help I need socialized medicine .....................
Beakerkin: I don't believe this we have a draw. Reggie the gator and Brown have both died. Farmer what happened.
Farmer: Apparently Reggie the Gator has died of food poisoning.

Beakerkin: In our next match we have Graeme vs Aldo the mad Capatalist dog.
Farmer: This is going to be an interesting match
Beakerkin : I don't get this Aldo and Graeme are both staggering. He is singing Hotel California off key in a pot induced stupor. Now he is talking to Aldo who appears to ave gotten a contact high.
Farmer: If Aldo ever gets the munchies this match is over.

Tune in next week for a Troskyite from Mineapolis vs a Detroit Lion and Neonazi LWB versus an army of fire ants.

Up Next Queer Eye For The Jihadi Terrorist Guy. Being a Fashion Zero is nothing to looooose your head over.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Too good to be true the return of Bob Grant

Regular readers know that my all time favorite talk show host is Bob Grant. I have listened to the Bob Grant show for 25 years. I actually drove into NYC to hear the final Bob Grant show on WOR. Many greats such as William F Buckley and even Howard Stern paid homage to Grant in the last show.

WABC has always been my home station except for when Bob Grant was on the air, Now Grant is on WABC right after Mark Levin. Now if the clowns at WABC can ditch Art Bell and bring back John Batchelor I could listen 24/7.

I am returning to NYC about the same time Grant takes the air. The only shows I liked that are not available in NYC are the War Room and Glenn Beck. The War Room is an amazing show that is almost like a radio version of Mr Beamish. I will also miss Pam on Thursdays on Montreal radio. However, Curtis and Commie, Limbaugh, Hanity, Levin and Grant with Monica Crowley on Weekends is the best line up ever. WABC is available on the web.

The Gay Bugaboo

We really make a big production out of homosexuality. A typical example is the furor over the sexual orientation of Arafat and his possible death of AIDS. In the greater picture of history Arafat's orientation and proclivities are just not relavant.

Ronald Regan was a great man who was heterosexual. However, Stalin and Mao were evil men who were also heterosexual. The sexual proclivities of all of the above tell us absolutely nothing about the historical figures.

I also want to point out that AIDS is a disease. I certainly was respectful when an obnoxious anti-semite who has said malicious things about me announced he had AIDS. To his credit he did not blame anyone else for his condition. As a true human with dignity I paused and wished the obnoxious commie lout 167 an easy remainder of his life. To do any less would make me as evil as 167. A reminder this is the same dirtbag who posted Ariel Sharon should suffer as much as possible and go to hell. One should contrast this with my non statements when Arafat was on his death bed. The reality is that Commies are just hateful people and their actions are best used as an example of how not to behave.

One of the things I admire about true Christians is the commitent to life even from its earliest days. Many Christians dedicate their lives to alleiviating the needless suffering of the sick and educating the poor. To wish people a painful death or to suffer would be UnChristian and inhuman. Commies starve people to death on purpose and make excuses. Christians feed the hungry and differ on dependency issues.

I was not shocked that 167 did get AIDS because of his defiant low class demeanor and in your face sexuality antics. On a human level his common expressions of sexuality were crass and vulgar as opposed to loving. Those that tend to debase the human factor of sex and reduce it to a recreational activitywithout responsabilities are more apt to engage in unwise behavior.

What is Wrong with these people A Muslim Parade In NYC Two Days Before 9-11

I want to point out I support the right of Muslims to have a parade like any other group. However, placing the parade in such close proximity to 9-11 is not a great idea. This is an example of a situation where the common sense solution is to move this event a few weeks in either direction either before or after 9-11. The basic problem is that the political leadership in NYC is too craven to point out the proximity of the dates.

The leadership of the Muslim community should recognize that 9-11 is a special day, especially to NYC residents. Unfortunately, the political leadership of the Muslim American community is almost entirely inept.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The chapter closes

Next week I will begin the final voyage home. This blog will return to its historic roots as a NYC blog. Maybe Jason or UI will talk to the Urban Elephants into picking this blog up again.

I never left NYC in spirit and this day was bound to happen. Northwind is upset and somehow Earl the cat knows. My friend is taking care of Earl and promised to take him in when it gets cold. In fact he has spent a few nights in in recent days.

My coworkers are preparing a party. I insisted that they honor another worker who is leaving with me. I consider it an honor to leave with a vet who is going onto better things. Some of us got upset with the constant insanity of the hiring process. I was eligible to remain until next September. However, I decided to return home and start my old life up again.

I will be with my family, WABC radio, the NY Sun and exotic stunning women. I will miss the flowing lanscape and some wonderful friends and a few I would rather forget. I will not miss the endless wind that seems to never stop and the fog. I prefer the subway to 30 mile drives.

I will eat all the exotic foods that I haven't seen in two years. Few of you other than UI or Jason know what a Bialey is? There are the NJ Greek resturants with the endless Greek food. Above all I miss Cuban and Korean resturants.

NYC is almost a world onto itself and it has endless energy. I will be close to Ground Zero and City Hall. The recent stock market trends have taken much of the glitz out of the area. I love the mega news stand on Hudson St with magazines and newspapers from all over the world. I will try to visit Yankee Stadium.

I will also try to land interviews with Rav Roov.

At this time I want to thank each and every reader for helping me pass my exile in sanity. Vermont is a great place with wonderful people but I do not belong here. I am a NYer in mind and spirit and this area is tough on those who do not drink ski or hunt.

Vermont is a place of dreams and in many ways poverty is worse. One can find desperate poverty in some areas. Yet those who are poor do not want your pity. They want to live their lives in peace. I do not even want to imagine how cold some of those shacks are in winter in the NE kingdom. However. Firewood is available as is game and the wardens likely turn the other way as families struggle. Those of you who define Vermont by Burlington and the zany antics of Bernie Sanders miss the larger picture.

Beamish in 08

Odd story to add. I went to a local resturant andthe owners were dumbfounded by the nights receipts. I organized the bills numerically in seven minutes and placed all the disrcepancies to the right. I explained this is just some odd NYC life skill and resumed my meal.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Being Defined bya Moment in Time and a Full Circle. My Early 9-11 Thoughts

Another year has passed and 9-11 grows closer to history. Those of you who are long term readers know my experiences and I will not bore you with repetition. We all know the story heroes, villians as parasitic crass political whores.

9-11 is part of my life as is the 93 blast. Those of you who do not read this blog may have forgotten the WTC was attacked in 93. As each year goes by our memories fade. Who other than UI remembers Ari Halberstam or Robert Stethem. Commies can remember Baruch Goldstein or Timothy McVeigh. How many of us can name the person who shot up the office in Seattle or LAX. Does anyone remember Hassan Akbar and his crime?

It is important we remember that day and all the other smaller crimes caused by Jihadism, Jihadis are like commies and your death is meaningless if it gets in the way of their Utopian scams. We will remember the crimes of Michael Vick for decades. However, the same people who rail about Vick rationalize severing heads, blowing up Pizzerias and killing Native Americans in Nicaragua in the name of Social Justice. What is wrong with people who endorse collectivist butchery of humans and then pass judgement on Michael Vick.

It is important to understand the roots of evil. Yet we should understand the story does not begin or end on 9-11. As Americans we should define ourselves by our Constitution, wonderful history, independent secular judiciary ( hopefully free of freaks like Ginsburg and the National Lawyers Guild) and our way of life.

Do note that the leadership of the Antiwar movement is Communist. They are practicing revolutionary defeatism right out of the play book of Lenin. They sneer at every action of our country while venerating Casto, Chavez or the butchers of Kulaks. They will rationalize and spin every action against the United Statesby any enemy, no matter how depraved and warped. They will make absurd claims to avoid their history, such as I am a Trotskyite. However, Trotsky was a war criminal whose record of human rights abuses was well known. Commies also depend on your historical ignorance pretending all genocide starts and ends with Stalin. This is not true and Trotsky lost a power play and any guess as to what his actions might have been is speculation. However, the record established clearly points to more criminality. Stephen Schwartz, a former Trotskyist ( He earned respect all others are Troskyites) claims evidence points Trotsky was on his way to testifying about Stalinist espoinage in America when he had a meeting with an ice pick.

Communists, Anarchists, Greens and Jihadis are the enemies of our country. They rail at our every action in a self righteous furor. Many of these people are trying to relive their glory days when their treason led to the brutalization of the people in South East Asia up until the current date. They feigned ignorance at the realities of communism. As reports of Killing Fields came from Cambodia people like Noam Chomsky called these eye witnesses liars based upon obscure Australian Communist Journals with three digit circulation. They pretend that Communism has improved lives, but the record of repression is clear. They were complicit with a criminal conspiracy and called their betters baby killers. The facts were refugees always went to areas
held by Americans and away from the Commie held areas. There were also no mass refugee camps until or boat people until Commies made the lives of poor intollerable.

What we should learn from our history is not to become cartoons like our Communist enemies. 9-11 is one of a series of attacks by a people who like Communists feel it is their right to rule the world. We do not want to walk around in a fog like John Kerry who spent three months in Vietnam and the rest of his life betraying his fellow soldiers and country. We need to understand
that 9-11 was carried out by a people who think it is their divine right to rule the world.

On 9-11 I reached a crossroad in my life. A simple trip downtown placed me at the center of the winds of history. It wasn't my first brush with this as I survived the 93 blast but did not know it at the time. In the aftermath I began to wonder about my life and life in general. Suddenly being a fashion manager didn't mean anything. I was just a part of a machine or a number in some remote leger sheet. Is this what most of us are? In reality we do touch lives in our families and even with that of our coworkers but this is human nature. I was too old to pick up a gun, so I looked for a job where I could serve the country I love and change lives.

I will be returning to NYC in a job located within walking distance from Ground Zero. Beaker critics note I will be working in terrorist target number one in NYC. The reality is that I do change lives each and every day but in reality larger question of policy sanity and the ponderousness of government remain. I am just a cog in another machine and the reality is government work is frustrating and we are limited by rules and endless red tape. Those who work in theprivate sector realize that you may make critical choices to achieve objectives, but in government any deviation can get you fired.

For me 9-11 was the critical moment in time where I looked back at my life and wondered about relevance. Those of you like TMW, Warren, Justin and so forth do not have to look for relevance in the same manner I do. Religious people serve a higher calling and the best live with a divine grace. Those of you who feel the love inherent in a normal life affirming religious experience have dealt with the issues of purpose and relevance long before I did. Educating a child like AOW or serving a lost soul like TMW or serving a community like Junglemom are all part of a meaningful life.

Commies have a feigned illusion of this nobilty of purpose. A woman like Junglemom will deliver education to the poor out of a higher mission. She does not interfere with the culture as much as possible save for the practice of infanticide or tending the sick. However, herding people onto collectives at gunpoint is not nobility of purpose, this is piracy and theft. Similarly, smacking planes into office buildings, severing heads and pushing senior citizens off cruise ships is barbarism.

For me the question of nobility of purpose began on 9-11. I did not want my life to be a number on a forgotten ledger sheet of forgotten companies lost in the sea of time. However, moving to government I am just on a different ledger sheet and the best lesson on the limitations of governance is to work in it. The laws and procedures serve as guidelines to protect us and set policy. The process is frustrating and slow, but ultimately it is better than the alternatives.

My life has gone full circle. The journey that began on 9-11 and has taken me to a remote section of Vermont has returned me home. All of us have these questions of nobility of purpose.
Some of us like Junglemom, Justin, TMW and many others did not need buildings to fall on them to ask those questions. There are many of us who ride the currents of life. Perhaps those who ride the currents are the norm. I learned long ago that ultimately only the person in the mirror can decide if you are happy and leading a meaningful life

Beamish in 08.

I have been noticing the Beamish in 08 slogan has been adapted by others. This is part of a joy at taking pride in our Americanism. Americanism is something we should be proud of. Some of us treat Nationalism as the dreaded N word. Let the self righteous freaks who tote Manifestos and Korans live their pathologies. I am proud of the history and accomplishments of my people
that inclde Reagan, Lincoln, Hamilton, Teddy Roosevelt and 99% of my fellow citizens.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Random Reading and Beakernews

Few of us read Military History Quarterly. However, a recent article about Mohammad as a prototype of a revolutionary is interesting. The article does have the standard PC disclaimers.
However, it does note Mohammad use of propaganda, terrorism and use of total warfare. Those who compare Jesus to Mohammad are in serious error.

I also read a blurb from Stephen Schwartz in Intellectuals and Assassins. It appears that Trotsky was on his was to testify in front of the HUAC before his meeting with an icepick. Stalanist also ratted out Trotskyite goons who were the first people to encounter the Justice of the Smith Act. It seems actual Commie history is more interesting than the fables.

I will be working on my anual 9-11 tribute soon. I will also be on Rob and Justins radio show to discuss the event. I hope those of you will tune in. I did a small call in on Rob and Justins show.
My Jason Vorhees Yankees keep rising from the dead. My NY Giants look to be DOA before the season starts.

Beamish in 08

The evil Canada Goose is in Europe

NYC and NJ residents are plauged with an abundance of Canada Geese. Now Vermonters have a simple solution shoot them and serve them with shallots and white wine or whatever alcohol is handy. Imagine my surprise when I visited Jams blog Plant Porn and Pussycats and saw the pox of NYC is in the UK. Apparently they are in Sweden, Poland and Finland as well.

Alien or invasive species is a serious problem and they often displace local wildlife. I wasn't surprised to see Red Eared Sliders in the UK. The turtle has also invaded NYC and Hawaii. Part of the problem is irresponsible pet owners dump their pets in he wild and sometimes they get established. There are many reports of Burmese Pythons in the Everglades. Burmese Pythons are 16 feet long and cad consume a deer.

In the Chesapeak there was a scare caused by locals catching a snakehead fish native to China and the aquarium trade. These fsh are very sturdy and can survive extreemes. They also are tasty with granny smith apples if you can find the right resturant.

Commies, Anarchism and the Mafia

As a NYC resident who earned a living in the fashion industry one does get to glimpse organized crime, communists and the most infantile of all politcal view points the anarchist.

Anarchists are the the apex of ignorance. Frequently this is a term that communists use to hide their stench. The other titles are progressives, greens, liberals, labor socialists and so forth.

Unlike the evil communists of the circus freak anarchists the mafia is well run. The mafia is a business that thrives on delivering outlawed products and services. Thus when Mayor Bloomberg or the Clintons raise cigarette taxes the mafia sees this as an opportunity. Cigarette bootlegging is a thriving business that was briefy depicted in the Sopranoes. The business was created when government placed obscene taxes on small business and the consumer. The person most impacted by this scam were the mom and pop convenience stores who need every nickel that they work for. The mobster delivers a product and allows the mom and pop store to get a wider roi for the product sold.

Anarchy presents great opportunity for criminals. The breakdown of the Lebanese government allowed a Narconazi organized crime ring Hezbollah to flourish. In the absence of law and effective government these type of activities grow larger. The reality is that FARC is a narcotics gang that spouts Marxist rhetoric much like a large scale version of the Black Panthers. Commies still venerate the Black Panthers today and turn a blind eye to executions, drug dealing and prostitution of the Panthers. In essence John Brown really is more Superfly than Marxist as he venerates these drug dealing elements.

Now lets turn to Communst countries and organized crime. Communist countries create more opportunities for large scale proffits via the black market than capatalist ones. A mafia criminal in the USA has little incentive to deal turnips as one can find them in the market place with ease.
However, in every application of Communism, including Hugo's blunder land, produce and consumer products are not available. One may actually have to resort to the black market to get products as mundane as turnips or toilet paper.

Commies see every downturn in the stock or real estate market as vindication of their warped theories. However, as they are imbeciles they miss the main point. Even at the height of the Depression food was readilly available and services adjusted to the new economic realities. New types of fare were created at low cost to serve the consumer. The problem was not product availability but a scarcity of jobs. Only Commies have created famine through collectivization, theft and nepotism.

If you see a mafia type selling produce in your country it is time to emigrate.

Beamish in 08,

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Perpetual Victims

The attacks by Jihadist jerks against the Yezidis is part of a pattern. While the far left venerate a predatory people and contrive fake ethnicities out of thin air genuine ones suffer as they have ever since the Islamic invaders have colonized their lands.

The barbaric attack on the Yezidi is part of a pattern. We have seen Jews behaded. We have seen Churches blown up and the left talks of about Muslims as perpetual victims. We have even seen forced circumcision of gnostics in Iraq and the left just ignores the truth.

The Yezidi are one of many Non Arab people who have been opressed by Arab invaders. Commie stooge Saddam in a classic Soviet tactic forced them off lands they considered sacred. The left never said a world because the common name for the BAATH party is the Arab SOCIALIST party.

Thus commies sit in a state of dementia where the entire fate of the world depends on the contrived fake ethnicity Psuedostinians. The reality is that Islam was spread by colonialism and religious minorities were treated worse than Blacks under Jim Crow.

The above does not mean every Muslim is evil, far from it. However, the perpetual mutual victimization of Mslims is nurtured by Commies who seem to write the script. Thus we have lefties like the Duck who has endorsed ethnically cleansing Jews from Egypt on flimsy terrorism and spying charges. No doubt he then turns around and points the finger at Kahanist who urge the same policy for a series of exponentially crimes.

The fate of the Yezidis, Christians, Jews and even Muslim dissenting groups is nothing new if you read genuine history instead of Chomsky. How a predatory people with an unparalled, except for commies record of colonialism and grand scale human right violations become victims
remains a mystery.

There may come a day when the only surviving Yezidis will be those in Armenia and the West.
The Yezidi risked their lives to save Armenians durring the genocide. It seems that there are some acts too evil for even those dismissed by their Jihadi critics as Satan worshipers to consider.

Communists have zero regard for genuine indigenous people. Many of us criticize Ward Churchill and Russel Means. However, when the Sandanistas were butchering indians with mercenaries including oddly Pseudostinians they both took up arms against the Sandinazis.
Meanwhile Noam Chomsky was calling these very same genuine indigenous people fighting for their lives terrorists. Amazingly, AIM a group allegedly concerned with Indians expelled Means for fighting to save Indians.

Oddly Renegade Eye, noted Trotskyite clown correctly points out Churchill is an anti-semite. This is quite amusing in that he has been on record supporting the foremost anti-semites on the planet Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein. Chomsky and Finkelstein have produced far more anti-semitic comments, but Renegade feigns ignorance. The party line demands that Muslims are victims, so the myth of Palestinian ethnicity goes unchallenged and becomes a communist staple.

Typically one can find a post about Yezidis on Ren's site. One of his communist flunkies presented honor killings as being typified by the Yezidis killing a girl for falling in love with a Muslim man. Ren and his cult of clowns deliberately took a phenomena that is almost entirely
Muslim and placed a Yezidi face on it. His clown like followers feigned ignorance at the history
of Yezidis whose women are frequently kidnapped by local Muslims. Likewise the history of Muslim violence and pogroms against the Yezidi in lands wich they and not Muslims are indigenous becomes a non-issue. Nor did Saddam's removal of them from lands they consider sacred in classic communist fashion rate a concern.

Maybe when the Yezidi are extinct Commies will get around to noting the Nazi like extermination inherent in jihadi louts. The Yezidi may be disparraged by some as Devil worshipers, but senseless genocide was something their morality did not accept. No doubt they are far too humane to retaliate by beheading Jihadis and their Communist PR core or tossing senior citizens of ocean liners.

The reality is that there is a group of Muslims dedicated to eliminationist type of predations against non-muslims. However, there are also Muslims like Stephen Schwartz who do not condone this gratuitous waste of life. The question is why does our media insist upon presenting
CAIR as the face of Islam in America?

The reason is likely the same as why the media presents Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as the face of Black Americans as opposed to Thomas Sowell or Walter E Williams. Sharpton and Jackson preach the official Marcuse based victimology and provide good copy. Williams and Sowell talk about self reliance.

Beamish in 08

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

An interview with Roger Williams

Roger Williams runs the excellent dicatators of the world blog. If you have not visited this blog you should. Also explore the interesting links especially this is Zimbabwe. Freedomnow, Junglemom and AOW have visited and the site is always interesting.

This interview will focus on despots of all stripes. Roger will have to did deep into his archives to answer some of these questions.

1 There was a lengthy argument about Napoleon on Bad Eagle. Is the correct way to view Napoleon is within his peer group of European Monarchs. Was he a meglomaniacal tryrant or agent of change or a melange of both?

2 Are some cultures more prone to Authoritarianism than others. Certainly a religion whose main tennent is submission to God's may be more prone to this than Americans. A Moroccan friend said "If I wore a government uniform and tossed a broom at the feet of my countrymen
and told them to sweep they would. However, if I tried this with Americans this would never work.

3 Is there such a thing as a benign despot like a King Hassan or the late King Hussein or is this a product of our nostalgia.

4 Would a theocracy by nature be inherently totalitarian? How does one enforce religious law without religious police?

5 Can you describe the essence of Communism? Is it similar to a theocracy, fuedalism or organized crime? Is the concept itself inherently totalitarian?

6 We hear the usual suspects blame the problems of the Soviet Union on Stalin. Were there serious human rights violations under Lenin.

7 How much culpability does Leon Trotsky have for the crimes commited by Lenin or Stalin.
I point out that like Ernest Roehm Trotsky lost a power struggle and that anything he said afterwards should be viewed as the comments of an opportunist trying to remain relevant after his time was up.

8 On a recent trip to your blog, I was hardly surprised to see another appologist for Castro proclaim him to be a hero. I am somewhat amused by an alleged Trotskyite who claims not to revere Castro but claims " If the people in Miami ruled Cuba it would be like Haiti". The far left demonize Cuban Americans almost as much as Jews who support Israel.

A How long does the left intend to use Batista as an excuse for Castro's theft, ruinous economic policies, repression and intervention in the affairs of other countries? Is four decades long enough ?

B How much of the blame does the boycott of Cuba deserve for the economic misery? Oddly Castroites will then often demand boycotts of Israel which has better health care and education than Cuba.

C Is Castro a classic cleptocrat with some Marxist PR tossed in.

9 What is your take on Pol Pot? Commie apologist trot out the standard excuses that Pol Pot was a nationalist and therefore wasn't communist.

10 Who are some of todays despots that slip under the radar because their country is not in the news?

11 What is your view of the Assad dynasty in Syria? Does a powerful Alawite clique have a strangle hold on power. Syria has had chemical weapons since the early 70's

12 What are your thoughts on the Saudi Royal family. How is it the same people who lecture us about apartheid feign ignorance at the Saudi system of Jim Crow. Even Hirsan Ali's father noted the backwardsness in her book. He attributed these odious aspects to Arabian culture not Islam.

13 What are your thoughts on Tianamen Square? Did the students accomplish anything? Do you envision an Iranian version of this in the future?

14 Are any of the worlds notorious troubled spots getting better? Some say that Sierra Leonne and Liberia are turning the corner.

15 What is your view of Hugo Chavez? Communists pretend his regime is something new and unique. Some apologists compare Chavez to Peron?

16 Has Khadafy mended his ways or mellowed with age? What is your take on the bizzare world of the wacky Colonel? The recent story with the foreign nurses seems odd.

17 What is your view of Zimbabwe? All of us should agree that apartheid was wrong. However,
it took a brutal Communist authoritarian to create starvation in a country that exported food historically.

18 Starvation seems to inevitably follow Communist despots, but not other types of authoritarians. The former Soviet Union, Eithiopia, North Korea, China, Cambodia are part of what appears to be a pattern of starvation. Cubans and now Venezuelans are suffering from food shortages. Does such a pattern exist? Is it an inevitable byproduct of breaking up working efficient food production and replacing them with collectives.

19 Your thoughts on Tito and Hoxtha. Have their human rights abuses slipped uder the radar of Americans. I remember the surprise of some when author Stephen Scwartz pointed out the despotic side of Tito.

20 What is your take on Anarchists? I view them as clown like simpletons with zero grasp of history, economics and governance. Lets see hospitals, universities, roads without a tax base seems insane in my book.

21 What are your thoughts on Putin, Yeltsin and Gorbachev?

22 Does drug traficking destalize a country or is it a product of a country that was allready destabalized? Afghanistan, Burma, Lebanon, Columbia are some examples of narcotics hot spots.

23 What is your take on Saddam? Classic commie idiocy has Saddam being the CIA's man armed to the teeth with Soviet weapons and advisors.

24 Has the information age made despotism more dificult? The world saw the Tianamen Square
debacle in real time. However, in remote places like Sudan we rarely see the attrocities at all. In places like Cuba and Iran the opponents of the government are invisible.

25 Is foreign aid a revenue stream for despots?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Education via Marcuse in NYC

The communist Marcuse crowd is often very vocal about school vouchers. The beloved Rav Roov must work two extra jobs to support tuitions for private school. The reality is that a Yeshiva does an excellent job of preparing kids for the real world. Most secular subjects in Yeshiva are taught by public school teachers in the afternoon looking for a few extra dollars with polite kids. Sometimes they are even retired.

NYC has now created Marcuse based victims schools on your dime. The clearest example was the Harvey Milk school for gay students. These students are apt to be teased no more than students who are fat, have zits or are short. However, the Marcuse based nuts have other agendas so now there is a gay school.

We did a story earlier about a Communist school and now a Madrassa. If it seems like everyone other than Jews, Christians and people who want a classical education get schools of your choice you are correct. Those groups are not official victims in the Marcuse based victims right communist scam that oddly puts Muslims on top. How a colonial people with a clear historical record of oppressing every group they come into contact with are victims says more about the Mickey Marxist fictional history being taught in our accademic gulags.

Of course Commies could Pony up 30,000 dollars to send their kids to the Little Red School House. The Communist Little Red Schoolhouse interviews the parents and are more exclusive than most Co-op boards. I guess if your father was with the Black Panthers sold some drugs and executed a few people for no good reason you might make the cut. Or you could make the cut if your family had a few dozen traitors canned by the Smith Act.

I am not opposed to the Madrassa or Commie schools as long as they are private. Let the Marxist and Jihadis pay a fraction of what the Beloved Rav Roov pays. The same crowd that places a crushing expense on Rav Roov sees nothing wrong with these schools.

Mayor Bloomberg here is a new concept an anti-communist school. Studets will be taught American history, read the classics and study business and shop. Teachers will be screened and anyone showing up in a Che T shirt gets sent to another school. We will call this new school the Bloomberg Academy and you can endow it. We will even have a life size statue, being that you are 5'5 and 120lbs this will not be a great feat. Imagine a school where kids learn about the Constitution, Shakespeare, Plato and Auto shop.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Book Review The Mad Trapper of The Rat River by Dick North

This book review is sponsored by LL Beamish for people who kick A$%^$^%.

It is rare that a book is so compelling that I read all 300 pages in one sitting. However, the book is quite interesting. I picked up the book because it was the inspiration for a long forgotten movie in 1975 called A Challenge to be Free starring Mike Mazurzki.

The real life inspiration for the movie was a mysterious trapper who appears out of nowhere as Albert Johnson who was previously Albert Nelson. He wasn't social man and went out of his way to say little or nothing.

However, inthe Great Depression many men headed to the North to hide from their pasts and seek a fortune or just survive in the frozen North. A simple trapping dispute sent a Mountie to Johnson's cabin. The cabin was little more than a ditch in the permafrost covered by logs. However such structures were common. Johnson ignored the Mountie and said nothing. Throughout the lengthy chase he never said a single word.

The Mounties returned in force, but Johnson refused to see them. It was seventy below and a mountie was shot. A desperate dog race saved the mounties life, but Johnson remained in the cabin waiting his fate.

The third time the Mounties called out to Johnson letting him know the Mountie survived and he would not be facing murder. Johnson had the advantage in that it was warm in the cabin, but seventy below outside. The dog teams had to be reprovisioned. The mounties used dynamite but Johnson survived.

He left the cabin on snowshoes and led the Mounties on a chase through the Richardson Mountains. Professional climbers with modern gear do not even attempt this in winter. Johnson survived by snaring small gameso as not to make a sound.

He was surrounded and shot a Mountie to death. He escaped by climbing a ice cliff with an axe
in forty below. Eventually he out smarted himself by circling back trying to get behind his pursuers except his circle placed him in front of the posse twice. In the last desperate shootout
he died trying to cross a river clutching his rifle. Unlike Che he knew what he was doing and fought till his last gasp.

The identity of Johnson was never established. He carried no ID and said few words. The author
makes a convincing case that he was a North Dakotan Scandanavian immigrant. In fact this immigrant uses several aliases in Wyoming and Califonia jails before vanishing. I am not one hundred percent convinced of the theory. However, great historical mysteries are ripe for such detective work.

The long forgotten movie was part of the Mountain Man craze in the Grizzly Adams era. Of course the trapper played by Mike Mazurski was made more cuddly than Johnson ever was. They added a old Wolf who the trapper saves from a snare. In the movie he sends the wolf away but the wolf returns with meat. An indian tracker and a sharpshoooter who respect the trapper are part of the story. In the movie the trapper sends the wolf away as he climbs to freedom. He is hit by a bullet that causes an avalanche, but the body was never found in the spring thaw.

This would be a great film role for Beakerambo. Beakerambo's speech impediment gives the mounties the wrong idea and gunfire ensues. Beakerambo leads the Mounties on a similar chase trying to explain he has a speech impediment. The Indians mistake his Me me me for demonic posession and chase him too. After a long bloody shootout Beakerambo is found to be innocent of everything because of his deficient NYC public school education. It seems Mayor Bloomburg placed too much money in schools for Gays, commies and now Jihadis and left Beakerambo without speech therapy.

The moral of the Beakerambo movie is being incoherent can be dangerous to your health.

Beamish in 08.

Excellent book for late teens.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

An appology to Roman and Jams and Random

I repaired the links on this site and it was over due.

I am going to try and get an interview with Rodger Williams of Dictators of the World and the 9-11 Conspiracy Smasher. I highly recomend both site as fun visits. The links on Dctators of the World are the best after those at Democracy FrontLine.

We often hear about Commies complaining about Christians and Jews. Now I want to hear how religious people feel about Commies. Who died and left a bunch of bug eyed mental defectives the arbiters of ethnic authenticity? Does Dr Yeagley need some unhinged lunatics to tell him how to be an Indian? Who decided Cornel West is more authentic than Walter E Williams?

Let it rip.

Beamish in 08

Friday, August 10, 2007

Closing up shop in Vermont

I appologize for the delay in posts. Those of you whom I correspond off line know my time in Vermont is near an end. Sunday will be my last trip to the Kingdom and the White Mountains.
I do not envision a return to the North.

I have had a love hate relationship with Vermont. I love most of my coworkers, but hate the fact I am not home. I miss NYC, the NY Sun, WABC radio and Mark Levin. I miss Chinatown, ethnic food and my family especially the beloved Rav Roov.

Those of you who know my full storyknow I have been there twice when my city was attacked. The building I now will be working in is target number one. I could go three for three, but I do not fear such unknowns.

I imagined myself a pariah at work. In the last round of hires a nasty clique of people targeted me. I found myself in trouble for things I never did. People who were up for the same job made up stories and said things that were blatant lies. The cycle is repeating itself but I am immune as I was hired in NYC.

Over the past few days many people have embraced me. Several people who worked with me told me that they never believed the ridiculous stories. It is very sad that some of them are now targeted by the same crew that targeted me. I am lucky to have had such wonderful friends who stuck by me. Many of them stated frankly, that they never heard a curse word or anything inappropriate in two years. Sadly, in the eyes of some once accused presumed guilty.Things were never as bad as they seemed, but I always got the worst of it. A feminist diatribe was taped on my desk. I changed the pattern I walked and worked and still my accuser placed childish notes in my path. I asked for a move to defuse the situation but was turned down.

In the end I never spoke to those nasty people and perservered.

I will miss my many friends, but will always remember the malicious streak in some. I always helped those who asked and management enjoyed my humor. There were some bad stretches and the help of some of my coworkers, blog family and real family helped me get by,

My story is not over by a longshot, and there will be new chapters and adventures. Maybe I will meet Jason or UI back home. I will be in Staten Island very soon

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Beak on the Radio

I will be appearing on the Gathering Storm Radio Show this Friday in the early part of the show.
Those of you who are fans of my live work can tune in. Those who suffer from gender confusion on Tredington or Israeli section 8s are encouraged to keep your head in your posterior.

I will be listening to this weeks Independent Christian hour and will likely call in.

Would you vote for

All of us do have hangups. I am going to ask the following question

1 Would you vote for a Muslim? Yes if his name were Stephen Schwartz as he is clearly a patriot and a person who considers himself part of Western civ. A CAIR clown would not get my vote.

2 Hindu Yes
3 Mormon Yes
4 Commie Only if it were in a jury to denaturalize and deport
5 Scientologist Probably not
6 American Indian Religion Yes especially a follower of the Great Woodchuck

I am somewhat ashamed of number 5. However, my experiences with annoying cult types would lead me to say no. I would say the same about Madonna's kooky Kaballah cult and clown like Kahanists.

The Revolutionary Dementia

Most of the readers of this blog are religious. I am the exception in that I respect religious people even if I am not religious myself. My world is the world of honor and like those of the religious there are rights and wrongs. My world is driven by seeing a problem and then solving the problem within the laws of right and wrong. Like most religious people I accept Utopia as a concept for the next world. I do not know if I would enjoy a life without challenges, temptations and ups and downs.

The basic problem with revolutionaries is their infantile view of the world. The most extreeme clown like incoherent examples are anarchists who often align themselves with Commies even though commies kill them when they consolidate power. Anarchists have accomplished zero in their entire history. They are divorced from all reality and are comedic props at best. How Anarchists create hospitals, roads or even a functional hot dog stand is beyond their grasp. They want to shake their fist in anger at capatalists and return to lawlessness. No doubt the usual suspects will try to use obscure philosophical points, but anarchism is a dead end and Anarchists are morons. Anarchism is one of the labels commies sometimes use to conceal their identity. Noam Chomsky claims to be an Anarchist who supports Pol Pot, creates phantom US-Nazi alliances while ignoring genuine Soviet-Nazi alliances and rushes to defend every communist thugocracy on the planet. Chomsky defenders will point to a few sentences where he critiques specific parts of Communist history, but the fig leaf doesn't obscure the overall pattern.

Greens are mostly Commies looking for power via an alternative route. In the case of Greens it
is an eco-Utopia that is less real than Sponge Bob. Preindustrial man lived short lives punctuated by brutal work. The notion of a green Eden is essentially Paradise never was. The scare tactics are part of a religion designed by junk science to dictate global policy. Global warming is the new theme and in the 1970's it was a new Ice Age. If and when either happen it abssurd to think man has any major role as both happened before. Examples of Greens who are likely something else the incoherent Joel Koevel who writes on two subjects anti-communism and bashing Israel. The incoherent Joel Koevell calls Native Americans the first victims of anti-communism, those who object to communism are mentally ill, anti-communism is anti-semitism but anti-zionism is not anti-semitic. It does not take a genius to figure out the true political leanings of a person who should be doing stand up comedy. Then there is the world's most famous anti-semite Dr Norman Finkelstein. The failed four times fired professor does nothing other than attack Jewish scholars with inaccurate work. Benny Morris points out that he does almost zero original research and Finky's use of his material is worthless. Novick whose work is his inspiration for the Holocaust Industry has been critical. Frequent Israel - Nazi comparisons are Finky's stock and trade. "Israeli Jews are a Parasitic class" it doesn't take a genius to figure out what political group divides the world into classes. What is green about Finky? Maybe the huge amount of money from his books that were compared by the NYT Book Review to the Protools of the Elders of Zion.

Lastly we come to evil incarnate Commies and Jihadis.They are stikingly similar in the folloing ways

1 Both seek global hegemony
2 Both divide the world into believers and non believers
3 Both feel the right to lord over the unwashed masses in the name of their divine truth
4 Both seek utopia in this world. Their utopia comes on your back and perhaps your life.
5 Both believe in flexible morality to acheive utopia. Kulaks can be killed as a class (Ren still defends this) to build a workers state. Scores of Hindus who resist conversion are to be killed.
6 Commies have armies of informers who function in the same manner as the religious police in Islamic states.
7 Both commies and Jihadis resort to terror frequently. In fact elimination of both points of view would leave one or two abortion clinic bombers.
8 Both treat history in a Mad magazine manner. Commies and Jihadis scream bigot, McCarthyite, racist at any scrutiny of their history. They will play the heavy handed indict a civilization by its history bit with American, Israeli and Western Civ while ignoring their own history and Muslim history. How a colonial people with centuries of Jim Crow abuses become the official victims of the word defies logic.
9 The demon states. We are familiar with Iran's Great Satan and Little Satan. This is not too far removed from the world view of Commies. Recently the further left forum had a revealing poll.
"Who would you rather fight the USA or Al Queda". Then commies who are participants in such a forum wonder why people would love to see them denaturalized and sent to North Korea.
10 Both are venemously Anti-semitic and anti-christian. The only Christians commies accept are the usefull idiots of the Liberation Theology idiocy branded as heresy by two Popes. These same idiots praise Cuba a state that persecutes genuine Christians.

In essence a Commie could ditch his manifesto for a Koran and not miss a beat.

The question of who really helps the poor needs to be answered. Most people have some concern over the poor. One can talk with a sincere leftist like Jams about the poor and respectfully disagree but have similar goals. The difference is Jams doesn't seek to turn the world upside down.

People like myself and Freedomnow believe in balance of powers. Every power needs to be checked and balanced. Regulatory agencies oversee business or we may end up playing to the lowest common denominator. However, Church groups are very effective at helping the actual poor and troubled. Commies have a disconnect, in that if one talks about Churches in the inner City they are beacons of hope. Yet the same Commies turn logic on their head and demonize churches elsewhere in an Animal Farm like fashion. Junglemom has devoted her life to helping the poor. Yet commies who declare her evil herd these same folks onto collectives by force. Then commies rail at Junglemom for telling people how to think. How one justifies herding people onto collectives and rails at a person providing education and medical care for Indians is beyond incoherent.

Indians are inhuman play things to Commies who attempt to steal their history and speak in their name. Do actual Indians hate missionaries and Christians? Certainly not the many I spoke to at Bad Eagle on this subject or those who are familiar with the work of Junglemom. Even today Renegade Eye and AIM are still dumbfounded by Russel Means and fake Indian Ward Churchill move to protect Indians from Sandanista agression. Means and Churchill for all their numerous flaws showed more humanity than party line Commie hacks are capable of. The insane illogic of Commies on this one is indigenous people's rights are paramount except for when they conflict with Commie states or are Jews. Contrived ethnicities who are in fact colonial invaders become the world's official victims.

There are good people on the left like Jams who is honorable. There are plenty of good Muslims who just want the American dream and some are patriots like Stephen Schwartz. Then there are the incoherent and imbecilic Anarchists and Greens. Lastly there are those who seek Utopia on your back and are the embodiment of evil Commies and Jihadis. The rest of us need to start going on offense and treat commies to their own medicine. A bridge collapses in MN and commies see this as an indictment of Capitalism. However, empty shelves and consumer products are absent in workers paradises and we get excuses. It is time we no longer accept excuses or bandy philosophy. Communism and Jihadism should be judged on their history and history speaks of its failures with certainy. Nor is repackaging the same old failed philosophies
a viable answer to the inherent evils of Communism and Jihadism

Beamish in 08.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Dirty Job for Rob and Justin

I am looking forward to next weeks Independent Christian patriot radio show. Poor Rob and Justin have me perplexed as to who is or is not a Christian.

Dr Yeagley, who has a PHD in theology from Yale explained that Apocrypha refers to Judaic texts that are not accepted in the Bible. The term does not refer to books like the book of Mormon that came later.

I would like to do another spot on the show at some point in the future. I am perplexed at how communists rail against missionaries who devote their lives to the poor. Somehow Christians manage to help the poor each and every day without gulags or forcing people onto collectives.

Everyone stay tuned

Blogs Freedom of Speech and Criminality

The recent events with Junglemom have served as a pointed reminder of the perils of blogging. Commie hacks like Renegade Eye try to cloth themselves as free speech martyrs while endorsing cyber criminals.

These are the relevant facts he has called an innocent missionary dangerous with zero real knowledge of the true story. At best Ren can feign ignorance at yet another Communist spammer who has threatened children. Having zero actual knowledge he deduces beyond belief that a missionary has nothing better to do than to lie about a Communist spammer.

Why is it that actual cyber criminals are drawn to Renegade's site. Ren hosts John Brown/LWB an actual neo Nazi spammer and now Slave revot.

Ren was never spammed. The readers in this community are familiar with actual spamming. Ren tries to paint himself as a victim, but of what remains unknown. Was his family or children
threatened. His approved posters seem to make this a regular habit. Was he treated to profanity? No but his approved posters seem to feel free to do this unprovoked to yet another Jewish poster.

I do not want people who threaten children at this blog. Moreover, I do not nor will not allow the antics of people who do that on my blog. Threats are not a protected form of free speech and Slave Revolt nor John Brown are practicing free speech when threatening children. They are engaging in criminal behavior and should be tossed in jail and do hard time. Moreover, freedom of speech does not include libel such as knowingly falsely portraying people as pedophiles and klansmen.

If Ren had an ounce of class he would appologize to Junglemom. This is not the first time he has needlessly wronged Junglemom either.

Ren likes to drape himself in the cloth of free speech based upon what is a mystery.

The Protocols of Renegade Eye

It did not take long for Renegade Eye to reveal why he permits an actual Neo Nazi to post. The comments of Neonazi LWB/John Brown reveal Ren to be a shallow and vain sort.

LWB: First tells serial stalker an societal pariah Slave Revolt who has threatened Junglemom and her children to pay respect to the Maximum Clod or Clod of the people.

LWB: Then tells Kahanist Mad Zionist to Fuck himself.

The maximum clod comes down from Mount Olympus and thanks LWB. It seems so long as you kiss his ass he will permit Neonazis. One can look for profanity in this blog or in my comments bt it isn't there. Lets see if MZ decides to respond to the Neonazi or deduces Ren accepts even the most rabid forms of anti-semitism he will find himself banned. Only a halfwit like Renegade could deduce that a Kahanist seeking to create a "Torah State" is some type of moderate. MZ is many things but he is not a moderate.

Then the Maximum clod goes on a lecture about plaing real names on his site. He seems to have zero problem when John Brown does this. Lets see Junglemom is dangerous because she placed a serial stalkers name in public who threatened her kids several times. However, John Brown is permited and encouraged to post on his site using the alias Mullah Beak that alleges I am a pedophile.

It is time for Ren to come claen about his relationship with LWB/John Brown. Is he so vain that he needs to have his ring kissed by a Neonazi. I would rather have the Duck who does at time go into personal attacks speak his mind than permit base bigotry on my site unchallenged.

First of all we should all stand by Junglemom who has been maligned yet again by Renegade Eye. She has never displayed anything less than being a gracious hostess and person.Those of us who are lucky enough to call her friend need to tell Ren to appologize. Moreover, nobody I know of has ever called her a liar. Slave Revolt is the second Commie hosted by Ren who has threatened children. Ren has knowingly hosted John Brown/LWB who has threatened to molest the children of Elmer's brother. Why is it that commies willingly host Nazis and people who threaten children? The answer is to kiss Ren's ring and hail the maximum clod.

Shame on you Ren and if you had any class you would appologize again to Junglemom for your stupidity.

The truth is that moderates like myself and to a lesser degree Freedomnow are far more threatening to Commies than conservatives. Moderates are less inclined to put up with the delusions of feigned noble motives of commies or brand x mental gymnastics. Whereas a commie could try populist cliches on someone like MZ for his Flinstone like social views it does not work on a moderate.

Moderates like myself know the empty words of commies who talk smack about America, Israel and Christians without knowing the slightest bit about anything. Commies talk about aiding the poor in their quest to become fuedal lords always accompanied by piles of dead assasinated by bug eyed followers like John Brown. Junglemom, TMW, Nanc and many other Christians have devoted much of their time, life and resources to selflessly helping the poor. Only these Christians are way too classy to get up on a bullhorn and say so. Moreover, doing so would not be a Christian thing to do.

Moderates also know the mental gymnastics commies perform to justify their power trips.
The basic tactics are as follows

1 Deny you are a commie. Claim you are a progressive, green, various types of anarchist or the new variant a socialist liberterian. I will leave the laughter at the last claim for Jason Pappas who must be laughing at that claim.

2 Pretend you are brand x communist with no history related to prior communisms. Proclaim yourself a victim of Stalinism, Maoism, McCarthyism and Tony Orlandoism. This is amusing especially considering those who revere Trotsky want no part of a discussion about Kulaks, planned starvation, class genocide and neoslavery in gulags. Trotsky lost a power struggle and absolving him of the crimes of Stalin or his own are wishfull thinking.

3 Form Communist led and directed front groups like Code Pink to try and obscure the stench of Communism. Sorry but those active members of Code Pink are members of a front group. Most of them get defensive when questined on the topic.

4 Ignore the most odious types of bigots and lunatics and bring them into the coalition. Anti-semites who talk of Jewish conspiracies to rule the world and 9-11 as an inside job are encouraged to join the ranks of the freak parties.

5 Try desperately to steal the language. "Don't you want peace and to help the poor." If I did I would get behind Junglemom or any of the Christians. I certainly would not rationalize brutality
by Castro, Chavez, Mugabe in the name of the poor.

6 Demonize people who flee commie states like Cuban American, Poles and others who know first hand about life under communism. Watching Commies run to the Police who they called Pigs seconds earlier is always good for a laugh.

7 Pretend each new communism is a noble venture and deny that the despot is Communist. Chavez is a turnip he is part of the mythical third force commies always invent in their party talking points.

8 Feign noble motives when the repression becomes obvious.

9 Deny you were ever a supporter of the regime and claim you were behing three Trotskyite Albinos while moving on to the next communism and repeat the process.

10 Knowingly lie about history. Commies in favor of multiple parties. Is this after the class genocide and theft has eliminated opposition, shipped them to gulags or coerced them to flee.
Palestinians have an ethnicity but what it is based upon remains a mystery. Or Trotsky never urged revolutionary defeatism. In fact he urged his followers to do so in WW2 seeing the allies as no different than the Nazis. This is only true if the party is the Soviet Union.

11 Add extraneous commie classics to antiwar freak fests like Mummia, Pseudostine, Anti KFC
and other standard commie idiocies.

A moderate has no need to appologize or pretend that commies are anything other than the embodiment of evil. I do not alow them to form coalitions in my name.

Beamish in 08

Friday, August 03, 2007

Maybe I should have worn Beamishwear of had Warren Translate

I went to the local fare and I once again failed to blend in. I didn't sat a word and the locals asked if I was from NYC. I would like to say I understand truck pulls, but the entertainment factor eludes me. I am even more perplexed by the Toyota groupies.

Some young woman was quite amused and thought I was funny. I told her ridding in a NYC taxi or on the A train after midnight is my kind of adventure.

The entire evening went over my head and the locals are amused at my intrest in livestock. I told them that as long as I have no barbeque sauce everything is safe. I prefer my chicken barbequed and the ones at the fair were still running around.

I need a translator next time.

Our leading Commie crybaby Renegade Eye has allowed NEO NAZI LWB/John Brown to question if Jungle Mom is a Christian because she has a sign I support Israel on her blog. I guess Warren and MR B must also be Jews with that stupid logic. So far Ren is failing in his pledge to keep the bigotry in check.

The Beak Continues the Dicussion on Film and TV. Men Kicking back and watching

In the previous bit we heard from film devotees Ducky and Sonia. Now I will self interview myself on film as a regular guy in Khakis watching film. People who fall into the regular folks category should answer some of the questions. Women may add their versions of chick flicks.

1 It is 3Am and your lady is asleep. You finally have the remote and beverage of choice (Moutain Dew) and have the bag of Nachos broken out what movie are you watching. I am probably watching the same John Wayne, Eastwood or guys standards films unless something is notable on Fox movies or TCM.

2 Name Five Actors you enjoy watching and Why.
John Wayne embodies American partiotism and the American man as a doer. He did have an excellent role as a fallen hero type in the High and Mighty but that was the exception. Clint Eastwood is a man of action in a confused world where the line between right and wrong isn;t clear at times. Only the tough and the super cool survive. Vincent Price is like a benign Uncle who ends up mixed in in something dreadful. Charlton Heston the voice of moral authority rebeling against Rome, Egypt or Apes. Steve McQueen marches to his own morality in the Sand Pebles, the Great Escape and other films.

3 Five Actresses you enjoy watching Raquel Welch saved many a bad film. Claudia Cardinale is always pleasant to watch. Patricia Neal is very competant and is the type of woman in real life who is attractive but doesn't know it. Phobee Cates is not the best actress but if I want eye candy she is realistic in the manner of the girl next door. Maureen OHara anyone whose temper
and fire is tough enough for the Duke makes the list.

4 Name some great guy films for the couch at 3AM I will exclude Wayne and Eastwood as redundant. If the Searchers were on there would be no question of the channel
1 Papillion 2 Cool Hand Luke 3 Ben Hur 4 The Great Escape 5 The Dirty Dozen

5 Name your Favorite War films
1 Midway 2 ABridge Too Far 3 The Battle of The Bulge ( Telly Savalas was great in that film)
4 Kellys Heoes (Don Rickles was great) 5 Hamburger Hill

6 Favorite Commie Abuse flicks 1 Rambo 3 kill them Commies in Afghanistan 2 The Beast an excellent Israeli film also set in Afghanistan 3 Big Jim McClain the Duke punches out commies but a bad film. 4 Forrest Gump even dim witted people punch out commies Kick commie ass Forrest 5 Firefox Eastwood out thinks Commies steals a plane helped by the husband of a Jewish woman oppressed by Commie jerks. 6 The Enforcer Clint Eastwood kills Commie terrorists.

7 Unlike most guys I can endure a musical or two or three
1 The King and I 2 Oklahoma 3 Kazablan an Israeli West side story with humor 4 West Side Story 5 The Blues Brothers comedy with plenty of Music and fun.

8 Comedies you should be ashamed of watching but enjoy
1 Born in East LA
2 Any Revenge of the Nerds Films
3 Caddy Shack
4 Back to School
5 Oh God
6 Stir Crazy
7 Blazing Sadles
8 The Frisco Kid
9 Hear No Evil
10 Animal House Ultimate Frat Boy Film. Sadly they do not have an episode where Jim Belushi
goes postal on commies. However the scene with Belushi's reaction to the man singing I gave my love a cherry is what some of us wanted to do to Commie Folk singers.

9 Films you have Watched Dozens of Times
1 The Searchers Wayne at his Best
2 The Good The Bad and The Ugly (Eli Wallach deserved more credit)
3 The Great Escape
4 The Dirty Dozen
5 The Quiet Man

10 Action Films
1 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade also very funny in places
2 Black Sunday
3 Live and Let Die Bond Jumping on Aligators and the Boat Chase are favorites
4 Death Wish
5 The Eiger Sanction

11 Kids Films Enjoyable By Adults
1 Monsters Inc
2 Shrek
3 The Harry Potter Films
4 The Incredibles
5 Shrek 2

12 Space Films
1 Star Trek 2
2 Star Wars 1
3 Star Wars 3
4 Flash Gordon I enjoyed this, excellent music by Queen. Classic look at the serial
5 Star Trek The Undiscovered Country

13 Best Adaptaion from the Book
1 Lord of the Rings Trillogy
2 Lord of the Flies
3The Godfather
4Grapes of Wrath
5 The Ten Comandments ( Not so accurate but fun)

14 Bad Films that are fun to watch
1 Superfly. Poorly written blaxploitation film. I enjoy the part where Youngblood Priest tells of the Commies from the Black Panthers. This is probably John Brown's real role model. John Brown Progressive Drug dealer of the people, societal pariah and clown.
2 Johny Guitar Dreadfully badly written and over acted. Sonia disagrees, but an excellent musical was made of this film on Broadway
3 Godzilla films
4 I'll take Sweden
5 Cheaper by the Dozen

15 Favorite Detectives TV show cops
1 Kojak Hey Telly ditch the picture of Mao on the desk.
2 McCloud
3 Quincy Coroner playing Detective
4 Jake and the Fat Man
5 Hawai Five 0. They never do kill commie Wo Fat

16 Sit Coms
1 The Odd Couple
2 Sanford and Son
3 Family Ties
4 All in the Family
5 Mash

17 Shame on You shows you enjoyed but shouldn't

1 Grizzly Adams
2 The Dukes of Hazzard
3 Green Acres
4 Different Strokes
5 Family Matters

18 Room clearing Movies, got to buy cigarettes even if you don't smoke
1 Yentyl should be shown in GITMO
2 Dirty Dancing
3 Cocktails
4 Eyes Wide Shut
5 Bolero proof a naked attractive woman can put most heterosexual men to sleep with criminally bad writting.

19 Get me out of the room annoying celebrities and performers

1 Barbara Striesand
2 Bette Midler
3 Rosie ODonnel
4 Ssan Sarandon
5 Jane Fonda

1 Sean Penn incoherent at his best playing retards
2 Al Franken Is he trying to be funny?
3 Ed Asner. Stick with playing Lou Grant and can it
4 Mike Farrel Knucklehead
5 Alec Baldwin Mark Levin is tougher than a teen age girl

20 Adult Cartoons favorite not lead cast.
1 King of The Hill That Dale guy is a riot
2 The Simpsons Apu is always fun
3 Family Guy Mayor Adam West
4 Futurama Dr Zoiberg
5 American Dad Klaus the fish

21 Westens
1 The Searchers That's be the day.
2 The Good The Bad and The Ugly
3 The Man Who Sot Libety Valence
4 Stagecoach Wayne's version Claire Trevor Was a Life Long Friend
5 The Magnificent Seven

22 Comedy Teams
1 Abbot and Costello
2 The Marx Brothers My Favorite is Chico who looks like Mario Cuomo
3 Martin and Lewis
4 Pryor and Feldman
5 Laurel and Hardy.

23 Great Casing
1 Zero Mostel as Tevye
2 Anthony Quinn as Zorba
3 Yul Brynner as The King in the King and I
4 Heston as Moses and Ben Hur
5 Wayne in the Shootist, Quietman and Searchers

24 Disappointing Films I looked forward to
1 Drums Along the Mohawk
2 Gangs of NY Both based on outstanding books
3 The Emperor Jones Dated Material. What is all the fuss about Robeson. Communist clown must have done better work than this
4Star Trek 1 We waited this many years for this. It got better with the next film Kahhhhhn
5 Conan Films Poor script with little of the substance of the Howard books.

25Reality Shows I Would Pay To See
1 Revolting America John Brown, Renegade Eye Incoherent Anarchist Larry Gambone preach class struggle in Wallmart Parking Lots, Housing Projects, Cuban and Russian Emigre enclaves
2 Who wants to kick Donald Trumps Butt? The average Joe compettes for a three round boxing match with Donald Trump?
3 The Unemployables University Communist Hacks work in Jobs suited to their lack of skills and work ethic Norman Finkelstein, Ward Churchill, Peter Kirstein, Noam Chomsky and Cornel West are tasked with jobs like selling hot dogs, washing dishes, janitorial work and so forth
4 Senior Citizen Rascal Racing and demolition derby. Contestants must be over 80 and talk WWE smack before events
5 A shopper brutality even like placing Designer Wedding Gowns for sale for 50 bucks. Let the blood flow.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A different type of post Sonia vs The Duck on Film and Art

We will take a respite from the normal fare to do a special post on film and art. One of the regular features of this blog is that we sometimes mix up our style.

1 All of us have films that we wonder why they are so over rated. Like Elaine on Sienfeld, I think the English Patient was very over rated. It was not a bad film in any description, just one that had too many needless plot lines and needed editing. What is your view of the English Patient ?
Are there films that you feel are somewhat over rated?

2 I am a fan of some films that are seldom shown as forgotten classics. One of the films I used to look forward to seeing was Lord of the Flies. Other seldom seen films that I enjoyed are the Grapes of Wrath, Harry and Tonto and Laura. Name some older films prior to 1975 that you feel are over looked.

3 Sonia is a fan of eroticism in film. She enjoyed Eyes Wide Shut which I felt was a bore. There have been some really dreadful films with vicarious sexual content notably Bolero. I am not a cinema prude but Eyes Wide Shut was over the top and contrived. I prefer the nudity fit into the story line and be believable. Ducky what are your views of nudity and eroticism on film?
Can either of you name a film where the nudity seemed well integrated into the story line.

4 What are your views on the sword and socery films. Lord of the Rings was well done and faithful to the book. The Conan films were poorly done and did not convey the essence of the charachter. Conan frequently uses his brain and humor in the books by Howard and that was missing in the film.

5 Some film adaptations of books are excellent like Lord of the Flies, The Grapes of Wrath. Yet others like Conan and Gangs of NY fall short. Can both of you name films you feel were faithful
to books and well done and those that were not.

6 Lets talk about musicals and drama from the stage to cinema. The King and I, Oklahoma and Fidler on the Roof stand out as excellent adaptations. However, Evita did not even come close to the stage performance. I would like to have seen Bye, Bye Birdie on stage but my parents swear it was an excellent adaptaion. Both versions have a singing Paul Lynde. Grease was better on film than stage. For obvious reasons I have not heard of the Emeperor Jones being performed in my memory. However, it does not translate well over time.The Odd Couple was an excellent film and even better TV series. However, some of this is due to the immense talents involved Klugman, Randall, Mathau and Lemon were very capable. What are your thoughts on adaptations from the stage to Cinema? Name some good and bad examples.

7 There are some movies that are so bad and poorly written that they become enjoyable. My favorite examples are Johny Guitar and Superfly. Are there films that are so poorly written that
they become enjoyable.

8 We did interview a charachter actor Bruno Amato who points out that he does get type cast.
He plays detectives, wrestling coaches, criminals and said he will not ever be cast as an accountant. Vincent Price is an example of a very capable actor in Laura who evolved over time
into an almost cimena version of a loveable uncle in horror films. Can you name some good examples of people known for playing against familiar roles we associate them with. Paint your Wagon has a singing Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood and Ray Walston.

9 What are your views on the following cinema types the Disaster Epics, Martial Art films and Westerns. Can you name any notable films that you felt were good or bad in each genre.

Your thoughts on specific films

10 Forrest Gump. Puching out a commie made a good film greater.

11 Ben Hur

12 The Original Planet of the Apes Films. My favorite was the ending in the second film and humans worshiping the atomic bomb.

13 The Towering Inferno.

14The Last Emperor

15 The Indiana Jones Films.

16 Rain Man

17 Zorba the Greek

18 The James Bond Films

19 Pick five all time bombs. Mine are 1 Yentyl 2 Bolero 3 Battlefield Earth 4 Cocktails 5 Dirty Dancing.

20 Do we see to many sequels?

21 What is your favorite comedy team of all time?

22 Name your five all time bombs.

23 Are there any recent films within the last five years you envision becoming classics?

24 What is your view of Michael Caine as an actor.

25 Pick an actor and an actress that you think should find other employment.
John Travolta and Bette Midler.