Friday, May 08, 2009

Love and All of Us

I love Sunbeam. She is not perfect but I love her for who she is. She wants to be the best but all we can ever be is ourselves. It is hard not being there when the person you love needs you. It is even harder being apart.

It didn't take long, but my touch was loving in seconds. It flows from within part of my soul. Can two people who appear lost at times remain lost. Are we lost together? Does everyone feel lost at times.

There is a chemistry between us I can not explain. I want to be there for her through everything.Her smile is priceless and holding her means everything to me. We are separate yet very much a couple. I saw a tear from her as I held her. She missed me very much.

We walk into a new day together. I want to grow old with her. She is my soul mate.

I feel young and vibrant. She nourishes my spirit and warms my heart.


Always On Watch said...

Do you know the old standard "Off Again, On Again"?

beamish said...

You got it made when you figure out the dimmer switch.

Z said...

I'm confused.

beakerkin said...


I love Sunbeam. She really doesn't handle pressure well. Like many of us she doesn't know what she wants. She has also never been in a loving relationship.

She knows I am her best friend and am willing to grow with her. However,she sometimes listens to psychobable instead of reality.

No two people are ever perfectly matched. However, if you love the person, he is your best friend, he treats you well and is always willing to work together this is an excellent foundation to build a relationship.

Most of us do not want to grow old alone. It is important that we share our lives with someone special. I want to grow old with her by my side.

The Pagan Temple said...

"I want to grow old with her by my side."

Senility and psychobabble doesn't seem like a very good fit to me, but, well, that's just me.