Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fighting the Tide

Sadly, Israel will fall in my lifetime. The fault belongs entirely to our own community. We refused to fight the Marxist rot from within Israel and our own ranks. We are loath to admit there are enemies in our midst and to fight aggressively in the court of public opinion.

I will fight to the end , but the die is cast.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Who is an American

I am an American. I say these words with pride and joy as I serve my country each day. We are a country bound by the shared ideals found in the wisdom of our founding fathers. Our values include
the freedom of speech and intellectual diversity. We do not have to agree on every point as most of us want similar things in the end.

There are those who are born here who are not American. Racial power nuts are not American and
even though they scream patriotism at the top of their lungs they are not American. Those who serve hostile foreign ideologies like Communism or seek to create a world caliphate are not American. These people rush to the side of whatever enemy our nation faces. In reality they should be under 24/7 security scrutiny and be denaturalized and deported when they break the law. For all their pro Hugo idiocy few have left and joined him.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Reality

The reality is that by judicial fiat we are going to have gay marriage. This is exactly what happens when far left activists ignore the Constitution and popular will.That being said over time we will see polygamy and the age of consent altered. Polygamy is probably around twenty years off and it will be pushed by the usual suspects.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Beakerkin and the Braindead

There is a recent discovery among various social pariahs that I am not a Conservative. This recent
claim was made by fake American GMS on Bad Eagle and by the treasonous death cultist Renegade

Those who read this blog are well aware that I call myself a Rudy Republican. Being a Conservative is an admirable thing and I respect them but have differences in social and regulatory policies. I share their nationalism and love of country.

Lets start with the fake American GMS. White Supremacy is not an American or Christian value.
You as an Italian American are likely less white than you think and the Jews you rail against 24/7.My position on gay marriage is well represented here. I respect gay peoples right to dignity and the rights of people to define their own religious terms. The notion of legal equity is part of our American culture. I support Civil Unions as a practical compromise. The situation is becoming moot as judicial activist goons will over ride popular votes. I am pro abortion as it is part of the culture. Roe vs Wade was a lousy legal decision. I hate the procedure and wish it were rarely performed.

The bottom line is a White Supremacist who repeats Nazi classics does not set litmus tests on who is an American. An American understands freedom of speech, intellectual diversity ( minus
a few treasonous types ) and shared ideals are the corner stone of the nation loved by most types here. Idiotic theories that a group owns this country due to skin tone is sick, warped and a mockery of the American values shared by most.

Onto the dullard death cultist who proclaims that this author is "liberal". Liberals in the classic sense were anti communist. The Democratic party was infiltrated by entryist goons like Michael Harrington and fellow travelers like Gomer Kerry. Anti Communist types like myself joined the party in the Reagan years. Our patriotism and Cold War spirit trumped such mnor concerns as abortion.

I differ with the deregulation crowd as recent experiences in the financial markets have shown
why sensible enforced regulations are needed.

The night with Sunbeam went well. I love her very much.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My birthday

Today is my birthday. I will be spending it with Sunbeam whom I love very much. I want to grow old with her by my side sharing our lives and misadventures. To me she is forever the girl with the brown hair, big brown eyes and warm heart I loved from my youth.

Being a divorced mother is never easy. Children have their own needs and never quite understand that their parents have needs for grown up time.

I wanted to take her for a ride around Central Park in a horse drawn carriage. She thought the idea was over the top. Maybe, we will do that another time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome to North Korea

Not exactly, however the media's lack of scrutiny of Obama is getting to Dear Leader proportions.Obama was elected solely due to a financial meltdown and with near 100% media connivance.

There has been almost no critical scrutiny of his policies in the media.

Some people are not quite as dumb as the media makes them out. A nice coworker friend I thought was a lovable naive hippie chick has gone libertarian. The job does turn one into a cynic, but even she said "I hate Obama worse than Bush, how are we going to pay for this". Sunbeam is apolitical and is similar to me on individual issues excepts she is way more law and order. She has said almost the same thing.

1) Expect Social Engineering. We will see regressive taxation via alleged altruism like taxing soda. "We do it to fight obesity.
2) He will avoid going anywhere near immigration reform until the economy is better.
3) Less change than you thought on the policy of the war on terror. It is easier to criticize than to govern.
4) Zero moves to reign in big education or out of control health care costs.
5) There will be growth next year, but it will be stalled by ineptness of this far left demented program of screw business and reward connected special interest groups like big education.

1 Expect

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a weekend

I spent the weekend rebonding with Sunbeam. I never lost faith, but she was reminded of why she loves me. We seem okay, just in time for my birthday.

Into every life some rain must fall. The sunbeam warms my heart and fills my days with warmth and meaning. I have always loved her from my earliest days . It was chance that brought us together through time. To me she is forever the brown eyed girl with the long flowing hair and the warm heart.

People that know both of us would get our vocations and roles in the relationship wrong. I an the spontaneous, romantic type and the officer. She is the more serious social worker. I do while she contemplates. However, when she is with me I am alive as never before.

Evil Within

I want to point out the would be terrorists were not pious Muslims. The local papers have plenty
of repeated references to drinking beer while planning Jihad against Jews. They had prior well established criminal tendencies and one probably was legally insane.

Author Stephen Schwartz has pointed out that the Imams in prison need to be scrutinized before selection. Would we accept a White power pastor that preached killing Blacks and Jews on the public payroll. This is not to say that prisoners who are Muslim should be denied a cleric. However,
clerics on the public payroll have an obligation to respect the laws of the nation that pays their check. Federal employees do not have free speech protections while doing their job and these clerics need to be held to similar standards.

Pure Magic

Sunbeam and I spent the day together. It was pure joy and magic and we rebonded. We were able to remember why it is that we love each other. We are off for a day of shopping and tourism. Love is a magical feeling and I am blessed. A man with his soul mate in his arms needs little and wants nothing.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Dawn

I felt things were starting to get better between myself and Sunbeam in the morning. We exchanged loving texts. She called several times and the tone was the woman who I love with my heart and soul.

It did not take us long to rebuild the chemistry as it is always there. I naturally hold her as I sleep. Many women dream of having a relationship with someone who is their best friend. I am her best friend and I love her with my heart and soul.

In general one needs to understand that all of us need to love and be loved. However, we have to be careful with the person we select. No two people are evenly matched and nobody ever changes. The most important thing is to above all remain positive and find a decent person who wants to work with you. Oddly, the last part is the most over looked factor when people let life pass them by.

If you go looking for love with a laundry list you are going to fail. Find a decent person who is upbeat and above all you can work with. I treat all of our time as bonding experiences from sharing a meal, to a regular date to doing chores together.

In life there are no magic bullet answers. Remain positive, hold your hand out to the one you love and be realistic has worked for me.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Islam and Well adjusted types

I want to point out that the recent terrorist cell members were anything but well adjusted types.
The bios of those suspects all reveal lengthy criminal records. It is easy to point the finger at Islam
for a chicken and egg routine. We do not see this type of behavior with Christian conversion of prison inmates.

If you are a Muslim, like a Stephen Schwartz, you are a well adjusted man seeking a path to God. Such a person is gainfully employed and has a history of respecting the laws of society. Maybe it is time to ponder if the variant of Islam preached behind bars sanctions a persons already marginal
social skills.

Off to Spend Time With Sunbeam

I will be spending time with Sunbeam. I love her with all my heart and soul. She is the one I want to share my life with. Love is not about perfection and those seeking perfection will have a long quest. Love is wanting to bond with that special person and it requires time and often patience.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Surprised it Doesn't happen more often

I am not shocked by the discovery of a wannabe terrorist cell in Newburgh NY. The area is depressed and one can go into the chicken and egg bit with militant religious zeal and bad economic
times. This cell appears to be centered at a local mosque.

However, the lesson of WTC 93 is that terrorists may indeed be gainfully employed.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

About Patriotism and Christianity

I want to point out many of you know I am a patriot. My patriotism is an extension of my heart and soul. There is no greater joy than to be an American. My values transcend petty concerns of race, nationality and religion. We are united by a series of common values that are open to almost all as embodied in our founding documents.

There is a very sick minority of people that delude themselves into thinking they are super patriots. Sorry, but if you are preaching any type of racial hate or blind religious hatred you really do not have a clue. The Marxist Poultry will falsely point to comments about Muslims. The sad factis that some lunatics have acted in the name of Islam and committed crimes against civilization.Terrorism is asymmetrical warfare aimed at civilians and if one eliminates communism and Islam 90% of the planets terrorism disappears.

The above does not infer that all Muslims are terrorists. Nor should a person like Stephen Schwartz who is very clear on his position against terrorism be tarred with the same brush as Bin Ladden. I am still waiting for some genius to proclaim that on a practical level this stuff causes people to harden their opposition and is poor tactical way to advance anything.

Patriotism comes from a spirit of inclusion and love. Those sick lunatics who preach racial hatred are not Americans or Christian in any sense of the terms.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


When the lefties started their mania for cigarette taxes, I wondered what was next. Now there is a push to tax soda and fast food. This is the lowest form of regressive taxation aimed at working class people by their so called protectors. I hope the day doesn't come where people will run to reservations to buy Mountain Dew.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Better than expected

It went better than expected with Sunbeam. I have much work to do, but the signs are good.

Happy Mothers Day

I want to wish all to wish all the mothers out there who fill our lives with love and occasionally drive us up the wall Happy Mothers day. Mothers like the rest of us are not perfect. The job of being a mother sometimes comes with a bumpy ride due to divorce, bad economic times and messed up kids. All in all they try their best despite rough odds and a tough task. Sadly, it is not often that we sit down and thank them.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Love and All of Us

I love Sunbeam. She is not perfect but I love her for who she is. She wants to be the best but all we can ever be is ourselves. It is hard not being there when the person you love needs you. It is even harder being apart.

It didn't take long, but my touch was loving in seconds. It flows from within part of my soul. Can two people who appear lost at times remain lost. Are we lost together? Does everyone feel lost at times.

There is a chemistry between us I can not explain. I want to be there for her through everything.Her smile is priceless and holding her means everything to me. We are separate yet very much a couple. I saw a tear from her as I held her. She missed me very much.

We walk into a new day together. I want to grow old with her. She is my soul mate.

I feel young and vibrant. She nourishes my spirit and warms my heart.


I am seeing Sunbeam for the first time since school ended. I love her and she is my best friend. She doesn't understand some parts of love. Men by nature fix things and this has nothing to do with independence. If we love you we are there because we want to be there and no place else. You never owe a person who wants to be there for you anything because it is not how love works. There
will always be differences, but the important part is that the two parties work together.

I hope everything goes well. This is who I want to grow old with and I have loved her for over thirty years.

Obama derangement syndrome

I want to point out that Obama's policies and messiah complex are loathsome. However, I will not transform myself into a human cartoon like the Bush haters. He is my President. That being said, he has an inflated ego and almost seems to be selling himself as a package instead of leading.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Great Unknown

There is a sense that we are on the verge of a surge in crime in NYC. The statistics remain low but the fear of it looming on the horizon is real. That being said crime was at a 40 year low so some increase might be expected.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Feels good does little

The PR move of Obama going after tax shelters feels good but does nothing. Of course lowering rates to spur growth might lessen the need for tax shelters.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lot of good people hurting

I have had a bad break or two in the last week, and I am taking the time to catch up on old friends.
Many of them are in bad shape and career wise they are lost. The financial mess has impacted marriages and lives.

I was amazed at how many friends instantly remembered my name and voice. A few of the friends are dead and one who was allegedly dead turned up alive.

If you have a job in this mess consider yourself blessed. However, it is important to always network with old friends and see where life has taken them.