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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Beakerkin and the Braindead

There is a recent discovery among various social pariahs that I am not a Conservative. This recent
claim was made by fake American GMS on Bad Eagle and by the treasonous death cultist Renegade

Those who read this blog are well aware that I call myself a Rudy Republican. Being a Conservative is an admirable thing and I respect them but have differences in social and regulatory policies. I share their nationalism and love of country.

Lets start with the fake American GMS. White Supremacy is not an American or Christian value.
You as an Italian American are likely less white than you think and the Jews you rail against 24/7.My position on gay marriage is well represented here. I respect gay peoples right to dignity and the rights of people to define their own religious terms. The notion of legal equity is part of our American culture. I support Civil Unions as a practical compromise. The situation is becoming moot as judicial activist goons will over ride popular votes. I am pro abortion as it is part of the culture. Roe vs Wade was a lousy legal decision. I hate the procedure and wish it were rarely performed.

The bottom line is a White Supremacist who repeats Nazi classics does not set litmus tests on who is an American. An American understands freedom of speech, intellectual diversity ( minus
a few treasonous types ) and shared ideals are the corner stone of the nation loved by most types here. Idiotic theories that a group owns this country due to skin tone is sick, warped and a mockery of the American values shared by most.

Onto the dullard death cultist who proclaims that this author is "liberal". Liberals in the classic sense were anti communist. The Democratic party was infiltrated by entryist goons like Michael Harrington and fellow travelers like Gomer Kerry. Anti Communist types like myself joined the party in the Reagan years. Our patriotism and Cold War spirit trumped such mnor concerns as abortion.

I differ with the deregulation crowd as recent experiences in the financial markets have shown
why sensible enforced regulations are needed.

The night with Sunbeam went well. I love her very much.